Accidents: May 2013

01-May-13 Frankfort, US-Kentucky


Sergeant First Class David Gentry was on rapelling practice from a helicopter, but did not control/slow his descent in the last 60 feet and hit the ground very heavily and collapsed... Read more

01-May-13 N322MH Schweizer 300C Hamilton, US-Montana


Minor damage during training flight... Read more

02-May-13 ZK-HAM Robinson R22 West Coast, New Zealand


“Helicopter took off on its own and came down on its side”... Read more

02-May-13 N209LF Eurocopter EC130 Walnut Hill, US-Florida


EMS Helicopter grounded after technical (electrical?) fault on take-off.  Patient on board and taken onwards by ground ambulance... Read more

02-May-13 N442RN Robinson R44 Pomeroy, US-Washington


Rolled over during aerial spraying operation... Read more

02-May-13 PP-EIH Eurocopter AS350BA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Five hospitalised after police helicopter crashed on training flight.  Landed upright with significant vertical forces.  Helicopter was executing a series of low orbit firing passes when the main rotor blades struck treetops and it spiraled into the ground.... Read more

02-May-13 G-MRRY Robinson R44 Denham, UK


Tail boom broke off from the cabin area – which in turn came to rest on the vertical rear of the engine cover with the nose pointing to the sky.... Read more

03-May-13 I-B165 Robinson R22B Viareggio, Italy


Helicopter ended up on its side in an open field... Read more

03-May-13 Wazirabad, Pakistan


Two seat helicopter on routine training flight... Read more

04-May-13 Burdett, Australia


EMS helicopter grounded with patient on board after electrical issue.  Patient to hospital by ground ambulance – took 1 hour extra.  Medstar operates EC130, BK117 and B412 helicopters... Read more

04-May-13 N911RN Bell OH-58A Somerton, US-California


Spraying accident at night... Read more

04-May-13 Liaocheng City, China


Hit high-voltage cables... Read more

05-May-13 9M-DBH Eurocopter AS365N2 Sungai Besi, Malaysia


Caught by sudden gust of wind in poor weather while hovering to turn for taxi to parking spot.  Helicopter ended up on its port side.  Passengers were Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and his wife  Tengku Datin Seri Marsilla Tengku Abdullah, and their daughter and son-in-law – none were injured in the accident... Read more

06-May-13 N911SV Eurocopter EC135 Reed Point, US-Montana


Bird strike broke windshield while flying over Reed Point under NVG conditions.  The pilot determined that the aircraft was safe to continue the flight to base at the Billings airport.  No injuries.... Read more

06-May-13 Mosquito XE Waterloo, US-Iowa


Ultralight helicopter, believed to be a Mosquito Xe, crashed – injuring the pilot... Read more

06-May-13 N373NE Eurocopter BK117C1 Bourne, US-Massachusetts


Precautionary landing due to weather... Read more

06-May-13 RA-24410 Mil Mi-8 Preobrazhenka, Russia (9F)


Helicopter with 9 persons and 2 tons of explosive... Read more

07-May-13 I-ONYX MD Helicopters MD500E L’Aquila, Italy


Contacted powerlines on approach to airport... Read more

07-May-13 N911ET Eurocopter EC135P2+ Tyler, US-Texas


Bird strike on pilot’s chin window on approach to base.  No damage... Read more

07-May-13 N20Z Bell 206L La Junta, US-Colorado


Crashed in open land and fell onto its side.  Reported as on photo mission.  Three occupants had minor injuries... Read more

07-May-13 RP-C7788 Eurocopter SE313B Barangay Rawis, Philippines


EMergency landing on shoreline shortly after take-off.   Pilot  Capt. Dino Garcia and passengers Decoroso Asinas, and Efipanio Pinca suffered minor injuries while the last passenger Andre Abalon suffered serious head injuries after being struck by the rotor blades... Read more

07-May-13 ZK-ICM Composite Helicopters KC518 Auckland, New Zealand


Technical issue forced pilot to ditch prototype 5-place turbine helicopter on a test flight into Auckland Harbour.  Pilot named as company owner Peter Maloney, while the female passenger has not been named... Read more

