Accidents: June 2013

02-Jun-13 N999RF Rotorway Exec Saledo, US-Texas


Force landed in field.  No injuries to 2 POB... Read more

02-Jun-13 F-GMLZ Robinson R22 Brest, France


Helicopter crashed into the fuel pumps, ending upside down impaled on them.  No fire.  Two injured... Read more

02-Jun-13 N464E Robinson R44 Keystone Lake, US-Oklahoma


Helicopter crashed into lake, 3 POB saved by nearby boaters... Read more

02-Jun-13 Alborz Mountains, Iran


Helicopter carrying President Mahmud Ahmadinejad made an emergency landing.  No details.  President on board and an continued his journey by car... Read more

03-Jun-13 C-FZPS Robinson R44 Grande Cache, Canada


Deteriorating weather conditions were encountered. The pilot elected to divert and subsequently came into contact with trees while manoeuvring. The helicopter collided with terrain and was destroyed by post impact fire. The pilot was able to exit the helicopter but sustained serious injuries. CADORS 2013C2142... Read more

03-Jun-13 N452LH Eurocopter AS350B2 Bethpage, US-New York


Precautionary landing on golf course, less than a mile short of its destination at Republic Airport.  Reportedly due to poor weather... Read more

03-Jun-13 N2318X Robinson R22B Lansing, US-Illinois


Training accident.  Main blades chopped tail boom.  Helicopter ended up on its skids... Read more

03-Jun-13 61011 Robinson R44 Lantian County, China (2F)


Two killed, one seriously injured – police helicopter on training flight.  Post crash fire... Read more

04-Jun-13 F-GSOE Eurocopter AS350B3 Livet-et-Gavet, France


Helicopter was involved in aerial work.  Helicopter struck63,000 volt powerline while turning, and caused local power failure.  Extent of damage to helicopter not yet known... Read more

04-Jun-13 Sikorsky S61A-4 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Emergency landing in corner of golf course close to trees... Read more

05-Jun-13 Kaman K-Max Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan


Helicopter was delivering cargo to a predetermined location without the input of a UAV pilot.... Read more

05-Jun-13 I-LUPU Eurocopter AS350B3 Limavady, Italy


During cruise at 120 kts, pilot experienced a tail rotor failure and performed a forced landing on a field... Read more

06-Jun-13 N915BW Robinson R44 Los Angeles, US-California


Pilot experienced mechanical issue, made immediate heavy landing, bounced and fell onto its side.  Four POB minor injuries only.... Read more

06-Jun-13 Schweizer S300C Guanghan, China (1F)


Training flight, one fatal, one injured.  Helicopter ended upside-down on the banks of a river... Read more

06-Jun-13 N114AE Bell 206L Manchester, US-Kentucky (3F)


Late evening accident in the grounds of an elementary school on positioning flight back to base in Manchester after delivering patient to London.  Three fatalities named as  pilot Eddie Sizemore, flight paramedic Herman “Lee” Dobbs and flight nurse Jesse Jones.  Reports include mention of fog and that electricity lines have been cut and there are power... Read more

07-Jun-13 N106LN Eurocopter AS350B3 Grande Prairie, US-Texas


Air Methods training flight.  Accident at around 22:30 hours local time. Two POB injured and airlifted to a hospital in Arlington... Read more

07-Jun-13 ZK-HTA Bell 206B Nelson, New Zealand


Helicopter experienced an engine mechanical issue during a post maintenance ferry flight. An autorotation was conducted, with a heavy landing causing substantial damage – Tail boom cut but helicopter did end up on its skids. The pilot was uninjured.... Read more

07-Jun-13 Bell 412 Katupotha, Sri Lanka


Precautionary landing, reportedly with Air Force Commander Air Marshal Harsha Abeywickrama on board... Read more

07-Jun-13 C-FRGK Bell 206 Jackfish Lake, Canada


Main blades struck tree on take off on training flight. CADORS 2013O1811... Read more

07-Jun-13 N207JA Bell 206B San Luis Potosi, Mexico (4F)


Lost height on climb out from golf complex.  Fatalities named as Juan Ignacio Torres Landa, Elizárraga Alejandro Felix (pilot), Jaime Olescowski, Manuel Palacios Alcocer, while Joseph Olescowski Nutt was seriously injured.... Read more

08-Jun-13 N130PH Eurocopter EC130 Grand Canyon, US-Arizona


The helicopter landed hard and main blades severed the tailboom during a practice engine-out procedure.  2 crew on board, no passengers... Read more

