Accidents: April 2013

01-Apr-13 N584PM Schweizer 333SP San Antonio, US-Texas


Precautionary landing in parking lot on night mission after warning light illuminated... Read more

01-Apr-13 FAC-4105 Sikorsky UH-60L Tabacal, Colombia


Precautionary landing due to engine problem en route Bucaramanga to Yopal... Read more

02-Apr-13 N369HW Hughes OH-6A Conner, US-Montana


Helicopter ended up with tail boom severed by main rotors – which were themselves removed by the accident.  Left skid completely deformed. All 4 occupants suffered minor injuries... Read more

03-Apr-13 ZK-IBK Eurocopter BK117 Wellington, New Zealand


Main rotor blades struck tail boom while running up on roof-top helipad.  Incident blamed on freak wind gust... Read more

03-Apr-13 Robinson R44 Nylstroom, South Africa (1F)


Unknown circumstances.  Wreck found next morning after failing to arrive at intended destination... Read more

03-Apr-13 N3101H Robinson R44 Tamiami, US-Florida (2F)


Crashed into a parking lot two miles after take-off, killing both occupants.  Non-aviation witnesses report an explosion before the helicopter reached the ground. Post crash fire.  The deceased were later named by Miami Dade Police as pilot Mark Palmieri and passenger Ross Allen.  One report states it was a post-maintenance test flight... Read more

05-Apr-13 N520PA Hughes 500D Lihue, US-Hawaii


Found damage to trailing edge of rotor blade(s) on post-flight inspection... Read more

05-Apr-13 Bell UH-1 Balauana, Tunisia


2 of 5 on board injured in heavy landing while on post-maintenance test flight... Read more

05-Apr-12 Eurocopter BK117 Parsdorf, Germany


“Christoph 1” helicopter cut telephone line on approach to site landing to pick up patient injured in equine accident... Read more

07-Apr-13 OB-1916P Mil-8 Loreto, Peru (13F)


Incident summary – Oil exploration support helicopter went down, killing all on board.  Initial reports vary between 13 and 14 fatalities after initial reports of 9.  Some local news sources are saying it exploded in the air, 10 minutes from its destination.  The helicopter was supporting work by Perenco Peru, who issued a statement saying that apart from... Read more

09-Apr-13 ZK-HLY Robinson R44 Christchurch, New Zealand


Moved on its pad while the pilot was conducting checks after engine start, with the tail rotor striking and rupturing a container of AVGAS.... Read more

09-Apr-13 C-GZBA Eurocopter AS350B3e Tenquille Lake, Canada


Blade strike on landing after snow blew up around helicopter on approach... Read more

09-Apr-12 Boeing AH-64 Pechigram district, Afghanistan (2F)


Two US soldiers killed in helicopter crash.  A press release from the Pennsylvania National Guard named the pair as Chief Warrant Officer 3 Matthew Ruffner, 34, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jarett Yoder, 27.... Read more

10-Apr-13 ZK-HTQ Robinson R22 Tarras, New Zealand


Helicopter was left unattended with the engine running. The helicopter became airborne, spun around, and struck the ground.... Read more

11-Apr-13 G-EROM Robinson R22B Redhill, UK


Substantially damaged – solo student training flight... Read more

12-Apr-13 N909SH Eurocopter EC145 Sioux Falls, US-South Dakota


Precautionary landing after  left transmission oil indication below normal limits.  Later traced to faulty transmission oil pressure transmitter... Read more

12-Apr-13 N911FT Hughes 500D Phoenix, US-Arizona


Tail boom separation... Read more

12-Apr-13 G-HBOB Eurocopter EC135T2+ Sunningdale, UK


Aircraft grounded after problem involving netting across an astroturf sports field at a school.  Needed engineer before it could fly, stayed overnight and departed next morning.... Read more

12-Apr-12 N442FG Robinson R44 II Ocean Shores, US-Washington


76 year old pilot and his 51 year old passenger not injured in accident, which left helicopter on its side... Read more

12-Apr-13 Ouro-Modi, Mali (5F)


Details not clear apart from casualty numbers... Read more

13-Apr-13 C-FCTD Bell 206L1 Cambell River, Canada (1F)


1 fatality of 6 on board after helicopter crashed into the Homathco River on a fly-fishing charter.   The fatality was named in this report as Michael Monson.  CADAORS 2013P0449... Read more

15-Apr-13 N262MH Eurocopter EC145 Highland Heights, US-Ohio


Precautionary landing and maintenance team called out after unexpected torque split... Read more

15-Apr-13 N408GA Bell 407 New River, US-Arizona


We have a recent report in of an emergency landing at 10.28pm of an EMS helicopter near the junction of New River and Cross Mountain roads in New River, Arizona – northern outskirts of Phoenix.  Air Methods operating for “Guardian Air”... Read more

15-Apr-13 Bell UH-1H Taipai, Taiwan


Door fell from helicopter into school grounds... Read more

16-Apr-13 Mahikeng, South Africa


Helicopter crashed into water.  only tail visible.  Early reports only – one of which says it is a fixed-wing.  Will update later... Read more

