Accidents: April 2012

01-Apr-12 N911KX Bell 407 Pella, US-Iowa


Cockpit indication led pilot to make emergency landing at night.  Aircraft later checked out and cleared to fly... Read more

01-Apr-12 I-SNEK Robinson R44 Lago Patria, Italy


Pilot Raffaele Morelli di Quarto was not seriously injured in the crash of this R44 from low level, although photos of the R44 show extensive damage... Read more

02-Apr-12 N911FR Bell 412EP Opa Locka, US-Florida


Tail rotor struck ground during hover taxi... Read more

03-Apr-12 Ghallanai, Pakistan


Helicopter crashed while landing at the Civil Colony in Ghallanai.  Major General Nadir Zeb, Brigadier Aftab Ahmed, Brigadier Saeed Khan, Colonel Fazl-e Rabbi and Major Abbas of the paramilitary Frontier Corps all sustained injuries.  Taliban disputed report and said they shot it down.... Read more

03-Apr-12 N3042D Enstrom F280FX Corpus Christi, US-Texas


Heavy landing on final approach, causing skids to flatten and some rotor blade damage.  Minor injury to pilot, passenger refused medical help.  Aircraft was returning to base after transmission line survey for American Electric Power.... Read more

04-Apr-12 N424AE Bell 206L4 Winnsboro, US-Louisiana


Bird strike on take off while pilot was using NVG.  Damage to windscreen and vertical fin... Read more

05-Apr-12 Dera Allahyar, Pakistan


Helicopter carrying Interior Minister Rehman Malik and others had developed a technical fault and it had to make an emergency landing in Dera Allahyar.... Read more

05-Apr-12 N104MH Robinson R22 Isabel, US-South Dakota


Unspecified crash, pilot airlifted to hospital.  Registration/type assumed as pilot was quoted in the press report as “Duane Jake Kraft” and N104MH is owned by Duane J Kraft at a local address... Read more

05-Apr-12 HAL Dhruv Ranchi, India


Maoist rebels shot at helicopter (which was on an EMS flight evacuating two injuried people).  Bullet holes confirmed on landing... Read more

06-Apr-12 MQ-8B northern Afghanistan


MQ-8B operating in northern Afghanistan crashed while conducting a routine surveillance mission in support of Regional Command North.... Read more

06-Apr-12 PR-LDL Robinson R44 Feira de Santana, Brazil


Precautionary field landing, reasons not stated.  no damage apparent from press photo... Read more

06-Apr-12 RA-01980 AgustaWestland AW119Ke Lake Yanisyarvi, Russia


Crashed on frozen lake, injuring all four occupants – including the CEO of Bank St Petersburg Alexander Saveliev and his companion Olga Lazareva.  Pilot elected to make emergency landing on encountering a sudden blizzard but the landing was too hard and the helicopter broke up on impact.  see also statement on Bank St Petersburg website... Read more

06-Apr-11 N244AM Eurocopter EC135P2+ St Augustine, US-Florida


Ingested plastic carrier bag on final approach to land on road to pick up accident victim.  Aircraft went U/S and patient continued by road.  Mechanic called to clear aircraft for flight.... Read more

06-Apr-12 RA-01899 Bell 407 Blagodatnoye, Russia (1F)


Emergency landing in fog, killing sole occupant pilot Valeri Maiorov... Read more

06-Apr-12 OO-DTZ Robinson R22B2 Huy, Belgium (2F)


Hit cable car wires during low level photographic work.  Both pilot Jean-Yves Dantinne and photographer Lawrence Matagne lost their lives... Read more

06-Apr-12 F-GFZC Eurocopter AS350BA Tenere desert, Niger (6F)


Four Chinese employees from state oil firm CNPC and two French crew members were killed in a helicopter crash in Niger’s Tenere desert.  Helicopter went missing 6th April and was not found until 9th April... Read more

07-Apr-12 Boeing CH-47D Yuma, US-Arizona


Royal Air Force Chinook suffered unspecificed “mishap” during training exercise.  It is known that Chinooks ZA671, ZA711 and ZA712 (and maybe a fourth?) are all currently based in Yuma on training work, so subject aircraft will be one of these.... Read more

08-Apr-12 N55NZ Robinson R44 Henderson, US-Nevada


Tipped over on landing... Read more

09-Apr-12 N1813 Bell 206L4 Bossier City, US-Louisiana


Emergency landing at Barksdale AFB after suspected bird strike.  Registration assumed as news received by HeliHub showed operator name as “Pafford EMS helicopter” and this LongRanger flies as “Pafford Air One“... Read more

10-Apr-12 N20NM Agusta A109C Mankato, US-Minnesota


Rotor blade struck light on landing... Read more

10-Apr-12 PNP-125 Robinson R44 Callao, Peru


Extensively damaged in force landing on roof of house.  On board were Mayor  Óscar Aronez Canova, Captain José Iván Tarrillo Díaz and officer Lucio Quispe Santillana, all of the Peruvian National Police... Read more

