Accidents: June 2012

01-Jun-12 C-FBHN Eurocopter AS350B2 Terrace, Canada (3F)


Three killed in mountainous area, all employees of Bailey Helicopters.  Pilot named as Peter Bryant, 45 and passengers Blake Erickson, 48, and Arnaud Jolibois, 44.   CADAORS 2012P0786... Read more

02-Jun-12 N406LH Eurocopter AS355F1 New London, US-Connecticut


Helicopter landed on beach after encountering fog... Read more

02-Jun-12 N2196F Schweizer 300 Broomfield, US-Colorado


Badly damaged in heavy landing... Read more

04-Jun-12 Mil Mi-17 Chiyanki, India


Emergency landing after engine failure.  14 POB... Read more

04-Jun-12 Schweizer S333 San Antonio, US-Texas


San Antonio Police aircraft declared emergency landing during night patrol.... Read more

04-Jun-12 N427AL Bell 427 Indiantown, US-Florida


Hit buzzard in flight, emergency landing ended up with helicopter on its side.  5 POB to hospital as a precautionary measure, but not seriously injured.  Helicopter registered to Southern Aviation Systems, but address points to this being linked to corporate operator Southern Waste Systems... Read more

05-Jun-12 10-08079 Boeing CH-47F Hadley, US-Massachusetts


Precautionary landing on flight out of the Army Support Facility in Windsor Locks, CT.  Pilot had noticed unusual engine noise and seen smoke... Read more

05-Jun-12 MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio


Precautionary landing in public park after warning light illuminated... Read more

06-Jun-12 PR-OMV Eurocopter EC225 Macae, Brazil


Brand new aircraft.  Fell onto side on landing from 50ft on third attempt at landing.  2POB.  Co pilot had bruises only, Pilot not injured... Read more

06-Jun-12 ZJ121 AgustaWestland AW101 Stanwick, UK


Emergency field landing due to loose/missing tail rotor blade tape.  Stayed overnight and cleared for flight next day... Read more

06-Jun-12 Bell OH-58D Qarah Bagh, Afghanistan (2F)


Two International Security Assistance Force service members died following a helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan, military officials reported.  The pair were later named as Capt. Scott P. Pace, 33, of Brawley, California  and Lt. Mathew G. Fazzari, 25, of Walla Walla, Washington.  This report states they took fire from insurgents... Read more

06-Jun-12 OB-1840P Sikorsky S58T Peru (14F)


Crashed in mountainous area, killing all 14 on board.  Took 48 hours approx to find wreckage, partly due to poor weather conditions and overnight temperatures down to -15C.  The helicopter was itself built in 1963 and first delivered to the German Army.  Passenger manifest now released : From South Korea:  Thois Young Hwan, Kin Today... Read more

07-Jun-12 Queens, US-New York


NYPD aircraft – Emergency landing in field.  Awaiting further details... Read more

09-Jun-12 Mosquito Mount Vernon, US-Maryland


Single engined helicopter crashed into the Wicomico River near the Whitehaven Ferry.  Rescued by boat without serious injuries.... Read more

09-Jun-12 OE-XKS Robinson R44 Teisendorf, Germany (4F)


Accident occurred shortly after the pilot told ATC that he would need to make a precautionary landing due to weather conditions.  En route from Augsburg (Germany) to Salzburg (Austria).... Read more

10-Jun-12 N744JS Robinson R44 Santa Teresa, US-New Mexico


Shortly after departure from Doña Ana County Airport at Santa Teresa, New Mexico.  “Officials say strong winds could be to blame.”  3POB... Read more

10-Jun-12 5Y-CDT Eurocopter AS350B3e Ngong Hills, Kenya (6F)


Crashed in woodland killing Kenya’s Security Minister, George Saitoti and his deputy Orwa Ojode, pilots Luke Oyugi, Nancy Gituanja and bodyguards Inspector Joshua Tonkei and Sergeant Thomas Murimis.  Only small size items remain after post-crash fire.  Helicopter had only been delivered earlier this year (see story and local Kenyan story).  See also this YouTube... Read more

10-Jun-12 VH-HOU Robinson R44 Maryvale, Australia


Landed heavily with 4 POB while transporting spectators for the Finke Desert Race.  2 Minor injuries.... Read more

12-Jun-12 VH-HIE Robinson R44 Maryborough, Australia


After takeoff, the helicopter struck a single power line and the helicopter subsequently impacted the ground.... Read more

