Accidents: December 2013

02-Dec-13 Eurocopter VH-HRQ AS350 Amery Ice Shelf, Antartica


Two helicopters flying in tandem and one experienced issue which led to hard landing and all three occupants injured.  Crew from second helicopter on hand to ensure injured kept safe and warm until further rescue arrives.  The two are operating for the Australian Antarctic Division... Read more

03-Dec-12 162027 Bell TH-57C Walnut Hill, US-Florida


Safe emergency landing with no injuries to 3 POB... Read more

03-Dec-13 OK-SHA-68 Heli-Sport CH-77 Stepanov, Czech Republic (1F)


Brand new helicopter crashed being flown by purchaser on ferry flight to his home base.  Helicopter burnt out in crash, and pilot killed.... Read more

04-Dec-13 F-GKMP Eurocopter AS350B3 Massif du Grand-Arc, France


Training situation – hydraulic failure exercise.  After the instructor has reset the hydraulic circuit, the pedals remain blocked causing loss of control and impact with terrain... Read more

05-Dec-13 RA-24430 Mil Mi-8 Kargasok, Russia


Heavy landing in snow covered field after main blades struck tail boom.  15 passengers and 3 crew members on board.  No fatalities... Read more

05-Dec-13 N707MY Sikorsky S76B Port Fourchon, US-Louisiana


Heavy wheel-up landing following sudden wind-shift on take-off... Read more

06-Dec-13 Bell UH-1H Bagacay, Philippines


Crashed after reportedly developing engine trouble.  Some injuries... Read more

06-Dec-13 N2066W MD Helicopters 500E Monticello, US-Utah


Force landing during animal capture operation... Read more

06-Dec-13 N1001N Texas M74L (Bell 47G) Sebring, US-Florida (1F)


Pilot died in accident from low level on agricultural operations.  Post crash fire.  The pilot was later identified as Jon Whitaker... Read more

06-Dec-13 RA-2097G Schweizer 300C Rostov Oblast, Russia (2F)


Two killed on instructional flight.  Reports state R44 as helicopter type but photo evidence shows S300C.  Tail boom and tail rotor separate from the rest of the wreckage which was completely burned out.... Read more

07-Dec-13 HB-ZGM Robinson R44 Belpberg, Switzerland


Helicopter landed in a field with light snow covering.  Main blades badly bent and rotor mast at an angle.  Fuselage, boom and tail appear near normal situation.  The pilot and three passengers were uninjured.... Read more

08-Dec-12 Eurocopter EC120 Niagara, Canada


Emergency landing with no apparent damage.  TV reports stated helicopter had been “smoking” and that it remained in place and was blocking a taxiway.... Read more

08-Dec-13 Boeing CH-47D Jericho, Israel


Royal Air Force Chinook made emergency landing while en route from Amman (Jordan) to Akrotiri (Cyprus).  Some reports suggest location is in or near a minefield... Read more

08-Dec-13 G-IOOZ AgustaWestland AW109S Withypool, UK


Reportedly a night landing  involving tail rotor impacting trees (or the ground) – causing heavy and awkward landing with wheels dug into soft soil.  Owner reported incident to police on 08-Dec-13 but accident may have been 07-Dec-13... Read more

09-Dec-13 N36MV Hiller UH-12E Chowchilla, US-California


Helicopter was hovering low over orchards on a standard frost-mitigation operation.  Problem at low level after the helicopter had been running for about 10 hours straight (bar fuel stops), and landed in crop with main blades striking tail boom on the way.  Pilot Stephen Streeter.... Read more

08-Dec-13 VH-VMT Eurocopter EC120 Byron Bay, Australia


During landing at a private property, the helicopter skid and main rotor contacted the ground and the helicopter rolled over onto its right side. The occupants were able to exit uninjured but the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

09-Dec-13 RA-04060 Eurocopter AS350B3 Uzhur, Russia


EMS helicopter crashed with pilot and two paramedics on board.  Helicopter on its side.  Boom broken off at root and tail is lying next to rotorhead... Read more

11-Dec-13 Robinson R22 Mt Percy, New Zealand (1F)


Low level spraying accident.  Helicopter burst into flames on impact.  Pilot named as David Stanley Jones... Read more

12-Dec-13 9M-STE Sikorsky S76 Bintulu, Malaysia


S76 with two pilots and six passengers ditches in sea.  All 8 rescued by passing boat.  Passengers were working for Petronas Carigali, and Police said they were from France, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Canada... Read more

12-Dec-13 Baofu, China


Details sketchy but helicopter seems to have crashed and then caused a brush fire... Read more

12-Dec-13 OH-HKE Eurocopter AS350B2 Oulu, Finland


Substantially damaged during training flight – helicopter ended up on its skids but with tail boom dropped to the ground and main blades damaged.... Read more

13-Dec-13 Bell OH-58D Knoxville, US-Tennessee


Crashed and caught fire on positioning flight to night training mission.  2 POB got out OK... Read more

15-Dec-13 HA-5170 Bell 412EP Paradise Aroanop, Indonesia


Five POB all safe after helicopter damaged in emergency landing in mountainous area... Read more

15-Dec-13 Hughes 500D Glade Burn, New Zealand (1F)


A Hughes 500 helicopter flying between the Greenstone Valley and Dumpling Hut crashed at Glade Burn in steep and rugged terrain in poor weather.   Police confirmed that sole occupant pilot Bruce Andrews died in the accident... Read more

16-Dec-13 Sikorsky MH-60 Misaki Port, Japan


US Navy helicopter crashed and fell onto its side in a landfill site.  2 injured of 4 POB... Read more