16-Apr-13 Sikorsky CH-53E Chelwon, Korea


US military aircraft during ongoing South Korea-US joint military exercises.  All occupants safe – reports currently vary between 12 and 21 occupants.  Aircraft completely destroyed in impact before fire set in.... Read more

16-Apr-13 N911CH Eurocopter BK117B1 Cumberland, US-Maine


Emergency field landing, no apprarent damage... Read more

18-Apr-13 N137HN Eurocopter EC130B4 Huntington, US-West Virginia


Laser strike in cruise with patient on board.  No detrimental effect to mission or crew on board  ... Read more

18-Apr-13 N495AE Bell 407 Waco, US-Texas


Bird strike, windscreen broken, landed without further incident, no injuries... Read more

19-Apr-13 Habaniya, Iraq


All four on board seriously injured... Read more

20-Apr-13 Mil Mi-17 Sharq Al-Owainat, Egypt


Emergency landing after system malfunction... Read more

20-Apr-13 N4237M Bell 206B Wells, US-Nevada


Tail rotor damaged on landing... Read more

21-Apr-13 Mil Mi-8T Azr district, Afghanistan


Emergency landing off airfield.  12 occupants (2x USA, 7x Turkish, 1x Russian, 2x Afghan) captured by Taliban forces, who claim to have destroyed the helicopter, which may be one of YA-KHA/B/C/D/E... Read more

21-Apr-13 OM-M959 Dynali H2S Trnava, Slovakia (1F)


Crashed into ploughed field with no obstructions near, killing one.  Both occupants were pilots.... Read more

23-Apr-13 N2072M Bell 206L1 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona


Substantially damaged in landing accident.  Although this is a tour helicopter, only two flight crew were on board, no passengers  ... Read more

23-Apr-13 N51767 Enstrom F28C Glidden, US-Iowa


Crashed in open field with boom separated from cabin/engine area.  Helicopter had been hired by Iowa Department of Natural Resources for a geese count... Read more

23-Apr-13 OO-PIV Robinson R44 Geel, Belgium


Helicopter rolled over onto its side, causing substantial damage, shortly after cameraman had got out.  Off airfield landing at transport depot of BE-Trans... Read more

23-Apr-13 ZS-HLS Robinson R44 Schoemanskloof, South Africa (4F)


Helicopter departed Nelspruit, picked up passengers at Casterbridge and was en route to Grand Central, but crashed in an open field.  Visibility is quoted in press reports as a possible factor.  The victims were named as Nicholas More, Pierre de Villiers, Lance Cooper and Elmarie Martens.... Read more

23-Apr-13 N473SD Hughes OH-6A Crystal River, US-Florida


Emergency landing at night on highway US19.  Pilot minor injuries treated at scene, co-pilot uninjured... Read more

24-Apr-13 XC-AAF MD Helicopters MD600N Oaxaca, Mexico (4F)


Helicopter on an EMS flight crashed killing a newborn baby less than 24 hours old, his father Pedro Martinez, pilot  Guillermo Chávez Medina and paramedic Pablo Héctor Vicente.  Helicopter destroyed... Read more

25-Apr-13 HU26-18 Eurocopter EC135P2+ Los Galayos, Spain


Blade strike and ensuing heavy landing caused skids to deform.  Fortunately helicopter did not fall over the edge of the mountain, but it was very close.  Helicopter was registered HU26-18 and carried code “09-312”... Read more

25-Apr-13 (military helicopter) Israel


A helicopter transporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an emergency landing after military officials spotted and shot down a UAV entering Israeli airspace.... Read more

25-Apr-13 N937GR Bell 407 Mount Aeneas, US-Montana


Rolled over on landing.  Supporting work on radio repeater site on the mountain... Read more

27-Apr-13 LN-OVO Eurocopter AS350B3 Roldal, Norway


Five POB not seriously injured when helicopter crashed at ski resort.  One report quotes a police officer saying there is a suspicion the pilot was impaired by alcohol, but most reports say the test was “routine”. Some reports mention contact with powerlines, others rule that out... Read more

27-Apr-13 N305SJ Sikorsky S76B Constanza, Dominican Republic


While landing at 5000 ft MSL with 2 crew and 5 pax, the helicopter landed hard and rolled over.  Two slight injuries and plus injuries to one on the ground from debris.  Pilot reported as Manolito Vela... Read more

27-Apr-13 HB-ZJE Eurocopter EC135P1 Grenchen, Switzerland


Rotorwash from departing EC135 HB-ZJE caused blades on parked MD500E D-HMGD to strike and damage tail boom.  Pilot of EC135 listed as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

27-Apr-13 D-HMGD MD Helicopters MD500E Grenchen, Switzerland


Rotorwash from departing EC135 HB-ZJE caused blades on parked MD500E D-HMGD to strike and damage tail boom.  Pilot of EC135 listed as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

27-Apr-13 N150SP Bell 206B Shepherd, US-Montana (1F)


Sole occupant pilot killed after striking wires... Read more

30-Apr-13 C-FINX Eurocopter AS350BA Godbout, Canada


Substantially damaged. On approach to land on an undeveloped site. Just before landing, the tail rotor hit a mound of sand. The aircraft landed violently. The tail boom and a skid were significantly damaged. The pilot, alone on board, was not injured. CADORS 2013Q0909... Read more

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