Accidents: October 2012

01-Oct-12 C-GTPG Bell 206B Sudbury, Canada


Contacted the ground during a sharp turn while spraying, causing the helicopter to crash. The pilot (the sole occupant) suffered minor injuries. The helicopter reportedly was substantially damaged. CADAORS ref 2012O2922... Read more

02-Oct-12 N808FX Eurocopter AS355F2 Lumberton, US-New Jersey


Minor damage in field landing... Read more

03-Oct-12 N80140 Robinson R22 Marblemount, US-Washington


Emergency landing made in Cascades National Park... Read more

03-Oct-12 VH-LLF Robinson R22 Halls Creek, Australia (1F)


Crashed on a cattle station half way between Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing, and two days later the press reported that the pilot’s body remains trapped in the wreckage underwater in a remote gorge.... Read more

04-Oct-12 N646GE Eurocopter AS365N2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Main blades hit hangar when trying to taxi through too narrow a gap on the ramp. Pilot named as Fidel Báez – no injuries reported to 2 crew and 1 tech on board. Flying debris went more than 300 ft damaging 3 other aircraft.... Read more

05-Oct-12 Bell 407 Rathora, India


Safe emergency landing in field due to technical issue.  No damage to helicopter or POB... Read more

05-Oct-12 N406AL Bell 407 Intracoastal City, US-Louisiana (1F)


From a Bristow press release:-  A Bristow Bell 407  operating near Intracoastal City, Louisiana was involved in a fatal accident at approximately 8:00 a.m. CDT . Local press reported poor visibility.  The pilot was the only person onboard – later named as Carl Amos, from Corpus Christi, Texas... Read more

05-Oct-12 Mil Mi-8 East Ghouta, Syria (4F)


Helicopter shot down by rebel forces, and burned out on the ground... Read more

06-Oct-12 OB-1586 Mil Mi-17 Kiteni, Peru


One of three helicopters fire bombed by terrorists at night while parked on the airfield.  All three were on contract to Transportadora de Gas del Peru... Read more

06-Oct-12 OB-1845-P Bell 212 Kiteni, Peru


One of three helicopters fire bombed by terrorists at night while parked on the airfield.  All three were on contract to Transportadora de Gas del Peru... Read more

06-Oct-12 OB-1949-P Eurocopter AS350B3 Kiteni, Peru


One of three helicopters fire bombed by terrorists at night while parked on the airfield.  All three were on contract to Transportadora de Gas del Peru... Read more

07-Oct-12 N1577 Bell UH-1H Medford, US-Oregon


Emergency landing by fire-fighting helicopter.  Pilot Cody Seeger (only person on board) not injured.  The helicopter landed on its side in a forested hillside – trees surrounding the crash site may have softened the impact... Read more

08-Oct-12 G-ORKY Eurocopter AS350B2 Cairngorms, UK


Hoist cable hitting tail rotor in turbulent weather conditions.  Badly damaged... Read more

09-Oct-12 ER-MHL Mil Mi-8 Tembagapura, Papua New Guinea


Helicopter was seriously damaged but its 24 passengers and three crew members were safe (full manifest here)... Read more

09-Oct-12 N108MF Bell 407 Coolbaugh Township, US-Pennsylvania (2F)


Available photos give no clues as the trees are likely to have had a significant effect on the level of damage. Weather reports include both rain and fog with visibility of less than a quarter of a mile. Pilot William Ellsworth and passenger Tighe Sulllivan were killed.  The other passenger Stephen Barral survived but is... Read more

10-Oct-12 Bell 407 Minneapolis, US-Minnesota


Chin window damaged by patient trolley and helicopter taken out of service until new parts fitted.  Life Link III operate five Bell 407s – N404LL through N408LL so presumably one of these was the subject aircraft... Read more

10-Oct-12 N333DR Bell 206B Lyons Point, US-Louisiana (1F)


Helicopter crashed after hitting guy wire of radio tower.  Sole occupant pilot (named as Hugh Clifton Kelley) killed... Read more

11-Oct-12 VH-NWD Robinson R44 Cairns, Australia


During the initial climb, the pilot received a clutch warning and the helicopter lost power. The pilot conducted a forced landing and the helicopter sustained substantial damage.... Read more

11-Oct-12 Sikorsky MH-60J Low Cape, US-Alaska


Emergency landing made on beach during SAR operation... Read more

11-Oct-12 Sikorsky S70 Diyarbakir, Turkey (1F)


Hit wires on take-off.  1 killed, 8 injured... Read more

11-Oct-12 N474FA Robinson R44 Luckenbach, US-Texas (3F)


Circumstances not known.  3 fatalities – pilot Chester Monroe (35) and passengers Rusty Aaron (26) and Kaci Fairchild (29)... Read more

12-Oct-12 N443FD Sikorsky S55 Yorktown, US-New York


En route Newtown, NJ to Bridgeport, CT when it made an emergency landing on a farm and rolled over.  Reported fuel issues... Read more

13-Oct-12 N546 MD Helicopters OH-6A West Chester, US-Pennsylvania


Skids of N369SN contacted blades of N546 at Brandywine Airport, West Chester during the Rotorfest event... Read more

13-Oct-12 Logan Lake, Canada


Helicopter made emergency landing on the Coquihalla Highway... Read more

13-Oct-12 N369SN MD Helicopters OH-6A West Chester, US-Pennsylvania


Skids of N369SN contacted blades of N546 at Brandywine Airport, West Chester during the Rotorfest event... Read more

13-Oct-12 N40TN Bell OH-58 Jackson, US-Tennessee


Heavy landing in cemetery.  Tail boom sliced off by main blades.  Starboard skid collapsed.   Sgt. Gerald Wiltshire was pilot and Officer Tony Valdes serving as an observer  ... Read more

