Accidents: September 2012

01-Sep-12 N577LF Eurocopter EC135P2+ Escambia County, US-Florida


Hit by laser while circling potential EZ landing site.  Source identified, arrest made... Read more

01-Sep-12 N178CH Eurocopter AS350B2 Talkeeetna, US-Alaska


Tail rotor drive shaft sheared... Read more

01-Sep-12 N70415 CHR Safari McVeytown, US-Pennsylvania (1F)


Unknown helicopter type crashed into a farm field killing the only occupant, named in the press as Kenneth M. Smith, 61.... Read more

01-Sep-12 Eurocopter AS350B3 Dundo, Angola (4F)


Accident caused the deaths of the captain of the aircraft, chief-inspector Tiago Casimiro, his assistant, João Adelino João Brandão, as well as the workers of the Provincial Electoral Commission, Lourenço Mussenoho and Maria Augusta João.... Read more

03-Sep-12 CS-HMO Kamov Ka32A Ourém, Portugal


Piloted by Commander Paulo Loureiro and the co-pilot Diogo Cabral – and involved in firefighting when it crashed.... Read more

03-Sep-12 EC-IVT Robinson R44 Valouse, France (2F)


R44 routing from Switzerland through France to Spain.  Had taken off from Clermont-Ferrand, destination Le Luc in the Var region.  Father and son killed in the accident. Controlled flight into terrain. Aircraft destroyed... Read more

04-Sep-12 A6-FTB Agusta-Bell 206B Al Ain, UAE


Substantially damaged in training accident.   The Instructor and student were transported to a hospital for medical evaluation and were later released with minor injuries.... Read more

05-Sep-12 Bell OH-58D Puli Alam, Afghanistan (2F)


“An ISAF helicopter has crashed in eastern Afghanistan, resulting in two ISAF fatalities. We are investigating,” a spokesman for NATO’s U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force said.  The two casualties were later named as Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jose L. Montenegro Jr., 31, of Houston, Texas, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Thalia S. Ramirez, 28, of... Read more

06-Sep-12 C-GVHG Hughes 500D Alice Arm, Canada


Main blades severed tail boom during landing.  CADAORS ref 2012P1524... Read more

06-Sep-12 Bell 407 Hibbing, US-Minnesota


Night bird strike, cracking search light housing.  Landed safely... Read more

07-Sep-12 N212SH Robinson R22B Newman Lake, US-Washington


Crashed after losing control in the hover... Read more

08-Sep-12 Mil Mi-24 Dagestan, Russia (4F)


Mountainous region, poor weather, 4 killed... Read more

09-Sep-12 N5745Y Bell 206L.1 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona


Lost power and forced to land in a field.  Main blades hit tail boom... Read more

09-Sep-12 D-HALX Eurocopter EC120 Metzingen, Germany (1F)


Skid snagged ground taking off from sloping ground, causing helicopter to turn onto its side.  Debris from helicopter killed... Read more

10-Sep-12 N281RG Robinson R22 Crosby, US-Texas (2F)


Helicopter crashed and burnt out.  Both occupants killed – later named here as Christopher John Yeager, 40, the pilot of Houston and Joyce Ann Ates, 60, a photographer from Midwest City, Oklahoma.... Read more

11-Sep-12 N800SC Enstrom 280C Boise, US-Idaho


Lost control in the hover... Read more

11-Sep-12 C-GKSH Eurocopter AS350B2 Sept-ÃŽles, Canada


Tail rotor struck sand bank on take-off.   Substantial damage included the tail rotor, tailboom, tail rotor gearbox, horizontal stabilizer, 1 main rotor blade and the long shaft.  CADAORS ref 2012Q2152... Read more

15-Sep-12 Mil MI-17 Banke, Nepal


emergency landing due to bad weather... Read more

15-Sep-12 C-GZNF Bell 212 Batman, Turkey


Helicopter was subject to small arms fire from the ground and was badly damaged.  Four of the nine passengers sustained gunshot related injuries.  CADAORS ref 2012C4147... Read more

15-Sep-12 JA120H Eurocopter EC120 Kujukuri, Japan


Skid caught ground on take-off – helicopter rolled-over onto its side... Read more

15-Sep-12 N58020 Eurocopter AS355F1 West Windsor, US-New Jersey (1F)


Crashed into cornfield, burning out and killing sole occupant pilot named as Michael Scarfia.... Read more

16-Sep-12 N194E Enstrom F28A Fort Worth, US-Texas


Tail struck ground during hover... Read more

17-Sep-12 N901EM AgustaWestland AW109E US-Maine


Landed dangerously close to previously-identified hazard during brown-out landing at night.  Pilot elected to wait for daylight to depart and patient went to medical facility by ground ambulance... Read more

17-Sep-12 C-GHIY Robinson R44 Alberta, Canada


Just after landing, the heat of the exhaust caused the grass where the R44 had landed to catch fire, ultimately consuming the helicopter. CADAORS ref 2012C4261... Read more

18-Sep-12 F-GHYS Agusta-Bell 47G-2 Basse-Pointe, Martinique


Tail rotor contacted crop during agricultural operations, pilot lost control and helicopter crashed.  Aircraft destroyed.... Read more

18-Sep-12 N957R Robinson R44 Slaton, US-Texas


Pilot lost control in the hover, helicopter crashed and burnt out... Read more

18-Sep-12 HB-ZJO Eurocopter AS350B3 Vallemaggia, Switzerland (1F)