08-Jun-13 VH-RHF Bell 206L3 Derby, Australia


Ditched and turned over.  5 POB exited safely, although some needed help getting out of the cabin when it was submerged in water.... Read more

11-Jun-13 ZK-IJE CHR Safari Dairy Flats, New Zealand


Helicopter crashed beside the runway at Dairy Flat Airfield – skids collapsed but it otherwise stayed upright.  Minor injuries to pilot... Read more

11-Jun-13 Schweizer 300C Semarang, Indonesia


Training flight, minor injuries to 2 POB... Read more

11-Jun-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan


Australian special ops soldier injured in heavy landing .  5+ POB... Read more

11-Jun-13 N935EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Talihina, US-Oklahoma (1F)


Crashed close to hospital helipad on take-off for transfer to Tulsa.  Patient on board, 1 fatal, 2 critical, 1 minor.  Post crash fire.  Fatality was the patient, Michael Wilson, 49, although unclear whether that was due to the accident or his previous medical condition (following a serious workplace injury)... Read more

12-Jun-13 N7057H Hughes TH-55 Morgantown, US-West Virginia


Force landing after contacting powerlines during crop spraying operation... Read more

13-Jun-13 D-HIBS Hughes 500D Bernkastel-Wehlen, Germany


50 year old pilot seriously injured and 30 year old passenger minor injuries after helicopter crashed c9.30am local time while spraying a vineyard on a steep slope.  Helicopter is believed to be D-HIBS 500D (1035D) but we await confirmation... Read more

14-Jun-13 PR-HRZ Bell 212 Teffe, Brazil (2F)


No details given in press statement on circumstances of this fatal accident... Read more

14-Jun-13 Boeing V-22 Dare County, US-North Carolina


Osprey engine exhaust caused grass fire on a Dare County bombing range.  No word as to extent of fire.  Osprey was “slightly scorched”... Read more

14-Jun-13 C-GADA Bell 205 Quebec, Canada


Pilot completed an emergency landing after a master caution warning light from input quill / freewheel system illuminated.  The power shaft and freewheeling unit were found ruptured, and debris had been thrown into the engine inlet compressor. No post accident fire. CADORS 2013Q1303... Read more

15-Jun-13 PR-RGM Robinson R44 II Nova Lima, Brazil


Emergency landing on shoulder of main road after reported engine failure... Read more

16-Jun-13 PZL SW-4 Yinan, China (1F)


SW-4 on crop spraying operation crashed, killing the pilot... Read more

16-Jun-13 Eurocopter AS350B3 Gagariya,India


Helicopter washed away (along with helipad it was chained to!) sue to severe flooding of the Alaknanda River after monsoon rain. Recent press reports show 100s of lives lost in the region due to ths rain... Read more

17-Jun-13 Bell UH-1 Ban Na district, Thailand


Eight POB, five injured of which one serious.  Emergency landing after reported tail rotor problem... Read more

17-Jun-13 N31551 Robinson R44 Lihue, US-Hawaii


Bird strike, windshield damaged, landed OK... Read more

17-Jun-13 5Y-KWW Bell 206L4 LongRanger Karatina, Kenya


Force landing in field due to sudden fog – between electricity lines and Karatina-Nairobi highway... Read more

17-Jun-13 VH-EMZ Bell 412 Prince of Wales Island, Australia


During the final approach, the helicopter impacted trees and landed heavily. The helicopter was substantially damaged, skids collapsed but it remained upright (photo).  EMS/SAR helicopter was on night training flight practicing Nightsun-lit approaches.  3 POIB... Read more

19-Jun-13 RP-2045 Robinson R44 Tinglayan, Philippines


A police superintendent, a police pilot and another police officer survived a helicopter crash landing atop a rem ote mountain... Read more

19-Jun-13 G-ECUK Eurocopter AS350B3e Begbroke, UK


Multiple sources tell us that this AS350B3e crashed and written off at 7.39pm after reported tail rotor issues.  This helicopter was delivered new to the owner less than two months ago.... Read more

19-Jun-13 N467AE Bell 206L4 Jonesboro, US-Arkansas


The Jonesboro, Ark., crew was on final to their base when they experienced a mechanical issue. The pilot initiated a precautionary landing, landing the aircraft at the base with no injuries to crew members. The aircraft sustained damage.... Read more

19-Jun-13 N90301 Bell 206B Redding, US-California


Precautionary landing on a logging road... Read more

19-Jun-13 I-VIEW Eurocopter AS350B3+ Muchu, Nepal (1F)

