Accidents: November 2011

02-Nov-11 Mil Mi-26 Rostov-on-Don, Russia


Emergency landing... Read more

02-Nov-11 9N-AIK Eurocopter AS350B Tanahun, Nepal


Landing made prior to arriving at intended destination due to weather.  Intended routing was Kathmandu from Pokhara... Read more

02-Nov-11 MD Helicopters 500MD Wonju, Korea (1F)


Emergency landing on a mountain during an annual Hoguk military exercise Wednesday, killing one army officer and injuring another... Read more

02-Nov-11 C-GDQH Bell B206L Kapuskasing, Canada (3F)


3 POB all fatally injured. CADAORS 2011O3324.  Deceased named as pilotGreg Sawyer (39) and two engineers with forest products company Tembec -Dan Simis (47) and Chad McQuade (37)... Read more

03-Nov-11 N130AL Eurocopter EC130 Noblesville, US-Indiana


Circled after encountering heavy rain while en route.  Landed in ploughed field and burst into flames,  6POB all safe with minor injuries... Read more

03-Nov-11 N88HC Bell B206 Buckeye, US-Arizona


Emergency services attended a helicopter that made a hard landing in a residential area, and was “leaking fluid”.  Photographs appear to show the skids have been deformed and the tail touching the ground.  Location is just north of Pierce Field (10AZ).... Read more

05-Nov-11 N413RM Robinson R22 West Palm Beach, US-Florida


Helicopter was on a low-level aerial tour when it lost height over a residential area... Read more

07-Nov-11 HB-ZGI Eurocopter AS350B3 Artez, Switzerland


Main blades clipped rock while filming at low level.  Landed heavily and awkwardly on skids on a road.... Read more

07-Nov-11 Eurocopter AS350 Tudikhel, Nepal


Emergency landing made due to tail rotor problems... Read more

07-Nov-11 VH-CME Robinson R22 Julia Creek, Australia


During mustering operations, the main rotor blade struck the ground resulting in the helicopter coming to rest on its side.... Read more

09-Nov-11 I-DAMS Eurocopter AS365N3 Mineo, Italy (1F)


Crashed into a hill in poor weather during an EMS flight with 5POB.  Co pilot Sergio Torre fatally injured.  The aircraft had taken off from the hospital in Caltanissetta and was bound for Messina... Read more

10-Nov-11 N11QV Eurocopter EC130 Molokai, US-Hawaii (5F)


Crashed into a mountainside on a sightseeing tour.  All 5 POB perished, including pilot Nathan Cline and Pennsylvania residents Michael and Nicole Abel who were only married five days earlier.  The other two were later named as Stuart Roberston and Eva Birgitta Wannersjo from Ontario, Canada... Read more

11-Nov-11 N139FW AgustaWestland AW139 Leeville, US-Louisiana


Minor damage, unknown circumstances... Read more

11-Nov-11 HB-ZJN AgustaWestland AW109E Marcucci, Italy (3F)


Three killed, cause unknown but low visibility reported in the area... Read more

11-Nov-11 XC-UHP Eurocopter AS332L1 Temamatla, Mexico (8F)


Crashed killed Interior Secretary Francisco Blake and seven others.  NOTE, there is a question over which aircraft was involved.  Local reports (links 1 and 2 below) say XC-UHP (which is serial 2084)  but the NTSB report (link 3)  says XC-UHM (2127)... Read more

11-Nov-11 Kismayo, Somalia (9F)


Nine people are believed to have died after a French helicopter crashed near Somalia’s Southern port city of Kismayo... Read more

12-Nov-11 G-WOOW MD Helicopters MD369E Andratx, Spain (2F)


Fatal crash killing two British males named in this article as Mark Blaver-Mann and Alistair Evans.  Helicopter was completely burnt out... Read more

13-Nov-11 AgustaWestland AW109E Elkhart, US-Texas


While emergency crews were working the first crash scene, an intoxicated car driver bypassed emergency vehicles and crashed into the tail fin of a Careflite helicopter that had landed in the middle of Highway 287. The helicopter was disabled and unable to transport the original crash victims to hospitals.... Read more

13-Nov-11 Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Landed in a field of crops because unexpected fog rolled in – Prime Minister of Haiti on board... Read more

13-Nov-11 N330SL Eurocopter BK117 Carbondale, US-Illinois


Main rotor struck tail boom on shut down... Read more

14-Nov-11 Hilo, US-Hawaii


Precautionary landing due electrical problem.  AS350 or EC130... Read more

14-Nov-11 N16HA Bell B206 Woodburn, US-Oregon


Crashed while lifting Christmas trees, pilot injured... Read more

15-Nov-11 N502AW Bell UH-1 Valle Airport, US-Arizona


Hard landing – starboard gear collapsed.  Pilot identified as 57-year-old Jeff Boatman... Read more

15-Nov-11 Mil Mi-8 Badondo, Congo (1F)


“An M18 helicopter crashed while landing in the region of Bandondo,”... Read more

16-Nov-11 N410TV Eurocopter AS350B2 Scottsdale, US-Arizona


Emergency landing after bird strike caused hole 10×16 inches... Read more

17-Nov-11 N389PH Eurocopter EC135P2+ Jackson, US-Mississippi


AirCare helicopter suffered bird strike and landed safely despite a hole in the wind shield.  Pilot to hospital.  On board burns victim patient onward to hospital by land ambulance... Read more

