Accidents: March 2012

01-Mar-12 CC-CSU Eurocopter AS350B3 San Felix, Chile


Contacted cables, but landed normally with all three main rotor blades damaged.  Pilot listed as Francisco Esquivel Sierra... Read more

01-Mar-12 N197LE Bell AH-1F Coolidge, US-Arizona


the helicopter was taking part in the filming of an episode of “Top Gear-Korea” when it crashed.  Initial reports indicate the crash was caused by a mechanical malfunction at a low altitude.  2 POB were reported safe soon after the accident.  A video was posted on from inside the cockpit of the whole sequence... Read more

01-Mar-12 N38FA Bell OH-58A Eufaula, US-Alabama


Hard landing on training flight... Read more

02-Mar-12 Bell 206L Baldwyn, US-Mississippi


precautionary landing after a transmission light came on... Read more

02-Mar-12 N101MZ Eurocopter AS355F1 Oahu, US-Hawaii


Force landed in a field... Read more

02-Mar-12 Scripps Ranch, US-California


“Approximately five pieces of wood cribbing came loose from a helicopter load and fell to the ground in an unoccupied open space along the Sunrise Powerlink about four miles south of Interstate 8 and four miles east of Loveland Reservoir,” the company said. “No one was injured.”... Read more

03-Mar-12 N20LA Robinson R44 Baranquitas, Puerto Rico


Tail sustained damage on take-off... Read more

05-Mar-12 N1099N Hughes 300C Staples, US-Texas


landed in a field with the tail boom chopped in half.  Remained upright on skids and two occupants not injured... Read more

06-Mar-12 N83AP Bell 206B Titusville, US-Florida


JetRanger working with Bristow Academy crashed and turned over.  Main rotors ripped off, tail boom damage but skids appear to in one piece?  No injuries... Read more

07-Mar-12 N54BA Robinson R22 Randle, US-Washington


“impacted the side of a hill”... Read more

08-Mar-12 Tamworth, Australia


Agricultural operations – helicopter hit powerlines... Read more

11-Mar-12 Newcastle, UK


Bottle thrown at rotor blades of helicopter, incurring damage.  Man arrested... Read more

11-Mar-12 Bell UH-1H Kitcharao, Philippines


Helicopter was hovering near the ground when it suddenly crashed.... Read more

12-Mar-12 N104LP Bell 206L3 US-Gulf of Mexico


Rolled over on offshore platform... Read more

12-Mar-12 F-BXXL Agusta-Bell 47G2 Lorrain, Martinique (1F)


Struck powerlines during agricultural operations, crashed and burnt out killing the pilot – Luke Chassery... Read more

13-Mar-12 N105KM CHR Safari Falling Water, US-Tennessee


NTSB report states that after an engine surge, the pilot performed an autorotation onto the trees below. The helicopter landed on top of a tree, which lower the helicopter gently as it bent over toward the creek below. As the helicopter reached the water, it rolled on to its side. Fuel from the fuel tanks... Read more

13-Mar-12 Kamov Ka52 Torzhok, Russia (2K)


Crashed on training flight... Read more

14-Mar-12 C-GONT Eurocopter EC130 Geraldton, Canada


conducting low-level wildlife management work when the helicopter was damaged and collided with the ground. The pilot and two crew members received minor injuries and were airlifted to safety by another MNR helicopter. CADAORS ref 2012O0625... Read more

14-Mar-12 D-HALS Bell 212 Iquela, Gabon (2F)


Crashed while taking part in oil exploration/ seismic operations on behalf of the Perenco Oil... Read more

14-Mar-12 5N-POL Bell 427 Rukuba, Nigeria (12K)


While on “routine aerial patrol” the helicopter crashed into a residential area.  Reports vary as to number of fatalities, but general consensus is 7 in the helicopter and 5 on the ground.  Nigerian Police press release names four in the helicopter –  DIG Haruna John the DIG In-charge of Operations, ACP Garba Yalwa – Pilot,... Read more

15-Mar-12 N290SH Robinson R22 Palo Alto, US-California


Engine trouble on approach.  Pilot was only occupant, and was not injured.  After the landing, the helicopter was on its side in about a marshy area near the side of a lake (see photos in third link below)... Read more

