Accidents: May 2011

01-May-11 Sikorsky UH-60 Abbottabad, Pakistan


One US Army helicopter crashed during the 40 minute US navy seal operation to kill or capture Osama bin Laden. No one was hurt.  Local reports quote the time as “late on Sunday night”.  Three other helicopters involved in this operation.  Some reports say it crashed after being shot at from the ground... Read more

02-May-11 A7-GHA AgustaWestland AW139 Doha, Qatar


The aircraft, which was located in the parking area and was preparing to carry out the operation of a flight taxiing to take off-shore, with two crew and nine passengers, suffered the separation along the entire tail rotor.The initial findings have identified a tail rotor blade at approximately 75 m from the aircraft.... Read more

02-May-11 PT-HMU Eurocopter AS350B Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil


Reported as mechanical failure by the general media... Read more

03-May-11 N38096 Bell 47 (Texas M74) New Columbia, US-Illinois


Crashed into field after take-off... Read more

03-May-11 N927SH Robinson R22 Yancy, US-Texas


Hard landing, rolled over, broke skid... Read more

03-May-11 Hari Pur, Pakistan (1F)


At least one officer was killed and several others were injured as a Pakistani army helicopter crashed Tuesday evening some 40 km northwest of the country’s capital Islamabad, reported local Urdu TV channel Samaa.   Fatality named as Subedar Major Fayyaz, with injured personnel named as Lt Colonel Abdullah, Major Tufail, Lance Naik Ehsan and another... Read more

04-May-11 Boeing CH-47 Frances, US-Kentucky


A Chinook out of Fort Campbell made an emergency landing in a field in Crittenden County near Frances, Kentucky. One person suffered minor injuries but there is no word on how many people were on board.... Read more

04-May-11 Bell B206 Forrest Beach, Australia


Clipped powerlines while crop spraying.  Pilot has electrical burns to his thighs... Read more

05-May-11 Eurocopter AS350B2 Sogeum River, South Korea


AS350B2 from the Korea Forest Service (KFS), carrying two people, crashed around 11:32 a.m. near the Sogeum River, about 237 kilometers east of Seoul.... Read more

08-May-11 N921JM Robinson R44 Golden, US-Colorado


Helicopter clipped a tree at low level when watching a skateboard race on Lookout Mountain near Golden, CO.  Also check out YouTube videos here and here... Read more

09-May-11 HK-4718 Bell 206L-3 Puerto Wilches, Colombia


5 passengers and 2 crew members who were injured and were airlifted by helicopters of the Armed Forces to hospitals in Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja... Read more

09-May-11 VH-DSD Robinson R22 Julia Creek, Australia (1F)


1 fatality.  Mustering accident, according to Queensland Fire & Rescue.  Official report here... Read more

10-May-11 D-HBWG MD Helicopters MD902 Engelsbrand, Germany


Clipped a tree during a search for a missing elderly woman at night.  Crashed into dense woodland, boom separated from cabin.  Three serious injuries... Read more

10-May-11 N-7078 Eurocopter HB350 Manaus, Brazil

10-May-2011 Read more

11-May-11 209 Mil Mi-17 Paroon, Afghanistan


Crashed into a tree in Paroon, Nuristan, while four helicopters were landing inside a compound of National Directorate of Security, Nuristan governor Jamaluddin Badr said... Read more

11-May-11 Eurocopter SA341 Rose, France


Precautionary landing in field after engine problems... Read more

11-May-11 PH-HHF Schweizer 333 Veghel, Netherlands


Crashed in a meadow, caught fire and burnt out.  Sole occupant pilot, Dirk Wiersma (aged 65) was unharmed... Read more

12-May-11 N9263Y Bell OH-58C New Athens, US-Illinois (1F)


Coroner reported that James Burks of Hot Springs, Ark. was pronounced dead at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville.   Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Hundelt says the helicopter was spraying fungicide on a wheat field near New Athens when the rotor separated from the aircraft, causing it to crash.... Read more