18-Nov-11 N880SF Bell 230 Springfield, US-Illinois


Gear collapsed on landing... Read more

18-Nov-11 Kuantan, Malaysia


Fire and Rescue Department helicopter hovered too low in built up area causing damage from the downdraft... Read more

18-Nov-11 RA-04348 Robinson R44 Litvintseva, Russia (1F)


Sole occupant pilot Yevgeniy Kurbatov killed.  High energy impact with terrain, helicopter broken in many parts, but no sign of post crash fire.  Reported as low time pilot with only 20 hours experience, and flying at night.  Helicopter was found on 26th November by a volunteer search team Liza Alert the day after the state... Read more

19-Nov-11 Trenton, US-New Jersey


EMS helicopter was stranded on the helicopter landing pad of Capital Health Regional Medical Center because of a leaking fuel tank... Read more

20-Nov-11 VT-RAJ AgustaWestland AW109E Chandkoti, India


Emergency landing after unexpected vibration levels.   Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on board... Read more

21-Nov-11 Sikorsky S92 Henry Goodrich rig, Canada


Hydraulic leak – went AOG on the rig... Read more

23-Nov-11 ZS-RSU Robinson R44 II Grand Central, South Africa


Helicopter ended up on its port side with the tail boom sliced.  23-Nov-11 is assumed date – the first reference we can find is in the evening of that date.... Read more

23-Nov-11 ZK-HIG Eurocopter AS350B2 Auckland, New Zealand


Main blades struck wire while helicopter was helping install Christmas Tree on Auckland waterfront.  Helicopter split in two and thrashed itself to pieces from a 10m hover.  Pilot Greg Gribble escaped serious injury.  Event was being broadcast live on TVNZ... Read more

24-Nov-11 Eastern Afghanistan


An ISAF helicopter made a precautionary landing in eastern Afghanistan, Nov. 24. ISAF is still in the process of assessing the circumstances to determine more facts; however, initial reporting indicates that there was no enemy activity in the area. All crew members have recovered with no reported injuries. When the assessment is completed, details will... Read more

24-Nov-11 N821JV Robinson R44 Hackensack, US-Minnesota (1F)


went down into Ten Mile Lake, near Hackensack, MN killing pilot John Zacher, whose body was found the next day.  His wife Vicki Zacher was the only passenger and survived.... Read more

25-Nov-11 HC-CLH Bell 212 Quito, Ecuador


Impacted terrain close to company helipad.  Local DGAC records show the helicopter was only certified in Ecuador 7 days before.  Four occupants – Pilot Patricio Villalba, front seat passenger Jorge Luis Villegas and two mechanics Luis Ferrario and Pedro Medina were all injured... Read more

25-Nov-11 Robinson R22 Mossel Bay, South Africa


Rolled over in run-on landing.... Read more

26-Nov-11 C-FRKY Eurocopter AS350B2 Wabush, Canada


Helicopter crashed Saturday in a wooded area near Labrador City, but the only person on board has walked away without serious injuries.  CADAORS 2011A1083... Read more

27-Nov-11 VH-RKN Robinson R22 El Questro, Australia


During an approach to land, the low RPM light and warning horn activated and the helicopter made a hard landing.... Read more

28-Nov-11 C-GVAR Robinson R22 Waterloo, Canada (1F)


Appeared to lose power approximately one mile south of the airport. The helicopter was observed in a rapid descent into a wooded area south of the airport. 1 fatal, 1 injured.  Fatality later named as instructor Tiffany Hanna, 29.  CADAORS 2011O3540... Read more

29-Nov-11 VH-EQG CHR Safari Ayr, Australia


Two critically injured in crash of amateur-construction Safari helicopter. Rescuers had to pull pilot/owner Neville Walker from the wreckage after he suffered a heart attack.... Read more

29-Nov-11 D-HAAE Hiller UH-12ET Stahlberg, Germany


Crashed in ploughed field with two minor injuries after falling 40m while working on powerlines.  Helicopter substantially damaged... Read more

29-Nov-11 ZS-RDG Robinson R44 II Wonderboom, South Africa


Crashed while giving an 80-year-old her birthday present flight.  Ended up on its starboard side with the tail boom apparently separated midway down its length.... Read more

29-Nov-11 9N-AIK Eurocopter AS350 Lubuche, Nepal


Helicopter was taking off at Lubuche when it suffered damage to the tail boom/rotor.  All 3 occupants safe... Read more

29-Nov-11 Mil Mi-24 Pruzhany, Belarus (3F)


The helicopter was doing training flights and crashed down during landing approach.  All three POB killed... Read more

30-Nov-11 A25-204 Sikorsky UH-60 Thornleigh, Australia


We are receiving initial reports of a Black Hawk making an emergency landing in Headen Park on the northern outskirts of Sydney.   It was en route to Newcastle when a warning light came on.  No damage, no injuries... Read more

30-Nov-11 UR-14322 Mil Mi-2 Kapitanovka, Ukraine (1F)


Impacted ground in fog while on low level pipeline patrol.  2POB, 1 fatal... Read more

30-Nov-11 ZK-IMB Eurocopter AS350BA Matai Bay, New Zealand (2F)


Went missing during fire fighting operations.  Located some hours later in 7m of water. Bodies of pilot John “Prickles” de Ridder and passenger William MacRae from Dept of Conservation have been confirmed by divers as being inside the helicopter.  Salt Air – Company statement here... Read more

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