Accidents: February 2011

02-Feb-11 N611TV Robinson R44 Dallas, US-Texas


Emergency landing (or was it a “hard landing”?) made after reported loss of power... Read more

02-Feb-11 Robinson R44 Norwood, US-Massachusetts


One helicopter (and six fixed wing) damaged when hangar roof collapsed due to weight of snow... Read more

02-Feb-11 HAL Cheetah Nashik, India (2F)


Helicopter crashed into unoccupied building close to an air base used for training by the Indian Army.  Two killed were Major Atul Garje and Captain Bhanu Pratap Gupta... Read more

02-Feb-11 C-GITZ Bell 206B Peace River, Canada


Helicopter was harvesting pine cones and descending to unload. At about 100ft agl, tail rotor authority was lost and the helicopter began to rotate. The main rotor contacted trees and the helicopter crashed on its left side. The pilot was the sole occupant and sustained minor injuries. CADAORS ref 2011C0421... Read more

02-Feb-11 C-GBGT Eurocopter AS350B2 Bob Quinn Lake, Canada


After dropping a group of skiers, helicopter was proceeding down, on the other side of the mountain ridge (due to local weather conditions) to the pick-up point. While en route, the helicopter encountered marginal VMC and attempted to descend through a break in the cloud. The helicopter contacted snow covered terrain and began rolling down... Read more

03-Feb-11 Sikorsky SH-60 Atsugi, Japan


Sonar buoy fell from helicopter and landed in farm field... Read more

03-Feb-11 N441TB Robinson R44 Ogden, US-Utah


Run on landing on wet mud performed which ended in the helicopter on its side, tail boom apparently severed by the tail which ended up close to the fuselage.... Read more

04-Feb-11 Sikorsky UH-60 New Baltimore, US-New York


Warning light led to emergency landing in snowy field.  No indication of any damage or injuries... Read more

04-Feb-11 N416WC MD Helicopters MD500E Elverta, US-California


Helicopter working on stringing new powerlines.  One serious injury, one “minor to moderate” injury.... Read more

04-Feb-11 VH-HFH Robinson R44 Cessnock, Australia (2F)


R44 burst into flames on impact.  Student pilot was taken to hospital in a critical condition with serious burns.  Instructor Ivor Durham, owner and director of Newcastle Helicopters, died along with 21-year old Sam Bateman.... Read more

05-Feb-11 Eurocopter Tiger Lateh Band, Afghanistan


An ISAF helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan’s eastern district of Lateh Band, 30 miles east of Kabul.  Two pilots were slightly injured... Read more

05-Feb-11 RF-00854 Mil Mi-2 Kalmukia, Russia


Emergency landing due to engine problems.  Later repaired but helicopter crashed fatally on subsequent take-off (see separate incident page here)... Read more

05-Feb-11 RF-00854 Mil Mi-2 Kalmukia, Russia (2F)


Crashed and burst into flames shortly after take-off at 1900hrs – after emergency landing earlier in the day (see separate incident page here) and subsequent repairs.  Pilot and passenger killed.... Read more

07-Feb-11 Hua Hin, Thailand


Helicopter reportedly went down in the ocean off Thailand’s famous beach town of Hua Hin.  Two pilots had minor injuries... Read more

07-Feb-11 Aberdeen, UK


It was understood a small amount of excess fuel ignited when the Bond helicopter’s engines were starting up.  We expect it was an AS332L2 or EC225, although Bond also operate AS365M3 and AW139 helicopters... Read more

07-Feb-11 93-26476 Sikorsky UH-60 Honolulu, US-Hawaii


Emergency landing made in school field after warning light illuminated.  No damage.  Crew turned situation into educational opportunity for the school children.... Read more

08-Feb-11 MM81052 Hughes 500M Fragagnano, Italy


Ditched into reservoir after loss of power; 2 occupants safe... Read more

08-Feb-11 Maku, Iran


Blades struck building on take-off.  One passenger was Housing and Urban Development Minister Ali Nikzad... Read more

09-Feb-11 Sikorsky UH-60 Lafayette, US-Indiana


The helicopter’s tail rotor accidentally touched the runway during a practice run, damaging it and causing the craft to make a hard landing... Read more

10-Feb-11 Boeing CH-47 Maker Heights, UK


Hydraulic problems force helicopter to land in field... Read more

10-Feb-11 YV447A Bell 47G4A Moran, Venezuela (1F)


Crashed in mountainous region, pilot named as (José Gregorio Escalona) was killed in the impact... Read more

13-Feb-11 P2-PHL Eurocopter AS350B2 Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (1F)