13-May-11 LN-ONP Sikorsky S92 Sola, Norway


Pilot broadcast Mayday after loss of oil pressure in one engine 90 miles SW of Stavangar.  SAR helicopter scrambled and accompanied S92 back to a safe landing at Sola... Read more

13-May-11 Sangin District, Afghanistan


A medical evacuation helicopter, marked with the universally recognized Red Cross symbol, came under attack by insurgents yesterday while medical providers attempted to recover a wounded service member in Sangin District, Helmand province.... Read more

13-May-11 N124AL Hughes 369D Fresno, US-California


Force landed in mountainous terrain, 35 miles from Fresno... Read more

13-May-11 VH-XXW Eurocopter AS350B3 Bankstown, Australia


Type not confirmed, crashed and burst into flames.  A NSW Ambulance spokesman said the pilot, Peter Woodland (aged 64), managed to escape from the helicopter before it burst into flames.... Read more

13-May-11 Mil Mi-8 Bahadurpura, India (4F)


A Border Security Force helicopter crashed in Sirohi district of Rajasthan killing the pilot and three others. The helicopter crashed at 3 pm near Bahadurpura village. A team of officials from Mount Abu reached the crash site and all the bodies, which are badly burnt, have been recovered.  The killed are identifed as pilot Colonel... Read more

15-May-11 N779DZ Robinson R44 Talkeetna, US-Alaska


Tail rotor struck vegetation... Read more

15-May-11 Los Angeles, US-California


a warning light in the cockpit of another police helicopter with two officers aboard prompted the pilot to make a precautionary landing in a Home Depot parking lot about 2 a.m. That chopper landed near Western and Slauson avenues.... Read more

16-May-11 G-GDOV Robinson R44 Chagford, UK


Two hotel guests were treated for injuries after their helicopter crashed in woods close to Gidleigh Park Hotel.  Helicopter referred to as a two-seater.  Head/neck injuries quoted.  Wrongly reported as  a two-seat helicopter, as it was an R44... Read more

16-May-11 Bell B412 Mapenduma, Indonesia


Mixed reports quoting three or four serious injuries and a total of 17 (or 10 plus three crew?) on board.  Weather reported as “very windy” but no other information at this time as to potential cause... Read more

16-May-11 N4278T MD Helicopters 369E Victoria, US-Texas


Force landed in field.  Aircraft less than one year old... Read more

16-May-11 C-GVXA Eurocopter AS350BA Meadow Lake, Canada


Fire fighting operations with winds gusting 20-30 knots. The pilot was flying slowly just above tree top level when the nose suddenly swung to the left. The pilot added power, but the rotation increased. The pilot reduced power and lowered the collective. The helicopter entered the trees and came to rest on its right side... Read more

16-May-11 147205 Boeing CH-47 Panjwaii district, Afghanistan


Four Canadian soldiers were injured, one of them seriously, when a Chinook helicopter crashed on landing under moonlight in a remote part of Panjwaii district in southern Afghanistan early Monday morning... Read more

16-May-11 Robinson R44 Luxinzhuang, China


Agricultural operation – the R44 had been hired by Beijing’s landscape and forestry bureau.... Read more

17-May-11 Boeing AH-64 Hanover, US-Colorado


A 1-2 Aviation Reconnaissance Battalion flying an Apache helicopter made a cautionary landing in Hanover, east of Butts Army Airfield when a red warning light came on... Read more

18-May-11 Bell B206 Los Angeles, US-California


A police helicopter made an emergency landing on a soccer field near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after a warning light came on indicating a possible problem.   [Type not confirmed, but photo shows B206 in a parking lot – is this at the soccer field?]... Read more

18-May-11 N341WN Bell UH-1H Ellensburg, US-Washington


Struck trees during low level manoeuvre... Read more

19-May-11 HB-ZAM Eurocopter AS350B2 Niederösch, Switzerland


Training flight, crashed from low hover of three metres... Read more

20-May-11 Hiller UH-12


Filming cameraman recorded real-life autorotation after engine quit and would not restart.  He put his foot through the bubble in the landing.  Location not given... Read more

