Accidents: July 2010

03-Jul-10 B-MHJ AgustaWestland AW139 Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong


Crashed into harbour, all passengers got out OK.  Final report from investigation... Read more

06-Jul-10 D-HAFL Bell B205 Paranho Besteiros, Portugal


Main blades hit tree during firefighting ops... Read more

07-Jul-10 6017 Sikorsky MH-60 nr James Island, US-Washington (3F)


The three fatalities were aircraft commander Lt. Sean D. Krueger, 33, of Waterboro, Maine; Aviation Maintenance Technician, First Class Adam C. Hoke, 40, of Great Falls, Mont.; and Aviation Maintenance Technician, Second Class Brett M. Banks, 33, Green River, Wyo. The helicopter’s co-pilot, Lt. Lance D. Leone, 29, of Ventura, Calif., survived.  See also later... Read more

09-Jul-10 G-SARC Sikorsky S92 Isle of Harris, UK


During a manually flown SAR mission, in mountainous terrain, the aircraft entered IMC. While attempting to exit these conditions on a pre-briefed escape heading with the autopilot coupled, the autopilot entered an unexpected mode that resulted in the aircraft not responding as intended. The autopilot was disconnected and the flight continued manually without further incident.... Read more

10-Jul-10 N9421G Schweizer 269C Santa Rosa, US-New Mexico


Given the helicopter is registered to Santa Rosa CA, the team believes the FAA prelim report may be incorrect listing the state as NM... Read more

17-Jul-10 SE-HLP Hughes 369D Vilhelmina, Sweden


Skid stuck in ground during run-on autorotation landing on training flight... Read more

22-Jul-10 N918EM AS350B2 Kingfisher, US-Oklahoma (2F)


Abrupt manoeuvre by pilot (allegedly to demonstrate a coyote hunt according to the NTSB report) when it struck trees.  Pilot and one paramedic killed.  The other paramedic, who was still in the process of fixing his seatbelt, survived by being thrown clear in the impact.... Read more

30-Jul-10 N527TK Bell B206 River Plate, Uruguay (1F)


Article quotes reg as “527TK”... Read more

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