Accidents: October 2010

01-Oct-10 N352FB Eurocopter AS350B3 Phoenix, US-Arizona


Emergency landing made after chip light illuminated... Read more

01-Oct-10 Manchhar Lake, Sindh province, Pakistan


Working for UN World Food Program, helicopter had heavy landing injuring 3 of 13 occupants.... Read more

03-Oct-10 41720 Bell UH-1 Yao, Japan


It was taking a test flight after a regular maintenance check and was hovering when it crashed, the GSDF said.... Read more

03-Oct-10 Bell UH-1 General Diaz, Paraguay


Helicopter was on third and last day providing EMS support to the Rally Chaco. Descended after reported bird strike. Photos show the tail boom was broken, likely severed by the main blades... Read more

04-Oct-10 ZK-IVP Robinson R44 Fiordland, New Zealand


The pilot and shooter were on a deer recovery operation when the helicopter went down in the Preservation area of Fiordland about 6pm.... Read more

04-Oct-10 YR-ARA Robinson R44 Maliuc, Romania


Main blade hit electicity line pole during take-off... Read more

05-Oct-10 ZK-IIL Robinson R22 Kaituna Valley, New Zealand


Pilot believed he had a mechanical failure and tried and pick a spot to land for an emergency landing... Read more

06-Oct-10 N2074B Schweizer 300CBi Cocoa, US-Florida


After hitting a bird with the main rotor blade, the passenger and pilot were not hurt. It took crews a few hours to remove the chopper and return it to the Bristow Academy in Titusville.... Read more

06-Oct-10 Eurocopter AS350 Okharpauwa, Nepal


A helicopter belonging to Mountain Air heading towards Gorkha from Kathmandu Wednesday afternoon made a crash landing at Okharpauwa of Nuwakot due to technical problems.... Read more

06-Oct-10 Mil Mi-8 Marinovka, Russia


Emergency landing shortly after taking off from Marinovka en route for Saratov... Read more

06-Oct-10 OE-XOH Eurocopter AS350B3 Gotzenalm, Germany


Helicopter was involved in lifting a 20m tree trunk... Read more

06-Oct-10 Mil Mi-8 Garm, Tajikistan (25F)


An official statement confirmed four of the deaths and said the helicopter crashed after hitting a powerline. Military sources were later advising that the accident killed at least 25 soldiers... Read more

08-Oct-10 N664PD Bell B206 Hollywood, US-California


LAPD helicopter put down in a park at 2.50am after a warning light came on. Engineers called to the scene cleared it for onward flight approx three hours later... Read more

09-Oct-10 N5UV AgustaWestland AW109E Charlottesville, US-Virginia


Field landing and rudder struck trees... Read more

10-Oct-10 VH-ROU Eurocopter AS350 Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia


Pilot encountered bad weather, became disoriented and gradually descended to impact point with trees. Location was close to mountain biker track and sorme passing riders raised the alarm... Read more

10-Oct-10 I-AGSN AgustaWestland AW109A Mk.II Genova, Italy


Accident during take-off phase... Read more

12-Oct-10 Eurocopter SA341 Saint-Remèze, France


Heavy landing on training flight... Read more

12-Oct-10 N853DS Robinson R22 Long Beach, US-California


Low level training exercise and right skid snagged the ground causing the helicopter to imbalance and turn over onto its side.... Read more

12-Oct-10 Robinson R22 Torwood Station, Australia


Helicopter was involved in scouring the property to map mustering locations when the accident happened... Read more

12-Oct-10 Boeing CH-47 eastern Afghanistan (1F)


An explosion onboard a NATO helicopter has killed one person and wounded seven shortly after it landed at an outpost in eastern Afghanistan.... Read more

13-Oct-10 N499BH Bell 206 Newton, US-Texas


Helicopter used to spray herbicide crashed after refueling and chemical hoses were not disconnected before takeoff... Read more

14-Oct-10 Sikorsky UH-60 Alfred, US-New York


The Blackhawk was conducting a routine training flight when one of the two engines experienced a mechanical problem.... Read more

14-Oct-10 N5373U Bell B206 Lewiston, US-Idaho


The FBI is investigating a report that a hunter fired gunshots at a helicopter in north-central Idaho, hitting it twice.... Read more

14-Oct-10 N2763M Bell B206 American River Canyon, US-California


The pilot and one passenger onboard walked away unharmed after the aircraft tipped over as a result of a heavy landing... Read more

14-Oct-10 ZK-HIP Robinson R22 Bluff Harbour, New Zealand (2F)


Instructor Jason Wright, 29, of Bluff, and his pupil Allan Munro, 67, of Avondale, 75km north of Invercargill, were found with the submerged but intact Robinson 22 2km southeast of Colyers Island inside the harbour, ending a 24 hour search.... Read more

15-Oct-10 N96MP Bell 206 Chesterfield, US-Missouri (1F)


