Accidents: December 2010

03-Dec-10 Eurocopter SA342M Jbeil, Lebanon


The Army Command stated on Friday that a Gazelle was forced to make an emergency landing in the Jbeil area near the Afqa cave after a technical malfunction.... Read more

05-Dec-10 G-ODHB Robinson R44 Staverton, UK


Heavy landing by student pilot while hover taxying after door opened in flight.... Read more

07-Dec-10 Eurocopter AS350 Breil-sur-Roya, France (3F)


The helicopter had been chartered by the General Council of Alpes-Maritimes. On board was the pilot, a geologist from the General Council and an employee of the company “Heaven Climber”, specializing in work in steep areas.... Read more

08-Dec-10 N666SL Robinson R44 Pahokee, US-Florida


Tail rotor hit post on take-off after refuelling. Accident timed between 1 and 2am. Pilot reported as William Harward (53), and passenger James Wyatt. Helicopter was involved in low-level operations to keep frost from forming on crops... Read more

08-Dec-10 N451DB Robinson R44 Canal Point, US-Florida


Pilot reported as Alfred Morrison (53) Heavy landing in corn field and helicopter ended up on its side. Helicopter was involved in low-level operations to keep frost from forming on crops... Read more

08-Dec-10 N955GT Bell B206L Pahokee, US-Florida


NTSB officials said the pilot, identified as Jerry Freeman, 53, of Miami, told investigators he had been flying since 3 a.m. and was tired when he crashed. FAA reports the person suffered serious, but not life-threatening, injuries Helicopter was involved in low-level operations to keep frost from forming on crops... Read more

08-Dec-10 Bell 412 State of Veracruz, Mexico (4F)


The helicopter was carrying six security officers, two inmates, an official from the country’s organized crime investigation unit, and two pilots.  Local reports differ on the number of fatalities, some saying 3, others 4, others 7.  Weather was apparently a factor... Read more

09-Dec-10 Bell B206 Cap-Chat, Canada


Heavy landing on shoreline and skid splayed out.  Three passengers with minor injuries, two others have no injuries.... Read more

09-Dec-10 G-CBVL Robinson R22 Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France (2F)


R22 crashed in a steep sided valley while en route from Sospel to Avignon. French press named the deceased as Martin Rutty and Simon Lichtenstein... Read more

10-Dec-10 N808FX Eurocopter AS355 Trenton, US-New Jersey


Made emergency landing after striking flock of birds on climbout from Trenton Airport... Read more

10-Dec-10 N263CH Bell B206B Isom, US-Kentucky


Wire strike during low level patrol.  Pilot Tim Kearns was flying in Isom with Mike Lasslo from Kentucky Power and Ed Toppings from United Coal.... Read more

11-Dec-10 VT-PHF Mil MI-172 Assam, India


Emergency landing due to fog... Read more

13-Dec-10 VH-FDL Robinson R22 Georgetown, Australia


During the cruise, the engine failed. The pilot conducted a forced landing. The passenger received serious injuries and the helicopter was seriously damaged.... Read more

14-Dec-10 PT-YYG Robinson R22 Sao Paulo, Brazil


Forced landing in Avenida Tiradentes, heavy enough for skids to splay out.  Helicopter remained upright.  helicopter was operating for Radio Eldorado, and neither occupant was injured – pilot reported as Andrew Smith, and reporter Flavio Perez... Read more

14-Dec-10 Mil Mi-26 Jammu, India


The Mi-26 chopper carrying defence personnel took off from the technical airport at Satwari and crashed within minutes of take off at 0950 hours, defence spokesperson Lt Col Viplov Nath said.... Read more

14-Dec-10 Robinson R44 Malim Nawar, Malaysia (1F)


Solo training flight, crashed and burst into flames.  Pilot named as Mohd Sukri Osman, age 31, a policeman by profession... Read more

14-Dec-10 Bell OH-58D Fort Rucker, US-Alabama (1F)


Training accident – student seriouslyinjured, instructor killed... Read more

15-Dec-10 AgustaWestland AW109LUH Ballito, South Africa


Suggested tail rotor problem after helicopter observed to be “spinning wildly”... Read more