12-Jun-12 N590AE Eurocopter AS350B3 Grand Junction, US-Colorado


Bird strike at 12,000 ft amsl.  Pilot elected to abort and return to base.  Alternate aircraft sent to carry out patient transfer... Read more

12-Jun-12 N282MC Robinson R44 East Wenatchee, US-Washington (1F)


Clipped a power line while attempting to dry off an East Wenatchee cherry orchard.  Two occupants seriously injured, of which one died in hospital the day after.... Read more

12-Jun-12 N8286Z Eurocopter AS350B2 Decatur, US-Georgia


Emergency landing in public park “after noticing strange fumes”... Read more

13-Jun-12 Boeing CV-22B Navarre, US-Florida


Crashed on training mission out of Hurlburt Field’s Eglin Range, injuring all five occupants... Read more

13-Jun-12 ZK-ISG Robinson R44 Opuawhanga, New Zealand


Helicopter struck power lines during an agricultural spraying operation. The helicopter was damaged but a safe landing was made.... Read more

13-Jun-12 EJC-3381 Mil Mi-17 Carepa, Colombia (1F)


Post maintenance test flight crash, major post-crash fire.  1 fatality named as Edgar Rojas Calderón.  Four survivors named as as Javier Salguero Moreno; José Espinosa Cortés; Jesús Carreño Manrique; and Jhon Agudelo Castaño... Read more

14-Jun-12 G-LNAA MD Helicopters MD902 Coventry, UK


Emergency field landing with patient on board while on transfer flight.  Patient continued to destination courtesy of AgustaWestland AW109 of Warwickshire & Northants Air Ambulance.  MD902 later flown short distance to Coventry Airport where it remained grounded at least the next day.... Read more

14-Jun-12 ZK-ISG Robinson R44 Whangarei, New Zealand


Wire strike while involved in spraying operations at low level.  Landed safely, although cut wire meant that 530 customers were without electricity... Read more

14-Jun-12 C-GNAI Eurocopter AS350B2 Hebron, Canada


While manoeuvring near wildlife at low altitude, the tail rotor struck rocks and a large vibration was noted in the pedals. The pilot landed beside the nearby river without incident and called the company to report. The subsequent maintenance inspection revealed damage to the tail rotor blades, drive shafts, the tail boom and the vertical... Read more

14-Jun-12 N1089N Robinson R22M Oak Island, US-North Carolina


Robinson R22 Mariner operating at low level (it usually flies aerial photography work with boats) crashed into the sea and turned over.  Ambulances transported occupants Will Mistrot and Marie Kojimoto to hospital but their injuries were not considered life-threatening We note that the initial press reports (see below) indicated that Mr Mistrot was the pilot,... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy


Overturned while loading water from a stream during firefighting operations. Aircraft destroyed    ... Read more

15-Jun-12 I-PATI Eurocopter SA315B Illorai, Italy


Crashed on firefighting ops while filling up the water bucket... Read more

14-Jun-12 MD Helicopters 500E Columbus, US-Ohio


Emergency landing in school field after chip light illuminated... Read more

16-Jun-12 N282AH Bell UH-1H Weatherford, US-Texas


Rotor blade separated during run up... Read more

17-Jun-12 N808WH Robinson R44 Scottsdale, US-Arizona


Autorotated into field and the boom broke off... Read more

18-Jun-12 G-ROAD Robinson R44 II Corby, UK


Rotor blade clipped the branch of a tree while hover taxying... Read more

18-Jun-12 VH-LTO Schweizer 300CBi Redcliffe, Australia


During a simulated forced landing, the helicopter landed heavily and rolled onto its side. The helicopter was substantially damaged and one crew received minor injuries.... Read more

19-Jun-12 VH-HEB Eurocopter AS350 Charra, Australia


During the cruise, the pilot and passenger detected fuel fumes in the cockpit and conducted a precautionary landing. After landing, the helicopter caught fire and was destroyed.  Pilot named as Barry Thompson (52) and passenger aged 23... Read more

19-Jun-12 270 Eurocopter EC135P2 Borrisoleigh, Ireland


EMS helicopter down – reported wire strike – 3 POB  – no patient on board.... Read more