20-May-11 C-FJUR Bell 212 Slave Lake, Canada (1F)


Firefighting operations, taking up water from lake, fel into lake 30m from shore and two thirds submerged.  Sole occupant pilot killed, later named as Jean-Luc Deba, 54, of Montreal.... Read more

20-May-11 Eurocopter SA318C Istanbul, Turkey (4F)


Four of five occupants killed when helicopter crashed into Istanbul Strait.  Pilot, and commander of the Police Aviation Unit, Kemal Ozdemir survived the accident by swimming to safety.  Other passengers were Branch Director of Information Technology Ragip Ali Bilgen and his son, Marine, with a strong second pilot Murat Güçlü and Oray Sarıçay’ın who worked... Read more

21-May-11 OB-1891-P Bell 204B Cusco, Peru


Crashed beside the runway at Cusco Airport on a post-maintenance test flight. Operator reports it as mechanical failure. On board were Jose Sanchez Caballero (pilot), Neffry Palomino and Daniel Delgado (mechanics).... Read more

21-May-11 HP-1683 Robinson R44 Pacific Ocean off Colombia


Tuna spotting helicopter crashed into the sea.  Condition of pilot (named Rodriguez) unknown... Read more

22-May-11 N550SL Eurocopter BK117B2 Joplin, US-Missouri


Destroyed on ground by hurricane... Read more

23-May-11 C-GGOZ Bell B206 Calling Lake, Canada


Helicopter was conducting slinging operations at an oil field well site when the conflicted with structures at the well site causing it to fall to the ground.  Pilot in his late 50s with non-life threatening injuries after a helicopter crash.  STARS air ambulance attended and ferried him to Edmonton for attention... Read more

23-May-11 88-0101 Boeing CH-47D Dublin, Ireland


ONe of the four Chinooks used in Ireland for President Obama’s visit had a blade damaged in the high winds.  The helicopter was airfreighted out of Dublin on 3rd June in a C-17 freighter for repair.... Read more

23-May-11 HK-4448 Bell 206L3 El Alto, Colombia (2F)


Low level survey flight... Read more

23-May-11 C-FCSL Bell B206 Montreal, Canada


Early reports only, two serious injuries – 48-year old pilot from Blainville, and his passenger, a 49 year old from Montreal... Read more

24-May-11 Oxon Hill


Prince George’s County Fire Department Spokesperson Mark Brady says a military helicopter made an emergency landing... Read more

24-May-11 LN-ODD Eurocopter SA315B Haustreisdalen, Norway


Helicopter had been chartered by Statnett for work on high voltage power lines.  Rotor blade struck pylon and became unstable, crashing to the ground.  Passenger worked for Infratek, subcontractor to Statnett.  Pilot was named as Karl Gustav Backlund.... Read more

24-May-11 N96SH Bell 47G.3B.1 Lakeville, US-Minnesota


Pilot Kevin Rossan, 35, works for Scott’s Helicopter Services of LeSeuer, Minn., and was contracted by the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District to spray for mosquitoes.  Pilot reported engine failure for sudden descent which ended 30-40 feet from the shore of a lake in 12-15 feet of water.... Read more

25-May-11 I-PAZZ Schweizer 300C Farra di Soligo, Italy


Crashed from an altitude of 20m while spraying vineyards.  The only one person on board, pilot Michele Astrella, 62, from Basilicata, was seriously injured... Read more

26-May-11 N1815 Bell 206L-1 Newton, US-Kansas


Post maintenance test flight.  Landed in corn field and fell onto its side.... Read more

26-May-11 Paktika Province, Afghanistan (1F)