15-Dec-10 SP-SKK Bell 407 Gorzów Śląski, Poland


Reportedly on approach to land and crashed “from 200 ft”.  Ground completely covered by snow, possible contributory factor... Read more

16-Dec-10 VT-SOK Eurocopter AS365N3 Chandigarh, India


Rolled over while taxiing.   Caught fire and injuring both the pilots (named in one report as S P S Brar and M S Brar)... Read more

16-Dec-10 N101AE Bell B206L-1 Peoria, US-Illinois


Landing accident, damage level not given in FAA preliminary report... Read more

16-Dec-10 Robinson R22 NAS North Island, US-California


Emergency landing following carbon monoxide warning illumination... Read more

19-Dec-10 N549AM Eurocopter AS350B2 LaMonte, US-Missouri


Reported as engine failure at 200ft on take-off and very heavily subsequent landing with skids failing and fuselage impacting the ground.  Helicopter remained upright. 3 injured... Read more

19-Dec-10 RA-24655 Mil Mi-8 Yamal, Russia (1F)


There were 15 passengers and three crewmembers aboard the helicopter. “The passengers received injuries of various degree of gravity while the crew commander was killed,”... Read more

20-Dec-10 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich oilrig, Canada


The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter, bound for St. John’s, was about 150 metres in the air when the unusual vibration was noticed by the pilots. They aborted the flight.... Read more

20-Dec-10 07-02069 Eurocopter UH-72 Vieques, Puerto Rico (6F)


A Puerto Rico National Guard helicopter crashed in the ocean after returning from a drug raid.  Six fatalities included four from the  Puerto Rico National Guard -0 Col. Victor Torres Rodriguez, Sgt. Jose Omar Sostre, Mario Torres Marin and Francisco Mujica de Leon.  The Pilots were Hector Ramirez or Carlos Acevedo.... Read more

21-Dec-10 PR-HQB Bell B206 Aracaju, Brazil (1F)


The accident was fatal victim Colonel Dionysos Bomfim, 65, and left the injured co-pilot Yves Monte Costa... Read more

22-Dec-10 HAL Dhruv Leh, India


Crashed shortly after take-off... Read more

22-Dec-10 N841SA Robinson R44 Hemphill, US-Texas


Tail reportedly struck something, causing helicopter to spin and pilot to lose control.  Helicopter ended up in shallow waters on edge of a reservoir... Read more

26-Dec-10 UR-MANN Eurocopter SA341 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (4F)


Pilot listed as Vadim Vlasenko, and the three passengers were all fashion models – 19-year-old Catherine Vetchynkina , 19-year-old Yana Bondarenko and 22-year-old Zlata Mashyrova... Read more

27-Dec-10 B-HRN Eurocopter AS332L2 Shing Mun Reservoir, Hong Kong


Helicopter was picking up water for a fire-fighting exercise ditched in a Hong Kong mountain-top reservoir... Read more

28-Dec-10 D-HHWR MD Helicopters MD600N Jena, Germany


Helicopter was being used to blow snow off a roof, and crashed from low level.  Two serious and one minor injury.  One photo shows close proximity of street light stands.... Read more

30-Dec-10 VH-PUG Robinson R22 Emerald, Australia


Low level accident.  R22 ended up on its starboard side.  1 POB not seriously injured... Read more

30-Dec-10 N584PM Schweizer 333 San Antonio, US-Texas


Helicopter was responding to a call on the North Side when it suddenly lost power, landed and came skidding to a halt just south of the Bitters Road exit ramp on Highway 281... Read more

31-Dec-10 Eurocopter AS350 Lenore, US-Idaho


Precautionary landing on Highway 12 due to weather.  Patient on board.... Read more

31-Dec-10 N438RC MD Helicopters MD500E Eugene, US-Oregon


Bird strike to tail rotor at 1800 ft during training flight.  Landed safely... Read more

31-Dec-10 N385PH Eurocopter EC135 Weyers Cave, US-Virginia


Mid-air collision with Cessna 172 N2876L in which two people died.  Helicopter landed safely.  No patient on boad.  Crew listed as pilot Paul Weve, co-pilot and nurse Joseph Root and flight nurse Carolyn Booke.... Read more

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