Accidents: July 2012

01-Jul-12 I-LASB Eurocopter AS350B3 Granmichele, Italy


Force landing due to a technical issue on positioning flight back to base after firefighting... Read more

02-Jul-12 EC-JUN PZL Sokol Sierra Martes, Spain


Crashed 30 minutes after the Bell 412 firefighting accident.  One report states loss of tail rotor on approach to site at altitude of 20m.  Both occupants (aged 55 and 36) injured... Read more

02-Jul-12 RA-04176 Robinson R44 Imangulovo, Russia


“helicopter made a crash landing”.  No injuries... Read more

02-Jul-12 EC-KSJ Bell 412 Yátova, Spain (1F)


First of two accidents fighting the same fire in Spain.  Pilot killed.... Read more

03-Jul-12 N499DF Bell UH-1H Willits, US-California


Cal Fire helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing.  No injuries, minor damage... Read more

03-Jul-12 C-GENL Bell 206B Saskatoon, Canada


Crashed while conducting low level manoeuvres east of Saskatoon. An ELT signal was reported by several overflying aircraft.  CADAORS 2012C2707... Read more

04-Jul-12 C-GUIK Bell 206B Silverton, Canada


JetRanger crashed in open field during agricultural operations.  Pilot in hospital after walking to nearest farm for help. Helicopter destroyed.  CADAORS 2012C2726... Read more

04-Jul-12 F-OHOR Eurocopter AS355N Remire-Montjoly, French Guiana


Pilot had difficulty adjusting power.  Skid hits edge of helipad when landing, causing it to roll over onto its side... Read more

04-Jul-12 N561CH Robinson R44 Tallahassee, US-Florida


Crashed into lake – student pilot on night training exercise... Read more

04-Jul-12 RA-04097 Eurocopter AS350B3 Lensk, Russia (4F)


Helicopter crashed killing all four occupants shortly after take off from Lensk Airport.  Operator UTair named the victims as  pilot Gordeychuk Vasily, mechanic Druzenko Ivan and passengers Verezhak Yaroslav and Arthur Popov.  Unclear how relevant this is, but UTair have also stopped using Lensk for refuelling as a result of the accident.... Read more

06-Jul-12 Bell 206B Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea


Helicopter missing for 4+ days.  Three crew missing are New Zealander Antony Annan, 49 and two Australians, one named as Russel Aitken, 42.... Read more

06-Jul-12 N617HP Eurocopter AS350B3 Trinity Alps, US-California


One serious injury after rotor blades hit disembarking passenger – CHP crew member Tony Stanley, who was getting out to help pick up injured hiker Jeremy Kilburn – both were then airlifted to Mercy Medical Center in Redding... Read more

07-Jul-12 N565LH Schweizer 300C Shreveport, US-Louisiana


Unknown circumstances, according to FAA records... Read more

08-Jul-12 G-LVDC Bell 206L Silverstone, UK


While taking off, the helicopter’s low rotor rpm warning horn sounded. The pilot entered autorotation and carried out a forced landing into a field.... Read more

08-Jul-12 G-OAMI Bell 206B Silverstone, UK


Industry sources tell us that the helicopter made a very heavy landing inside the circuit causing sufficient damage to require it to be taken out by road for repair.  Date needs confirming... Read more

08-Jul-12 G-LVDC Bell 206L Silverstone, UK


Industry source tell us that a force landing was made, and during flare the main blades clipped the stabliser end-plates.  Damage pointed out by refueller when next uploading fuel, and pilot continued a further one or two more legs.  Date needs confirming... Read more

09-Jul-12 N2919W Bell 47G.3B.2 Treynor, US-Iowa


Main blades contacted tail boom during agricultural operations... Read more

09-Jul-12 C-GLAQ Bell 206B Rouyn-Noranda, Canada


Starboard skid got stuck on terrain, resulting in dynamic roll-over onto its side.  Minor injuries to sole occupant pilot.  CADAORS 2012Q1523... Read more

09-Jul-12 Borroloola, Australia


Mustering accident... Read more

09-Jul-12 N7527Y Robinson R22B Murrieta, US-California (1F)


Pilot killed in R22 accident.  Passenger received minor injuries.   See also news story – California R22 crash kills record-holder pilot Johan Nurmi... Read more

10-Jul-12 C-GHZN Robinson R44 Carcross, Canada (1F)


Helicopter was involved in a low level bear survey and crashed.  Pilot killed, one passenger seriously injured, the other minor injuries.  Pilot was later  identified as 56-year-old Paul Rosset, from Yellowknife. Both passengers were employees of Environment Yukon – named here as Jonathan Postma and Raphael Roy-Jauvin. CADORS 2012C2841... Read more

11-Jul-12 PT-HOL Robinson R22 Campo de Marte, Brazil (2F)


Crashed to the ground into a building, killing both occupants – instructor Mailson Rocha Lopes (age 23) and student Denis Frank Thomazi (32)... Read more

