Accidents: April 2011

31-Mar-11 N299HE Robinson R44 New Braunfels, US-Texas


Emergency landing following bird strike which broke windshield and injured passenger... Read more

02-Apr-11 Nakusp Hot Springs, Canada


RCMP officials believe a helicopter parked temporarily at the landing pad at Nakusp Hot Springs was specifically targeted by vandals for its work in evaluating mineral resources in the area.  The incident occurred sometime between April 2 and April 3, said RCMP Constable Tim McDonald.... Read more

02-Apr-11 VH-HUL Robinson R44 Maitland, Australia


During takeoff, the helicopter struck a powerline... Read more

02-Apr-11 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Cleveland, US-Ohio


After landing, port side hydraulics compartment cowling was discovered open, and had contacted the main blades in flight – but only taking paint off, not damaging them.  One camlock was missing from the cowling... Read more

02-Apr-11 VH-HXB Robinson R44 Sydney, Australia


The helicopter entered controlled airspace without clearance. When queried by ATC, the pilot reported uncertainty concerning the helicopter’s position due to being VFR on top of unbroken cloud.... Read more

04-Apr-11 N8950F Hughes 269A-1 Kahului, US-Hawaii


Precautionary landing in cane field... Read more

04-Apr-11 N7511W Robinson R44 Orlando, US-Florida


“Sky 13” broadcasting helicopter – precautionary landing on a golf course... Read more

04-Apr-11 KAF-1103 Mil Mi-17 Juja, Kenya


Kenya military spokesman said “The crew was on normal routine training when it reported a mechanical problem. The crew jumped out after it touched the ground. It then burst into flames”... Read more

04-Apr-11 HL9400 Kamov Ka32 Dongducheon, South Korea (2F)


Engaged in external lifting work in mountainous region.  No further details yet known. The pilots, identified only by their surnames Lee, 61, and Kwon, 49, died... Read more

05-Apr-11 G-BMCX Eurocopter AS332L Misurata, Libya


Helicopter damaged in hangar as a result of the local unrest in the country.  Date is approximate, not confirmed.  Helicopter returned to UK October 2012 showing damage to be superficial only.... Read more

05-Apr-11 Bell 407 Johnson City, US-Tennessee


Precautionary landing in field.  FAA preliminary report quotes registration as “Wings 1” which would be the callsign.  Wings Air Rescue operates four Bell 407s (N407WA, N911WA, N511MT and N513MT) and we expect the subject one here to be N407WA but we have not got 100% confirmation on that yet... Read more

06-Apr-11 N9FK Bell 47G Torrance, US-California


Tipped over onto its starboard side on take-off... Read more

06-Apr-11 N268SH Robinson R22 South Valley Regional Airport, US-Utah


Hard landing on training flight  – skids splayed out although helicopter remained upright.  Tail boom sliced by main blades.... Read more

06-Apr-11 ZK-IXR Robinson R22 Coleridge, New Zealand (1F)


Pilot died – later named as Adrian James Mayberry, 59, of Christchurch.  The passenger was seriously injured... Read more

06-Apr-11 TC-HET Eurocopter EC155B1 Orhangazi, Turkey (1F)


EC155 came down in wooded area of a mountainous region.  Foggy conditions reported.  One fatality, two injured.  The three were Jesus Light,  Ahmet Deniz, and Hadji Ahmed Maples.... Read more

06-Apr-11 Eurocopter SA315B Medina Sidonia, Spain (2F)


Wreckage reported 6th April.  Two bodies “may have been there a week” – thus date of accident unclear... Read more

06-Apr-11 PT-HNA Eurocopter AS355F2 Boa Vista, Brazil (3F)


Search for overdue helicopter found wreckage two days later.  EMS operation with three killed – pilot and patient survived.... Read more

08-Apr-11 PT-YMJ Bell B206 Rio Grande da Serra, Brazil (2F)


Pilot Retoreto Seriba Marcelo, 39, and passenger Adrian Rodriguez, 54, were killed in the accident.... Read more