08-May-13 HB-ZFO Robinson R44 Glärnischfirn, Switzerland


Very heavy landing on snow at 2,500m (8,200ft) altitude.  Helicopter ended up on its side with the tail boom broken.  Minor injuries to the 73-year old pilot and his wife/passenger... Read more

08-May-13 PT-HML Eurocopter AS350 Morro da Urca HP, Brazil


Approach to helipad with tail wind – ended up in trees adjacent to the heliport. Helicopter believed to be on sightseeing tour.  Five people injured Cláudio Cobo Fernandes, Marcos Estaca da Silva Nunes, Disney da Silva Ribeiro Lopes Júnior, along with pilot Ricardo de Resende Herter and co-pilot Murilo Cesar da Silva Saibro.  Damage to main... Read more

08-May-13 N5ZK Robinson R22 Honolulu, US-Hawaii


Force landed in street and badly damaged in collision with parked vehicle... Read more

08-May-13 N318DB Eurocopter SA318C Everglades National Park, US-Florida


Pilot reported a loss of engine power while hovering the helicopter at 20 feet during biological survey flight. Aircraft was substantially damaged.... Read more

09-May-13 Robinson R22 Sao Paulo, Brazil


Training accident, helicopter ended up on its starboard side in local park... Read more

09-May-13 Mil Mi-24 Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Emergency landing on training flight due to tail rotor failure.  No injuries... Read more

09-May-13 N927SP Bell OH-58A Jekyll Island, US-Georgia


Main rotor struck tail on landing... Read more

10-May-13 N94PH Bell 206B Heflin, US-Kentucky


Hit powerline while spraying.  Pilot walked away – he was named here as Michael Stewart... Read more

10-May-13 Irvine, US-California


Sheriff helicopter made emergency field landing after reporting engine problems... Read more

12-May-13 C-GAHZ Bell 212 Dewar Lakes, Canada


On landing, the helicopter encountered whiteout conditions, and after touchdown, the helicopter rolled over. Two of the three passengers suffered minor injuries. The pilot and other passenger were not injured. The helicopter was destroyed.  On contract to Canada’s Dept of National Defence.  CADORS 2013C1810... Read more

13-May-13 HAL Dhruv Siachen, India


1 serious, 1 minor injury to the 2 POB.  Damage level to helicopter not known... Read more

13-May-13 North Platte, US-Nebraska


Emergency landing – North Platte Fire and Rescue responded to the airport for precautionary reasons. Fire Marshal George Lewis said there was no fire and no one was injured.... Read more

14-May-13 B-7479 Bell 206B Dezhou City, China


Helicopter hijacked, linked to recovery of monies owed by the operator to another aviation company... Read more

16-May-13 D-HLDM Eurocopter EC135P2 Ochsenfurt, Germany


EMS helicopter landed on scene and stabiliser end-plate pierced car windscreen... Read more

17-May-13 Sambisa, Nigeria


Militants hit a JTF helicopter with anti-aircraft weapons during combat operations.... Read more

17-May-13 Virginia Beach, US-Virginia (2F)


Two members of the FBI’s ultra-elite Hostage Rescue Team (Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw) were killed  during a training accident involving a helicopter off the coast of Virginia Beach.  The military statement said very little except that it encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”... Read more

18-May-13 Robinson R22 Wilmington, US-North Carolina


Emergency landing for “engine issues”... Read more

19-May-13 C-GYWB Eurocopter AS350B2 Fort McMurray, Canada


Helicopter landed on edge of swamp, passengers began to unload their equipment from port side equipment basket, causing helicopter to tilt aft and left damaging the tail boom and tail rotor blades when they contacted the water. CADORS 2013C2009... Read more

20-May-13 F-HHFA Eurocopter EC120 St Tropez, France


Crashed on a football pitch with the tail boom having been cut off.  Substantially damaged... Read more

20-May-13 Eurocopter EC145 Allier, France


Wire strike during low-level rescue operation to try and save a kayaker in flood waters.  Successful emergency landing in adjacent meadow without further damage.  Part of wire impaled in main blade(s)... Read more