11-Jul-12 Mil Mi-17 Skardu, Pakistan (6F)


Reported as a test flight, but with 8 POB?  Fatalities named as Major Amir Azam, Havildar Abdual Waheed, Havildar Zeeshan Haider, Naik Muhammad Imran, Sepoy Kaleem Ullah and Sepoy Noor Mustafa... Read more

12-Jul-12 ZS-HIG Robinson R44 Grand Central, South Africa


Helicopter landed heavily and fell onto its side... Read more

12-Jul-12 YL-HCJ Robinson R44 Kastīres, Latvia


Helicopter was involved in operation cutting trees back along a powerline, using an underslung saw.  Finnish pilot... Read more

13-Jul-12 N45VX Eurocopter SE313 Glenn, US-California


Flipped over on landing.  Night landing assumed, given time listed as 0740Z in California... Read more

13-Jul-12 N45VX Eurocopter SE313B Glenn, US-California


Landed hard and rolled onto its side.  Aircraft destroyed  ... Read more

14-Jul-12 N556MM Robinson R44 Red Oak, US-Iowa


Rotor blade struck vehicle on landing... Read more

16-Jul-12 N47WH Robinson R22 Bountiful, US-Utah


Rolled over multiple times on autorotation landing on training flight.  Instructor and student not seriously injured... Read more

16-Jul-12 Mil Mi-2 Mbouambe, Congo Brazzaville (2F)


Mi-2 owned by Congo Interior Ministry (referred to in one report as a “police helicopter”) crashed killing Russian citizen, SP Korostel, and Belarusian citizen, MF Cherenkov.  Earlier reports of 2 Ukrainians being killed were later dismissed... Read more

16-Jul-12 Mil MI-8 El Fasher, Sudan (7F)


Military spokesman Col. Sawarmy Khalid Saad said that a technical failure caused the crash. Seven officers were killed and two others were injured. [Helicopter type assumed, not confirmed]... Read more

17-Jul-12 N716AM Agusta A109A Niihau, US-Hawaii


Rotor blades struck trees on take-off, landed on beach without further incident... Read more

19-Jul-12 N911LS AgustaWestland AW119Ke Junction City, US-Kansas


Multiple laser strikes. Landed safely... Read more

19-Jul-12 ZS-RUI Robinson R44 Witfontein, South Africa


Shortly after dropping two passengers, helicopter had problem on take-off and it crashed onto its starboard side.  Pilot Christoffel Myburgh sustained head injuries... Read more

19-Jul-12 NH Industries NH90 Muscat, Oman


Details unknown, but an MH-53E of US military crashed while recovering the fuselage of this NH90.  Date may be in the few days prior to 19-Aug-12, the date the MH-53 crashed – check YouTube video link below.  Reported in some places as ROAF code “629” but not confirmed... Read more

19-Jul-12 Sikorsky MH-53E Muscat, Oman (2F)


Helicopter crashed killing 2 of the 5 POB – later named as Senior Chief Aviation Warfare Systems Operator Sean P. Sullivan, 40, of St. Louis, MO, and Naval Aircrewman (Helicopter) 2nd Class Joseph P. Fitzmorris, 31, of West Monroe, LA.  The helicopter was assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasure Squadron 15, based in Norfolk, Va and... Read more

20-Jul-12 N363AL Bell 206L3 Circle City, US-Alaska


Rolled over on landing... Read more

20-Jul-12 F-GIZR Enstrom F28A St Croix Vallee, France


Tail rotor struck ground taking off from sloping ground... Read more

20-Jul-12 Mokau, New Zealand


helicopter involved in agricultural work crashed.  Pilot Marty Fry walked away from the accident... Read more

20-Jul-12 Boeing CH-47D Summerhill, UK


Aircraft damaged after hitting powerlines on a training flight out of Odiham... Read more

20-Jul-12 N8899 Eurocopter EC120 Sri Aman, Malaysia (3F)


Crashed into river, killing 3 – named as Siti Khuzaimah Anuar, Pepter Ato Mayau and Henry Lau Tee Yong.  German pilot Rico Steger, 35, was the only survivor.  Weather was reported as a factor (also cited in later report)... Read more

20-Jul-12 Bell 212 Ulu Belait, Brunei (12F)


2 survived, 12 killed in crash.  Helicopter was en route home with three members of the crew and 2 trainers, 1 staff and 8 Officer Cadets, Officer Cadet School after a jungle training camp.  The Defence Ministry later stated “The main cause of the aircraft crash was due to human error. The aircraft was involved... Read more

21-Jul-12 I-BLGN Eurocopter EC145 Morbegno, Italy


Air ambulance struck cables on climb-out from road accident scene.   Pilot Augusto Stazzonelli, co-pilot Stefano Turetta, doctor Fabio Martorana, a nurse, an alpine rescue specialist and the patient survived.... Read more

