Accidents: March 2013

01-Mar-13 F-GPGM Eurocopter SA316B Chattonay, France (1F)


Collided with trees and crashed into a lake killing the pilot... Read more

02-Mar-13 N834RC Robinson R44 Ciales, Puerto Rico


Struck powerlines and crashed, reportedly after engine failure.  Helicopter destroyed... Read more

02-Mar-13 N471M Hughes 500C Majuro, Marshall Islands (1F)


The helicopter from one fishing boat crashed into another boat while they were fishing near the Marshall Islands, seriously injuring a Chinese fisherman, 48-year old Shuiyao Wang, who died at sea two days later.    Filipino pilot Thomas Bustos, 51,  is being treated for injuries... Read more

03-Mar-13 N911LL Bell 407 Scottsbluff, US-Nebraska


Bird strike to side of helicopter very shortly after night take-off... Read more

03-Mar-13 MOI-12 Sikorsky S92 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1F)


Crew Member (named as First Class Pvt Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al Qah’tani ) fell from the helicopter and died during the celebration of the World Civil Defence Day... Read more

03-Mar-13 OM-ECI Eurocopter EC120 Horný Čepeň, Slovakia (1F)


Helicopter struck wire and fell into river, killing teenage passenger and injuring the other three on board.  On report stated there were traces of alcohol on the 40 year old pilot... Read more

04-Mar-13 Eurocopter EC505 Tiger Linderhof, Germany


Crashed into a field and caught fire... Read more

15-Mar-13 Sikorsky MH-60R Chula Vista, US-California


Precautionary landing today at Terra Nova Park in Chula Vista.  No one was injured as a result of the landing and there was no damage to the aircraft.... Read more

05-Mar-13 IN445 Eurocopter SA316B Visakhapatanam, India (2F)


Crashed off the Vishakhapatnam harbour  Two crew members were immediately rescued while two others were missing and a search was underway for them.... Read more

07-Mar-13 N909SH Eurocopter EC145 Humboldt, US-South Dakota


Emergency landing after bird strike – while flying a patient from Mitchell to Sioux Falls... Read more

07-Mar-13 Eurocopter/IAR SA330L Bacau, Romania (2F)


Two killed and three injured when helicopter crashed on training flight.  The two fatalities were named by the Romanian military as Petty Officer Lawrence Chiru and Sergeant Basil Manolache... Read more

09-Mar-13 ZK-IHU Robinson R66 Oamaru Valley, New Zealand (1F)


Crashed on a ridge above the Oamaru Valley, east of Turangi, after dropping off a hunting party.  The body of pilot Mark Didsbury was found 50m away from the helicopter... Read more

09-Mar-13 RA-22472 Mil Mi-8AMT Bukavu, Congo (4F)


Crashed in mountainous area in poor weather, flying for United Nations.  Photo suggests controlled flight into terrain.... Read more

11-Mar-13 Sikorsky S76C++ Muskegon, US-Michigan


Rotor downdraft caused the trunk of a parked vehicle parked in the lot to fly open. The trunk lid then flew back and smashed the back window of the vehicle.... Read more

11-Mar-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Daman district, Afghanistan (5F)


Helicopter went down during rain storm... Read more

12-Mar-13 AVIC Z-9 Lusaka City Airport, Zambia (1F)


Major Misapa Mukupa was killed in an accident at Lusaka City Airport, while co-pilot Captain Kenneth Chilala sustained minor injuries... Read more

12-Mar-13 Bell AH-1 Shfela, Israel (2F)


Accident around 1am local on night training mission.  Both reservists killed, named by IDF as Lt.-Col. (res.) Noam Ron, 49, and Maj. (res.) Erez Flekser, 31. The pilots had radioed the Palmahim air base before the crash, saying they would land there in six minutes. There was no distress call prior to the accident.... Read more

14-Mar-13 N392GP Robinson R44 Eagle Nest, US-New Mexico


Aircraft landed on its skids but tail boom severed (by main blades?) see photo.... Read more

14-Mar-13 Mil Mi-8T Khabarovsk, Russia


Crashed on take off for post-maintenance  test flight... Read more

15-Mar-13 N574EH Sikorsky S76A++ Lake Charles, US-Louisiana (3F)


Post maintenance test flight.  Cameron County Sheriff identified the deceased as pilot, William R. Croucher, 69, and two mechanics: Michael Lee Tyree, 55, and Timothy Lloyd Goehring, 41.  Operator Era Helicopters made a brief statement confirming the accident... Read more

16-Mar-13 Bell OH-58D Daman district, Afghanistan (1F)


Officials from the International Security Assistance Force said they have no indication that the helicopter was brought down by enemy activity in the area.... Read more

16-Mar-13 Mil Mi-8 Khankala, Russia (3F)


Three killed out of four on board a Russian Border Guard Mi-8 which crashed in poor visibility.  A criminal investigation has been opened.... Read more

19-Feb-13 N2099S Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida


Heavy landing, deforming the skids, on the side of Highway US-1 after engine malfunction... Read more

19-Mar-13 N408RL Bell 206L4 Platform WD79C, US-Gulf of Mexico


Vertical fin contacted pipe on landing on offshore platform... Read more

21-Mar-13 D-HLTM Eurocopter EC155 Berlin, Germany (1F)


