Accidents: December 2012

01-Dec-12 N3755Z Bell 47G2 Walkerville, US-Michigan (1F)


Crash into forest area killed pilot Thomas Slocum, 49, and injured passenger Matt Williams, 28... Read more

05-Dec-12 LN-OMY Eurocopter AS350BA Germany/Sweden


Heli Trans  AS350 took off from Lübeck in Germany, destination Halmstad in Sweden, but did not arrived at the expected time.  2 POB – Heli Trans pilot and a passenger who was not one of their employees.... Read more

05-Dec-12 AF746 Harbin Z-9 Shiwangandu, Zambia


Government VIP helicopter – report says it spiralled towards the ground and crashed, injuring one on the ground.... Read more

05-Dec-12 C-FRSO Robinson R44 Slave Lake, Canada (1F)


Emergency beacon activated, helicopter in forested area – sole occupant pilot Glen Freeland died in the accident. Three rescuers had to be dropped by helicopter to cut out a landing pad. CADAORS 2012C5203... Read more

07-Dec-12 N557AC Robinson R44 Roosevelt Lake, US-Arizona


The aircraft was on a two-hour sightseeing tour when it went down in 60 feet of water only 25 minutes after taking off from Scottsdale Airpark. The pilot is identified as 62-year-old Fred Cleeves, owner of Skyblue Helicopters. The passengers were George Riedel, 64, and Julie Barba, 49.... Read more

07-Dec-12 N818CE Hughes 500D Valencia, US-California


Substantial damage after unsecured item from cabin struck aircraft... Read more

07-Dec-12 N574H Enstrom F28C Abilene, US-Texas


Engine failure on training flight.  Emergency landing made with some damage to tail rotor.  Pilot was instructor Robert Welch, 50 and student was aircraft owner Neil Overton, 41... Read more

09-Dec-12 Robinson R44 Ploski, Russia


R44 with 3 POB missing.  Did not arrive at intended destination in the Dmitrov District after taking off on 40 mile flight... Read more

09-Dec-12 VH-WOH Robinson R44 Mudgee, Australia (1F)


Crashed during crop spraying operations.  Sole occupant pilot killed.... Read more

10-Dec-12 RF-23148 Mil Mi-8 Lake Ritsa, Russia


Heavy emergency landing, seven injured – of which two serious.... Read more

10-Dec-12 G-PERA AgustaWestland AW139 Southern North Sea, UK


12 December: Bond Offshore Helicopters can confirm that one of its aircraft developed a technical problem whilst on an offshore platform. Engineers were dispatched and examined the aircraft. Once the relevant part has been delivered and fitted, the aircraft will be returned to normal service.  update 14th December – G-PERA returned to Norwich Airport yesterday... Read more

10-Dec-12 N911BK Eurocopter BK117B3 Rochelle, US-Illinois (3F)


Three killed in an EMS helicopter accident – en route from Rockford base to Mendota to pick up a patient.  Weather reported as a factor.  Pilot later named as Andy Olesen, and the two flight nurses were Jim Dillow and Karen Hollis... Read more

11-Dec-12 Westland Sea King Mk.43B Lakselv, Norway


Hard landing in remote location on training flight – port side undercarriage collapsed and fuselage resting on the ground.  Crew of 6 rescued by another helicopter – local temperature was -10C.  Helicopter recovered by Mi-26 from Russia two weeks later (photo)... Read more

11-Dec-12 N4073Q Robinson R22 Rawlins, US-Wyoming


Low level photography flight... Read more

11-Dec-12 PT-YSW Eurocopter AS350BA Goiania, Brazil


Flight aimed at demonstrating a landing with hydraulic failure.  With the hydraulic control was disconnected, the pilot made the approach to the runway, and attempted to make a vertical landing (zero speed with the helicopter hovering). With the aircraft hovering, the pilot lost control of the helicopter, and the tail boom hit the ground. The... Read more

12-Dec-12 Sikorsky MH-60R North Island NAS, US-California


Heavy landing, all 4 POB hospitalized, post crash fire, live ammunition on board... Read more

15-Dec-12 C-GYPH Eurocopter AS350B3 Beluga, US-Alaska


Collision with trees during load lift operation.  Pilot injured.  CADAORS ref 2012P2046... Read more

15-Dec-12 N393LE Robinson R22 Logan-Cache Airport, US-Utah


Tipped over onto its side on landing.  Training flight... Read more

15-Dec-12 FAC-4130 Sikorsky UH-60L Providencia, Colombia


Emergency landing into trees.  Three injuries reported... Read more

15-Dec-12 07 AgustaWestland AW109E Okoroba, Nigeria (6F)


