Accidents: August 2013

01-Aug-13 N264RB Robinson R44 Roxbury, US-New Jersey


Precautionary landing on landfill site – reportedly weather related.  No damage... Read more

02-Aug-13 N24RB Enstrom 28A Memphis, US-Tennessee


Windshield broke.  Emergency landing close to threshold of main runway at Memphis Airport... Read more

02-Aug-13 H-39 Agusta 109BA Bevekom, Belgium


Problem on post-maintenance test flight.  Pilot  Eddy Lambrechts OK, but technician Steve Houttekier to hospital... Read more

03-Aug-13 Bell UH-1 Izmir, Turkey


Emergency landing at Izmir Ataturk Stadium after suspected engine problems... Read more

03-Aug-13 G-JESI Eurocopter AS350 Fenny Drayton, UK


Smoke in cockpit, force landed, helicopter destroyed in ensuing fire.  Pilot uninjured.  Time approx 10.30pm and location reported as close to (or at?) the MIRA test track.... Read more

04-Aug-13 EC-KIE Eurocopter AS350B3 Pallares, Spain


Firefighting helicopter.  Ended up on its starboard side with little apparent vertical impact (=roll-over?).  2 POB, 1 with minor injuries, 1 uninjured... Read more

04-Aug-13 C-GKHL Kamov Ka32 Bella Coola, Canada


The helicopter contacted the ground going sideways and rolled on its starboard side. The main-rotor blades contacted the ground and broke. The crew was able to shut the engines off and exit with minor injuries. There was no fire. CADORS 2013P1171... Read more

04-Aug-13 N90146 Bell 206B Gonzales, US-California


Crashed into Braga Ranch lettuce field near Chualar River Road in Gonzales after reported engine failure. Pilot Doug Walker was not injured. Helicopter ended up on its side, tail boom cut by main blades... Read more

05-Aug-13 OY-HPF Robinson R44 Piombino, Italy


Helicopter ditched in shallow water.  3 POB exited safely.  En route from Elba to Bologna.  Italian pilot age 44, passengers were on Turkish and Portuguese passports.... Read more

05-Aug-13 Sikorsky HH-60 MCAS Hansen, Japan (1F)


HH-60 from MCAS Kadena crashed and caught fire near MCAS Hansen.  3 serious injuries and 1 fatal – named as Tech. Sgt. Mark A Smith... Read more

05-Aug-13 Rotorway Exec 162F Curtis Lake, Canada


Details to follow. CADORS 2013P1182... Read more

05-Aug-13 N8688F MD Helicopters MD500D Lamesa, US-Texas (2F)


Two workers have fallen to their deaths when a cable suspending them hit a power line they were inspecting – the pair were later reported here as 25-year-old David Edward Oliveira of Turlock, CA and 26-year-old Christoper Geoffrey Breed of Moscow, ID.  Helicopter landed safely with no damage... Read more

06-Aug-13 C-GKSH Eurocopter AS350B2 Forrest Lake, Canada


After touching down, two of the three passengers got out of the helicopter while the engine and rotor were still running. The passenger on the right removed his gear from the cargo bay and proceeded to the front of the helicopter where he was struck by the rotating rotor blade. CADORS 2013C3288... Read more

06-Aug-13 N134SH MD Helicopters MD500D Delta Junction, US-Alaska


NTSB investigator Clint Johnson says the helicopter had an engine failure, landed in trees and rolled over.  Sling load operations.  Pilot not injured... Read more

06-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Toboyskoye, Russia


Hard landing, reported as no serious injuries to 22 POB... Read more

06-Aug-13 N83702 Bell 47G.3B.1 Vinton, US-Iowa


Tail boom severed by main blades during take-off.  Pilot reported here as Dick Sluke... Read more

06-Aug-13 Robinson R44 Irkutsk, Russia (2F)


There were two people aboard – a pilot, Artur Assadulin, and a passenger, Vasyl Zazulchak, a citizen of Ukraine.   Under conditions of poor visibility, the helicopter crashed into a hill.... Read more

06-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Marib, Yemen (8F)


Shot down by Yemeni tribesmen, complaining about an oil pipeline.  The helicopter crashed and all eight occupants died... Read more