Fort Hood Chief Warrant Officer Christopher R. Thibodeau, 28, of Chesterland, Ohio, died in Paktika Province, Afghanistan, of injuries he suffered when his helicopter crashed during combat operations, the military said. Thibodeau was assigned to Fort Hood’s 1st Battalion, 4th Combat Aviation Brigade.... Read more

27-May-11 C-GSSS Eurocopter AS350B2 Kasabonika, Canada


Uncommanded yaw to the left in cruise, pilot initiated autorotation. A complete power loss was experienced, pilot continued the autorotation. Unable to reach the landing area selected and completed the flare short of the area. Lnded hard in shallow water, substantially damaging tail boom and tail rotor. Ocupants exited safely and waded to shore. CADAORS... Read more

27-May-11 N82772 Bell OH-58C Fort Pierce, US-Florida


Wind gust blew something into the rotor blades while hovering at 3ft when it was hovering immediately outside its hangar... Read more

27-May-11 N222DW Brantly B2 Hayfork, US-California (1F)


Flight plan for the overdue helicopter had it going the 30 miles from Hayfork to Weaverville and then back to Hayfork Friday.  Search crews found the helicopter’s wreckage and pilot’s body in a remote area around 3:15 p.m.  Student pilot later named as registered owner Mor Applebaum.... Read more

28-May-11 MD Helicopters MD530F Apatzingan, Mexico


A helicopter from the Mexican Air Force (FAM) crashed on Saturday near Apatzingan, Michoacan, apparently as a result of mechanical failure in the aircraft... Read more

28-May-11 N128KR Robinson R44 Huntsville, US-Tennessee


Forced landing on sloping ground and tail rotor struck ground... Read more

28-May-11 Mil Mi-2 Yasny, Russia (1F)


A Mi-2 helicopter crashed in the Stavropol Territory when it supposedly performed farm work. The pilot died, a source at the Emergencies Ministry’s regional centre said. The accident occurred in the village of Yasny at about 23:00 on Friday.... Read more

29-May-11 C-GHXJ Bell 206 Loon River, Canada


Helicopter was doing a pipeline survey near Loon River, AB when the it struck a power line. The pilot managed to land the aircraft after the rotor blades sustained substantial damage – CADAORS ref 2011C1776... Read more

29-May-11 N8313E Robinson R22 Redding, US-Connecticut


Precautionary landing after tail rotor issue... Read more

29-May-11 N747CH Eurocopter AS350B2 Fort Worth, US-Texas


Aircraft crashed in a pasture and then burst into flames.  Firefighters extinguished the flames on the helicopter, then put out a grassfire that was started by the crash.... Read more

29-May-11 N911SL Bell OH-58C Fort Pierce, US-Florida


“We saw him spinning and hit the ground,” Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Kevin Ale said.   The helicopter’s cockpit and cabin appeared intact, but its tail boom was bent and its rear rotor sheared off.  Pilot named as Deputy Shawn Sullivan... Read more

30-May-11 Boeing CH-47D Tarin Kot, Afghanistan (1F)


An Australian Army Officer (later named as Marcus Case) was killed when an Australian Chinook Helicopter crashed while undertaking a re-supply mission in Zabul Province.... Read more

30-May-11 Bell AH-1 Isfahan, Iran (2F)


A military helicopter belonging to Iran’s Air Force has crashed near the central city of Isfahan, killing the pilot and co-pilot, a senior Iranian official says.  Deputy Governor of Isfahan Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili said that the crash was caused by technical problems in the helicopter.... Read more

31-May-11 N2072M Bell 206L.1 Peach Springs, US-Arizona


Engine cowling opened in flight and struck main rotor blades.  Helicopter landed without further incident.... Read more

31-May-11 G-GDJF Robinson R44 Skegness, UK


west-north-west wind of 10 to 20 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. During the hover the helicopter yawed suddenly to the right. To avoid a collision with nearby trees, the pilot landed in an adjoining field. The landing on the uneven ground was reported to be “abrupt” and the helicopter rolled over, damaging the... Read more

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