Accidents: January 2011

01-Jan-11 N145SM Eurocopter EC145 Albert Lea, US-Minnesota


Engine cowling opened and struck main rotor blades on approach to land... Read more

02-Jan-11 LV-ZYO Robinson R44 Argentina (1F)

2-Jan-2011 is currently tracking news of an R44 missing in Argentina.  No word in eight days is likely to lead to an incident report, hence we have opened a page for this.  Pilot named as Alejandro Ferzola.... Read more

03-Jan-11 N902SL MD Helicopters MD900 Boise, US-Idaho


Flashlight unintentionally left in NOTAR drive cowling during maintannce caused inflight out-of-balance indication... Read more

03-Jan-11 D-HDEC Eurocopter EC135P2 Berlin, Germany


Air Ambulance role, landed in city centre to pick up construction worker patient.  Landed too close to a car park barrier, and downwash caused barrier to rise up into rotor disc.... Read more

03-Jan-11 VH-HOT Robinson R44 Cairns, Australia


30 minute tour flight with three Chinese passengers – The 34-year-old-pilot, a 40-year-old man, and two women, aged 36 and 46, were taken to Cairns Base Hospital.... Read more

03-Jan-11 B-HJV Eurocopter SA315B Fanling, Hong Kong


Two contractor workers were injured – one critically – when a helicopter winching cable struck an overhead powerline, sparking a fireball which engulfed the men.... Read more

04-Jan-11 Eurocopter AS332L2 Aberdeen, UK


CHC AS332L2 landed safely at Aberdeen Airport after a full emergency was declared due to a warning light., which may have indicted gearbox temperature problems.... Read more

04-Jan-11 C-GGKX Eurocopter AS332L2 Delta, Canada


Running up on the ground after maintenance and helicopter ended up on its port side.  No passengers on board... Read more

05-Jan-11 Boeing CH-47 Stow Creek Township, US-New Jersey


Precautionary landing made after warning light illumination.  Later departed.  One of crew wearing Boeing flight uniform.  Likely on test flight out of Boeing facility at Milville Municipal Airport... Read more

06-Jan-11 N329PH Eurocopter EC135P2 Reisterstown, US-Maryland


A medevac helicopter en route to a Caroll County hospital made an emergency landing in Reisterstown Thursday night, Baltimore County police said.... Read more

07-Jan-11 Eurocopter AS365 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (4F)


EMS helicopter went town killing all four on board – named as pilot Capt. Khaled Al-Dakhil and First Lt. Mandeel Al-Subaihi, both Saudis, Egyptian doctor Amjad Al-Iraqi and Filipino nurse Rosella.  Official source has said that it “crashed south of Riyadh Friday burst into flames due to the force of the impact with the ground”.... Read more

09-Jan-11 N926MF Bell 427 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Crew reported as pilot Osvaldo Perez Feliz and copilot Mario Rivas, neither badly hurt.  The helicopter is often used privately by  Dominican Republic opposition leader, Miguel Vargas, and was only 1.5 miles out from 1.5 miles from Higüero Airport on a flight to La Romana to pick him up.... Read more

10-Jan-11 CS-HFP Eurocopter AS350B2 Corroios, Portugal


Camera operator and the pilot suffered minor injuries. AS350 was operating for television station TVI.  Location was a field adjacent to the A2 motorway... Read more

10-Jan-11 Bell UH-1H Polatli, Turkey (5F)


Television stations cited the military as saying officials had reached the wreckage, but fog covered the area.  It was a Bell UH-1 on a night training mission... Read more

11-Jan-11 N95TV Bell 206L4 Boston, US-Massachusetts


TV reporting helico0pter for WCVB – Boston’s Channel 5.  Warning light came on and pilot made immediate emergency landing.  No damage to helicopter.  Pilot Michael Young employed buy Helicopters Inc, and photographer Karen Lippert of WCVB were aboard.... Read more

11-Jan-11 PT-HGP Hughes 269A-1 Marica, Brazil


Severe ground resonance resulted in separation of rotor dynamics from the helicopter.  Pilots Daniel Alencar Tavares, 33, and Geovani Kopti were both seriously injured... Read more

11-Jan-11 1722 Bell 205A.1 Bang Nam Priew, Thailand


Two people were injured when a Royal Thai Police helicopter made an emergency landing in a rice field... Read more

14-Jan-11 6Y-JCA Bell 206 St Ann, Jamaica


Reportedly developed mechanical difficulties and crashed into a coconut tree while landing... Read more

14-Jan-11 N4204X Robinson R44 Fort Wolters, US-Texas (1F)


Pilot Dempsey Stice, 42, was found dead in the cockpit with no signs of trauma, Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said. He apparently landed the helicopter safely as there was no damage to the aircraft,... Read more

15-Jan-11 Schweizer 300CBi Stuart, US-Florida


Instructor vacated aircraft for student Adeniyi Akinuli to complete shut-down.  Helicopter took off unexpectedly and landed onto its side... Read more

