Accidents: January 2013

01-Jan-12 OO-RWK Robinson R22 Hoevenen, Belgium


Dynamic Roll-over on training flight.  No injuries reported to instructor or student... Read more

01-Jan-13 N744RM Robinson R44 Menard, US-Texas


Force landing on road... Read more

02-Jan-13 N334AM Eurocopter EC130 Cromwell, US-Oklahoma


Very heavy field landing of an EMS helicopter – helicopter was headed from Seminole Airport to the Creek Nation Community Hospital in Okemah.  Skids collapsed, main blades sliced tail boom.  All four POB injured, noting that no patient was on board.... Read more

02-Jan-13 N345VH Robinson R22 Tampa, US-Florida


Helicopter tipped over onto its starboard side on a training flight landing... Read more

02-Jan-13 N828AC Bell 206 Delano, US-California (1F)


Helicopter was one of a pair on low level frost control flight over a vineyard.  Weather reported as foggy.  Pilot named as Karen L. Johnson, age 62... Read more

02-Jan-13 N445MT Bell 407 Ventura, US-Iowa (3F)


Three killed in night time accident north of Ventura – pilot Gene Grell, nurse Shelly Lair-Langenbau and paramedic Russell Piehl.   Reports state it was the helicopter based at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa.  Post impact fire.  Was en route from Mason City to Emmetsburg.... Read more

03-Jan-13 VH-RYO Robinson R44 Morrabbin, Australia


During lift off, the helicopter’s tail struck the ground and the helicopter rolled onto its side. The helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

03-Jan-13 N534LN Eurocopter EC135P2 Marshalltown, US-Iowa


Helicopter went tech at highway landing site... Read more

03-Jan-12 N14841 Bell 47G5A Huron, US-California


Hit powerlines (note, reg assumed correct but FAA accident report states it is a 47J whereas register and MSN suggest G5A)... Read more

03-Jan-13 PR-DUB Robinson R66 Caraguatatuba, Brazil (2F)


Details unknown.  Helicopter “missing from radar screens” and not found until 15 days after the accident... Read more

04-Jan-13 VT-EGK HAL SA316B Chetak Delhi, India


While carrying out taxi after the main rotor blade change, main rotor blades hit the tail boom damaging main and tail rotor blades including tail boom.... Read more

05-Jan-13 Eurocopter EC120 Baltimore, US-Maryland


Word reaching us that a Baltimore Police EC120 has made an emergency landing near the junction of Hanover Street and Reedbird Avenue in Baltimore at 0025 local time.  Later flew back to base.... Read more

05-Jan-13 Bell 412 Tumaco, Colombia (1F)


Colombian Navy 412 crashed on an EMS mission, killing Ocoró John Jairo Torres, who had over 15 years military experience.  Four others to hospital – Pilot Miguel Córdoba, Copilot Juan Pablo Zuloaga; and rescuers Luis Miguel Ibáñez and Ronal Jiménez.... Read more

07-Jan-13 N241CH Boeing 234LR Pucallpa, Peru (7K)


Minutes after take-off from Pucallpa, the helicopter appeared to have a problem en route and smoke was coming from the aircraft.  Shortly after it crashed into a jungle area killing all 7 on board – 2 Peruvians – Joel Castillo and Luis Ramos, and 5 Americans – Dan Immel , Ed Córdova, Jaime Pickett, Lee... Read more

08-Jan-13 N911PT Bell OH-58C Lemoore, US-California


Helicopter on agricultural ops crashed near HWY 41 and Harlan Ave. near the Fresno Co and Kings Co border... Read more

09-Jan-13 C-GGZS Bell 206B Arviat, Canada


Helicopter landed on ice floe, which then collapsed and the helicopter sank.  Pilot rescued.  Local temperature with windchill around -50C  CADAORS 2013C0108... Read more

10-Jan-13 N7247J Bell UH-1H La Paloma, US-California


Emergency landing in field off Espinoza Road... Read more

10-Jan-13 OH-HNP Hughes 500D Paavolantie, Finland


Engine failure during low level powerline operation.  Extensively damaged.  Pilot walked away... Read more

10-Jan-13 D-HIZZ Robinson R44 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany (1F)


Helicopter crashed on to highway, killing pilot. Post crash fire. Truck driver injured in the ensuing chaos.  No other injuries, despite heavy traffic at the time.  Weather reported as wet.  Helicopter _may_ have hit wires, causing crash.  Pilot reported as ” 42 year old small business owner from Hohenlohe”... Read more

11-Jan-13 ZK-IPY Robinson R44 II Glenorchy, New Zealand


Main rotor blade struck the tail boom during start-up due to a wind gust. Significant damage was caused to the tail boom, with associated damage to the rotor blades.... Read more

11-Jan-13 Mil MI-35 Myitkyina, Myanmar (3F)


Shot down by rebels in border region.  Army itself says “emergency landing due to engine failure”... Read more

14-Jan-13 Yo Yo Park, Australia


Crashed into a dam near Yo Yo Park airfield, Queensland.  Airlifted to hospital in Brisbane.  Pilot has burns to his body and face... Read more

16-Jan-13 G-CRST AgustaWestland AW109E Vauxhall, UK (2F)


AW109 Helicopterhit crane and crashed to ground, killing the pilot Pete Barnes and one person on the ground, Matt Wood. Top of the crane may have been in the cloud – check photos on the second link below.  The crane is marginally south of the H4 heliroute, which has a 1500ft restriction at this point. ... Read more