09-Apr-11 Brega region, Libya


A seconed helicopter (not MI-24 serial 854, reported in another entry) reported shot down by pro-Gadaffi troops... Read more

09-Apr-11 854 Mil Mi-24 Brega region, Libya (3F)


Shot down by pro-Gadaffi troops.  A second helicopter was also shot down and has a separate entry in HeliHub accident data... Read more

10-Apr-11 5Y-EXA Eurocopter AS350B2 Blue Nile River, Ethiopia


Following the tail strike on 10 April, the helicopter landed in a river and the airframe is partially submerged. The pilot and all 4 passengers exited safely and uninjured from the aircraft... Read more

10-Apr-11 N791SH Robinson R22 Marlboro, US-Massachusetts


Tail struck ground on take-off... Read more

10-Apr-11 N91SV AgustaWestland AW109E Toledo, US-Ohio


Engine Oil Hot Light illuminated, engine shut down and a run on landing was performed without further incident... Read more

10-Apr-11 N372LE Robinson R22 Lake Charles, US-Louisiana


Destroyed in hard landing (per FAA), but “There was only moderate damage to the aircraft and no damage to the runway or any impact on our commercial operations,” according to airport director Heath Allen.... Read more

11-Apr-11 9M-AXH Bell B206 Dataran Sibu, Malaysia (1F)


B206 crashed in the town square of Dataran Sibu, just opposite a hotel where Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is due to attend a function.  Sole occupant pilot Sahimi Razali died later in hospital from his injuries... Read more

13-Apr-11 Bell Huey II Taytay, Philippines


PAF Spokesman Lt. Col. Miguel Ernesto Okol clarified that the Air Force helicopter did not crash as it just “made a hard landing” as an emergency procedure.... Read more

13-Apr-11 N887T Bell B206 Venice, US-Louisiana


Water taxying on floats, turned sideways and fell onto its side... Read more

13-Apr-11 Mil Mi-24 Khartoum, Sudan (1F)


Sudanese Air Force Mi-24 attempting to take off from the military airport in Khartoum crashed on Wednesday morning, killing one of three people on board after an engine caught fire, the army said.... Read more

16-Apr-11 Indio, US-California


Precautionary landing by Riverside County Sheriff helicopter.  Both occupants fine.... Read more

18-Apr-11 Robinson R44 Stewart Island, New Zealand


Three POB all reportedly retrieved by a rescue helicopter.  No details yet on level of damage to the R44... Read more

18-Apr-11 G-REDG Eurocopter AS365N3 Norwich, UK

18-Apr-2011Source: Eurocopter

Engine fire while taxying for take-off to offshore rig.  Fire put out on the ground... Read more

18-Apr-11 Mil Mi-17 El-Fasher, Sudan (5F)


Second Sudanese military accident in a week, this one kiling 5.  Details to follow... Read more

19-Apr-11 VT-PHF Mil Mi-17 Tawang, India (18F)


Mi-17 hit a wall and burst into flames as it was trying to land in India’s remote northeast, killing 17 people [later revised to 18 after another passenger died].  It was on a regular passenger service from Guwahati.  See also story on appointment of a committee of inquiry... Read more

20-Apr-11 Nawab Shah, Pakistan (6F)


One source said the helicopter was carrying military and army personnel. All six on board killed... Read more

21-Apr-11 HAL Dhruv Lachung, India (4F)


“Though it seems that the helicopter had crashed owing to the inclement weather, a court of inquiry has been ordered,” quoting the Indian Army.  Deceased quoted at pilots – Lt. Jepa and Lt. Col Bhatia of the Indian Air Force and soldiers Naib Subedar Rana and Naik Panth of 8 Gorkha Rifles... Read more

23-Apr-11 N109RX AgustaWestland A109K2 Salt Lake City, US-Utah


Bird strike en route.  No injuries reported... Read more

23-Apr-11 Colorado Springs, US-Colorado


Precautionary landing in a field in northern El Paso County due to poor weather/visibility.  3 POB. No damage... Read more