15-Jan-11 N78BR Bell B206 Three Forks, US-Montana


Main blades severed tail boom during autorotation on training flight... Read more

18-Jan-11 HB-ZKL Robinson R22 Chatel, Switzerland


Pilot Jean Marcel Grillet Aubert seriously injured, Passenger (unnamed) not injured... Read more

19-Jan-11 Mil Mi-8 Teykovskogo, Russia


Crashed from hovering at 5m, helicopter ended up on its side.  Three occupants, one of which was hospitalized... Read more

20-Jan-11 EB-1032 Eurocopter AS550A2 Nova Friburgo, Brazil


Accident while landing in windy conditions.  Five occupants OK... Read more

20-Jan-11 ZK-ISF Bell 206L3 Bream Bay, New Zealand


Pilot was Scott Finlayson, rescued safely and briefly hospitalised.... Read more

20-Jan-11 P-090 Eurocopter AS550C2 Silkeborg, Denmark


One of the Air Force Fennec helicopters struck Thursday two electrical wires near Klovborg. The helicopter’s wire cutter entured that it carried on flying, but the pilot landed immediately as a precaution, following standard procedures. No persons were injured.... Read more

20-Jan-11 RA-04109 Eurocopter AS355N Priozyorsk, Russia (1F)


Loss of control due spatial orientation in limited visibility and” whiteness “of the underlying surface, not being able to continue the flight under visual flight rules, which led to reduce the uncontrolled collision with a roll and a helicopter with ice-covered surface of the lake.  1 killed, 5 injured... Read more

21-Jan-11 ZS-HWX MD Helicopters 369D Wonderboompoort, South Africa


The pilot, Lt Col. Koosie De Villiers, and his crewman Lt Col. Shabir Khan, were both seriously injured in the crash.  Eyesitness described the aircraft as being a “total mangled wreck”, with no windows left as it “was all smashed up”.... Read more

22-Jan-11 CC-PHP Robinson R44 Cobquecura, Chile


President Piñera landed off-airfield in his own R44, and a video of the incident taken by a citizen suggested that the stop was unplanned.  The President denies this, saying it was a planned refuelling stop... Read more

23-Jan-11 PT-YDW Robinson R22 Guaiba River, Brazil


Emergency landing made on edge of river after suspected mechanical problems.  Two occupants uninjured... Read more

24-Jan-11 PT-HZS Eurocopter AS350B2 Morro da Mineira, Brazil


Thge television station AS350B2 – known as “Globocop” – was hit by three rifle shots at about 7:30 am. The reporter Karina Borges, the system operator and the pilot Roberto Mello Kings Antonio Ramos was not injured.  one of the bullets hit the floor, the second, the central region, and the third, the tail of the... Read more

26-Jan-11 VH-HFG Robinson R44 Knuckle Reef, Australia


Pilot used the helicopter’s flotation device and all four stayed on board until they were saved about one hour later.... Read more

26-Jan-11 Mil Mi-24 Ghazni, Afghanistan


NATO says a coalition helicopter has landed on its side after experiencing mechanical trouble during takeoff from a military base in eastern Afghanistan.  No injuries.  Report from Poland quotes that “the helicopter was spinning on its axis” and fell to the ground, sustaining heavy damage.... Read more

27-Jan-11 PK-IWS Hughes 369D Kendari Bay, Indonesia


2 seriously injured, 1 minor injuries... Read more

27-Jan-11 XA-KLA AgustaWestland AW119 Mexico City, Mexico


Pilot was José Manuel Covarruvias García, 36, and hospitalised for assessment.  Passenger was not named and not injured.  Helicopter sustained damage to landing gear, the transmission system and the tail rotor.  [Some translations of local language news reports wrongly quote the pilot as being killed]... Read more

28-Jan-11 Jdeidet al-Qaitaa, Lebanon


A Lebanese army helicopter made an emergency landing on the outskirts of the Akkar town of Jdeidet al-Qaitaa due to a technical malfunction... Read more

28-Jan-11 N515MT Bell 407 Colorado Springs, US-Colorado


Precautionary landing on school field after warning light illuminated.  Timed at 3.30am local... Read more

29-Jan-11 Eurocopter BK117 Baltimore, US-Maryland


Precautionary landing for a potential mechanical problem.... Read more

31-Jan-11 N245AF Eurocopter EC145 Ushuaia, Argentina


Emergency floats deployed and water landing after clipping aerial on take-off from superyacht “Octopus”.  Subsequent tow in to port went wrong and helicopter turned over – video shows it being righted in the port prior to lifting out and onto a truck.... Read more

31-Jan-11 N530RL MD Helicopters MD530FF Waterman’s Peak, US-Arizona (1F)


The Pima County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that civilian pilot Loren Leonberger was pronounced dead at the scene of the PCSO helicopter crash near Avra Valley.  Other occupants were Edwin Nettleton, 58, and Paul Panzica, 41, who were released from the hospital ahead of Larry Sayers, 64, who was seriously injured.... Read more

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