14-Oct-12 Mil Mi-8 Yakawolang, Afghanistan


Emergency landing after developing mechanical problems in flight.  Some passengers with minor injuries... Read more

15-Oct-12 Anad, Yemen (1F)


Crashed on take off from Anad air base.  Pilot died from his injuries a short time after... Read more

15-Oct-12 HAL Chetak Dabolim, India (3F)


Crashed on take off from INS Hansa (nr Dabolim) after refuelling en route Mumbai to Bangalore.  Post crash fire.  Another report says landing accident, not take-off... Read more

16-Oct-12 G-BXGA Eurocopter AS350B2 Kettlewell, UK


Chain sling contacted tail rotor drive cover, horizontal stabiliser and both tail rotor blades during lifting operations... Read more

16-Oct-12 RA-04206 Robinson R44 Muravlyanka, Russia (1F)


Crashed and burned on field. Pilot fatally injured... Read more

17-Oct-12 Mil Mi-17 Maarat AL Numan, Syria


Helicopter shot down by missile.  Casualties unknown... Read more

17-Oct-12 C-FXGM Eurocopter AS355F2 Tinicum Township, US-Pennsylvania (1F)


Crashed 500m from an early morning take off, killing the sole occupant pilot – named as Doug Brigham... Read more

17-Oct-12 RA-24267 Mil Mi-8 Evenk, Russia (1F)


Fell onto its side while landing, killing one of the eight on board.  Fatality named as Svetalana Kulishova... Read more

18-Oct-12 Robinson R44 Innisfail, Canada


Two people uninjured when helicopter crashed at Innisfail Airport, 120 miles N of Calgary.  Helicopter was approx 6m altitude on take off.  CADAORS ref 2012C4679... Read more

18-Oct-12 C-FBHV Bell 206L British Columbia, Canada


Loud bang heard with an associated yaw to the right and loss of power. An autorotative landing was carried out into a nearby stream. The pilot and 1 passenger were uninjured.  CADAORS ref 2012P1768... Read more

19-Oct-12 N207CF AgustaWestland AW119 Dolan Springs, US-Arizona


Rotor blades suffered minor damage when helicopter was on the ground... Read more

19-Oct-12 N57948 Eurocopter SA315B Helena, US-Oklahoma


Blades struck striker plate on landing... Read more

21-Oct-12 N956LA Eurocopter AS350B3 Lakewood, US-California


LA County Sheriff made emergency landing on highway after a bird strike at night... Read more

21-Oct-12 Derby, Australia (1F)


On a sightseeing tour flight, male passenger suddenly unfastened his seatbelt, opened the door and jumped from the aircraft – falling 500 feet to his death... Read more

22-Oct-12 N385RH AgustaWestland AW139 Houma, US-Louisiana


Substantially damaged in landing accident, reports FAA.  Other reports suggest it was taking off, started spinning left and was put down hurriedly, wheels collapsed and it ended up on its belly between parking spot rows A and B... Read more

22-Oct-12 G-CHCN Eurocopter EC225 Shetland, UK


CHC EC225 has ditched  32 miles south of Shetland, off Fair Isle.  All 19 POB reported safe and  being taken to Kirkwall on Orkney... Read more

24-Oct-12 PP-MAQ Robinson R22 Porto Alegre, Brazil


Training accident, lost control during ground taxi in gusty conditions up to 22 knots of wind.  Helicopter landed and turned over onto its starboard side.  Student pilot Maycon Nogaroli, 35, was not injured.  Instructor Samir Nagib Murr, 32, was hospitalized with head injuries.... Read more

25-Oct-12 VH-CDU Guimbal Cabri G2 Bankstown, Australia


Hard landing on training flight.  Badly damaged... Read more

25-Oct-12 PR-MPL Robinson R44 Sento Sé, Brazil


Pilot named as Múcio Pereira Júnior, 31.  Passengers were Rafael Cavalcanti and Alan Magalhães Souza, both 29.  Level of damage not apparent from reports, which confirm it crashed in a forested area... Read more

25-Oct-12 Sikorsky MH-60T Cedar Rapids, US-Iowa


Helicopter grounded at Rockwell Collins facility after reported wiring issue that caused hydraulic problems.... Read more

26-Oct-12 N7530F Robinson R44 Chelatchie, US-Washington


Substantially damaged during tree harvesting operation... Read more

27-Oct-12 N2627M Robinson R22M Lake Havasu, US-Arizona


Pilot put R22 Mariner down into Lake Havasu after experiencingd unspecified mechanical problems.  Mohave County Sheriff’s reported the pilot as Michael Christiansen, and his passenger as Michael Rabo.  It is unclear from press reports how this helicopter sank, given it has fixed floats... Read more

28-Oct-12 N216AB Robinson R22 Hanpepe, US-Hawaii


Rolled over on landing... Read more

29-Oct-12 N905HA Bell 407 Bakersfield, US-California


Blade delamination caused unusual vibration levels which prompted crew to investigate and then change aircraft before they took off... Read more

31-Oct-12 PT-HNE Eurocopter AS350B3 Sorocaba, Brazil


Heavy landing and ended up colliding with firefighting equipment that was in the area. The helicopter sustained serious damage to its tail rotor, to the right hand side baggage compartment, and to both landing skids.... Read more

31-Oct-12 ZS-HDI Eurocopter AS350B3 Francistown, Botswana


Loss of control during takeoff after refuelling and ended up on its starboard side.  Badly damaged... Read more

31-Oct-12 JA35BB Eurocopter AS350B3 Yakushima, Japan


During take off phase, near miss with landing Japan Air Commuter Dash-8 JA849C... Read more

31-Oct-12 VH-HOA Robinson R22 Innamincka, Australia


During mustering, the helicopter collided with water and submerged.... Read more

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