Helicopter crashed in mountainous region, killing the sole occupant pilot.  There was a post-crash fire.... Read more

18-Sep-12 XC-ZIT Bell 407 Lake Zirahuen, Mexico (1F)


Crashed into lake after contacting zip wire which spans the lake.  One drowned (named as Daniel Segundo Martinez), four survived.  Helicopter was being used to capture video footage of the lake for use on a television program... Read more

19-Sep-12 ZS-HGG Robinson R44 Rand Airport, South Africa


R44 extensively damaged and all three POB to hospital with injuries.  Helicopter ended up on its port side (see photos)... Read more

19-Sep-12 Bell 206 Lethbridge, Canada


Struck power cables on climb out of field.  The severed cables caused a small fire.  Helicopter landed very heavily on its skids, starboard skid low  CADAORS ref 2012C4146... Read more

19-Sep-12 N222GR Bell 206 Mammoth Lakes, US-California


Tail rotor struck ground.  Helicopter had been working on powerlines at the time of the accident.  Helicopter caught fire and burned out – also causing a 1.5 acre brush fire... Read more

19-Sep-12 N94735 Hiller UH-12B Walnut Springs, US-Texas


Pilot Gregory Rumohr, 51, of Rio Vista in Johnson County, was uninjured in the accident which was reported due to engine failure... Read more

19-Sep-12 N37754 Hughes 269A McCool Junction, US-Nebraska


Ground impact during training flight... Read more

20-Sep-12 N911CK Eurocopter EC135T1 Naples, US-Florida


Bird strike to upper cowling and rotor system, during night flight. Maintenance cleaned and inspected finding no damage... Read more

20-Sep-12 Damascus, Syria


Helicopter crashed after being shot down by rebels... Read more

20-Sep-12 PR-DKK Eurocopter EC130 Itamaraju, Brazil (1F)


Crashed on night flight.  Helicopter was 30 days old with 50 hours on the airframe.... Read more

21-Sep-12 PR-CHQ Sikorsky S76C++ Cabo Frio, Brazil


Blown over onto its side by high winds when parked unattended on the apron – photo... Read more

21-Sep-12 9A-HMA Robinson R44 Prgomet, Croatia


Crashed and ended up on its port side.  Initial investigations are looking at whether the helicopter was overloaded and/or outside CofG limits... Read more

22-Sep-12 N689H Bell 205A-1 La Grande, US-Oregon


Struck rotor blades on landing... Read more

23-Sep-12 Bell 430 Belem, Brazil


Main blades clipped pole while in low-level hover-taxi.  From photos, this could well be PR-YRG (49084) but that is not confirmed... Read more

23-Sep-12 Vertol BV107 Bella Coola, Canada (1F)


Unstable load on climbout led to pilot releasing two logs, killing a logging worker on the ground – CADAORS ref 2012P1637... Read more

24-Sep-12 PR-JRG Robinson R22 Guarulhos City, Brazil


Training accident.  Photos show location was near pylon – were cables involved?... Read more

24-Sep-12 N911BL MD Helicopters MD530F Las Vegas, US-Nevada


Heavy landing on training flight and ended up on its starboard side.  Local press later named (here) Police Sgt. Darin R. Garness  as being at the controls, and the other pilot was officer Clifford Wicks.... Read more

25-Sep-12 PT-HSN Bell 206B Foz do Iguacu, Brazil


Very heavy landing – main blades appear completely intact.  All 4 POB injured, two seriously... Read more

26-Sep-12 N4171J Robinson R22B Anchorage, US-Alaska


Training accident, dynamic rollover onto starboard side... Read more

26-Sep-12 G-CGOU Sikorsky S76C++ Humberside, UK


Emergency landing made in a field after smell of burning in the cabin.  No damage to helicopter, no injuries... Read more

28-Sep-12 ZK-HLZ Robinson R44 Hastings, New Zealand


During a an orchard spraying operation, while pilot was concentrating on avoiding a line of tree, the tail rotor struck a wire. Tail rotor effectiveness was lost and the main rotors struck some trees. Helicopter rolled over... Read more

28-Sep-12 TG-FHD Eurocopter AS350B3 Vista Hermosa, Guatemala (1F)


Pilot reported tail rotor problems before crashing – the tail rotor was found on the roof of a house “a few hundred metres” from the crash site.  While the pilot and one passenger survived, the accident killed textile magnate Joe Habie, one of the richest men in Guatemala... Read more

30-Sep-12 N8341W Robinson R44 Nocona, US-Texas


Crashed into Lake Nocona, 3 POB – pilot was reportedly the owner Darren Fenoglio, with passengers  Josh Walterscheid and Derrick Morse. Helicopter sank in lake.  One report stated pilot only had a student certificate and thus not allowed to carry passengers... Read more

30-Sep-12 N144CF AgustaWestland AW109E Eastland, US-Texas


Pilot tried to divert to a local airport because of limited visibility due to bad weather. Helicopter crashed in open field and was extensively damaged.  All three “minor to moderate” injuries – Pilot Scott Wallace and medics Teresa Campbell and Rhett Drahe.... Read more

30-Sep-12 N530KD MD Helicopters MD530F Decorah, US-Iowa


Autorotated into field and turned over after engine problems while lifting power line pole . 2POB not injured... Read more

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