Accidents: September 2011

01-Sep-11 N205PJ Bell UH-1H French Camp, US-California


Landed hard on uneven terrain and rolled onto its left side... Read more

01-Sep-11 AgustaWestland AW139 Southern North Sea


Emergency floats deployed without being commanded to while en route North Denes to Leman rig.  Aircraft turned back.... Read more

01-Sep-11 Mil Mi-8 Muthukulangara, India


Precautionary landing due weather... Read more

02-Sep-11 12752 Soko 341H Gazelle Herceg Novi, Montenegro (3F)


Helicopter made contact with a wall and crashed onto rocks close to the shoreline.  The crash killed pilot Lt. Å ahbaz Belhadin (44), Major Ivan Obradovic (36) and Vidoje Tomic (35), a sergeant first class.... Read more

03-Sep-11 N7197W Robinson R22 Clearwater, US-Florida


Photo shows helicopter on its port side... Read more

03-Sep-11 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Heber City, US-Utah


Three injured – pilot reported entered autorotation after engine failure.  Pilot named as Ken Heidorn and passengers were Suzanne Tanner and her 15-year-old son... Read more

03-Sep-11 VH-HCA Robinson R44 Newman, Australia (1F)


The pilot was fatally injured and the passenger received minor injuries. The helicopter was destroyed.  Pilot reported as Matthew Charles Wilson, 37, and his 23-year-old male passenger, an Irish backpacker working for a survey company, was seriously injured... Read more

04-Sep-11 N205WW Bell 205 Tehachapi, US-California


commercial pilot sustained minor injuries; the helicopter sustained substantial damage to the tail boom from impact forces... Read more

06-Sep-11 Mil Mi-8 Khevsuretia District, Georgia


Pilot lost control due to the sudden change of wind at low altitude while filming.  8POB all ok... Read more

07-Sep-11 Z-2364 Mil Mi-8 Tumkur, India


Mil8 with 9 POB made emergency landing due to technical issue.  After being checked over helicopter departed later with no further issue.... Read more

07-Sep-11 Tabor, US-Iowa


Robert Smith, 80, got out of helicopter on his own land, and accidentally walked into tail rotor. Non-life-threatening injuries.  Pilot named as Larry Inman of Randolph.... Read more

08-Sep-11 VH-RDU Eurocopter AS350B Shoalwater Bay, Australia (2F)


The helicopter was reported by a passenger to have crashed while conducting a communications tower maintenance task. The police have advised that of the 3 POB there are two deceased and one injured.... Read more

10-Sep-11 D-HFAX Eurocopter AS350B2 Hanover, Germany


Engine problems during lifting operation over VW car factory.  Emergency landing on factory roof.  Damage to boom and blades, but helicopter looking remarkably intact for what has happened... Read more

10-Sep-11 HA-5113 Bell 412HP Rumpius Karvak, Indonesia


Bell 412 with five on board lost contact with ATC while on mission to locate missing Cessna 208 aircraft of Susi Air.  The following day the helicopter arrived in nearby town of Wamena, reporting that it had had to make an emergency landing due to fog.  Jungle location had led media to assume the worst,... Read more

10-Sep-11 PR-CEC Robinson R44 Vale do Encantado, Brazil (2F)


Helicopter took off from Santos Dumont airport at about 20h on Saturday and fell about 30 minutes later, in the middle of the Tijuca Forest killing both occupants.   A local resident said there was much fog on the site at the time.  Pilot named as Erick Ramiro Freitas, 25, son of Elzo Padilha Freitas, owner... Read more

11-Sep-11 N412SM Bell 412 Grand Junction, US-Colorado


Bird strike, returned to base. After thorough inspection of the helicopter no significant damage was found and it was returned to service.... Read more

11-Sep-11 N145SM Eurocopter EC145 Rochester, US-Minnesota


Tail rotor gear box chip light indicator illuminated shortly after take-off from emergency scene.  Precautionary landing made, and patient transferred to another helicopter... Read more