16-Mar-12 F-GBEG Bell 47G Basse-Pointe, Martinique


Helicopter on agricultural operations crashed in a banana field.  Pilot got out OK and then helicopter caught fire and burnt out.... Read more

16-Mar-12 10981 Sikorsky UH-60 Kabul, Afghanistan (16K)


Turkish military MI-17 crashed in a suburb of Kabul killing 16 – reports suggest 12 in the helicopter, 4 on the ground (two women, two children).  The names of the soldiers  are as follows: Maj. Mithat Çolak, Maj. Şükrü BaÄŸdatlı, Maj. Serkan DoÄŸan, Maj. Ä°smail Cem Yakınlar, Cpt. Adil ErdoÄŸan, Commanding Sgt. Maj. Salih Helvacı,... Read more

17-Mar-12 PK-ODA Eurocopter AS350B2 Tembagapura, Indonesia (3K)


42-year-old Shri Rama Krishnan, was flying the Squirrel with two passengers on board on a routine food supply trip when the helicopter went missing, after turning back on encountering bad weather.  The helicopter was on charter to the Indonesian arm of US mining company Freeport-McMoRan.... Read more

20-Mar-12 AgustaWestland AW101 Colchester, UK


The downdraft of a Merlin helicopter on a training exercise at Colchester General Hospital damaged support poles holding up a covered walkway linking Gainsborough Ward with the main hospital building so badly it had to be taken down.  Cars in the car park – including a police vehicle – suffered broken windscreens.... Read more

20-Mar-12 Eurocopter SE313 El Cuervo, Spain (3F)


Helicopter crashed with significant vertical descent rate.  see photo here and here.... Read more

21-Mar-12 HB-ZKK Eurocopter AS350B3 Claridenfirn, Switzerland


Helicopter landing on snow ended up on its starboard side.  2 of 6 POB had minor injuries... Read more

22-Mar-12 Mil Mi-2 Sheksna, Russia


Two people hijacked the helicopter, forced the pilot to fly to a prison at gunpoint, and then hovered as a rope ladder was dropped town for prisoner Alexei Shestakov to escape.  Prison guards shot at the helicopter in an attempt to force it to land.  The aircraft was later found abandoned on the edge of... Read more

22-Mar-12 RA-01931 Bell 407 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (1F)


Helicopter struck wires and crashed into the icy waters of the River Volga, killing the pilot.  The helicopter was inverted and half under the ice with the pilot (named as Igor Sevbo) trapped inside.  Helicopter lifted out by Mil Mi-8 airlift... Read more

23-Mar-12 N31PB Bell 407 Delray Beach, US-Florida


Emergency landing in wooded area.  Helicopter ended up on its skids with its nose against a wall,  narrowly missing a convenience store.  Pilot and copilot both both injured... Read more

23-Mar-12 C-GYNN AgustaWestland AW139 Toronto, Canada


Window blew out in flight, apparently causing door to open.  Safe precautionary landing made in local park, not long after take off from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on EMS flight... Read more

24-Mar-12 9N-AKA Eurocopter AS350B2 Dhorpatan, Nepal


Tail rotor suffered minor damage after it stuck the ground while attempting to take off... Read more

24-Mar-12 G-BXRR Westland Scout Northampton, UK


Pilot flared on final approach to hotel landing site but helicopter did not slow down as quickly as he expected so he increased the flare attitude, causing the tail to strike the ground. The helicopter started to yaw to the right, pilot lowered the collective, resulting in a heavy landing. The pilot and his passengers... Read more

25-Mar-12 G-EMOL Schweizer 300CBi Bournemouth, UK


Date is estimate – helicopter was seen being loaded onto a road trailer 26-Mar-12 at Bournemouth Airport being taken for repair.  Operator name and registration had been covered over with black bin liners.  Training accident, further details awaited – but noting that the helicopter does not look badly damaged from a photo we have seen.... Read more

25-Mar-12 Robinson R22 Sinalunga, Italy (2F)