07-Aug-13 PT-YSM Sikorsky S76A Macae, Brazil


Engine fire.  YouTube video shows parked S76, rotors stationary, with smoke billowing from the engine compartment.  Two crew departed the aircraft without injury – no passengers appeared to be on board... Read more

07-Aug-13 ZJ122 AgustaWestland AW101 Old Colwyn, UK


An RAF helicopter was forced to land in a field in Conwy county as a precaution after encountering tail rotor issues... Read more

07-Aug-13 N803DS Bell 407 Daytona Beach, US-Florida


Emergency landing on the beach, no damage... Read more

08-Aug-13 Mil Mi-8 Urengoj, Russia


Single engine failure.  Three crew and one passenger not injured.... Read more

08-Aug-13 N70NW Bell UH-1B Tok, US-Alaska


FAA report that this was on “hauling ops” but this video and the caption below suggest it was on firefighting work... Read more

09-Aug-13 F-GELB Agusta-Bell 47G-2 Basse-Pointe, Martinique


During takeoff, the pilot lost control of the helicopter. To avoid another aircraft to his right, he turns left. The blades hit the ground and the helicopter came to rest on its starboard side... Read more

12-Aug-13 Eurocopter EC135 Meidling, Austria


“Christopherus 9” helicopter found with 9mm bullet hole through rotor blade.  Date/location of incident unknown, but 12-Aug-13 the most likely date according to report and given location is base of this helicopter – Meidling Heliport, Vienna... Read more

12-Aug-13 N407CH Bell 407 Page, US-Arizona


Lower chip detector plug was found out of the locked detent position and had slightly ?backed out? of the housing. This condition will cause a disruption of oil flow through the transmission oil pump and therefore a loss of oil pressure.  Enroute from Page Municipal Airport (KPGA) to Kane County Hospital in Kanab, Utah... Read more

12-Aug-13 N62PJ MD Helicopters MD500E Burns, US-Oregon


Operating for US Dept of Justice, and with Harney County Deputy Sheriff Chris Nisbet on board, the pilot was involved in a federal, state and county marijuana eradication program. Reported engine failure.  Tail boom chopped, port skid collapsed, helicopter on port side... Read more

13-Aug-13 N53LP Bell 407 Trinity V Platform, US-Gulf of Mexico


Ditched near offshore rig – the pilot and two passengers had minor injuries and were airlifted to Thibodaux General Medical Center for treatment.   Helicopter destroyed – see photo after recovery onto ship... Read more

13-Aug-13 Berat, Albania


Helicopter chartered by survey company Geotec, working on behalf of Petromanas Energy, crashed at Berat – 125 miles SE of Tirana.... Read more

14-Aug-13 Eurocopter EC135 Montafon, Austria


Main blades struck rock... Read more

14-Aug-13 VT-HPC Robinson R44 Ahmedabad, India


Two injured in heavy landing in cemetary.  Tail boom sliced by main blades, two occupants injured and to hospital... Read more

15-Aug-13 VH-RTO Bell 47G5A Northcote, Australia


During cruise, the pilot reported rough running and partial power loss. The pilot conducted an auto-rotation into the fields of Northcote High School... Read more

15-Aug-13 Pelican Narrows, Canada


In-flight mechanical problem which forced the pilot to make an unscheduled landing in the forest.  No serious injuries.  No details on level of damage – if any – to helicopter.  No details on helicopter type... Read more

15-Aug-13 Mil Mi-17 Mehsana, India


Precautionary landing due to unforeseen weather... Read more

16-Aug-13 Bell 47 Washington Lake Township, US-Minnesota


Agricultural ops, clipped wires, pilot Daniel Lee landed the helicopter with “moderate damage”, but reported back in service the next day... Read more

17-Aug-13 D-HZSG Eurocopter EC135T2i Bielefeld, Germany


Plastic bag blown up into tail rotor.  EMS Helicopter roaded out from landing site... Read more