13-Sep-11 ZS-HMP Bell 230 Morwaneng, South Africa


All six occupants – Eskom CEO Brian Dames and colleagues Steve Lennon, Louis Maleka, and Kerseri Pather plsu the two pilots (Hilton Atherstone plus one) – suffered minor injuries in the crash and managed to get clear of the wreckage before it caught fire and burnt out... Read more

13-Sep-11 N625CF Eurocopter AS365N3 Dayton, US-Ohio


On final approach to Miami Valley Hospital’s south helipad, the aircraft struck a bird. The pilot continued with his landing. The aircraft was inspected and no damage was found. It was returned to service.... Read more

14-Sep-11 EP-617 Mil Mi-171 Chorobamba, Peru (2F)


Shot down by rebels of Sendero Luminoso when flying over the region of the rivers Apurimac and Ene. Two fatalities named as Lt. Col. Ernesto Vasquez Esneider Silvaand Captain Alberto Campos Vidarte Jenner... Read more

14-Sep-11 F-HFBI Eurocopter AS350B3 Vallorcine, France (4F)


Tail rotor struck a cable while on a reconaissance flight.  Two occupants thrown clear of the helicopter and two trapped inside.  Piloting the helicopter was Jacques Fouque, an experienced pilot and mountain guide, the engineering director of the Emosson dam Regis Desmus, Jean-Marc Mermillod, from IG3M a company specialising in lifts and cable work and... Read more

15-Sep-11 N579DG Robinson R44 Madison, US-Georgia


Force landed in open field... Read more

15-Sep-11 N828PM Robinson R44 Ocate, US-New Mexico


Unknown circumstances... Read more

15-Sep-11 N3181J Bell 206B Spicewood, US-Texas


Photo shows B206 on its starboard side in a field.  The pilot was up and walking around near the crash site, while his passenger was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries, investigators said.... Read more

16-Sep-11 C-GJUP Eurocopter AS350B1 Tulameen, Canada (1F)


Helicopter was reported missing and found four days later by a pilot from Wildcat Helicopters who was operating on unrelated work in the search area.; Pilot named as Rod Phillipson... Read more

18-Sep-11 XA-UFE Robinson R44 Nichupte, Mexico


Landed in a lagoon during a tour flight.  The aircraft ended up completely submerged.  Pilot Ricardo Bulerui and tourists Ricardo Santos and Eduardo Abelnai were not hurt in the crash.... Read more

18-Sep-11 D-HONY Bell B206B El Puerto de Santa María, Spain


Helicopter from Germany involved in filming came down in street in Spanish town.  Report says that pilot was trying to make a forced landing in an empty lot after engine failure.  Three occupants injured.... Read more

19-Sep-11 N937AM Eurocopter AS350B2 Hobe Sound, US-Florida


The EMS pilot took off with patient on board, but shortly after take off not notified the on-scene engine crew that they had smoke in the cockpit and were declaring an emergency.  Landed safety and patient to hospital by land ambulance... Read more

19-Sep-11 Bell AH-1W Camp Pendleton, US-California (2F)


The helicopter went down at approximately 1:00 p.m. Monday in a training area in the southeast corner of Camp Pendleton.  A small brush fire broke out as a result of the crash. Fire crews are on scene working to contain the flames.  The two fatalities were later named as Capt. Jeffrey Bland, 37, and 1st... Read more

19-Sep-11 EC-JRY Agusta-Bell 412 La Peza, Spain (3F)


Firefighting helicopter on ferry flight.  High momentum terrain impact, fire followed.... Read more

20-Sep-11 Nusrat Darra, Pakistan


Pakistani military commander slightly injured after his helicopter was shot at twice from the ground.  Landed safely... Read more

20-Sep-11 JA6522 Eurocopter AS350B3 Higashi Kagawa, Japan


Helicopter was already well on fire before landing – fast emergency landing made on a sports arena and soon burnt out.... Read more

20-Sep-11 N131LN Eurocopter EC130 Georgetown, US-Kentucky


Tail rotor chip light illuminated during patient transfer.  Safe precautionary landing made in church car park.  Second helicopter attended to complete patient transfer... Read more

20-Sep-11 LN-OMW Sikorsky S92 Valhall field, off Norway


Engine problem en route Sola to the Maersk Reacher rig in Valhall field, North Sea, returned to base... Read more

