Accidents: February 2013

01-Feb-13 N3059Q Robinson R22 Gillett, US-Texas


Helicopter crashed while hunting feral hogs at low level, ending up on its port side. Two persons were injured in the crash which happened about 2:45pm local... Read more

02-Feb-13 ZP-HAH Robinson R44 Puerto Antequera, Paraguay (3F)


Presidential candidate Lino Oviedo died in the accident along with his bodyguard Derlis Galeano, and the pilot, Ramón Aurelio Picco.  The flight was scheduled for 7.15pm but did not take off until 9.00pm, despite objections from the pilot that the helicopter was not suitably equipped for night flight and that there was an approaching storm... Read more

03-Feb-13 C-GPHN Eurocopter AS350BA Sept-Îles, Canada


Training accident. Two of three on board injured. CADAORS ref 2013Q0276... Read more

05-Feb-13 F-GYBH Eurocopter AS350B3 Cormet-de-Roselend, France


Pilot chose to make precautionary landing due to deteriorating weather.  Helicopter rolled over when landing on snowy surface... Read more

06-Feb-13 N5072R Hiller UH-12B Meritt Island, US-Florida


Heavy landing from 75ft after pilot reported loss of power,  Port skid collapsed, tail rotor damaged.  3 POB, 1 to hospital, 2 refused.... Read more

06-Feb-12 G-WNSH Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK


Reported lightning strike – shipped to Norway for repair by associated company HeliOne.   Helicopter has not flown in the two months after 6th February, so while that date is not 100% confirmed, it would be very close if it is not correct.... Read more

07-Feb-13 VH-EWM Eurocopter AS350B2 Hobart, Australia


Firefighting helicopter collided with terrain. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.  Helicopter was contracted to Tasmania Fire Service... Read more

08-Feb-13 Boeing CH-47 Rowsley, UK


Shattered windscreen from bird strike.  Emergency field landing... Read more

09-Feb-13 I-LALM Robinson R22 Pontecagnano, Italy


Private pilot injured in accident on take-off.  Local language TV report at Read more

10-Feb-13 N802KA Bell 206B Paso Robles, US-California


Helicopter destroyed per FAA data... Read more

10-Feb-13 N59518 Bell 206B Acton, US-California (3F)


Three killed when a JetRanger went down at 3.42am on a reality TV shoot on a remote ranch.  Helicopter had been supplied via Crossbow Helicopters, who act as brokers between film companies and helicopter operators.  Photos posted of this 206 on Orbic Air’s website (example) in the last few weeks indicate that it carried their... Read more

11-Feb-13 N360AW Bell 206B Albuquerque, US-New Mexico


Substantially damaged in force landing – helicopter ended up on its side.  Aerowest Helicopters operating for New Mexico Dept of of Game and Fish.  All three occupants injured – one Game & Fish officer, one veterinarian and the helicopter pilot reported minor injuries.... Read more

11-Feb-13 Mil Mi-171 Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan (3F)


Crashed into the sea on an EMS mission, killing all three on board – named as Captain Yashar Ahmadov, Senior Lieutenant Rustam Rustamov and Lieutenant Bahruz Zeynalov... Read more

12-Feb-13 S2-AFZ MD Helicopters MD600 Nawraparha, Bangladesh


Autorotation landing from 1000ft, main blades cut tail boom.  Corporate operation.  MD600 remained upright and all six got out with some injuries.   Six were identified as Tahmina Mostofa, 24,  Asif Iqbal, 45, Kazi Safayet Hossain, 45, Abul Kalam, and pilots Gulzar Hossain, 42, and Shafiqul Islam, 35.... Read more

14-Feb-13 N337PW Bell OH-58A Pine Springs, US-Texas


Substantially damaged after tail rotor failure... Read more

14-Feb-13 HK-2887 Bell 206B Caldono, Colombia


Four injured in emergency landing in a garden.  Pilot Eduardo Augusto Ospina was flying three military personnel – mobile brigade commander 29, Colonel Carlos Salamanca; Corporal Hector Fabio Sogamoso, and professional soldier Jaider Cardenas Posso.... Read more