18-Aug-13 F-GHHT Robinson R22 Bourg-Jasseron, France


Engine failure, autorotation, rolled over on landing... Read more

20-Aug-13 I-RBNR Agusta-Bell 412 Novara di Sicilia, Italy


4 POB injured in heavy landing due to loss of visual clues in brown-out conditions.  EMS operation... Read more

21-Aug-13 PR-IVE Eurocopter EC120B Sao Paulo, Brazil


Post maintenance test flight.  Pilot saw the low oil pressure alert when flying at 1,200ft AGL and performed an autorotation for landing on the Marginal Tiete Avenue which was busy with traffic.  While trying to avoid the traffic, the landing flare caused the helicopter to hit a low concrete wall, causing teh tail boom to separate.... Read more

22-Nov-13 NH Industries NH90 Ohakea, New Zealand


Lighning strike, safe subsequent landing, but aircraft reportedly needs repair to the approx value of US$ 8 Million... Read more

22-Aug-13 N975BW MD Helicopters MD530FF Reese, US-Michigan


F0rce landing in corn field.  Helicopter was involved in powerline work... Read more

23-Aug-13 Eurocopter EC120 Calgary, Canada


Calgary Police EC120 – emergency landing in field.  Repaired on site by engineer.  no damage. Not clear which of Calgary Police’s pair of EC120s involved – they fly C-FCPS (1468) and C-FHMC (1050)... Read more

23-Aug-13 SE-HEO Bell 47G.2 Fällfors, Sweden


Accident at a field near the Byeskeälven river northwest of Fällfors, Skellefteå, at midday earlier today. The pilot and his passenger both survived the accident, and they were later transported to hospitals in Skellefteå and Umeå. The helicopter, one of the oldest in Sweden, was destroyed in a post-impact fire.  Additional reporting from Nordic Rotors... Read more

23-Aug-13 G-WNSB Eurocopter AS332L2 nr Shetland, UK (4F)


CHC helicopter reported ditched in North Sea , 18 POB reported with 14 rescued and 4 fatalities named as Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland, Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin, Gary McCrossan, 59, from Inverness, and George Allison, 57, from Winchester.... Read more

26-Aug-13 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Creech AFB, US-Nevada


Heavy landing during a training exercise and caught fire.  4 POB unharmed... Read more

26-Aug-13 N744KA Robinson R44 Clayton, US-New Mexico


Descended into powerlines in high density altitude with 4 POB... Read more

26-Aug-13 SE-JOE Robinson R44 Stockholm, Sweden


Ditched into lake on water sampling operations.  Registration not fully confirmed, but believed correct.  Floats deployed, but helicopter turned over, so all you could see afterwards were the floats which suspended the helicopter... Read more

28-Aug-13 N922SD MD Helicopters MD500E Easton, US-California


Emergency night landing in school field after experiencing unusual rotor blade vibration.  Attended to by engineer next day on site.  Pilot named by CBS47 as Johnny Reyes... Read more

28-Aug-13 N2018R Bell 206L1 Payson, US-Arizona


Force landing, substantial damage – skids completely collapsed and tail boom separated.  Pilot with minor injuries and five passengers uninjured... Read more

29-Aug-13 N8051E Bell 47G Wichita Falls, US-Texas


Lost power – force landing in field... Read more

29-Aug-13 N2253U Brantly B2B Grant Township, US-Michigan


Substantially damaged in crash shortly after takeoff, ending up on its port side.  Both POB to hospital... Read more

31-Aug-13 N6356X Bell 47G Sandy Hook, US-Kentucky


Force landing.  No injuries... Read more

31-Aug-13 VH-VAS Bell 412EP Mansfield, Australia (1F)


68-year old man, named as Robert Davis, fell 30m from a winch harness and died while being winched on board after injuring his ankle.  Press reports say he weighed between 120 – 140 kg, and this will be taken into account during the investigations.... Read more

31-Aug-13 N3156U Robinson R44 II Truth or Consequences, US-New Mexico (3F)


Hit powerlines and crashed, killing all three on board.  The victims were identified as William Brownfield, 61, of Caballo, Duane Zietlow, 78, of Elephant Butte and the pilot, Ebenezer Priebe, 34, of Tucson, Ariz.  [and before anyone asks, “Truth or Consequences” is indeed a town name]... Read more

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