Six killed including  the Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa and former National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Owoeye Azazi. Aircraft was involved in shuttle operations transporting people to/from the funeral of the father of Oronto Douglas, one of the President’s aides.  Airframe total time 1704 hours according to this report... Read more

16-Dec-12 N145FH Eurocopter EC145 Kissimmee, US-Florida


Bird strike – windshield broken... Read more

16-Dec-12 PR-IJU Robinson R22 Guarapiranga Dam, Brazil


Training accident, both occupants injured.  Aircraft written off... Read more

16-Dec-12 Sikorsky UH-60 Winner, US-South Dakota


Main rotor blade struck an airport hangar while taxing.... Read more

17-Dec-12 VT-APC AgustaWestland AW139 Hyderabad, India


Destroyed in hangar fire – which also affected five trainer aircraft operated by Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy.  The helicopter had a total of 970 hours on the airframe according to this report.... Read more

18-Dec-12 N804MP Eurocopter AS350B3 Miami, US-Florida


Bird strike – turkey vulture broke windshield and injured pilot – the only person on board.  Safe landing in a parking lot... Read more

20-Dec-12 N828X Rotorway Exec Crossville, US-Tennessee


Pilot Douglas Barnett told investigators he was practicing take off and landings when the helicopter became uncontrollable.  He said the governor on the engine became stuck while hovering at 12 feet, and he lost control – helicopter rolled over on landing... Read more

20-Dec-12 HB-RXC Bell UH-1H Rüthi, Switzerland


Pilot decided for an emergency landing.  Heavy landing, bounced up into the air and back down on its side. Main rotor mast incl. gear box were separated from fuselage and found 10m from wreckage.  All 4 POB safe, left wreckage by themselves and to hospital.  One minor hand injury.... Read more

21-Dec-12 N4010B Robinson R22 Auburn, US-Washington


Substantial damage on landing... Read more

21-Dec-12 RA-27003 Mil MI-8AMT Likuangole, Sudan (4F)


Shot down – four Russian nationals on board all died – named later in a UN statement as Pilot in Command Ilin Sergei, Co-Pilot Abrakov Alfir, Flight Engineer Egorov Sergei and Flight Attendant Shpanov Nikolai... Read more

22-Dec-12 2807 Bell 407 UAE


Reported write-off... Read more

23-Dec-12 N27AT Robinson R22 Corcoran, US-Minnesota


Crashed on landing – the 68-year old owner of the helicopter Trygve Nils Svard was landing at his son’s house.  Helicopter started to spin and it was put down hurriedly, remaining upright but catching fire.  Photos show a trailer well within the rotor disc area at its final resting spot.  Pilot suffered minor burns only.... Read more

24-Dec-12 N489AE Bell 407 McAllen, US-Texas


While in the hover, boom struck blade(s) of parked helicopter during a pedal turn... Read more

24-Dec-12 McAllen, US-Texas (2 of 2)


Unidentified parked helicopter damaged by N489AE accident... Read more

25-Dec-12 Mil Mi-8MT Oleksandriia, Ukraine (5F)


Crashed shortly after take-off, killing all five on board.  Three were the helicopter crew, two were ground handlers from the airport... Read more

26-Dec-12 Mil Mi-8 Mazzeh, Syria


The Free Syrian Army claims to have shot down a helicopter over Mazzeh Mlitary Airport as it was shelling a residential area... Read more

28-Dec-12 N407KS Bell 407 Renton, US-Washington


“Guardian One” Helicopter fell off side of ground handling trolley during run up, causing tail to contact the ground... Read more

29-Dec-12 D-HAIE Eurocopter AS350B Rehagen, Germany


Helicopter fell onto its side after pilot aborted take-off... Read more

29-Dec-12 PP-BRJ Eurocopter AS350B2 Copacabana, Brazil


Crashed into the sea while trying to rescue a swimmer – helicopter had approached to a low hover and then appears to suddenly lose height into the water (see YouTube video)... Read more

29-Dec-12 N534MT Bell 407 Big Lake, US-Texas


Emergency landing, Tail boom sliced, damage to main blades.  Helicopter remained upright.  No Fire.  Patient on board... Read more

30-Dec-12 VT-PHH Bell 407 Vaishno Devi, India


Damaged in emergency landing near Vaishno Devi shrine – remaining mostly undamaged and relatively upright into the trees/shrubs into which it fell.  Minor injuries to 7 POB, named as pilot A S Parmar and passengers Anita Puri, Meenakshi, Arun Kumar, Arti Devi, Raj Rani and Chetan Kumar.  Sources vary, but most report a technical issue... Read more

31-Dec-12 N465AE Bell 206L4 Nashville, US-Tennessee


Emergency field landing.  Cause not yet advised, as press report of “blown off course” seems so improbable... Read more

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