14-Feb-13 Eurocopter EC145 Danville, US-Pennsylvania


EMS EC145 clipped crane on hospital it was operating out of... Read more

15-Feb-13 C-FVIT Eurocopter AS350B2 Quebec/Jean-Lesage, Canada


Ground vehicle skidded on ice and ran into parked helicopter, causing significant damage.  CADAORS ref 2013Q0397... Read more

15-Feb-13 UP-BL007 Bell 206L3 Bakanas, Kazakhstan


Five POB – pilot and four tourists, including two from Ukraine.  No injuries... Read more

15-Feb-13 D-HDRJ Eurocopter BK117C1 Mitterberg, Austria


Severe damage to rotor blades and skid after being hit by a truck while parked on is base helipad at Fresach/Freizeitpark Millstättersee Heliport, Austria. All four rotorblades including the rotorhead had to be changed, causing a total damage of 600.000 €... Read more

15-Feb-13 VH-VSA Eurocopter BK117B2 Port Pirie, Australia


Emergency landing after mechanical issues... Read more

16-Feb-13 Woodland, US-California


Helicopter was powered-up but still on the ground, when the engineer reached in through the open door and hit a lever, causing it to take off to a few feet altitude and then crash onto its side away from the engineer.  A second person was present, but it is unclear from the press report whether they... Read more

17-Feb-13 VH-VDC Enstrom 480B Trida, Australia


Crop spraying helicopter hit powerlines and crashed.... Read more

18-Feb-13 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK


Emergency shutdown on rig after overheating indication, which later turned out to be false... Read more

18-Feb-13 N20620 Bell 206 Ely, US-Nevada (1F)


Ted McBride, 74, died after contact with a power line during agricultural operations... Read more

20-Feb-13 HB-YJX Elisport CH-7 Kienberg, Germany


Helicopter destroyed on landing in mountainous region on German side of border with Austria, pilot seriously injured.   Ground was snow covered, and accident occurred at around 1,700m (5,577 ft) altitude... Read more

20-Feb-13 Boeing CH-46E Phitsanulok, Thailand


Hard emergency landing in a forest in Phitsanulok province.  Four of six (or seven?) occupants were admitted to hospital – Brigan Forney, Sarah Smith, Matthew Marcinko and Gavin Christian. Brigan Forney is reported to be suffering serious burns.  Helicopter was taking part in Exercise “Cobra Gold 2013”... Read more

22-Feb-13 N917EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Oklahoma City, US-Oklahoma (2F)


Crashed close to buildings.  Pilot Mark Montgomery and crew member Chris Denning killed, third crew member Billy Wynn is critical. (names were released here) Two explosions after the helicopter crash landed in upright position.  Completely burnt out in post-crash fire.... Read more

23-Feb-13 Kabwe, Zambia


Emergency landing, while carrying journalists accompanying Vice president Guy Scott... Read more

24-Feb-13 SX-HJV Eurocopter AS355N Trikala, Greece


Helicopter suffered gunshot damage in bungled prison breakout... Read more

24-Feb-13 ZK-HAD Robinson R44 Lake Rotorua, New Zealand


Witnesses heard a loud bang before the R44 on a scenic tour made an emergency landing in the lake.  Helicopter remained upright in less than 1m of water.  All 4 POB exited safely... Read more

24-Feb-13 EJC-2154 Sikorsky UH-60L Vistahermosa, Colombia (4F)


Crashed and exploded (possibly due to a mine) while engaged with  FARC guerrillas... Read more

25-Feb-13 Bell UH-1N Parshall, US-North Dakota


Helicopter from Minot AFB made emergency landing, which injured two of the five occupants... Read more

25-Feb-13 EJC-3378 Mil Mi-17 San Juan de Sumapaz, Colombia


Crashed from low level hover due to high winds... Read more

25-Feb-13 FAP-667 Schweizer 300C Centro Poblado Camacho, Peru


Training accident, helicopter ended up on its side in grassy field.  The two occupants of the aircraft were identified as pilot Captain Manuel Poblete FAP Pardo Aguilar (30) and passenger Major FAP Candle Italo Fernandez (36)... Read more

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