Two helicopters collided in white-out conditions during a police exercise.  An AS332L2 and a EC155 had landed and kicked up a lot of snow.  The pilot of a second AS332 landing soon after then suffered white-out and landed too close to the EC155, killing the pilot.  Three other injuries reported.... Read more

21-Mar-13 D-HEGB Eurocopter AS332L1 Berlin, Germany


Two helicopters collided in white-out conditions during a police exercise.  An AS332L2 and a EC155 had landed and kicked up a lot of snow.  The pilot of a second AS332 landing soon after then suffered white-out and landed too close to the EC155, killing the pilot.  Three other injuries reported.... Read more

21-Mar-13 VH-HWQ Robinson R44 Bulli Tops, Australia (4F)


Clipped tree(s) during landing phase and crashed killing all four on board.  Helicopter operator Bankstown Helicopters confirmed that the aircraft had been hired by a private pilot... Read more

23-Mar-13 Bell TH-57A Salinas, Ecuador


Training accident.  Main rotors severed tail boom, aircraft ended upright on its skids... Read more

23-Mar-13 ZS-HSR Bell 206B Petermaritzburg, South Africa


Helicopter substantially damaged in emergency landing on road.  Bridegroom Rishi Ramdeo, his parents Vijay and Danmathie and best man Robert Soogram were injured after their helicopter crashed outside the wedding venue.     The pilot and the groom were reported in a critical condition and the other occupants were treated for mild to serious injuries.... Read more

24-Mar-13 N571LF Eurocopter EC130 Atmore, US-Alabama


Door separated and struck rotors.  FAA quotes this as N571LF which is incorrect as that is a fixed-wing registration [if it is an ..LF registration, then N209LF and N506LF are EC130s based in Alabama]... Read more

24-Mar-13 N353DL Eurocopter AS350B3 Stevens Village, US-Alaska


On landing, pilot looked to ensure tail rotor clearance and inadvertently inputted cyclic. Helicopter rolled up on one skid and main rotor blades struck the ground. Helicopter was involved in load lifting operations... Read more

25-Mar-13 N90570 Hughes 300C Rialto, US-California


Landing gear collapsed... Read more

26-Mar-13 9Y-TIC Eurocopter Bo105 Cedros, Trinidad & Tobago


Blade struck tree during forced landing while on police operations.  Sole-occupant pilot not injured.  Photo set here on C News Live page on Facebook... Read more

26-Mar-13 RA-22986 Mil Mi-8MTV Kronotsky, Russia


Rolled over onto its side on landing.  The helicopter carried three crewmembers and 3.2 tonnes of building materials.... Read more

26-Mar-13 C-FUIR Robinson R44 Grande Cache, Canada


Powerline patrol helicopter had accident involving trees.  Pilot uninjured.  CADAORS ref 2013C1124... Read more

26-Mar-13 N910WC Hughes OH-6A Caddo, US-Texas (1F)


Landed in pond instead of the nearby field as intended after gusty wind conditions experienced.  Pilot escaped, but passenger killed, both aged 75 according to press reports... Read more

27-Mar-13 PT-HUW Bell 412 Campos Basin, Brazil


Offshore operation for Petrobras, ditched in the sea, three POB got out OK... Read more

27-Mar-13 N918DK Enstrom F28F Twin Falls, US-Idaho


Lost power on climb out, landed heavily and fall onto port side.  Owner/pilot Steven Wybenga, age 51, suffered slight injuries... Read more

28-Mar-13 HI-865 Robinson R44 Cotui, Dominican Republic


Pilot Franklin Holguín Sandoval smelt burning and made successful autorotation landing. Shortly after leaving the aircraft it was engulfed in flames and burnt out. Solo pilot was uninjured.... Read more

29-Mar-13 C-FKCM Eurocopter BK117 Calgary, Canada


Helicopter landed to pick up a patient.  While  rotors were still turning, co pilot observed fuel leak and immediately told pilot to shut down helicopter and switch off electric.  O-ring had failed in fuel line and was repaired on site.... Read more

29-Mar-13 AgustaWestland A109LUH Kruger, South Africa (5F)


Helicopter crashed during rhino poaching patrols.  Al five POB killed – later named as  Captain Jacobus Andries van Rensburg; Captain MP Chabalala; Sergeant Paulus Shongela Ndishishi; Sergeant GP Ruiters and Lance Corporal Bheki Petros Cele... Read more

30-Mar-13 F-HJTE Eurocopter AS350B3 Concorezzo, Italy


Substantially damaged in landing accident.  Sole occupant pilot not injured... Read more

30-Mar-13 N770CQ Robinson R44 Halledale, US-Florida


Precautionary landing – no further details known... Read more

30-Mar-13 N911AA Eurocopter AS350B3 Talkeetna, US-Alaska (3F)


Two Alaska State Troopers and a rescued snowmobiler died in the crash.  A press release later named them as Alaska State Trooper pilot Mel Nading, Trooper Tage Toll of Talkeetna, and Carl Ober, the 56-year-old injured snowmachiner from Talkeetna... Read more

30-Mar-13 N911AA Eurocopter AS350B3 Talkeetna, US-Alaska


Impacted terrain while maneuvering during an SAR flight near Talkeetna, Alaska. The airline transport pilot, an Alaska state trooper serving as a flight observer for the pilot, and a stranded snowmobiler who had requested rescue were killed, and the helicopter was destroyed by impact and postcrash fire.... Read more

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