19-Jun-2013Source: Fishtail Air

Crashed when trying  to make an emergency landing on the bank of Karnali River, killing one of the 6 POB.  According to this report Police have identified the deceased as Tek Bahadur Tapali, station manager of Humla office of the Nepalese CAA.  The injured were named as pilot David Talu, an Italian national, flight manager Dilak... Read more

19-Jun-13 N5024N Bell 47G Maplewood, US-Minnesota (1F)


Crashed into the back yard of a house while on mosquito control work.  Maplewood acting Police Chief Dave Kvam identified the pilot as Michael Kramer, 44... Read more

20-Jun-13 Mil Mi-17 Momotombo, Nicaragua (9F)


helicopter experienced “mechanical problems” at altitude before descending uncontrolled on the edge of Lake Managua.  Most of the wreckage entered the water where it subsequently submerged... Read more

21-Jun-13 VT-PED Eurocopter AS350B3 Rambara, India


While landing at make shift helipad, one main rotor blade hit the cliff. The helicopter turned 90° and tail also hit the cliff. Helicopter sustained substantial damage.... Read more

22-Jun-13 N2091E Schweizer 300C Medford, US-New Jersey


Minor damage on landing at base. Read more

23-Jun-13 ZK-HKE Robinson R22 Forest Range Station, New Zealand


The helicopter’s tail rotor struck terrain/snow during a stock mustering operation. The pilot was unable to control the helicopter and while attempting to land the helicopter rolled over.... Read more

24-Jun-13 N603HH Robinson R22 Hillsboro, US-Oregon


Force landed in field... Read more

24-Jun-13 N419MA Bell 222UT Barstow, US-California


Landed close to a highway and suffered unknown damage... Read more

24-Jun-13 CC-AHT Eurocopter AS355NP María Dolores de Los Ángeles, Chile


Heavy landing, rolled over and tail with tail rotor separated aft of the horizontal stabiliser.... Read more

24-Jun-13 N407FK Bell 206B Royal City, US-Washington


Crashed into a cherry orchard after catching bird netting at low level.  Pilot 31-year-old Christopher Iezzoni suffered back injuries and was having trouble breathing... Read more

25-Jun-12 N34CT MD Helicopters MD500E Eloy, US-Arizona


Emergecny landing after reportedly losing power.  Boom separate from cabin, which ended up on its side.  3 POB to hospital... Read more

25-Jun-13 Mil Mi-17V5 Gaurikund, India (20F)


Crashed in poor weather. Vice Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority said eight bodies have been recovered and chances of any survivor among the 19 onboard were remote... Read more

28-Jun-13 Bell 206L3 Missoula, US-Montana


Crew was practicing water-bucket drops at about 1 p.m. Friday when the helicopter crashed. It was sitting upright in about 3 feet of water with the tail boom damaged just forward of the tail rotor and the main blade tips showing signs of having struck something... Read more

28-Jun-13 N7187B Robinson R44 Beaver Dam, US-Utah


“crashed under unknown circumstances” says the FAA.  Pilot was solo student... Read more

28-Jun-13 N78900 Bell 47D Lake Ozark, US-Missouri


Main rotor struck tail boom during autorotation landing... Read more

28-Jun-13 VT-PHZ Eurocopter AS365N3 Harsil, India


Pawan Hans helicopter, which was on a rescue mission in Uttarakhand, made a hard landing at Harsil.  Although the helicopter remained on its wheels, photos show the tail separated just ahead of the horizontal stabilizer.  The aircraft remained on site until the Indian AF airlifted it out on 4th September (see here and here)... Read more

29-Jun-13 N6331D Hiller UH-12A Florence, US-Alabama


Pilot Milton Hearn (named here) seriously injured trying to land on road trailer in preparation to take helicopter for attention.  Helicopter ended up on its side... Read more

29-Jun-13 HB-XSO Eurocopter AS350B2 Personico, Switzerland (4F)


Main blades clipped rock in low hover, and subsequent crash landing killed all four POB – part named here as  pilot Davide B. (62), its passengers Daniele C. (43), Lauro S. (56) and F. Severino (63)... Read more

30-Jun-13 N674TH Kaman K-Max Wenatchee, US-Washington


Damaged on landing.  Further details awaited... Read more

30-Jun-13 N405MR Bell 206L4 Hudson River, US-New York


Text book emergency landing in the Hudson river on a sightseeing trip.  Floats deployed, helicopter landed on the water and remained upright.  Pilot named as Michael Campbell, 22.... Read more

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