Accidents: November 2013

01-Nov-13 N17880 Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida


Force landing in muddy area... Read more

01-Nov-13 ZK-HZE Bell 206B Marlborough, New Zealand


During 1080 drop, the loaded bucket had an un-commanded release. As the bucket fell away, one of the broken pneumatic control lines flicked up and struck both the helicopter and the pilot’s eye. A precautionary landing made and the wind screen was noted to be cracked. Pilot sustained a small cut to his right eye.... Read more

01-Nov-13 N916PD Bell OH-58A Folsom Lake, US-California


Wire strike.  Wire cut by fitted “wire strike protection system” and helicopter landed safely.  Slight damage on nose where wire first struck, and port windshield broken.... Read more

02-Nov-13 VH-VDZ Bell 206L Melbourne, Australia


Crashed on take-off, falling onto its side.  Sole occupant pilot Emma Bobridge to hospital but released within 12 hours... Read more

02-Nov-13 N888DR Bell 206B Superior, US-Montana


During lifting operations, rotated to the ground and rolled over... Read more

04-Nov-13 N3184T Robinson R44 Phoenix, US-Arizona


Bird struck tail rotor on approach.  Landed OK... Read more

05-Nov-13 Eurocopter AS350B3 Roma, US-Texas


Emergency landing after damage to main rotor blades.  Helicopter was patrolling very close to the Mexican border when it was reportedly struck by rocks launched from the Mexican side.  Safe landing, no injuries... Read more

05-Nov-13 N70KA Robinson R44 Newport Beach, US-California (1F)


Passenger opened door and jumped out over the ocean near Balboa Pier.  Rescuers performed CPR on the beach but he was pronounced dead at hospital.  The pilot’s father described in an interview how his son tried in vain to stop the other passenger jumping out.  A suicide note was found later, and the deceased’s relatives... Read more

06-Nov-13 VH-UGC Robinson R44 Mount Buller, Australia


Roll-over close to helipad.  All four got out OK.  No fire.... Read more

06-Nov-13 OY-HJJ Eurocopter EC155 Clipper Field, UK


Shortly after takeoff from an off-shore platform at night, the helicopter entered a series of extreme pitch excursions which resulted in the airspeed reducing below 20 kt, followed by a descent. The flight crew were eventually able to recover to normal flight. The helicopter had descended to within approximately 50 feet of the sea surface.... Read more

09-Nov-13 N911KB Eurocopter EC135P1 Shreveport, US-Louisiana


Pilot and two engineers uninjured in crash on post-maintenance test flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  Helicopter is contracted to Shreveport-based Life Air Rescue... Read more

09-Nov-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Malinau, Indonesia (13F)


13 died and 6 survived crash of Indonesian Army Mi-17.  Reports of sudden gusty wind conditions on final approach to land... Read more

10-Nov-13 PR-HBE Eurocopter AS355N Almeirim, Brazil


During a low altitude flight with external load, the pilot heard a strong noise coming from the tail rotor blades, followed by a tendency to turn to the left. He depressed the right pedal completely and reduced power in order to diminish the torque. He managed to touch the ground in a stabilized manner, but after hearing a highpitch... Read more

11-Nov-13 68-15287 Bell UH-1D Tulsa, US-Oklahoma


Damaged during ground transportation to Veterans Day event. falling off trailer and blocking the road.  Badly damaged... Read more

12-Nov-13 VH-NDL Bell 206B Finke, Australia


Drive shaft failed on final approach at 400ft . Main blades severed tail boom in ensuing autorotation landing.... Read more

12-Nov-13 F-HTOM Eurocopter AS350B3 Serre Chevalier, France (2F)


Helicopter was involved in loadlifting work in connection with the construction of a ski lift... Read more

13-Nov-13 VH-STK Robinson R22 Normanton, Australia


While conducting aerial mustering operations, the helicopter’s engine suddenly stopped. During the forced landing, the main rotor blades severed the tail boom, resulting in substantial damage.... Read more

