Accidents: September 2010

01-Aug-10 N39CP Robinson R44 Odebolt, US-Iowa


FAA preliminary report indicates this was a wirestrike... Read more

06-Sep-10 D-HHCC Bell 412 Berlin/Marzahn, Germany


Skid cross tube broke during engine start-up... Read more

08-Sep-10 Sikorsky S92 Baffin Bay, Greenland


Date is approximate... Read more

14-Sep-10 Mil Mi-24 Berdsk, Russia


Helicopter was damaged during ground transportation at night – incident timed at 23:40 local... Read more

17-Sep-10 N145DM Robinson R44 Island Lake, US-Minnesota


One news report quotes it as an R44, but the FAA register only records one Schweizer 300 with Lake Superior Helicopters... Read more

17-Sep-10 N5802W Eurocopter AS355F1 Pikes Peak, US-Colorado


Helicopter was filming an unmanned Audi TTS car currently under development.  The accident is quoted as being close to the summit of Pike’s Peak, which is over 14,000 ft high... Read more

19-Sep-10 N919CM Eurocopter EC145 Kansas City, US-Missouri


Lifeflight Eagle 4 took a bird strike when on final approach to Childrens Mercy Medical Center... Read more

19-Sep-10 N324V Eurocopter AS350B2 Sheridan Township, US-Michigan


Snagged a powerline during filming of Dreamworks movie “Real Steel” which is due for release November 2011.  Helicopter was later flown from the scene... Read more

19-Sep-10 Halifax, US-Massachusetts


One report quotes “an experimental helicopter”... Read more

20-Sep-10 N34LB Hughes 269 Schaumburg, US-Illinois


Tail struck ground on training flight... Read more

21-Sep-10 N6053H Hiller UH-12E Mecca, US-California


A helicopter dusting crops hit a power line and crashed in Mecca... Read more

22-Sep-10 Eurocopter SA341 Plaisance-du-Gers, France


Gazelle from 5RHC was involved in low level training, and crashed in an open field.... Read more

22-Sep-10 N412PD Bell 412 Jamaica Bay, US-New York


Twin engine Bell 412 forced to ditch 30m short of its home base, emergency floats deployed successfully and all five occupants evacuated without injury... Read more

22-Sep-10 ZS-REU Schweizer 300CBi Quigney, South Africa


Low RPM on take off, rolled over onto starboard side... Read more

23-Sep-10 Robinson R44 Ulan Ude, Russia


The R44 suffered a tail rotor birdstrike 33ft above the ground, vibrated and lost power. The machine landed heavily on boulder-covered uneven terrain and tipped over, tearing off the tail rotor boom and smashing the main rotor.... Read more

23-Sep-10 ZK-HBD Eurocopter AS350B2 Nokomai, New Zealand


Helicopter was left unattended with engine running and was caught by the wind... Read more

24-Sep-10 N132HD Bell OH-58 Taylorsville, US-Mississippi


The pilot was flying alone spraying chemicals on pine trees when the aircraft went down.... Read more

24-Sep-10 N91DK Eurocopter AS350B2 Covington, US-Georgia


A DeKalb County police officer and a civilian instructor were injured when the police department’s helicopter crashed in Covington during a re-certification flight.... Read more

25-Sep-10 Robinson R44 Novo Gama, Brazil


Helicopter ended up on its port side after the pilot was reported as saying he lost power... Read more

25-Sep-10 N520RW Rotorway Exec 90 Pattison, US-Texas (1F)


Eyewitness reported seeing smoke coming from helicopter as it was flying.... Read more

26-Sep-10 Kamov Ka32 Fisht Mountain, Russia (2F)


Helicopter was involved in lifting operations when it struck a mountain ropeway... Read more

26-Sep-10 JA9635 Eurocopter AS332L Yaku-shima Island, Japan (2F)


Controlled impact into terrain, foggy conditions reported... Read more

27-Sep-10 N6122 Bell 206L3 Logan, US-Utah


Foreign object debris struck main blades on takeoff. Landed without further incident... Read more

27-Sep-10 ZK-IMX Schweizer 269CBi Ardmore, New Zealand


Stuck throttle and landed OK after circling airport for 40 minutes... Read more

27-Sep-10 ZK-HYY MD Helicopters MD520N Mount Ajax, New Zealand


Report says this “crashed and burned”... Read more

28-Sep-10 G-HRBS Robinson R22 Goodwood, UK


The pilot over-controlled the aircraft on experiencing dynamic rollover during take off. The aircraft became airborne and began rotating, before impacting the ground and sustaining serious damage to the tail. The pilot was unaware of the damage and continued the flight although he subsequently landed without further mishap.... Read more

30-Sep-10 069 Boeing AH-64 Sembawang, Singapore


Photo shows helicopter landed on main gear with tail boom severed... Read more

30-Sep-10 N822MH Eurocopter EC130 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona


Tail rotor struck canvas umbrella while hovering at low level... Read more

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