No emergency call made, pilot was only one on board. Ended up on a road in a very wooded area. Deceased named as Joseph Schuengel, age 47, 17 year veteran MSHP officer... Read more

15-Oct-10 XA-IUR Bell 212 Las Choapas, Mexico (9F)


** WARNING the photo in the first link contains a disturbing on-scene image **. Early reports gave a figure of 8 fatalities, but the final figure was 9 – Leonardo Andrés Pérez Arteaga, 29 (pilot), Manuel Montes Ríos Heder, 27 (co-pilot), Jonathan Gutierrez Baeza, 23, José Luis Salas Ventura, 32, Aaron Ortiz Gerardo Olvera, 26,... Read more

16-Oct-10 N20130 Schweizer 269C Englewood, US-Colorado


Port skid collapsed on landing... Read more

16-Oct-10 Robinson R44 Lake Boksjön, Sweden


Landing mishap near Lake Boksjön, east of Tärnaby where helicopter with 2 POB met bad weather and force landed into a quagmire. The aircraft settled deep into the ground, resulting in damage to the helicopter.... Read more

20-Oct-10 N844SH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona


FAA prelim report stated that this R22 “ended up on its side”. We note that we have another report dated 29th October of the same type of helicopter in Prescott AZ – perhaps the FAA got the wrong date on this report?... Read more

21-Oct-10 Mil Mi-8 Vilyuchinsk, Russia


The reason for the forced landing was the increase of pressure in the oil system gearbox rotary-wing aircraft.... Read more

22-Oct-10 Motipur, India


The pilots reported a technical problem in the chopper shortly after take off and landed in emergency condition... Read more

22-Oct-10 N135WJ Eurocopter EC135P2 Jupiter, US-Florida


Emergency generator light turned on and the pilot reported the smell of electrical smoke in the cockpit,... Read more

23-Oct-10 Paktika province, Afghanistan


Tailban claim it was shot down, ISAF deny and say mechanical failure... Read more

23-Oct-10 G-BPRI Eurocopter AS355F1 Abridge, UK


Out-of-control golf buggy struck tail rotor during start-up... Read more

23-Oct-10 N2NR AgustaWestland A109A Mk.II Mourne Mountains, UK (3F)


Fatalities were Charles Stisted, 47, chief executive of the Guards Polo Club at Windsor, owner Ian Wooldridge, 51 of demolition company Wooldridge Group and the pilot was Anthony Joseph Smith, a former RAF and Army pilot... Read more

24-Oct-10 TF-EXI Rotorway 162F Mount Esja, Iceland


Crashed during landing attempt on mountain... Read more

24-Oct-10 Labad, Somalia


Somali pirates opened fire at an anti-piracy helicopter... Read more

24-Oct-10 D-HMMB Robinson R44 II Altenbeken, Germany


Passengers included pop singer Anna-Maria Zimmermann (21), who came to fame in Germany’s third series of “Pop Idol”. Also on board were her manager Alexander Frömelt (37) , her tour manager Dominik Schlick (31) and the pilot Mario M. (50)... Read more

25-Oct-10 G-HBJT Eurocopter EC155B1 Blackbushe, UK

25-Oct-2010 understands this EC155 suffered a blade strike. We are aware that it was roaded from Blackbushe Airport to Eurocopter UK at Oxford on 25th October 2010, so for the time being we will assume this was the date. Please email any update to Read more

25-Oct-10 Sikorsky UH-60 Golan Heights, Israel


Flew into an electric cable during a training flight; The Black Hawk was slightly damaged and no one on board was injured... Read more

26-Oct-10 Bell B206 Laurel, US-Mississippi


Gene Monteleone, 55, of Texas said he was flying his Jet Ranger helicopter from Waynesboro at about 8:15 a.m. Monday when the caution light came on.... Read more

28-Oct-10 Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Criminals fired at a helicopter from the Military Police (MP) The police returned fire and wounded three suspects.... Read more

28-Oct-10 G-SEWP Eurocopter AS355F2 Hilltown, UK


The pilot lost control of the helicopter whilst manoeuvring at low speed to approach a hilltop landing site in quite strong wind conditions.  The investigation determined that an error of judgement or perception led the pilot to attempt a downwind approach. A combination of human factors was thought to have contributed to the accident.... Read more

28-Oct-10 Eurocopter AS350B3 Antarctica (4F)


report that they have found debris scattered over 150 meters, which would indicate, according to the two crews, a significant impact with the ground. Reports of three bodies so far located in the impact zone.... Read more

29-Oct-10 Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona


FAA report “heavy landing”... Read more

30-Oct-10 N765WH MD Helicopters MD369E Thomas, US-West Virginia (1F)


The helicopter was flying for the Wing County Power Line Services. 4POB, 1 fatal (later named as Gary L. Bland, 52, from Georgia) and 3 to Ruby Memorial Hospital with unknown injuries... Read more

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