13-Nov-13 N556CP MD Helicopters 500E Grandview, US-Ohio


Emergency landing in sports field.  Mechanic called and problem solved... Read more

14-Nov-13 ZK-HJL Schweizer 300C Te Kauwhata, New Zealand


During a tea tree spray operation in a gully, helicopter turned into a wire, 20-30 ft. AGL. Pilot was aware of the wire.  NZ occurrence ref 13/5709... Read more

16-Nov-13 HR-AXO Bell 407 Rio Abajo, Honduras


While en route from Tegucigalpa to Juticalpa, an inflight problem led to emergency landing, during which main rotor blades sliced tail boom.  Helicopter landed upright on its skids in a field of long grass.  One passenger was Honduras’ ruling party presidential candidate, Juan Hernandez... Read more

16-Nov-13 HL9294 Sikorsky S76C++ Gangam, Korea (2F)


Hit all apartment building in poor visibility. Fell to ground, killing both pilots... Read more

19-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Nadim, Russia


Emergency landing – due to loss of oil pressure?... Read more

19-Nov-13 N8316D Robinson R22 Lees Summit, US-Missouri


Tail boom struck ground during autorotation... Read more

19-Nov-13 D-HOMI Robinson R44 Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany (2F)


Training flight, crashed in forested area killing 48 year old instructor and 31 year old student pilot... Read more

20-Nov-13 PR-MXM Robinson R66 Guaiba Island, Brazil (1F)


Sole occupant pilot Nelson Juliani Blanco, age 33, died in the accident... Read more

20-Nov-13 VT-ELR Eurocopter AS365N Chowra Island, India


The LH sliding door flown off during flight causing damages to tail structure. The helicopter made an emergency landing on nearby helipad at Chowra island.... Read more

21-Nov-13 Mil Mi-17 Dragon Oil Rig, Vietnam


Tail blades broken when they hit the rig structure when landing in high winds.  Flying debris caused serious injuries to two workers on the rig... Read more

22-Nov-13 RA-06310 Robinson R44 Tarakanovo Yarkovsky, Russia


Force landing, minimal apparent damage.  Registration not verified... Read more

23-Nov-13 N368RW Schweizer 300C Bakersfield, US-California


Minor rotor blade damage on departure... Read more

24-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Krasnoyarsk, Russia


Returned to take-off point after avionics issue... Read more

24-Nov-13 RP-C3699 Eurocopter Bo105M Hagonoy, Philippines


Helicopter carrying relief supplies crashed into Manila Bay.  Two occupants – named here as Captain Irene Dornier and Captain James Eagles – both rescued by US Marines involved in the post-typhoon relief effort... Read more

25-Nov-13 Haidar Khan, Afghanistan


Conflicting reports surrounding crashed helicopter on an anti-narcotics mission, with one group claiming it was shot down... Read more

26-Nov-13 Bell 205 Saravan, Iran


Photos show helicopter on its side with blades _undamaged_ but tail ripped away and damage to port stabiliser... Read more

28-Nov-13 Mil Mi-8 Gardez province, Afghanistan


Helicopter sustained bullet hole from ground fire.  No reports of any other damage... Read more

28-Nov-13 N44DQ Robinson R44 Tunica, US-Mississippi


Substantially damaged after tail hit ground during hover... Read more

29-Nov-13 F-PMRA Rotorway Exec 162F Bédoin, France


When showing off by the instructor, the motor stops at height of about 4 m. The instructor makes a running landing. The helicopter rolled onto its side.... Read more

29-Nov-13 G-SPAO Eurocopter EC135 Glasgow, UK (10F)


EC135 helicopter crashes onto roof of a crowded bar during a live music gig at approx 10.25pm.  Ten fatalities – the three in the helicopter and seven on the ground.  32 to hospital, of which 14 with serious injuries.  Statements issued so far include those from Scottish Police, helicopter operator Bond Air Services, manufacturer Eurocopter,... Read more

30-Nov-13 Robinson R66 Capitolio, Brazil


Blown over in high winds when parked on grass helipad.  Estimated date based on posting of photo in Facebook... Read more

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