20-Sep-11 ZS-PXL Robinson R44 Kimberley, South Africa


“There was a severe vibration, and then we lost power. I made an emergency landing and executed a hard landing followed. “  Boom broken and cabwhich boom became bent and detached.  Skids and cabin appear... Read more

22-Sep-11 N391LV Robinson R44 Culpeper, US-Virginia


Landed in field in unknown circumstances. Filed by FAA as accident report... Read more

22-Sep-11 N1088Y Hughes 269C Ramona, US-California


Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

23-Sep-11 N204PA Bell 206B Seward, US-Alaska


Tail rotor struck snow bank... Read more

23-Sep-11 N8324F Robinson R44 Curren, US-Michigan (2F)


Wooded area of Alcona County.  Fatalities listed as owner Dan Logghe, 46, and an employee of his, Mark May aged 33.  Failed to return on 23-Sep, hence listed as date.  But they had been away and potentially out of contact for a few days, so this may not have been the actual accident day.... Read more

24-Sep-11 Karamea, New Zealand


Engine failure and safe emergency landing made in remote area; Emergency locator beacon activated; 2 POB found safe and uninjured... Read more

24-Sep-11 N3070S Robinson R22 Douglas, US-Wyoming


Skids struck the ground while hovertaxying... Read more

25-Sep-11 Pyuthan, Nepal


En route to Dolpa of Karnali from Kathmandu, but made emergency landing.  All 4 POB (Pilot Kumar Chalise, Shyam GC of Gulmi, Jitendra Jhankri and Hirababu Karki of Kathmandu) declared safe... Read more

25-Sep-11 PK-OCV Bell 412 Sumbawa Besar, Indonesia (2F)


Bell 412 missing and later found crashed.pter with two POB missing, reported elsewhere as PK-OCV .... Read more

26-Sep-11 N230CH Eurocopter AS350BA Juneau, US-Alaska


Rolled over during landing... Read more

26-Sep-11 Bell 212 Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


Bell helicopter with 7 on board, including Provincial Police Region 3 commander, makes emergency landing in Ubon Ratchathani during illegal logging bust duty – likely a Bell 212 or 412.... Read more

26-Sep-11 PR-HLB Bell 206L4 Itaituba, Brazil


Tail rotor failure during climb out... Read more

27-Sep-11 N9158R Bell 47D1 Ahwahnee, US-California


The Madera County Sheriff’s Department and Cal Fire as well as paramedics are on scene of a downed private helicopter.  2 POB to hospital, one by road, one by air... Read more

27-Sep-11 N982DH Robinson R44 Clearwater, US-Florida


Training accident, ended up on its side... Read more

27-Sep-11 N606WA Hughes 500D Chouteau, US-Oklahoma


Skid struck powerline on take off and landed immediately without further incident... Read more

28-Sep-11 D-HMOB Robinson R44 Vielist, Germany


Crashed shortly after take off.  1 POB – 68-year-old pilot/owner- survived OK.... Read more

28-Sep-11 Bell AH-1W Helmand Province, Afghanistan (1F)


First Lt. Ryan K. Iannelli, died while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He was assigned to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 269, Marine Air Group 29, 2nd Marine Air Wing, II Marine Expeditionary Force, MCAS New River, N.C.... Read more

29-Sep-11 VH-RTB Robinson R22 Maningrida, Australia


During aerial mustering, the helicopter’s tail rotor collided with a tree and the helicopter landed heavily. The helicopter sustained serious damage.... Read more

30-Sep-11 EC-GIC Bell 212 Bienservida, Spain


Accident between EC-GIC and CC-CIS both 212s involved in re-filling their water tanks during fire-fighting operations.  Pilot Leo Janssen, flying CC-CIS was killed.  Pilot Manuel Fuertes in EC-GIC survived... Read more

30-Sep-11 CC-CIS Bell 212 Bienservida, Spain (1F)


Accident between EC-GIC and CC-CIS both 212s involved in re-filling their water tanks during fire-fighting operations.  Pilot Leo Janssen, flying CC-CIS was killed.  Pilot Manuel Fuertes in EC-GIC survived... Read more

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