Accidents: July 2013

01-Jul-13 C-GQQT Bell 206B Gull Lake, Canada (1F)


Wreckage reported sighting on 2nd July, the day after a Bell 206 was reported overdue. “The aircraft is missing and debris has washed ashore in Gull Lake.” CADORS 2013C2819... Read more

01-Jul-13 N989WC Eurocopter AS350B Hamilton, US-Montana


Substantial damage in force landing... Read more

01-Jul-13 HB-ZMO Eurocopter AS350B3e Erstfeld, Switzerland (4F)


Clear skies, pilot experienced in the area (visited 3-4 times a week) but AS350B3e went down with four fatalities.  Post crash fire.  Wide debris field with tailboom 20+m away not touched by the fire (see photo)... Read more

02-Jul-13 Mil Mi-17 Kushma Bazaar, Nepal


Emergency landing due to weather.  Later reported as typical in monsoon season... Read more

02-Jul-13 RA-22657 Mil Mi-8 Deputatsky, Russia (23F)


Loss of control due to mountain winds (according to this report), killing 23 of 28 POB.  The five survivors were the three crew and two of the passengers, one a child.... Read more

03-Jul-13 N888ZW Schweizer S300C Burnham, US-Maine


Two seater helicopter crashed  in a heavily wooded area on a bear hunt.  Both occupants injured – 58-year old pilotEd Friedman, passenger named here as Lisa Bates, 27... Read more

03-Jul-13 S3-BMK Bell 206L4 Dhamrai, Bangladesh


Emergency landing on training flight, helicopter ended up on its side with the main rotorhead lying separated next to the wreck with the blades largely intact.  Skids ripped off too.  Tail boom separated at root.  2 POB – Lieutenant Colonel Ariful Bari to hospital and Major Nazrul Islam only needed first aid.  Reg not yet confirmed... Read more

04-Jul-13 Badlands National Park, US-South Dakota


Precautionary landing – pilot and two tour passengers flown out in another helicopter... Read more

04-Jul-13 Sikorsky S76A Macae, Brazil


Emergency field landing after reported engine problems.  Landed safely with no other damage.  10 POB. No injuries... Read more

04-Jul-13 PR-DCM Robinson R44 II Corumbá of Goiás, Brazil


Crashed into trees and ended up on its side. Pilot Alexandre Dionísio de Oliveira and passengers Marksuel Carlos de Moura Reis e Marcelo Pedreira Pinheiro had minor injuries while third passenger Danilo Pereira de Abreu needed hospital treatment.  Video from inside the helicopter can be seen here (description there says “The pilot did a bad approach and tried... Read more

04-Jul-13 Mil Mi-35 Benghazi, Libya (2F)


It is though the crash was caused by human error during a particularly daring manoeuvre.  2 killed, 1 seriously injured... Read more

05-Jul-13 C-FYAP Hughes 500D Fort Saskatchewan, Canada


Helicopter was involved in installing powerlines – contacted tower, crashed, seriously injuring both occupants... Read more

06-Jul-13 F-HBEA Guimbal G2 Cabri Fleurac, France

6-Jul-2013 have been given the following statement on 10 July by the manufacturer:- “We at Helicopteres Guimbal are of course much worried that a recent accident involved a Cabri. We are even more frustrated to learn the distorted reports that appeared in the press. The following is what we know from our point and from... Read more

06-Jul-13 HB-ZDI Robinson R22B Altishofen, Switzerland


Uncontrolled sideways movement on training flight and fell onto its side... Read more

07-Jul-13 PT-HCH Bell 206B Icém, Brazil


4 POB, three minor injuries, one serious injury.  Crashed in open farm land... Read more

08-Jul-13 N712U Robinson R22B American Fork Canyon, US-Utah


28 year old instructor and 24 year old student – both seriously injured.  Crashed onto rocky mountain side and rolled some way down a slope.... Read more

09-Jul-13 Bell UH-1H Tingo Maria, Peru (3F)


Crashed on night training flight.  Pilot named as Ronald Helbert Vargas Terán (34), and crew were Amadeo César Loayza Mercado (33) and Carlos Alberto Cercado Pinares (42).... Read more