21-Jun-12 157135 Sikorsky CH-53D Sarabagh, Afghanistan


Forced landing, and caught fire.  No fatalities... Read more

22-Jun-12 C-FVPP Rotorway 162F Red Deer, Canada


The helicopter began to rotate and the pilot entered auto rotation, however, while avoiding high tension power lines, landed with sideways motion resulting in a roll over. There were no injuries to the pilot or passenger. The helicopter was substantially damaged. The middle/centre Kevlar tail rotor drive belt was found to have split in two. ... Read more

22-Jun-12 C-GAEE Robinson R44 Whitecourt, Canada


After being airborne for approximately 35 minutes, the engine began to lose power. The pilot picked an oil well lease site for a precautionary landing and while descending to the intended landing spot, the engine lost and regained power and then finally quit. The pilot entered autorotation and on landing the aircraft bounced, resulting in... Read more

22-Jun-12 Boeing CH-47 Kandahar province, Afghanistan


Helicopter damaged, although extent of damage not stated.  One occupant injured.... Read more

23-Jun-12 AMHP-151 Eurocopter AS565SB Tecalitlan, Mexico (4F)


Extensively damaged after hitting mountain.  Took authorities four days to find wreckage.  No word of, or from, crew – thus presumed fatal.  Aircraft took off 22nd June just before midnight and last known contact was at 00.10am with ATC at Uruapan, Michoacan... Read more

24-Jun-12 N9043N Sikorsky S58 Brewster, US-Washington


Caught fire during pre-flight run-up... Read more

25-Jun-12 Eurocopter Tiger Shoalwater Bay, Australia


Fumes in the cockpit – led to fleet grounding (for second time)... Read more

25-Jun-12 Sikorsky S61 St Mary’s, UK


Emergency landing at St Mary’s, Scilly Isles, on a flight out of Tresco after a warning light came on.  Apparently a ‘spurious fire warning’... Read more

25-Jun-12 Eurocopter AS332L2 Shetland, UK


Offshore support helicopter escorted to Sumburgh Airport by Coastguard helicopter after a warning light illuminated... Read more

26-Jun-12 N488MC Hughes 269A Grinnell, US-Iowa


Tail boom struck fence on landing... Read more

26-Jun-12 N4582D Bell UH-1F Concrete, US-Washington


Contacted powerlines during sling operations.  Bucket operator sustained serious injuries... Read more

26-Jun-12 N911KX Bell 407 Pleasantville, US-Iowa


Helicopter went AOG for unknown reason and was roaded out from field landing.  We are 99% sure this was N911KX, although the press photo shows the registration etc all covered up.  Compare to this photo of N911KX which is known to be based in Iowa.... Read more

28-Jun-12 A-2618 Bell UH-1H Ljubinici, Bosnia


Three injured in UH-1 crash.  Helicopter ended up upside-down on its rotorhead with skids ripped off (photo).  One report says “wire strike”... Read more

28-Jun-12 TU-THO Eurocopter SA365C2 Beposo, Ghana

28-Jun-2012Source: TU-THO

Helicopter carrying six employees of mining company Newmont and two crew of the IAS Helicopter Company this afternoon made an unscheduled landing at Beposo in the Ashanti Region. All people on board the aircraft are safe.  Damage level is not known – company announcement implies a safe single engine landing.  Some press reports contain a... Read more

29-Jun-12 JA6817 Bell 412 Kawane, Japan


Landing accident.   2 POB injured... Read more

29-Jun-12 Sikorsky MH-53E Pohang, Korea


Emergency landing made in rice paddy field after indication of onboard fire during training flight.  helicopter completely burned out on the ground after all occupants had swiftly embarked after the emergency landing... Read more

29-Jun-12 D-HLUX Hughes 500D Bernkastel, Germany (1F)


Hughes 500D spraying a vineyard hit powerline and crashed into field, killing the 26-year old pilot.... Read more

30-Jun-12 Kimberley, South Africa


Emergency landing on farm, helicopter caught fire.  Sole occupant, an instructor on a positioning flight, not seriously injured.... Read more

30-Jun-12 N729DP Eurocopter AS350B Camp Verde, US-Arizona (4F)


Helicopter crashed into river, killing all four occupants, on a flight from Sedona to Scottsdale.  Wreckage located the next day.  A later report from KGUN9suggested that authorities had “discovered a severed cable near the crash site and found marks on the rotor blade consistent with hitting a cable”.  Fatalities were named as helicopter owner/pilot Raymond... Read more

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