Australian pilot reported missing feared dead after helicopter crash in PNG.   It is understood the man is an experienced pilot who has been working in the mining industry for a number of years.  Oil slick and floating debris reported.  Update – Search for pilot Lloyd Lester has been abandoned... Read more

15-Feb-11 Nasiryah, Iraq


A US helicopter belonging to the US civil support team in Iraq made an emergency landing in the northeast of Nasiryah in southern Baghdad.   The helicopter had taken off from Imam Ali base west of Nasriyah. No one was hurt in the accident... Read more

15-Feb-11 N285AE Bell 206L.3 Tulsa, US-Oklahoma


Precautionary landing after bird strike... Read more

15-Feb-11 Mil Mi-28N Budyonnovsk, Russia (1F)


A Mil Mi-28 Night Hunter attack helicopter made a rough emergency landing in the Budyonnovsk district in Russia’s southern Stavropol territory on Tuesday, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman…  Pilot died later same day in hospital... Read more

17-Feb-11 HB-ZHI Eurocopter AS350B2 Diablerets glacier, Switzerland


Heliski operation.  All six occupants airlifted to hospital in Sion.... Read more

17-Feb-11 Situbondo district, Indonesia


An Indonesian Navy helicopter made an emergency landing at a soccer field in Situbondo district, East Java, after reporting engine problems... Read more

18-Feb-11 F-GUJB Robinson R44 Canne della Battaglia, Italy (1F)


The helicopter had departed from Modugno, near Bari, and was heading to Foggia. Pilot Tanzarella Antonio D’Amico, age 29, was alone... Read more

18-Feb-11 HK-4594 Bell B206B Galán Rio Negro, Colombia (4F)


Brig. Gen. Alfredo Bocanegra Navia, the 48-year-old commander of the army’s 5th Brigade, and his aides (Lt. John Alexander Salcedo, Pvt. German Alfonso Ortiz) were traveling from brigade headquarters in Bucaramanga, Santander’s capital, to the town of Aguachica in neighboring Cesar province.  Civilian pilot Jaime Landinez was also killed... Read more

21-Feb-11 Myitgyina, Myanmar


Helicopter stranded on ice field after making emergency landing.  Condition of six aboard not known... Read more

22-Feb-11 146476 Bell 412 Yuma, US-Arizona


Brown out at 30 to 40 ft during an NVG approach... Read more

22-Feb-11 N2611 Bell B206L-1 Abbeville, US-Louisiana


Emergency landing on road during post-maintenance check flight.  No injuries or damage... Read more

22-Feb-11 N666PK Robinson R44 Christmas, US-Florida


Weather related emergency landing.  No apparent damage... Read more

23-Feb-11 N112AS Hughes 369D Henryetta, US-Oklahoma


Rolled over on landing... Read more

23-Feb-11 N965SD Eurocopter AS350B2 March AFB, US-California


L.A. County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said the pilots were conducting a training exercise “simulating a hydraulic failure” when the Eurocopter AS350 went down.... Read more

23-Feb-11 AgustaWestland AW139 Jeju, South Korea (5F)


Only delivered within the last week, crew lost control with command centre.  Some wreckage and one body found to date.... Read more

24-Feb-11 SP-SYA PZL Sokol La Caldera National Park, Spain


Helicopter was doing work in the National Park, probably load lifting but the news reports thus far are unclear.  Serious injuries reported... Read more

24-Feb-11 N796M Bell B206B Ridgeland, US-South Carolina


Main rotor struck tail boom during autorotation landing... Read more

25-Feb-11 ZS-RVA Robinson R44 Strand, South Africa


Landed on its port side with floats deployed.  Two people medevac to hospital by MedCopter “Chopper 2”... Read more

26-Feb-11 N236HA Hiller UH-12E Colusa, US-California


Hard landing in an orchard... Read more

26-Feb-11 N5689B Enstrom F28C-2 St Lucie, US-Florida


low fuel pressure warning light came on during climbout at 200′. Engine sputtered and the ensuing landing was heavy, with the tail boom separating from the cabin and the base of the cabin touching the ground.... Read more

28-Feb-11 N192AE Bell B206L Gibson County, US-Tennessee


Bird strike which caused windshield to shatter... Read more

28-Feb-11 ZK-HSP Bell UH-1 Levin, New Zealand


Helicopter crashed on the beach, ending up on its side with boom separated.  Sole occupant pilot was seriously injured, pulled from the wreckage by a passer-by and flown to Palmerston North Hospital.  Pilot name reported as Jim Sherwin, aged 60... Read more

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