Accidents: January 2012

01-Jan-12 Bell UH-1H Trilahue, Chile


Details to follow... Read more

01-Jan-12 N9021R Bell 47G2 Lohn, US-Texas


Crashed in a field (FAA reported this as 47J, but register says 47G2)... Read more

03-Jan-12 VH-FHR Robinson R22 Richmond, Australia


After takeoff, the helicopter lost power and the pilot made a forced landing. The helicopter rolled onto its side and was destroyed in a post-impact fire. The pilot sustained minor injuries.... Read more

03-Jan-12 C-FGBX Robinson R44 Chinchaga River area, Canada


Main blade struck tree.  CADAORS 2012P0016... Read more

05-Jan-12 Bell UH-1N Corbin City, US-New Jersey


Field landing with no damage after reported tail rotor servo failure.  4POB, no injuries.  En route  to Virginia from joint base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.  Engineers from Fort Dix attended and helicopter flew again about 1 hour later... Read more

06-Jan-12 Robinson R22 St Petersburg, US-Florida


helicopter made a hard landing and ended up on its side... Read more

06-Jan-12 G-CHZN Robinson R22 Witchford, UK (1F)


While on planned route Manston to Fenland, crashed in open field.  Helicopter ended upside down with roof of cabin and rotorhead apparently taking the bulk of the impact – tail boom mainly undamaged.  Port skid had been ripped off, and tail was separated but only a few metres away from the boom.  Registration confirmed in... Read more

07-Jan-12 TF-GNA Eurocopter AS332L1 Est Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland


Cable break during a hoist exercise at night... Read more

07-Jan-12 “Alligator Alley”, US-Florida


A helicopter made an emergency landing on Alligator Alley Saturday night, authorities said.  No one was injured and the helicopter was quickly cleared from the roadway, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.... Read more

07-Jan-12 Walterboro, US-South Carolina


Emergency landing after patient tried to jump out of helicopter inflight from road accident to hospital.  Patient had reportedly drinking heavily... Read more

08-Jan-12 FAC-0005 Bell 412 Barrancabermeja, Colombia


En route from Cartagena to an air force base in Puerto Salgar, helicopter landed heavily on edge of a flat roof with significant vertical speed, causing heavy impact damage.  Impact reportedly included a small fire which was easily put out.  4POB injured.... Read more

10-Jan-12 D-HHTA Robinson R22 Egelsbach, Germany


Accident on first solo.  R22 ended up on its port side... Read more

10-Jan-12 G-WDEV Eurocopter SA341G Salisbury, UK


Helicopter down in wooded area.  3POB – owner/pilot Andy Ridings was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital with chest and head injuries, along with another man who was suffering from back pain and head injuries.  The third is believed to have suffered a dislocated ankle.  Second/third POB were Mike Rosser and Ian Sutton... Read more

11-Jan-12 SE-JPZ Robinson R44 Mosjøen, Norway (2F)


Reindeer herd owner and his Swedish pilot were herding the animals assisted by people on scooters when the accident happened. Heavy snow was reported in the area at the time.  “The weather was bad and visibility was minimal,” Geir Mortensen, press spokesperson for the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Northern Norway, tells NRK.... Read more

12-Jan-12 LN-OJE Eurocopter EC225 Asgard B rig, Norway


The incident happened when the helicopter alarm system alerted the pilots of loss of pressure in the left hydraulic system.... Read more

12-Jan-12 PNP-352 Bell UH-1H Pucallpa, Peru


Apparent mechanical failure at low level... Read more

13-Jan-12 Short Hills, US-New Jersey


New Jersey State Police, en route to Morristown airport,  made an emergency landing for “safety reasons” because of ice.”... Read more

15-Jan-12 VT-BSN HAL Dhruv Maha Airport, India


Heavily damaged after crashing from 100ft altitude on take off on a test flight.  Pilot P D Tiwari, Co-pilot also named as P D Tiwari, and technicians Anand Bharti, Pankaj Pal and Subroto Chandra... Read more

15-Jan-12 SP-SSW PZL SW4 Fairbanks, US-Alaska


A PZL SW4 has crashed at Fairbanks International Airport while operating there for “Cold Weather Testing”.  3POB.  The incident happened at 2:23 p.m. and the temperature at the airport was minus 36 degrees that afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.... Read more

15-Jan-12 Robinson R22 San Liberato, Italy (2F)


Crashed after hitting cables on approach to airfield, killing Filippo Sini, 39, and Vittorio Mestichelli, 57.  [Warning – some photos in the Italian press show at least one of the bodies without it being covered up]... Read more

