Accidents: October 2011

01-Oct-11 Sikorsky SH-60 Jefferson City, US-Missouri


Crashed from 20-25 ft on climb out, heavy landing with wheels broken off and fuselage impacting ground... Read more

01-Oct-11 N266CY Robinson R66 Philip, US-South Dakota (1F)


Haakon County Sheriff Mel Smith told local radio station that the helicopter crashed in a pasture a mile south of Philip. Sole occupant 64-year-old pilot James Hladky was pronounced dead at the scene.... Read more

01-Oct-11 Bell UH-1H Mount Sinumaan, Philippines (3F)


Reported mechanical problems, crashed onto mountain and rolled for some distance... Read more

02-Oct-11 EI-DTR Robinson R44 Athlone, Eire


The R44 piloted by businessman Michael Mannion crash-landed five miles outside of Athlone at around 8pm on Sunday evening (thus night flying at this time of year)... Read more

02-Oct-11 ZK-HLL Robinson R44 Samoa (1F)


A tuna boat based helicopter crashed into the sea, with only one of the two crew members recovered.  34-year-old pilot Mexican pilot, Eduardo Lavalle lost his life.... Read more

03-Oct-11 Bell UH-1 Mardin province, Turkey


One serious and two minor injuries to the 3 POB... Read more

03-Oct-11 N412SM Bell 412EP Crawford, US-Colorado


While in cruise flight at 11,500?MSL from Grand Junction, CO to Gunnison, CO, the transmission warning light illuminated. The pilot also observed a decrease in pressure on the transmission oil pressure gauge. The helicopter landed safely without incident in a field, was immediately taken out of service and secured.... Read more

03-Oct-11 JA508A Eurocopter AS350B3 Kioykawa, Japan (1F)


Two serious injuries, post crash fire.  Pilot later died from his injuries... Read more

04-Oct-11 N4170M Robinson R22 Hibbing, US-Minnesota


landing accident, substantially damaged... Read more

04-Oct-11 N63Q Bell 206B New York, US-New York (2F)


Took off to about 20ft, then started spinning and ditched shortly after.  Sonia Marra Nicholson, aged 40, died after being trapped inside the helicopter. Her girlfriend Helen Tomaski died from her injuries the next week.  Her mother Harriet was in critical condition later in the day after being pulled unconscious from the water.  Her 72-year-old... Read more

05-Oct-11 N145SM Eurocopter EC145 Rochester, US-Minnesota


Force trim release button would neither release nor respond to input on final approach to scene request.  Aircraft declared u/s and patient transferred by land ambulance.  Button was found to be    faulty and was replaced... Read more

05-Oct-11 C-FHTT Bell 206B Drayton Valley, Canada (1F)


Crashed in field 2km from airport it was on approach to.  Sole occupant pilot did not survive. Fellow pilots said thick fog made flying conditions treacherous at that time... Read more

08-Oct-11 Eurocopter BK117 Selph, US-Texas


Helicopter became unserviceable while on ground responding to emergency call.  Second helicopter called in for patient... Read more

08-Oct-11 VT-AZX Eurocopter AS350B3 Ratnagiri Beach, India


Precautionary landing due to weather en route Belgaum to Juhu on a ferry flight with 4POB after completing a filming job... Read more

09-Oct-11 RF-31129 Mil Mi-8 Trans-Baikal region, Russia


Located by emergency beacon signal.  7 POB confirmed safe and alive... Read more

09-Oct-11 Westampton, US-New Jersey


A mechanical problem forced a medical transport helicopter to make an emergency landing... Read more

11-Oct-11 Fursatganj, India


Reported that solo student pilot probably lost control and grazed a high-tension wire, hurling the helicopter off balance and it came crashing down in the fields seriously injuring pilot Sudeep Vashist... Read more

11-Oct-11 PT-YEC Robinson R22 São Paulo, Brazil


Heavy forced landing and ended up no its starboard side.  Had just taken off from Campo de Marte Airport bound for Guarulhos... Read more

11-Oct-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Ponte Alta do Tocantins, Brazil


Law enforcement helicopterin non-emergency situation made urban area landing too close to buildings and downwash caused damage... Read more

12-Oct-11 N227FT Robinson R22 Kapolea, US-Hawaii


Force landed in a park... Read more

12-Oct-11 H-33 AgustaWestland A109BA Lessive, Belgium


Landed to close to trees and damaged main blades... Read more

13-Oct-11 PH-MAA Eurocopter EC135T2+ Hilversum, Netherlands


Bird strike – broke a hole in the canopy just to the port side of the nose... Read more

14-Oct-11 N10375 Hughes 269A Fort Worth, US-Texas


A spokesperson for the FAA said the helicopter sustained severe damage, but that neither of the two people on board suffered any injuries.... Read more

14-Oct-11 CC-PCS Robinson R44 Santiago, Chile


During take-off phase, pilot Andres Navarro Haeussler made sudden and very heavy landing on taxiway, causing damage to the aircraft.  Pilot and passenger unhurt.  Skids splayed out, tail ended up touching the ground... Read more

14-Oct-11 Boeing CH-47 southern Afghanistan


A maintenance team conducted an initial assessment and it appears that the forced landing was the result of a mechanical issue. No insurgent activity was reported during the landing.... Read more

15-Oct-11 Mil Mi-8 Volochanka, Russia


Emergency landing due Hydraulic failure... Read more

15-Oct-11 Boeing CH-46 Havelock, US-North Carolina


Downdraft during take off from Havelock Chili Festival caused widespread damage and some injuries to people... Read more