09-Jul-13 HK-4866 Eurocopter BK117A4 Teorama, Colombia (5F)


Contacted high voltage powerlines and crashed with 5 fatalities.  Registration NOT yet verified... Read more

11-Jul-13 VH-EXU Sikorsky S76C Snapper platform, Australia


During the early stages of take-off from the Snapper offshore platform, Bass Strait, one of the helicopter’s engines failed, resulting in a descent to approximately 30 feet above the water. The crew subsequently arrested the descent and stabilised the helicopter, before climbing to a safe alititude on the remaining engine. The helicopter was diverted to Longford aerodrome, Victoria,... Read more

12-Jul-13 Baghlan Province, Afghanistan


ISAF official Twitter feed reports hard landing, no casualties and aircraft recovered.  We assume it is a helicopter... Read more

13-Jul-13 HB-ZLJ Guimbal Cabri Wichtrach, Switzerland


Emergency autorotation landing in cornfield.  Photo suggests minimal or no damage.... Read more

14-Jul-13 Mil Mi-8 Tomsk Region, Russia


The Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing and fell on its side.  17 POB of which 7 were injured.... Read more

15-Jul-13 Sikorsky S61/CH-124 CFB Shearwater, Canada


Helicopter “toppled over”.  More details to follow soon... Read more

15-Jul-13 VH-ZON Robinson R44 Arkaroola, Australia


During a scenic flight, the pilot heard a loud bang followed by a yaw to the right. The pilot conducted a forced landing into trees. The pilot and two passengers escaped injury, however the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

16-Jul-13 N775AR Bell UH-1H Dove Creek, US-Colorado (1F)


UH-1H crashed while performing seismographic operations at an oil drilling rig in the area.  News report here states AJ Blain, 27, died in the crash, said Joyce Barnett, Dolores County, Colo., coroner... Read more

18-Jul-13 N11QG Eurocopter EC130 Lihue, US-Hawaii


Bird strike on tour flight... Read more

21-Jul-13 C-GMHK Bell 206L1 LongRanger Sherridon, Canada


Engine flamed out. The pilot autorotated into a clear area near a lake shoreline. As the helicopter began to settle the pilot rolled the helicopter onto its right side to clear the rotor blades from the fuselage. The pilot and passenger exited without injury. CADAORS 2013C2976... Read more

21-Jul-13 I-GANI Schweizer 300C Cuneo Levaldigi, Italy


Destroyed in accident, occupants not injured... Read more

21-Jul-13 RA-1881G Eurocopter SA316B Solohaul, Russia


Helicopter was circling nose-down at low level before crashing into shallow Shahe River – see video.  Possible engine failure – note flame from exhaust just prior to impact... Read more

21-Jul-13 RA-04049 Eurocopter EC120 Kola Peninsula, Russia (3F)


Shortly after dropping off two tourist anglers and their interpreter, the pilot took off but crashed into them, killing all three. The pilot survived.  The casualties were named here as retired lawyer Rupert Beaumont and fine-art dealer Mark Robertson, both 69, and their Russian guide and interpreter, Alexander Tushnikov, 53.... Read more

22-Jul-13 N115SH Eurocopter AS350B2 Las Vegas, US-Nevada


Tail rotor struck ground on landing on a training flight.  From this press report – According to airport spokesperson Christine Crews told FOX5 one of the helicopter’s rotors struck the ground, causing significant damage to the aircraft. The Sundance spokesperson, though, said the Eurocopter AS350B2 had tail rotor and skid damage only.... Read more

22-Jul-13 N233JP Bell UH-1H Mount Clarleston, US-Nevada (1F)


According to a LVMPD press release, David Vanbuskirk “somehow became detached from the hoist line, falling into the canyon below.” The distance that the man fell is under investigation, but Sheriff Doug Gillespie later stated in a press conference that “it is clear that this was a non-survivable fall and he died on impact.” The... Read more

23-Jul-13 N9484F Hughes 300B Lewiston, US-Idaho


Main rotor blades struck tail boom in autorotation landing... Read more

23-Jul-13 VH-KHJ Bell 47G.2A Amberley, Australia


During aerial work, the engine failed and the pilot conducted a forced landing. The occupants were uninjured and the helicopter sustained substantial damage.... Read more