23-Apr-11 C-FJJO Hughes 500C Chilliwack, Canada


Conducting VFR spraying operations when it struck the top of a tree during a turn. The pilot’s vision was affected by windshield glare from the rising sun. The lower chin bubble windshield was shattered and the mount for the anti-torque control pedals was broken. The helicopter landed without further event. CADAORS ref 2011P0595... Read more

23-Apr-11 N614S Rotorway Exec Lawrence Township, US-Ohio


Pilot Jay Dubert, 46, sustained very minor injuries when attempting an emergency landing at 3:47 p.m. The helicopter tipped, causing damage to the rear of the aircraft and the rotors, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol... Read more

23-Apr-11 Bell OH-58D Kapisa province, Afghanistan (1F)


The Kapisa deputy provincial governor Aziz Ul Rahman said that the helicopter had hit a cable.  Fatality later named as Chief Warrant Officer 2 Terry L. Varnadore II, 29, of Arden, N.C... Read more

24-Apr-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Van Nuys, US-California


Helicopter shot at from the ground by an automatic weapon, and fuel tank reportedly struck. Emergency landing made at nearby Van Nuys airport without further incident... Read more

24-Apr-11 VH-RUR Robinson R44 Batemans Bay, Australia (1F)


R44 ditched into the sea about 40m offshore.  The 72-year-old pilot was pulled from the water unhurt. His 70-year-old wife died.... Read more

26-Apr-11 I-ETEC Robinson R22 Sulmona, Italy (2F)


Initial reports are suggesting a wire strike in less-than-ideal visibility. Fatalities named as Danilo Ricuperati (31) and Matteo Franchini (27)... Read more

27-Apr-11 Bell UH-1N Hidden Mountain, US-New Mexico


News footage shows the UH-1N crashed near a ridgeline on Hidden Mountain.  While the tail appeared to be intact, fire destroyed the rest of the craft.  4 POB all rescued OK... Read more

27-Apr-11 CC-PJI Bell B206 San Clemente, Chile (1F)


Crashed while firefighting, pilot Matuaze Héctor de la Fuente, 54, died at the scene of the accident, while his passenger, Cristián Sánchez Gabriel Orellana, 38, was seriously injured... Read more

27-Apr-11 ZK-HMU Robinson R22 Arawhata Saddle, New Zealand (2F)


Instructor Graham Alan Stott, 31, and student Marcus Hoogvliet, 21, were on a training flight when their R22 went down on the Arawhata Saddle, at the head of the Matukituki River... Read more

28-Apr-11 98-5054 Boeing AH-64D Packers Bend, US-Alabama (1F)


Instructor killed, Dutch student unnijured.  Helicopter apparently struck the cable for the Davis Ferry that is strung across the Alabama River... Read more

28-Apr-11 Bell 412 East Midnapore, India


Helicopter was being used by political figure and a flag being waved (or thrown?) by an enthusiastic supporter got caught up in the rotor blades.  Helicopter grounded for engineers, Politician continued by road... Read more

29-Apr-11 N9561F Hughes 269B Edgerton, US-Indiana


Crashed during agricultural ops... Read more

29-Apr-11 F-PJMI Dynali H2 Bezouce, France (2F)


Two fatalies – Jean-Michel Mazet, a dentist in Margate (Gard) and Jean-Louis Durant, a Narbonne, an instructor pilot in Pezenas... Read more

30-Apr-11 N445AB Robinson R44 Indiana, US-Pennsylvania (1F)


Clipped a building whilst filming for reality show “Campus PD”. R44 could be seen after the crash on its nose, leaning up against a building.  Cameraman Greg Jacobsen, 33, passed away 22-May after spending more than three weeks in intensive care.  Pilot Robert Trent, of Friedens, Penn., was admitted to hospital in critical condition, but... Read more

30-Apr-11 VT-PHT Eurocopter AS350B3 Kyela, India (5F)


Crashed in mountainous region.  One passenger was Arunachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu... Read more

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