Accidents: October 2013

02-Oct-13 HH-12 MD Helicopters MD500E Utti, Finland


Solo student pilot ran out of altitude on a practice engine-out autorotation landing and hit the tail boom on the ground.... Read more

02-Oct-13 N554SA Robinson R22 Lansing, US-Illinois


Training flight, skid clipped ground during hovering practice and helicopter rolled onto its starboard side with fuel leaking from it (photo).  Neither student Charles Fink or instructor Raymond Daniel were injured... Read more

02-Oct-13 C-GGUV Schweizer S300C Lake Manouane, Canada


“Collision with terrain”.  Operator specialises in agricultural work. CADORS 2013Q2216... Read more

02-Oct-13 Baiji, Iraq (4F)


Unidentified militants shot down a military helicopter in northern Iraq on Wednesday, killing all four crew members, police sources said.... Read more

03-Oct-13 ZK-HCS Guimbal Cabri Swannanoa, New Zealand


While practicing pedal jams, during third exercise, nose yawed past centre and then got away from the student in control. The helicopter yawed left and rotated two times during which the engine went silent. Instructor took control and settled the helicopter in a hard landing from approximately 8ft. The helicopter’s tail struck ground and then... Read more

03-Oct-13 Westland Sea King Mk.4 Yeovilton, UK


Details unknown but reported as a training flight.  Photo of recovery shows tail blades bent round... Read more

04-Oct-13 PT-HTU Bell 206B São Caetano, Brazil


Written off when it crashed into a road in built-up area.  Three of the four occupants and a passing pedestrian were injured.  Authorities indicate that the helicopter’s AMI (Annual Inspection Maintenance) and CA (Certificate of Airworthiness) expired in June and April 2012 respectively.... Read more

04-Oct-13 LN-ONW Sikorsky S92 Yme Platform, Norway


Emergency landing on unmanned offshore platform.  12 offshore workers and 2 crew were rescued by Norwegian Air Force SAR Sea King.  Weather reported as 200m visibility and emergency was called 17 km from the rig it landed on.... Read more

04-Oct-13 G-BPWI Bell 206 Upper Edgebold, UK


The pilot noticed that the engine turbine temperature had increased to close to its maximum limit and prepared to make a precautionary landing. During the approach the indication returned to normal, so he decided to continue the short distance to his destination. As the helicopter climbed away, the engine failed. The pilot carried out a... Read more

04-Oct-13 Bell UH-1H Balingasag, Philippines


Capt. Christian Uy, spokesperson of the army’s 4th Infantry Division, said that the Huey made an emergency landing in Balingasag Friday morning when the pilot noticed a mechanical malfunction... Read more

05-Oct-13 F-WTAZ Eurocopter AS365 Grand Central, South Africa


Grand Central Airport emergency services tweeted : “Precautionary landing (RCF) at Grand Central Airport. Dauphin AS365 Helicopter. Reg: FW-TAZ (French). All safe”.  We’re not sure why the reg isn’t presented correctly as F-WTAZ, but there you go!... Read more

05-Oct-13 N104BJ Rotorway Exec 162F Nampa, US-Idaho


Force landed and rolled over.  Sole occupant pilot walked away from crash.... Read more

05-Oct-13 MD Helicopters MD500 Paducah, US-Texas (1F)


Joshua Fitts, 34, of West Hurricane, Utah, was killed about 12:20 p.m. when the tail rotor of the McDonnell Douglas helicopter crashed after clipping a transmission line pulley, called a sheave... Read more

06-Oct-13 B-HJN Robinson R22 Sek Kong, Hong Kong


Training accident, ended up on its side.  Instructor and student not injured... Read more

07-Oct-13 HK-4770 Mil Mi-171 Orito, Colombia


Inadvertently landed in a mine field.  Occupants escaped unharmed but helicopter later consumed by fire.... Read more

09-Oct-13 Sikorsky S92 Scatsa, UK


S92 returned to airport after burning smell in cabin.  Safe landing... Read more

09-Oct-13 Bell Pattani, Thailand


Contacted wires while inspecting high-voltage transmission towers, causing the helicopter to crash into the Sai Bo La Yu Canal in Tambon Thepa.  Occupants, reported as ten in number (to inspect powerlines??) all escaped without serious injury... Read more

09-Oct-13 N54LP Bell 206L3 US-Gulf of Mexico (1F)


Helicopter took off from platform Main Pass 107 and crashed straight into the water.  Pilot (named here as Patrick Becnel) fatally injured, three passengers (employees of Wood Group) rescued by USCG helicopter – two seriously injured and one uninjured.  Popout floats were deployed but helicopter turned over and was suspended under water by the floats... Read more

