Accidents: November 2012

01-Nov-12 N231TM Robinson R22 Alexander City, US-Alabama


Two injured in light helicopter accident... Read more

01-Nov-12 Huey II Sandoná, Colombia


Failed to gain height, and control very erratic on take-off from sports field.  Put down safely, but not before damaging buildings with its downwash.  Government minister on board... Read more

02-Nov-12 I-HEFH Robinson R22 Bresso, Italy


Training accident, ending up on its port side... Read more

03-Nov-12 F-RAUU Eurocopter AS555AN Toussus-le-Noble, France


Loss of control in the hover during post-maintenance test flight, and hit hangar.  3 injured, aircraft total loss.... Read more

03-Nov-12 Bell 206L Bienville, US-Louisiana


Emergency landing after bird strike – EMS unit “Pafford AirOne” with patient on board.  We believe they operate either/both of LongRanger 4 N1813 (52335) and LongRanger 3 N3180L (51055)... Read more

03-Nov-12 N368PD Hughes OH-6A Altlanta, US-Georgia (2F)


Police helicopter crashed on night search operation, killing both officers on board – later named as Richard J. Halford and Shawn A. Smiley.  Later report stated it hit a powerline pole and part of the cable was wrapped around the skids. Post crash fire.... Read more

04-Nov-12 Eurocopter Tiger Cultana, Australia


A third “fumes in the cockpit” situation, repeating incidents from May and June... Read more

05-Nov-12 N905HA Bell 407 Bakersfield, US-California


“Hall Medevac 1” made emergency landing after bird strike while en route to pick up patient... Read more

06-Nov-12 N131AA Robinson R44 Bryan, US-Texas


Rolled over on take off... Read more

06-Nov-12 Port Macquarie, Australia


A water-bombing helicopter has mistakenly sprayed partially treated sewage onto firefighters battling a blaze on the NSW mid-north coast.... Read more

06-Nov-12 Bell 206L Chincolco, Chile


Helicopter crashed during agricultural work.  Pilot reported as Hernán Cabrera, age 47.  Distant photo shows helicopter landed upright in the crop, although tail does not look quite right!  Chilean sources are quoting the accident as a UH-1H, but we do not agree – see the two stabilizer end-plates, definitely a LongRanger!... Read more

07-Nov-12 S-142 Westland Lynx off Somalia


Helicopter suffered engine failure and made a controlled emergency landing on Royal Danish Navy ship Iver Huitfeldt – pennant number F361.  Both engines have been replaced... Read more

07-Nov-12 N901CF Eurocopter AS350B3 Spanish Springs, US-Nevada


Emergency landing in field.  No damage... Read more

08-Nov-12 Robinson R22 Central Otago, New Zealand (1F)


Experienced pilot killed in “perfect weather conditions” after reportedly “falling out of the sky”.  Police stated that the pilot was Julian Dean Kramer (52), also known as Julianne Kramer – chief flying instructor at Wakatipu Aero Club.  Helicopter may be ZK-HCG (1499)... Read more

10-Nov-12 Sikorsky S70 Bilgili, Turkey (17F)


Controlled flight into terrain in poor visibility.  All 17 aboard killed... Read more

11-Nov-11 Carlsbad, US-California


Out of control fixed wing veered off runway and struck parked/unattended helicopter... Read more

14-Nov-12 Guelmim, Morocco (9F)


Nine people were killed and two seriously injured in a military helicopter crash in the Guelmim area of southwest Morocco late on Wednesday.  Eight of the passengers were pronounced dead on the spot and another succumbed to injuries in hospital.  One source names operator as Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie... Read more

14-Nov-12 Bell 214B Khorassan Razavi, Iran (10F)


Struck wires in poor visibility and crashed after rescuing five from a minibus road crash.  A further five crew on board were killed.  Extensive photo cover in news agency photo albums here , here and here... Read more

15-Nov-12 N7160V Bell 407 Riverton, US-Wyoming


Force landing after striking power lines.  Wire strike system successfully cut cables and helicopter landed safely.  This report suggests that the helicopter was flying at 80-100 ft altitude, and thus the crew “were acting outside the scope of their employment and in violation of Federal Aviation Regulations, company operational specifications and policies.”... Read more

15-Nov-12 N2356T Robinson R22B Portland, US-Oregon


Emergency landing on sports field.  No damage.  Out by road to maintenance facility... Read more

15-Nov-12 N369AW Hughes 500D Corning, US-New York (2F)


Helicopter on low level patrol, hit wires and crashed.  Fatalities were pilot Mackenzie Bleth from Haverfield Aviation and Dale Crout – an employee of New York State Electric and Gas.  Post crash fire, and we note from this story that the tail was some distance from the helicopter and not affected by the fire.... Read more

16-Nov-12 Mil Mi-17 Al-Ghota Al-Sharqeya, Syria (5F)


Syrian rebels claim to have shot down a Mi-17 helicopter... Read more

17-Nov-12 RA-22343 Mil Mi-8 Sedelnikovo, Russia


Turned over onto its side when landing.  Beyond that, reports differ – in particular the company press release and the initial investigation reports and local press.  Some say conditions were gusty, others say low visibility – one report has photo of wreckage with snow falling.  Some say  17 passengers and 3 crew – of which... Read more

17-Nov-12 N96BM Bell OH-58A Altadena, US-California


Low level collision between one helicopter landing and the other taking off from the adjacent pad.  N98BM ended up on its skids, main blades missing and damage to front cabin area after apparently being hit by main blades of N911FA.  Six to hospital, two in each helicopter plus two on the ground.  On Monday 19th,... Read more