21-Jul-12 PR-RVC Eurocopter AS350B3 Barro Duro, Brazil


Extensive vibration in the cruise led to emergency landing.  Tail rotor bearing issue... Read more

21-Jul-12 Bell 206L4 Chuxiong, China (1F)


One killed and two injured when helicopter crashed into reservoir.  Operator flies at least two LongRanger IVs – B-7712 (52305) and B-7715 (52357)... Read more

21-Jul-12 HL9196 Eurocopter AS350B2 Daegu, Korea (1F)


Struck wires at low level while spraying and ended up upside-down on roof of building.... Read more

22-Jul-12 Sikorsky UH-60 Daglica, Turkey (4F)


UH=-60 of Turkey’s paramilitary police crashed in Kurdish border region killing 4.  A further 8 survived (other reports differ on number of survivors).  One reported said it lost power while landing... Read more

23-Jul-12 RA-22966 Mil Mi-8 Bakchar Luginetskoye, Russia


Badly damaged in landing in swampy area short of intended helipad landing.  Three occupants injured of the 22 on board.  Helicopter with 3 crew was transporting 19 oil workers to a remote field location... Read more

24-Jul-12 N9679F Hughes 300C St Petersburg, US-Florida


General media reported it as a tail rotor issue while hovering.  Helicopter came to rest close to a fence... Read more

24-Jul-12 N824AH Eurocopter EC135T2+ Lawrence, US-Massachusetts


Emergency Services text stated :-  North Andover| Special| 492 Sutton St|MSP Helo Air-4 making a precautionary landing at Lawrence Airport- aircraft disabled in the runway.| 00:30.  “Air 4” is N8924AH from the name on the tail (see photo)... Read more

24-Jul-12 N455MH Eurocopter EC145 Houston, US-Texas


Post flight check found engine cowling missing... Read more

25-Jul-12 N73252 Bell 47G2A Le Sueur, US-Minnesota


Tail separated during agricultural flight... Read more

25-Jul-12 Eurocopter AS532AL Verdon Gorge, France (6F)


AS532AL on a pre-delivery test flight out of Marignane crashed killing all six occupants.  Some reports are suggesting it struck wires but that is not confirmed... Read more

26-Jul-12 C-GATM Robinson R44 Murdochville, Canada


Emergency landing on the shoulder of Highway 198, between kilometre 36 and 37 near the former copper-mining town of Murdochville, about 825 kilometres northeast of Montreal.  CADAORS 2012Q1702... Read more

26-Jul-12 N8092J Bell OH-58C Waukon, US-Iowa


Main rotorblade struck powerline... Read more

26-Jul-12 Whidbey Island, US-Washington


We have received a report of a helicopter crash on Whidbey Island.  No injuries to occupants and waiting on further details... Read more

27-Jul-12 N652HA Bell 47G2A New Frankfort, US-Indiana


Kevin C. Rossan, 35, from Troy, Mich., was transported to the King’s Daughters Hospital in Madison after his Bell 47 crashed in a field while on spraying operations after the main blades came into contact with the ground.  Helicopter ended upright, but badly damaged (see photo)... Read more

27-Jul-12 D-HUTH Eurocopter EC135 Treis-Karden, Germany


Helicopter contacted and broke powerlines on EMS flight as “Christoph 10”.  Note – Registration is NOT confirmed, but is a recently ex-factory new delivery which was assigned to the “Christoph 10” base, and photos here show D-HUTH... Read more

27-Jul-12 Louisville, US-Kentucky


Further details to be updated in the next 24 hours.  Please check back here later... Read more

27-Jul-12 Bell UH-1 Catha Village, South Africa (1F)


Weather conditions were described as adverse with winds up to 80km/h. The helicopter was dousing veld fires in the mountains on behalf of the Department of Water Affairs... Read more

28-Jul-12 XA-UQH AgustaWestland AW109SP Cerro Alpino, Mexico (3F)


Two crew and one passenger killed – mountainous location.  The passenger is named in local press as Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantú, owner of Grupo Higa, parent company of helicopter operator Eolo who have up to four AW119s and three AW109SPs according to this press release... Read more

29-Jul-12 D-HOMI Robinson R44 Rhens/Jakobsberg Heliport, Germany


Difficulties on take-off resulted in heavy landing with much damage to the helicopter – operator is quoted in press estimating damage cost at 150,000 euros.  Minor injuries to the 4 POB... Read more

31-Jul-12 N74496 Robinson R44 Wainwright Village, US-Alaska


Autorotated and landed hard... Read more

31-Jul-12 N5038F Fairchild-Hiller FH1100 Cody, US-Wyoming


Very heavy landing, stayed upright but caused extensive airframe damage.  4 POB minor injuries, all treated on scene.... Read more

31-Jul-12 RA-04142 Robinson R44 Buryatia, Russia


Damaged in emergency landing.  No injuries to 4 POB... Read more

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