15-Oct-11 RA-04332 Robinson R44 Erzovka, Russia


4POB at a flying club event.  Journalists on board filmed the descent as it apparently descended tail first and tail-low to the ground.  Rolled over onto port side.  Badly damaged.  All persons survived, some with injuries.... Read more

15-Oct-11 YVO126 Bell 412SP Santa Rosa, Venezuela


Crashed in wooded area after turning back due to weather.  7 POB – Pilot Óscar Cabrera, Co-pilot Ricardo Ortiz along with engineers Carlos Batista, Orber Godoni, Armando Sosa, Augusto Masias and Jose Guarimba.  One had second-degree burns and a fractured collarbone, all others had minor injuries only... Read more

16-Oct-11 Liboi, Kenya (5F)


“Late Sunday evening, a military helicopter crashed and caught fire inside Kenya from an apparent mechanical malfunction, a diplomat and a resident said. No civilian casualties were reported but the status of the pilots on board was not immediately known.”... Read more

17-Oct-11 Agusta-Bell AB212 Jagodina, Serbia


Seven children hurt after hovering helicopter caused billboards to be blown over the crowds at a stadium.  Helicopter was demonstrating troops rapelling to the ground... Read more

18-Oct-11 Boston-Logan, US-Massachusetts


Emergency landing by USCG Helicopter after experiencing smoke in the cockpit.  14.15 local time.  More info to follow... Read more

18-Oct-11 CS-HFJ Bell 212 Golfar, Portugal


Helicopter ended up upside down, but with the cabin and boom looking reasonably intact – certainly tail boom is complete and tail rotor blades do not appear damaged... Read more

18-Oct-11 OO-HCI Eurocopter EC120B Micheroux, Belgium (2F)


Having taken off from Spa on a surveillance flight for the Fluxys company, helicopter crashed in a private garden killing 2 POB.  The owner of the land described the weather as low cloud and windy gusts.... Read more

19-Oct-11 Bell VH-1N Washington, US-DC


Mechanical issues led to the landing near 11th and Gallatin streets. Both radios went out during a routine exercise... Read more

19-Oct-11 VT-BSH HAL Dhruv Ranchi, India (3F)


A BSF (Border Security Force) helicopter on anti-Naxal duty crashed on the outskirts of Ranchi today, killing two pilots and a technician on board. The Dhruv was going to Chaibasa from Ranchi when its engine caught fire and it crashed in Khunti jungle, a senior BSF official said.  Aircraft completely burnt out.  Pilot named as... Read more

20-Oct-11 C-GDKN Sikorsky S92A Halifax, Canada


Post maintenance engine runs following routine engine washes. The collective control was not lowered during the start sequence and subsequently the rotorcraft unintentionally became airborne a few feet and drifted to the right as the rotor speed increased. CADAORS 2011A0961... Read more

20-Oct-11 Mil Mi-8 Yamal, Russia


Mi-8 with 25 POB has made an emergency landing in Yamal, the Emergency Situations Ministry’s Main…... Read more

20-Oct-11 Rochester, US-New York


Reports of an inbound helicopter with transmission problem, more details to follow when available... Read more

20-Oct-11 Eurocopter AS355NP Vileity, Belarus (5F)


Belarus Border Guard AS355NP crashed and caught fire, killing all 5POB including three television crew named as Vitaly Prochkovsky, 36; Sergei Shamalov, 39; and Yulia Shaternik, 28.  The crew were reported as Andrew Pekarsky (32 years) and Igor Skvortsov.  They operate three AS355NPs – EW-308BH (5773), EW-309BH (5774) and EW-310BH (5781)... Read more

21-Oct-11 XC-EDM AgustaWestland AW109S Del Carmen Coyoacán, Mexico (2F)


Crashed into a built-up area.  Pilot Juan Manuel Ruiz Rivera and Metropolitan Development Secretary Fernando Alberto Garcia Cuevas survived.   Two fatally injured – as Julio Cesar Macerano, Garcia Cuevas’ assistant, and the co-pilot of the aircraft, Juan Esteban Rodriguez.... Read more

23-Oct-11 09-08778 Boeing CH-47F Lower Alloways Creek, US-New Jersey


Precautionary landing on test flight out of Boeing’s Ridley Park plant... Read more

26-Oct-11 G-UIMB Guimbal Cabri G2 Kemble, UK


The damage to the helicopter is limited to the tail and landing gear structure. The rotor blades and the transmission suffered no damage from the hard landing at a high rate of yaw.... Read more

26-Oct-11 Mattituck, US-New York


Erwin Rodger, 68, of Mattituck was attempting to fly the single-engine ultra lite helicopter he owned over the inlet and was flying too low due to darkness, police said. He then crashed into a marsh area, flipped the helicopter... Read more

27-Oct-11 N61PJ MD Helicopters MD500D Colusa, US-California


During powerline maintenance flight,  p[ilot made emergency field landing.  Skids broken, tail boom sliced, main blades ripped off.  Pilot to hospital... Read more

29-Oct-11 N165EH Eurocopter AS350B2 Illamna, US-Alaska (1F)


The pilot had left Nome on Saturday and refueled in Unalakleet and Bethel – and had planned to spend the night in Iliamna before flying on to Anchorage on Sunday.  Pilot later named as 66-year-old William Zeman.  Reported as “crashed and burned”... Read more

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