17-Nov-12 N911FA Bell OH-58A Altadena, US-California


Low level collision between one helicopter landing and the other taking off from the adjacent pad.  N911FA ended up on its skids, main blades missing and damage to rear cabin area after apparently being hit by main blades of N98BM.  Boom of N911FA still attached (just) but fallen to ground at tail.  Six to hospital,... Read more

17-Nov-12 Mil Mi-2 Ivanovo, Russia (2F)


2 killed when helicopter crashed into forest... Read more

19-Nov-12 N207MY Bell B206L4 Austin, US-Texas


Struck a parked aircraft... Read more

19-Nov-12 C-GSQG Mosquito XE Lac Britannique, Canada


Single-seat helicopter crashed into lake and sank after pilot apparently misjudged his altitude due to the glassy surface on approach to a landing site on the edge of the lake.  Pilot rescued by his brother who was watching the approach and kayaked out to reach him.   Aircraft sank.  CADAORS 2012Q2643... Read more

19-Nov-12 JA9965 Eurocopter AS332L1 Kita-Hira, Japan


Ground cargo-handling personnel injured during lifting operation... Read more

19-Nov-12 N222RX Bell 222U Santa Maria, US-California


Post flight inspection revealed damage following bird strike... Read more

20-Nov-12 I-MIAE Eurocopter AS350BA Trichiana, Italy (2F)


Helicopter was involved in low-level aerial work to drop rabies vaccines for foxes as part of a Health Authority program.  AS350BA crashed into field close to houses after hitting high voltage cables, killing both occupants – pilot Silvio Botto Steglia, 37, and Felice Faivano, 35.  Two houses damaged (see photo essay).  Some local reports cite... Read more

21-Nov-12 PR-UTJ Robinson R22 Serra da Grota Funda, Brazil (2F)


Crashed in a wooded area on training flight.  Instructor Silvestre Travassos Neto, 34, and student Felipe Barreto, 18, died at the scene... Read more

22-Nov-12 Mil Mi-8 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia


Emergency landing after helicopter damaged in bird strike... Read more

22-Nov-12 PP-MEJ Robinson R22 Marica, Brazil


Turned over during attempted landing.  Landed on port side with tail boom separated... Read more

22-Nov-12 ZU-RFB Eurocopter SE3160 Kwazulu Natal, South Africa


Engine failure.  Rolled over on landing... Read more

22-Nov-12 Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King Halifax, Canada


Emergency landing after hydraulic failure.  5 POB, no injuries... Read more

22-Nov-12 C6-APV Eurocopter AS355F1 Great Guana Cay, Bahamas (1F)


1 killed (named here as Lance Valdez) and 4 injured including billionaire Jeffery Soffer, Dan and Paula Riordan and an unnamed pilot... Read more

23-Nov-12 N3984A Eurocopter AS350B3 Scottsdale, US-Arizona


Tail boom damaged in off airport landing... Read more

22-Nov-12 ARC-218 Eurocopter BK117A3 El Piñón, Colombia


Approx date.  Autorotation landing to uneven ground in open field.  Helicopter ended up tail low on its skids, and witness reported blade damage. 3 POB not injured... Read more

24-Nov-12 UP-M1829 Mil Mi-8 Dostyk, Kazakhstan


Euro-Asia Airlines Mi-8 reported missing and not found five days later.  The helicopter took off on November 24 at 08.30 to fly over the Ushara-Dostyk section of the Atasu – Alashankow oil pipeline – but did not land at Dostyk at 12.30 as expected – and crashed nr Dostyk.  The helicopter had significant damages with... Read more

25-Nov-12 N4204A Robinson R44 Corona, US-California (1F)


Helicopter exploded after striking fuel bay canopy.  Sole occupant pilot was killed.  Occurred at 11.08pm local time.  The casualty was later named as owner James Belcher... Read more

27-Nov-12 N163PJ Hughes 500D Sheridan, US-Oregon


Crashed into a truck during a Christmas tree lifting operation, injuring the pilot.  The helicopter was left without blades and tail boom, and heavily damaged in the cabin area.... Read more

27-Nov-12 Mil Mi-17 Aleppo, Syria


Syrian AF Mi-17 was hit by surface to air missile, continued flying but crashed minutes later.  Two YouTube clips show situation – see this one first, then this one.  Casualties unknown... Read more

27-Nov-12 Eurocopter AS532 Liberator, Venezuela


Accident occurred when helicopter  went to rescue the crew of a Chinese K8 trainer jet which crashed during an air show.  One report suggests a parachute became tangled in the tail rotor... Read more

27-Nov-12 N28MP Hughes 500D Childress, US-Texas (1F)


Helicopter lost power while working at low level on powerlines for  Cross Texas Transmission. Jonathan David Suhr, 23, was suspended 50 ft below the helicopter as part of this work and was certified dead a short time later.... Read more

28-Nov-12 N911FK Sikorsky S76A Tavernier, US-Florida


Tail rotor damage after striking tree.  EMS aircraft, accident time 0130 local.... Read more

28-Nov-12 Balikpapan Bay, Indonesia (1F)


Flying very low and struck passenger in speedboat, killing him... Read more

30-Nov-12 Enstrom 480B Pondok Cabe, Indonesia


Crashed on a training flight at Pondok Cabe airfield, injuring both occupants.  “Pamulang police chief Comr. Nasir said that pilot Insp. M Ibnu and copilot First Brig. Togu were about three meters off the ground and about to land when the helicopter suddenly fell into a nosedive.”... Read more

30-Nov-12 N2626N Robinson R22 Apollo Beach, US-Florida (1F)


Crashed into water, killing sole occupant pilot John “Larry” Ward.  Witness reported rotor blade separation... Read more

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