17-Jan-13 N223MG Robinson R22 San Marcos, US-Texas


Hard landing on training flight.  FAA report gives reg as N223GM which is not a valid registration.  N223GM is assumed, based on it being the right helicopter type and registered to a Designated Pilot Examiner who leases 2+ R22s to Alamo Helicopters... Read more

17-Jan-13 SE-JKP Bell 206B Hjälmunge, Sweden


Emergency field landing, with no damage to aircraft.  Press reports “sawdust in the gearbox”….... Read more

17-Jan-13 F-GZFJ Eurocopter AS350B2 St Julien-Molhesabate, France


Pilot lost visual reference when landing on a snowy surface. Heavy landing, damaged skids and tail boom... Read more

17-Jan-13 N26NE Robinson R22 Ellington, US-Connecticut


Rolled over onto starboard side on training flight, 2 POB not injured... Read more

18-Jan-13 Mil Mi-17 Timberwara, India


Force landing after being shot at by militants – photos here.  The hydraulic system and genrators were damaged.  1 of the 7 POB was injured... Read more

18-Jan-13 ZU-HRS Westland-Bell 47G.3B.1 Hibberdene, South Africa


Pilot heard a change in the engine pitch and managed an emergency landing before the helicopter burst into flames.  Agricultural ops... Read more

19-Jan-13 VH-ZMN Bell 206B Baskerville, Australia


During low-level aerial filming operations, the helicopter rotated quickly to the right and descended. The pilot made an emergency landing on the sloping terrain. The helicopter rolled over and was subtantially damaged with minor injuries to the occupants.... Read more

19-Jan-13 VH-HGI Robinson R22 Batchelor, Australia


During the final approach, the pilot conducted a missed approach. The pilot subsequently lost control and the helicopter collided with the ground.... Read more

21-Jan-13 ZK-HIY Robinson R22B Karamea, New Zealand


Helicopter experienced unusual vibrations while flying at 4500ft. Pilot decided to make a precautionary landing but the tail struck the ground during landing and helicopter rolled over.... Read more

21-Jan-13 PR-JBN Bell 206B Jaragua, Brazil (1F)


Crashed and hit house killing one of four on board... Read more

22-Jan-13 N143PG Eagle Helicycle Mesa, US-Arizona


Emergency landing in residential area.  Skids collapsed, pilot walked away.  Pilot was flying from Chandler to Falcon Field in Mesa.  Plenty of photos of the helicopter in happier times on this page... Read more

22-Jan-13 ZK-IMZ Robinson R22B Nokomai Station, New Zealand


Helicopter was flying up a valley and suddenly lost altitude due to a suspected downdraft. the helicopter hit the ground and rolled 6 times, breaking off the tail... Read more

23-Jan-13 Mil Mi-8 Dudinka, Russia


Avionics problem and pilot returned to his departure point at Dudinka.  Aircraft was operating a regular flight number 9356 on route Dudinka – Ust-Awam – n Volochanka.  No injuries to 3 crew and 12 passengers... Read more

24-Jan-13 Agusta-Bell 212 Praia, Italy


Precautionary landing on sports pitch. probably weather related... Read more

25-Jan-13 ZS-RYP Robinson R44 Grey Goose, South Africa


Helicopter came down after hitting powerlines.  Pilot  Francois Liebenberg and his two passengers were all taken to hospital with injuries. Close up video tour of wreckage here on YouTube... Read more

25-Jan-13 228 Mil Mi-171Sh Duga Resa, Croatia


Emergency landing at night on snow after overheating.  Stayed a while and returned to base in Zagreb.  Serial 228 to be confirmed (may possibly be 226).  Aircraft type is Mi-171Sh and not Mi-8 per the press reports.... Read more

26-Jan-13 PR-HBE Eurocopter AS355N Ipixuna, Brazil


When on finals, pilot noticed master caution light illuminated, and an indication of low oil pressure in engine No.2.  Shut down immediately, got out and noticed fire from the exhaust – used extinguisher to quell the fire but was not fully successful.  N2 turbine had got jammed.... Read more

26-Jan-13 N9041U Hiller UH-12B Adams Ranch, US-Florida


Apparent engine failure on a flight to shoot feral hogs.   Pilot William Harward and his two passengers, Massad Ayoob and Jonathan Strayer, were treated at Raulerson Memorial Hospital in Okeechobee and released... Read more

28-Jan-13 ZK-HKV Eurocopter EC130 Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


Emergency landing after fuel indication dropped to zero with rotor speed warning.  Apparent wiring issue... Read more

28-Jan-13 C-GOCM Robinson R44 Grand Cache, Canada (1F)


Survey helicopter overdue.  Weather may have been an issue as a Canadian military Bell 412 involved in the search had to return to base due to weather.  CADAORS 2013C0386... Read more

29-Jan-13 Eurocopter AS350 Havasu, US-Arizona


Precautionary landing in park after oil pressure warning... Read more

30-Jan-13 N153P Bell 206L3 LaTrobe, US-Pennsylvania


Helicopter blown onto its side by high winds... Read more

31-Jan-13 Boeing AH-64D Raleigh, US-North Carolina


Emergency landing after electrical malfunction... Read more

31-Jan-13 RA-31803 Kamov Ka32 Russia


Emergency landing – reportedly due to a hydraulic problem. research queries whether registration was actually RA-31603... Read more

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