11-Apr-12 Bell-Boeing V-22 Amarillo, US-Texas


Precautionary field landing on test flight out of Amarillo... Read more

11-Apr-12 Eurocopter MH-65C Salinas, US-California


Emergency landing after crew began to smell smoke in the cockpit and reported that the engine was acting unusual.  MH-65C assumed on the basis that the CGAS San Francisco website states they currently operate four of these (and no other types)... Read more

11-Apr-12 N135WJ Eurocopter EC135P2 Palm City, US-Florida


Emergency landing while en route to an accident scene – smoke in the cockpit.  Registration assumed as this is the only helicopter operated by Martin County on this work and our report stated “Martin County LifeStar”... Read more

11-Apr-12 Bell-Boeing MV-22 southern Morocco (2F)


Two killed and two seriously injured in Osprey accident in southern Morocco during exercise “African Lion”.  V-22 assigned to VMM-261 out of MCAS New River.  The fatalities were later named as Cpl. Robby A. Reyes and Cpl. Derek A. Kerns... Read more

12-Apr-12 VT-HAV Schweizer 300C Bangalore, India


Helicopter on training flight made emergency landing on roof of apartment block, ending up on its side. The two occupants of the helicopter were unhurt.  A HAL press release named them as  Air Commodore (Retd) Roj Assey alongwith trainee Capt Digvijay Singh... Read more

12-Apr-12 8335 Mil Mi-8 Murzuq, Libya


Crashed on take-off from Murzuq airport, landing on a rail track.  Possibly due to overloading – reported as 25 POB with two injured to hospital.  On board were members of the reconciliation and civil peace team  including Third Deputy Prime Minister Haramain Mohammed al-Haramain, Minister of Local Government Mohammad Hashemi Harari, one of the chiefs of military... Read more

12-Apr-12 N69HJ Hughes 269A Grinnell, US-Iowa


Substantially damaged due to ground resonance... Read more

12-Apr-12 eastern Afghanistan


An ISAF helicopter made a hard landing in eastern Afghanistan.  ISAF is still in the process of assessing the circumstances to determine more facts; however, initial reporting indicates that there was no enemy activity in the area. All crew members have recovered with no reported fatalities and the site of the incident is secure.... Read more

12-Apr-12 Mil Mi-8 Zhytomyr region, Ukraine


Emergency landing after a technical problem, reportedly in the fuel system.  Helicopter was carrying Ukraine Defense Minister Dmytro Salamatin and several officials... Read more

12-Apr-12 PNP-357 Bell UH-1H Kiteni, Peru (1F)


Peruvian National Police helicopter crashed killing co-pilot Nancy Flores after being shot at by rebels while searching for 43 kidnapped energy company workers. Two others – gunner Luis Guerrero and a civilian acting as a guide, Elver Huaman, were wounded.... Read more

13-Apr-12 VH-ZZT Guimbal Cabri Camden, Australia


During jammed pedal recovery practice, the helicopter collided with the ground and rolled over. One crew member sustained minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

13-Apr-12 N17HX Bell 205A-1 Hot Springs, US-Virginia


Minor damage during external load operations... Read more

14-Apr-12 N509MT Bell 407 Aberdeen, US-South Dakota


Substantially damaged landing on gravel road around 3am local time after experiencing engine trouble on positioning flight after refuelling.  Sole occupant pilot not injured.... Read more

14-Apr-12 N1152W Robinson R22 Farmington, US-Connecticut


R22 piloted by state Rep. Bill Wadsworth crashed in a wood, injuring passenger Irene Van – who is quoted as saying “We were coming over the trees and all of a sudden we went into a crazy spin”... Read more

15-Apr-12 Sikorsky UH-60J Mutsu Bay, Japan (1F)


Crashed into the water after main blades struck the side of destroyer Matsuyuki. 6 rescued, 1 fatal  – named as 37-year-old captain, Lt. Cmdr. Masahiko Miyanaga.... Read more

15-Apr-12 Bell 206L Antigua, Guatemala


Four injured when helicopter crashed into two houses – Juan Carlos Menendez, 40, Andres Turcios, 32, and Octavio Gordillo, 52 and one identified only as Michael.  Aircraft made at least four circuits above Antigua before it went down, the fire department spokesman said – reportedly on aerial filming work... Read more

15-Apr-12 Sehore, India


Emergency landing after door (possibly of cargo compartment, reports differ) opened on take 0ff.   Passengers included Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and home minister Uma Shankar Gupta... Read more

17-Apr-12 N171HH Enstrom F28F Pendleton, US-Oregon


Minor unspecified damage on landing... Read more

17-Apr-12 N56RD Sikorsky S76B Gulf of Mexico


U.S. Coast Guard responded to a downed helicopter about 82 nautical miles off Vermilion Bay in the vicinity of Vermilion Block 336. The Sikorsky S-76 was floating upside down, and the life raft had been deployed.  All 7 POB accounted for... Read more