11-Oct-13 N620TA Enstrom F28F Jordan Valley, US-Oregon


Pilot/owner Caroll Palmer and his son Benjamin Palmer were on board when the helicopter went down shortly after take off... Read more

11-Oct-13 N206KK Bell 206L1 Seely, US-California


Force landed in the desert due to smoke in the cabin.  Pilot and two passengers got out OK.  Helicopter consumed by fire... Read more

11-Oct-13 LQ-BHT Bell 407 Valle Fértil, Argentina (1F)


Legislator Margarita Ferra de Bartol died of her wounds in hospital, while San Juan Governor Jose Luis Gioja suffered several bruises. Three other passengers were also injured.  This video shows brownout conditions at low level, then a flash as the helicopter contacts with powerlines.  Initial accident report here... Read more

12-Oct-13 PT-YSS Eurocopter AS350B2 Cotegipe, Brazil


The aircraft took off on a mission to monitor sources of fire in the region. Thirty minutes into flight, the aircraft was at an altitude of 2 000 ft AGL and at a speed of 100 KIAS, when the warning light indicating iron-dust in the engine illuminated. This was followed by a strong noise, and... Read more

12-Oct-13 SP-GMB Enstrom F280FX Wolicy Koziej, Poland (2F)


Crashed and burned out approx one mile from take-off point in a wooded area, killing 66-year-old pilot from Miedzychód and 64-year-old passenger from Gorzow Wielkopolski... Read more

13-Oct-13 ZK-HUO Rotorway A600 Seddon, New Zealand


Lifting into a hover the pilot noticed the needles were at the bottom of the green range, and while more power was added, the pilot also applied pedal to face into wind. This resulted in a faster decay of power available, with the aircraft loosing height, then landing heavily and rolling over. The main rotor blades and tail... Read more

13-Oct-13 146432 Bell 412CF (CH-146) Wilson, Canada


Emergency field landing after ingesting a bird... Read more

14-Oct-13 F-HAJJ Eurocopter EC130 Antraigues sur Volane, France


Helicopter contacted power lines on take off from Antraigues sur Volane (07) for flight to Castle Cachard (07)... Read more

14-Oct-13 JA15KM Eurocopter AS365N3 Kumamoto, Japan


Conducting a hoist training in front of a hanger located adjacent to Kumamoto Airport. While hovering at 60ft, it encountered close proximity to other aircraft.  Reported distance between two aircraft was 50ft horizontally.... Read more

15-Oct-13 AgustaWestland AW139 Dubai, UAE (1F)


Military aircraft down, US embassy in UAE confirms US passport holder (but UAE resident) pilot died.  Pilot was reportedly the only person on board.... Read more

15-Oct-13 EJC-4214 Bell UH-1H La Mayajura, Colombia


Crashed in mountainous region close to Venezeulan border.  No casualties... Read more

15-Oct-13 PR-EKN Eurocopter EC145 Itapipoca, Brazil


The aircraft was about to land in a soccer pitch. The pilot suffered a momentary spatial disorientation due to the dust raised by the helicopter main rotor wash. In face of the unexpected difficulty, the pilot proceeded to land with an excessive pitch-up attitude, causing the tail rotor protective rod and the left lower vertical... Read more

15-Oct-13 ZK-HWF Eurocopter AS350BA Awatere Valley, New Zealand


During a frost protection exercise, the tail rotor struck grape vine cables. The aircraft was flown back to base and the post-flight inspection revealed damage was sustained by the tail rotor blades, stabilisers and the tail boom.  ... Read more

16-Oct-13 I-HASB Eurocopter AS350B3 San Bernardo di Mendatica, Italy


Main blades struck tree during aerial work operations... Read more

16-Oct-13 Kawasaki BK117B2 Yushan, Taiwan (3F)


Crashed in mountainous area shortly after take-off from weather station it had lifted supplies up to. The deceased were identified as pilot Chang Kuo-kang (had flown 3181 hours), co-pilot Lin Yi-chi (2832 hours) and bureau worker Chen Wen-chung... Read more

17-Oct-13 N414CC Robinson R44 Sedro-Woolley, US-Washington


Hard landing and rollover onto port side.  2 POB injured.  Helicopter was making a precautionary landing at 9.30pm in a pasture due to reducing visibility.... Read more

18-Oct-13 Wyong, Australia


Firefighting helicopter got bucket caught in powerlines.  No mention of any damage to the helicopter, but the fire bucket was damaged and separated from the aircraft (not known if jetissoned or broke).  Also, powerlines brought down... Read more