17-Dec-13 Eurocopter AS365N Guwahati, India


Port side landing gear failed on landing, helicopter fell onto its side.  Later photo shows propped up helicopter with tail sitting on the ground and port stabiliser end-plate bent from ground contact.  All six passengers and two crew safely evacuated.  It is believed that the helicopter was operating on the scheduled route between Guwahati and Shillong... Read more

17-Dec-13 F-BNTO Agusta-Bell 47G Northern Cyprus


Crashed after the impact of the high-voltage transmission line during the agricultural spraying operation.  Post impact fire... Read more

17-Dec-13 MD Helicopters MD500E Lapithos, Cyprus


French pilot Frederick Coupe slightly injured.  Skid collapsed (on landing?).  Helicopter was involved in powerline cleaning operations... Read more

17-Dec-13 Kamov Ka226 Bashkortostan, Russia


Damaged in force landing after cockpit filled with smoke.  Flight described as a ferry flight from the factory at Kumertau (Republic of Bashkortostan) to Boules airfield (Samara) which suggests it may be the delivery of a new helicopter... Read more

17-Dec-13 Picture Rocks, US-Arizona


Emergency landing, needed roading out from where it came down.... Read more

17-Dec-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Gölbaşı, Turkey (4F)


Hit high voltage line and crashed on post-maintenance test flight accident, killing all four on board.  The identities of the fatalities were given as as Pilot Major Ahmet Duman, Lt. Pilot Emre Acar, and aircraft technicians and first sergeants Erdinç Salkım and Hüseyin Ulucan... Read more

17-Dec-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Zabul, Afghanistan (6F)


US military keep quiet on details of what happened in this accident, which killed six of the seven on board a Black Hawk.  Fatalities reported by NBC here as Chief Warrant Officer 2 Randy L. Billings, 34, of Heavener, Okla. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joshua B. Silverman, 35, of Scottsdale, Ariz. Sgt. Peter C. Bohler,... Read more

18-Dec-13 CS-HEX Eurocopter EC120 Marmelete, Portugal (1F)


Struck powerlines while surveying them for energy company Energias de Portugal.  Helicopter crashed into a wooded area.  1 fatal, 2 serious.... Read more

19-Dec-13 PT-HLU Eurocopter AS350B Carlos Prates, Brazil


While on autorotation training, the aircraft made an abrupt run-landing with low main rotor rotation. One of the blades of the main rotor hit the upper surface of the tail-boom... Read more

19-Dec-13 J-4064 HAL Dhruv Yellendu, India


Emergency landing and required maintenance engineer before further flight... Read more

20-Dec-13 F-GPJG Robinson R44 Gironde, France (4F)


Four suspected died, of which one body found, when helicopter crashed into a river.  The occupants was Chinese billionaire Lam Kok, his son, an interpreter plus the pilot who had just sold his vineyard to Mr Kok... Read more

21-Dec-13 HB-ZLN Eurocopter AS350B3e Elm, Switzerland


Tail hit ground on final approach, and helicopter rolled onto its side.  2 of 5 POB seriously injured... Read more

21-Dec-13 Robinson R22 Midrand, South Africa


Solo pilot seriously injured in crash close to Grand Central Airport.  R22 ended up on its side with main blades bent but still attached... Read more

22-Dec-13 C-GIMV Sikorsky S76 Gillies Township, Canada


The helicopter entered a high hover to blow away snow accumulation at the scene. During the manoeuvre a white out condition was created. The main rotor contacted trees. Control of the helicopter was maintained and a landing was performed immediately. There were no injuries. The helicopter sustained damage to all 4 rotor blades.... Read more

22-Dec-13 M23-15 Sikorsky S61A-4 Pulau Pera, Malaysia


Within a short time of completing a  “Maintenance Check 2”, helicopter crashed on the rocky coast of an island.  All 4 POB got out safely.  At the time of the incident, the S61 was piloted by Kapt Asmawi Azmi and co-pilot Kapt Nuradlina Ab Manah. Sjn (U) Mohamad Khairi Abdul Rahman was the helicopter’s Air... Read more

23-Dec-13 Mil Mi-8 Novy Urengoy, Russia


Damage to tail rotor blades and tail boom during landing phase, arriving from Sabetta.  No reported injuries to 3 crew and 13 passengers on board... Read more

23-Dec-13 PNC-0923 Bell 206L4 Briceño, Colombia


Helicopter landed close to a landmine which was then triggered via mobile phone by a terrorist group.  2 injuries of 6 POB – named as Patrolman Diego Garzón and the pilot Captain Juan Gabriel Ramirez... Read more

28-Dec-13 N2056J Schweizer 300C Westchester, US-New York


Landing accident on training flight, helicopter ended up on its port side.  Both occupants to hospital... Read more

29-Dec-13 EC-LBS Bell 407 Chiquitoy, Chile


Fire fighting helicopter shot at from the ground by 9mm bullett... Read more

30-Dec-13 EC-LRD AgustaWestland AW119Ke Malleco, Chile


Badly burned in arson attack while parked.  Gang unsuccessfully attempted same on a second helicopter parked nearby... Read more

30-Dec-13 5Y-RDU Bell 407 Kwa Mathenge, Kenya


Three POB injured after reported loss of lower caused helicopter to come down... Read more

30-Dec-13 PK-DAL Bell 206B Brastagi, Indonesia (1F)


One killed and four seriously injured in crash outside a hospital building.  Judging by photos on Twitter such as this one and this one, it would appear that the helicopter struck wires, which brought it down.  Fatality named here as Arif Setiawan and the other four were pilot Budi Indra and hospital employees Nilawaty Ginting, Yahya Sembiring, and... Read more

31-Dec-13 JA106Y Robinson R44 Kouri Island, Japan


Pilot and two passengers injured in tourist flight after ditching near Kouri Island... Read more

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