18-Apr-12 AgustaWestland AW139 Doha, Qatar


Emergency return to airfield after loss of right pedal control.  Reported as a tail rotor pitch change link bearing failure... Read more

18-Apr-12 N191EH Eurocopter AS350B2 Valdez, US-Alaska


Tail rotor separated while landing on glacier... Read more

19-Apr-12 Sikorsky UH-60 Helmand Province, Afghanistan (4F)


A Black Hawk helicopter crashed Thursday in southern Afghanistan, killing all four POB.  Weather was apparently a factor.  Fatalities named as Chief Warrant Officer 2 Nicholas Johnson, 27, San Diego; Spc. Dean Shaffer, 23, Pekin, Ill.; Chief Warrant Officer 2 Don Viray, 25, Waipahu, Hawaii; and Spc. Chris Workman, 33, Boise, Idaho.... Read more

20-Apr-12 Mil Mi-8, Atyrau, Kazakhstan


Landed and fell onto its side during a training flight.  2 of the 6POB injured.... Read more

20-Apr-12 Eromanga, Australia (1F)


Police reported “A man believed to be in his 50’s has died when the single seat experimental helicopter he was operating crashed on a property north of Eromanga”.  Helicopter type may be a Masquito.  Another report noted he was mustering at the time.... Read more

21-Apr-12 N34LB Schweizer 300C Schaumburg, US-Illinois


Tail rotor struck ground handling platform during landing... Read more

21-Apr-12 N121MR Robinson R22A Palmer, US-Alaska


Struck tail rotor on landing... Read more

24-Apr-12 “40” Mil Mi-8 Garovka, Russia


Crash landed on a road during a training flight.  3 POB to hospital but not seriously injured.... Read more

24-Apr-12 Sikorsky UH-60 Isurava, Papua New Guinea


Precautionary landing due to an engine fault... Read more

24-Apr-12 N969W Bell B206B Arvin, US-California


Agricultural ops, crashed in field... Read more

25-Apr-12 Eurocopter AS350 Yangzhou, China


Emergency landing after running out of fuel.  No damage.... Read more

26-Apr-12 N2068X Bell B206B Amarillo, US-Texas


Substantially damaged in heavy landing.  Both occupants to hospital.  Weather report as winds gusting to 30 knots at the time of the accident... Read more

26-Apr-12 164771 Sikorsky MH-53E Virginia Beach, US-Virginia


There were no injuries among the crewmen aboard and the helicopter suffered no damage as a result of the precautionary landing.  8 POB.  C ode 540 from the press photo (link 2) leads us to believe this was Bu164771... Read more

26-Apr-12 ER-KGD Kamov Ka32 Ostrov, Romania (5F)


Crashed shortly after take off, killing all five Ukraine nationals on board.  Helicopter was one of two being ferried from Ukraine to Turkey for firefighting operations there.... Read more

27-Apr-12 Bell 206 South Londonderry Township, US-Pennsylvania


Agricultural accidents.  Starboard skid reportedly hit crop, Pilot got out on his own.  Tail boom severed from fuselage.  Pilot later named in press as 59-year-old Thomas Green of Gettysburg... Read more

28-Apr-12 D-HARV Robinson R44 II Spieckern, Germany


Written off after hitting high-tension cables climbing out from a precautionary off-field landing due to an ill passenger.  Three injured to hospital.... Read more

29-Apr-12 N406EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Hugo, US-Oklahoma


Annual check ride with NVGs in EMS helicopter.  After a satisfactory slope landing, the PIC repositioned the helicopter to a flat area and performed a hovering autorotation, which  resulted  in  a  hard  landing.  After the flight, during a post-flight examination,  substantial  damage  was  discovered  to the tail boom and the aft portion of the fuselage... Read more

29-Apr-12 OE-XMM MD Helicopters MD902 Großvenediger, Austria (1F)


Alpine rescue expert and two others were being lowered on a winch to rescue a trapped climber.  Due to poor visibility, the pilot released the winch at too high an altitude – about 10m AGL.  Franz Franzeskon died instantly in the fall while the two others suffered multiple injuries. No technical issues reported with the... Read more

30-Apr-12 N433UM Bell 430 Tecumseh, US-Michigan


EMS helicopter taking off from accident site – and downwash caused awning to blow over... Read more

30-Apr-12 FAC-4020 Bell 212 Sabanagrande, Colombia (13F)


The helicopter was on a transport mission from Barranquilla to Caucasia when the accident occurred, killing all 13 on board – 7 from the Colombian Air Force and 6 from the Colombian National Police.  Pilot was named as Major Abel Jorge Garcia Cardona, while Lieutenant Hector Vega Alejandro Cuevas was serving as copilot.... Read more

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