16-Jan-12 N728PG Robinson R44 Huntington Beach, US-California


Pilot reported smoke in the cabin and brought the craft down as a precaution on the junction of Pacific Coast Highway and Magnolia at 9.40am local.  1POB, not injured.... Read more

16-Jan-12 N605PD Bell 407 Rockville Centre, US-New York


Reports coming in of a Nassau County Police Dept helicopter “Helo 5” making an emergency landing at 00.36 local time at Southside Middle School,... Read more

16-Jan-12 G-FIRS Robinson R22 Llanwddyn, UK


Attempting to land on the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel`s designated helicopter pad. Cam down approx 100m short of the pad.  Fire was put out – foam evident in the Photo here  2POB were a male aged 30 and female aged 32.... Read more

16-Jan-12 N63HZ Fairchild-Hiller FH1100 Soest, Germany


Tail rotor touched ground causing helicopter to crash heavily... Read more

16-Jan-12 N59479 Bell 206B Comfort, US-West Virginia


Emergency landing made, pilot and passenger then evacuated the helicopter hurriedly.... Read more

16-Jan-12 N5748M Bell 214ST Nadi-Ali, Afghanistan (3F)


Helicopter of AAR Airlift crashed while operating for US Dept of Defense.  3 fatalities.  Type/registration not known at this time.... Read more

17-Jan-12 C-FMPG Eurocopter AS350B3 Cultus Lake, Canada (1F)


Reports say the pilot has suffered cardiac arrest and the aircraft crashed. Pilot airlifted to Chilliwack Hospital, but BCAS later reported pilot deceased. RCMP named pilot as Dave Brolin. CADORS ref 2012P0085... Read more

18-Jan-12 Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK


Emergency landing made after a transmission temperature indicator came on.... Read more

18-Jan-12 YV1985 Bell 206L4 Canaima National Park, Venezuela (5F)


Tourist flight.  May be weather related.  Pilot named as Henry Francisco Viana Arias, with passengers Adriana Recao, Carlos Garmendia, Alvaro Trayer y Gerardo Barreto... Read more

19-Jan-12 Forrestdale Lakes, Australia


Crime Reporter for ABC News Perth reported this on Twitter “Helicopter pilot makes emergency landing in paddock near Forrestdale Lakes. All on board safe. #perthnews“... Read more

19-Jan-12 N369TL Robinson R44 St Mary Parish, US-Louisiana (2K)


Crashed in marshy area, killing both POB.   pilot named as Jason McKean, 40,  and passenger Lanny Ledet, 43.... Read more

19-Jan-12 PP-MOF Robinson R44 Lake Paranoá, Brazil


R44 took off from edge of car park and did not gain height, ditched into shallow water at edge of lake shortly after.  4POB exited without further problems... Read more

19-Jan-12 LV-ZXO Bell 412EP Petit Martinique, Grenada


Emergency landing while en route St Lucia to Tobago... Read more

19-Jan-12 Sikorsky CH-53D Helmand Province, Afghanistan (6F)


The ceceased were named as Capt. Daniel Bartle, 27, of Ferndale, WA; Capt. Nathan McHone, 29, of Crystal Lake, IL; Master Sgt. Travis Riddick, 40, of Centerville, IA; Cpl. Jesse Stites, 23, of North Beach, MD; Cpl. Kevin Reinhard, 25, of Colonia, NJ; and Cpl. Joseph Logan, 22, of Willis, TX... Read more

21-Jan-12 N4510T Robinson R44 Anchorage, US-Alaska


Loose cargo bag flew into rotors... Read more

22-Jan-12 PT-YLS Helibras HB350B2 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


In flight fire, emergency landing.... Read more

22-Jan-12 N555NB Bell B206 Las Colinas, US-Texas


Tail boom damaged.  4 POB not seriously injured... Read more

23-Jan-12 VH-HYC Robinson R44 Parramatta, Australia


The pilot of the Robinson R44 took avoiding action when the Piper PA-28 passed in close proximity. No radio broadcasts were heard from the PA-28 and the pilot did not respond to radio calls.... Read more

25-Jan-12 VH-FUJ Schweizer 300C Long Hill, Australia


During the return from crop spraying operations, the engine lost power, resulting in a forced landing. The pilot was not injured, however the helicopter caught fire and was destroyed.... Read more

27-Jan-12 N311YS AgustaWestland AW119 Philadelphia, US-Pennsylvania


Window “blew” – aircraft was only registered brand new 6 days prior, and thus likely on test flight out of AW facility at Philadelphia... Read more

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