19-Oct-13 N53846 Hughes 500D Suffolk, US-Virginia


Contacted trees while trimming them.  Landed without incident... Read more

19-Oct-13 N495AE Bell 407 Cooperton, US-Oklahoma


Birdstrike, landed without incident but one of 3 POB suffered minor injuries... Read more

20-Oct-13 N911ES Eurocopter AS350B2 Madison, US-Mississippi


Force landed in a field after bird strike... Read more

21-Oct-13 MD Helicopters AH-64D Anthony Gap, US-New Mexico


Precautionary landing beside road after warning light illumination.  Helicopter required maintenance support before being flown out... Read more

22-Oct-13 Robinson R22B Joinville, Brazil


Training accident... Read more

22-Oct-13 PR-GPM Eurcopter AS350B2 Mucuge, Brazil


Skids ripped off and tail boom damaged in run-on landing at 50 knots after pilot had engine failure indications at 100ft altitude... Read more

22-Oct-13 N353HW Eurocopter AS350B3 Somerville, US-Tennessee (3F)


AS350B3 en route to pick up paediatric patient for a transfer flight crashed in Somerville early Tuesday morning, killing the pilot, a nurse and a respiratory therapist on board.  This article later named them as Hospital Wing pilot Charles Smith, Pedi-Flight nurse Carrie Barlow, and Pedi-Flite respiratory therapist Denise Adams... Read more

23-Oct-13 N1CR Eurocopter AS350B3 Eagle Pass, US-Texas


During a practice autorotation, after the helicopter landed, it slid about 8-10 feet forward and the skids sunk into soft terrain and rolled over.  No injuries reported to 2 POB... Read more

23-Oct-13 N911CC Bell OH-58C Omaha, US-Texas


Force landing in field during aerial application.  Damage level not stated... Read more

26-Oct-13 F-GPKA Robinson R22B Torreilles, France


Following a decrease in engine power, the pilot entered an autorotation. Upon landing at a solar power plant, the helicopter struck a photovoltaic panel and rolled onto its side.  Probable write-off... Read more

26-Oct-13 N283MP Bell OH-58A Jefferson City, US-Missouri


Engine failure on training flight, helicopter damaged in emergency landing in field.  Highway Patrol report shows no injuries to Michael Hagus and minor injuries not requiring medical help to Jeff Noack... Read more

27-Oct-13 PT-HZQ Eurocopter AS350B2 Ilheus, Brazil


Crashed from low level after the pilot apparently lost control – ended up on its starboard side on the runway.  No serious injuries to 3 POB... Read more

28-Oct-13 ZK-IMJ Eurocopter AS350B2 Tyndall Glacier, New Zealand


Pilot and 7 passengers injured when their helicopter crashed into parked AS350B2 ZK-HAE while landing in Mt Aspiring National Park.  Pilot seriously injured... Read more

28-Oct-13 Bell AH-1 Gujranwala, Pakistan


Pilot and co-pilot critically injured in AH-1 accident... Read more

28-Oct-13 N16673 Bell 206B Roseburg, US-Oregon


Crashed into river, taking some power lines with it.  Pilot Fred Wittlake, 55 suffered a broken arm and broken ribs.  The two passengers were two state Department of Fish & Wildlife biologists – Holly Huchko, 34, suffered a broken back, and Eric Himmelreich, 35, broke two vertebrae... Read more

28-Oct-13 ZK-HAE Eurocopter AS350B2 Tyndall Glacier, New Zealand


Struck by landing helicopter ZK-IMJ and damaged.... Read more

29-Oct-13 ZS-RTV Robinson R22B Herold’s Bay, South Africa


Helicopter ended up on its port side, with tail boom in multiple pieces.  Sole occupant pilot injured... Read more

29-Oct-13 Kamov Ka52K Zhulebino, Russia


Experimental Kamov Ka52K crashed on test flight, close to residential area.  Two on board injured and were clear of the aircraft when it exploded twice, caught fire and burned out.  One report suggests the ejector seats activated uncommanded.  Another report says two people on the ground injured too... Read more

29-Oct-13 N985EW Eurocopter AS350B3 Kona, US-Hawaii


Substantially damaged on landing.  Two people were aboard the aircraft. One was taken to the hospital with complaints of back pain, while the other was uninjured,... Read more

29-Oct-13 FAC4505 Bell UH-1H Ptolemais, Colombia


Very heavy landing on training flight, remained upright, although boom broken at root.  Post impact fire was extinguished.... Read more

30-Oct-13 CC-CNB Bell 206L1 LongRanger Catemu, Chile (1F)


Impacted terrain on agricultural flight after hitting power cables, killing one of two on board... Read more

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