R22 crashed from a low level sharp turn shortly close in a ploughed field approx 200m from the pilot’s house, killing both occupants.  The sequence was watched by the pilot’s son from the house, who immediately called the emergency services. The two were later named as pilot  Marcello Bartalucci age 62 and Giampaulo Marri, age... Read more

25-Mar-12 PH-WQW Robinson R44 Zwolle, Netherlands


Helicopter ditched in lake adjacent to de Koperen Hoogte hotel.  Three occupants – two adults and a child aged 5 – swam to safety.  Press repots include a series of photos prior/during/after impact, but unclear what caused the helicopter to get into the flying state causing the ditching.... Read more

25-Mar-12 N407UT Bell 407 Rockwood, US-Tennessee


Precautionary landing... Read more

25-Mar-12 D-HENN Eurocopter AS350SD2 Gelsdorf, Germany


Shortly after take off with five passengers on a pleasure flight at the Frühlingsfest event, the helicopter descended suddenly and suffered a heavy run-on landing which caused the skids to completely deform -then  sliding onwards through two security fences before coming to rest in a 40 degree nose down angle on the bank of a... Read more

26-Mar-12 Sikorsky S70C Orchid Island, Taiwan (5F)


Black Hawk with 6 POB – one rescued, five missing presumed perished... Read more

27-Mar-12 Bell OH-58 McComb, US-Mississippi


Pilot smelt burning and made emergency field landing close to road intersection.  Helicopter burned out on the ground.  Although fitted with spray bars, operator Custom Air said no chemical was on board.  Custom Air have three OH-58s registered to them – N128NS (70-15128), N354NS (71-20354), N452MC (69-16110)... Read more

28-Mar-12 N124AM Bell 407 Odenville, US-Alabama


While en route to a medical emergency at Steele, LifeSaver 1 from Birmingham was struck by a goose and landed in the parking lot at Margaret Elementary School. ** NOTE ** Registration is assumed from operator website.  The FAA repors code “LSV1” which refers to “LifeSaver 1” and recent photos on the LifeSaver 1 facebook... Read more

28-Mar-12 Mil Mi-17 Kathmandu, Nepal


Got out of control during an anti-hijacking training session. Two army personnel injured... Read more

28-Mar-12 N5189K MD Helicopters 500E Lawrenceville, US-Georgia


Bird strike on take off, precautionary landing made on taxiway... Read more

28-Mar-12 Eurocopter SA319 Lunundo, Angola (2F)


Helicopter was carrying out filming work.  The accident killed Feliciano Saiminho of Public Television of Angola and Air Force technician Manuel André... Read more

29-Mar-12 2216 Eurocopter AS332B Chaparralito, Venezuela (7F)


Crashed during anti-drug operations... Read more

30-Mar-12 MQ-8B Fire Scout off USS SImpson


MQ-8B Fire Scout operating off USS Simpson (FFG-56) was ditched at sea upon returning from a maritime surveillance mission in support of Africa Partnership Station. The air vehicle was unable to achieve UAS Common Automated Recovery System (UCARS) lock on, a requirement for landing aboard a ship at sea. After multiple approaches and exhaustive troubleshooting... Read more

30-Mar-12 N929JV Eurocopter SA315B Alva, US-Oklahoma


Autorotated into field during external load operations... Read more

30-Mar-12 N868W Hughes 369D McCormick, US-South Carolina


Extensively damaged (photo).  Pilot Dee Haddock landed at a gas station when he noticed some mechanical issues. He took off again to go to the Mccormick County Airport nearby, but never made it, crashing in a field near Mine Street and Highway 28 after flying approx half a mile... Read more

30-Mar-12 C-GLQI Bell 206 Canmore, Canada (1F)


Sightseeing tour with four British tourists crashed on the side of a mountain near Highways 1 and 40 east of Canmore.  Pilot Matthew Goodine died prior to arrival at hospital, with other passengers sustaining minor injuries CADAORS 2012C1381... Read more

31-Mar-12 Boeing CH-47 San Martino, Italy


Emergency landing while firefighting, possibly due to broken hydraulic lines... Read more

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