France to upgrade seven Cougars

France to upgrade seven Cougars

31-Oct-2011 Source: DGA

[electronic translation] The Directorate General for Armaments (DGA) has ordered 11 October 2011 the renovation of seven Cougar helicopters (six machines in the Army and the Air Force).

This command is part of the contract to modernize the entire fleet of military helicopters Cougar Eurocopter notified in January 2008 to 220 million euros.

The aim of the renovation of the Cougar is to maintain operational readiness of 26 utility helicopters:

– By upgrading their avionics to bring it into line with changes in the regulation of general air traffic;

– Modernizing their self-protection system to meet the evolving threat air defense;

– Integrating the information system terminal light aircraft of the Army (ALT SIT).

The main task is the Cougar helicopter tactical transport (capacity 20 people), day and night.The missions are associated transportation equipment or aid to civilians in the event of conflicts or natural disasters in areas inaccessible by road.

The tactical airlift capability of the Army today is based on parks utility helicopters Puma and Cougar. The renovated Cougar is likely to remain an essential tactical transport ground forces along the NH90 helicopter.

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