24-Jul-13 VT-TBE Bell 407 Garud Chatti, India (2F)


Accident situation unknown.  Helicopter operating on Disaster Relief Operations with Uttarakhand Government.  Operator reported it was en route from Kedarnath to Guptkashi at about 1530 hrs.  Later update said it was weather related.  Fatalities named here as Pilot J. S. Dhaliwal and technician Abhay Ranjan... Read more

25-Jul-13 N500PH MD Helicopters MD500E Hilo, US-Hawaii


Autorotation, and rolled over onto its side on landing, 700 feet short of landing pad.  One news report suggests Texas family on board suggested it ran out of fuel... Read more

26-Jul-13 N287Q Enstrom F28A Danbury, US-Texas


Crashed and burnt out.  2 Medevac’d to hospital... Read more

26-Jul-13 N896LL Eurocopter AS365N3 Hershey, US-Pennsylvania


the #2 engine chip light illuminated without secondary symptoms noted. The pilot completed the emergency procedure for a #2 Engine Chip Light illumination and landed without incident at a local airport.... Read more

27-Jul-13 N25WH Robinson R44 Thompson Falls, US-Montana (1F)


Pilot Todd Hanawalt and two passengers were surveying power lines for a company on Saturday afternoon when the helicopter crashed. killing Hanawalt... Read more

27-Jul-13 N646AG Robinson R66 Tunkhannock, US-Pennsylvania (5F)


En route from Lehighton PA to Endecott NY with five aboard was en route when it disappeared from radar during conditions of severe thunderstorms and heavy fog. The last communication to ATC was a report around 10 pm Saturday that he was “losing altitude and would try to return to a nearby airfield.”.  Wreckage was... Read more

28-Jul-13 N66001 Robinson R66 Mont Outheran, France


Main rotor struck tail boom during tailwind landing... Read more

28-Jul-13 Robinson R44 Capron, US-Illinois


Agricultural ops.  Company owner Dwayne Deakins refers to pilot as “Dale” in this video... Read more

29-Jul-13 N31HM MD Helicopters MD500D Smithfield, US-West Virginia


Force landing – serious damage after it fell onto its side in wooded area, tail separate from boom... Read more

29-Jul-13 N1396X Bell 47G4A Beaman, US-Iowa


Sheriff Rick Penning says the pilot, 48 year old Timothy Harmer from Boone was not injured as the helicopter he was operating for Vista Helicopter Service of Boone struck a Cornbelt  Electric  Powerline, which took out his tail-rotor and forced his landing in the cornfield... Read more

29-Jul-13 N1608D MD Helicopters MD500E London, US-Kentucky


Contacted low level wires, crashed and burnt out.  2/3 POB airlifted to hospital... Read more

29-Jul-13 YR-BTM Eurocopter EC130 Taureni Lake, Romania (5F)


Helicopter crashed into lake, killing 5 of 6 POB –  three German businessmen, Romanian businessman Sorin Terbea (the helicopter owner), and the pilot died in the crash.  Terbea’s assistant survived.... Read more

29-Jul-13 N165WC Eurocopter EC130 off Monaco


Helicopter blown over on helipad of superyacht “Attessa IV” in gales reported as 60-80 knots... Read more

29-Jul-13 B-7036 Robinson R22 Dagang Town, China (2F)


Crashed on training flight,  killing a 37-year-old male pilot surnamed Pan and a 25-year-old female trainee pilot surnamed Xi, according to a police update.... Read more

31-Jul-13 PR–MIL Schweizer S300CBi Guarapiranga, Brazil


Force landing in Guarapiranga reservoir in shallow water.  Police training flight.... Read more

31-Jul-13 VH-SMI Bell 206B Horn Island, Australia


During aerial photography work at low level, the helicopter ditched onto the edge of a reef. The occupants were uninjured and the helicopter sustained substantial damage.... Read more

31-Jul-13 VH-EPQ Bell 206B Camden, Australia


During a practice auto rotation, the helicopter landed heavily.... Read more

31-Jul-13 RA-25497 Mil Mi-8 Debre Zeit, Ethiopia


Three serious and one minor injury to the 4 POB.  Ferry flight preparing for UN operation.  No UN people on board... Read more

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