21-May-13 RA-20977 Mil Mi-2 Seversky, Russia


Helicopter crashed into field during agricultural operations... Read more

21-May-13 3A-MPG Eurocopter EC155 Albenga, Italy


Approaching Albenga Airport, MGB CHIP warning light ON. After 5 minutes hard noise was detected and crew has decided to land immediately on a beach. No damages was detected to the helicopter... Read more

22-May-13 Eurocopter AS350B3 Siellavagge, Sweden


Parked helicopter knocked over by avalanche started by skiers.  Avalanche travelled over 1km to reach the helicopter... Read more

23-May-13 G-XXEB Sikorsky S76C++ Denham, UK


Precautionary landing after technical issue with VVIPs on board -Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall... Read more

23-May-13 PNB-8302 Eurocopter Bo105 Caracas, Venezuela (5F)


Crashed in low visibility while chasing a vehicle containing two hostages.  All five POB died.  Post crash fire... Read more

24-May-13 N45UH Eurocopter EC145 Salt Lake City, US-Utah


Bird strike and bird entered cockpit. AirMed 4 landed safely on the helipad at Kennecott mine. There were no injuries... Read more

24-May-13 Bell UH-1 Arlington, US-Virginia


Near miss – military helicopter and Embraer 175 airliner at same level (400ft) and 950 ft horizontal separation.  Airliner on approach to Reagan National Airport... Read more

24-May-13 N569BC Robinson R44 Cross Timbers, US-Missouri (2F)


Crashed in heavy wooded area.  Fatalities named as pilot William Higgenbotham, 32, and the passenger was Catalina Richard, 21.... Read more

26-May-13 ZK-HNA MD Helicopters MD500E Eglington Valley, New Zealand


Engine failure followed by autorotation, and resulting in moderate skid and tail boom damage.... Read more

26-May-13 N99090 Hiller UH-12E Wenatchee, US-Washington


Main rotor separated, tail boom bent – pilot Charles Holmes and his wife Shanda.  Accident was shortly after take off and return to the airfield, following a refuel.... Read more

28-May-13 Hughes 500 Pünderich, Germany


Vineyard spraying – caught port-side spray boom on powerline and damaged it.  Landed safely in nearby sports field with no further damage... Read more

28-May-13 Boeing VH-46 Medford, US-New Jersey


Emergency landing in school field... Read more

28-May-13 Mil Mi-8 Ivanovsky, Russia (2F)


Crashed on training flight, killing two of the four POB... Read more

29-May-13 C-FZWB Bell 206B Fort McMurray, Canada (2F)


Helicopter working for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, coming down in a forested area.  Crash killed pilot Bryce Campbell and passenger biologist Kristina Norstrom.  The other passenger Simon Slater survived – names from this article... Read more

30-May-13 N407HC Bell 407 Columbia, US-Maryland


Emergency landing in school field, helicopter remained upright.  Tail boom sliced by main rotor blades... Read more

30-May-13 PR-DJC Eurocopter EC130 Guaramiranga, Brazil


The aircraft was on the ground and the rotors were turning, when the pilot left the cockpit in order to assist the passengers to disembark. The aircraft tumbled to the left, when nobody was in control.  One of the passengers already in the helicopter – José Carlos Pontes, 61, president of the group Marquise –... Read more

30-May-13 ZK-HYR Robinson R22 Rangiora, New Zealand


Destroyed in take-off accident on first solo flight... Read more

31-May-13 N9507F Hughes 300B Chautauqua Lake, US-New York


Helicopter ditched in lake shortly after take-off.  2 POB (pilot Gordon Wuebbolt and his daughter) swam ashore.... Read more

31-May-13 C-GIMY Sikorsky S76 Moosonee, Canada (4F)


Helicopter down at night (approx 00:11 hrs) with 4 fatalities – two crew, two paramedics.  No patient on board.  See Ornge Media statement  crew were named (here) as Captain Don Filliter, 54, of Skead, Ont. First Officer Jacques Dupuy, 43, of Otterburn-Park, Que. Paramedic Dustin Dagenais, 34, of Moose Factory, Ont. Paramedic Chris Snowball, 38,... Read more

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