Accidents: September 2013

01-Sep-13 VH-HVW Robinson R22 Lake Nash Station, Australia


Taking off after refuelling, banked hard and crashed into the ground.  The pilot, 34-year-old Shane Templeton, was ejected from the aircraft and sustained serious head injuries.... Read more

04-Sep-13 N911ET Eurocopter EC135P2+ Tyler, US-Texas


Post-flight inspection revealed remains of small bird on barrier screen for oil cooler inlet. No damaged identifed.... Read more

05-Sep-13 Bell 206B Katmai National Park, US-Alaska


Crew of three stranded by weather on a volcano after freezing rain left thick ice on their helicopter.   The three were identified as pilot Sam Egli, USGS geophysicist John Paskievitch and University of Alaska-Fairbanks researcher Taryn Lopez... Read more

07-Sep-13 MD Helicopters MD530F Shindand, Afghanistan


Landed on an IED during training flight, blowing one skid off.  Helicopter caught fire.  2 POB were U.S. Army CW4 Thomas “Andy” Miller and Afghan air force Lt. Massoud Islamkhil – both were saved by a Mi-17 crew... Read more

07-Sep-13 N721LL Bell 206L3 Amistad, US-New Mexico


Helicopter in open field on its side, substantial damage.  2 POB not injured.  “The pilot in command made an abrupt turn to avoid a massive bird strike” and was “unable to recover complete control of the helicopter before it struck terrain,” said IDOT spokeswoman Paris Ervin in this report.  Pilot was Steve Young, bureau chief... Read more

09-Sep-13 C-GCFU Eurocopter Bo105S McClure Strait, Canada (3F)


A  Canadian Coast Guard Bo105 operating from the research icebreaker Amundsen crashed at night into the Arctic Ocean, killing all three on board.  They were named as Marc Thibault, commanding officer of the CCGS Amundsen, Daniel Dubé, helicopter pilot and Klaus Hochheim, an Arctic scientist affiliated with the University of Manitoba. CADORS 2013C3920... Read more

09-Sep-13 Mil Mi-2 Dolinsk, Russia (3F)


Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  Photos of wreckage show it half buried, implying significant vertical speed at impact.... Read more

11-Sep-13 N7836S Bell 47G5 King City, US-California


Substantially damaged in force landing on road... Read more

11-Sep-13 RA-24223 Mil Mi-8 Tarko-Sale, Russia


Crashed after reported engine failure.  No injuries... Read more

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-8 Turukhansk, Russia


1 injured from 9 passengers and 3 crew on board.... Read more

12-Sep-13 AgustaWestland AW139 Baltimore, US-Maryland


Helicopter grounded after pilot found hole (possibly from a bullet) in a rotor blade on pre-flight inspection... Read more

12-Sep-13 N519PA MD Helicopters MD500DE Kauai, US-Hawaii


Operator told the press “debris flew into the main rotor blades causing some damage to the aircraft”.  FAA report says “tail rotor separated from aircrxaft”... Read more

12-Sep-13 N798JH Eurocopter AS355 nr Hanapepe, US-Hawaii


Tour helicopter struck by a bird, shattering the windshield. The only passenger on the aircraft suffered minor injuries. The aircraft landed safely at Burns Field in Hanapepe.  Registration and type quoted by FAA do not tie up – N798JH was an AS350BA previously used by the company and no longer current.... Read more

12-Sep-13 Eurocopter EC225 North Alwyn platform, North Sea, UK


Technical issues prevented take-off and required engineer next day... Read more

12-Sep-13 Mil Mi-17 Lest, Slovakia (1F)


Soldier abseiling down rope died after falling to the ground.  Reports in subsequent days suggest the rope was intentionally cut after the helicopter suffered a major malfunction and had to make an emergency landing to save the 13 on board.... Read more

12-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Springville, US-California (1F)


57-year-old volunteer Shane Krogen fell about 50 feet from a helicopter during a marijuana-eradication effort in Tulare County and died... Read more

13-Sep-13 VH-ONT Robinson R22 Armidale, Australia


An instructor and his trainee student have survived a helicopter crash in a paddock with only minor injuries.  R22 ended up on its starboard side.  Student reportedly   moved the engine mixture control instead of the carburettor heat control,... Read more

13-Sep-13 N15LA Sikorsky S70A Sylmar, US-California


Emergency landing on hillside. Helicopter needed roading out for repair. The helicopter was en route to a brush fire in the city of La Verne... Read more

13-Sep-13 SP-WNP Robinson R44 Wygonin, Poland (3F)


Crashed and consumed by fire, killing all three on board.  One was named as Krzysztof Mielewczyk, husband of a member of the Polish Parliament... Read more

14-Sep-13 AgustaWestland AW119 Selco Staritskogo, Russia (2F)


Helicopter lost contact with ATC and was not found for over two days.   Impact of the crash killed both on board.  The pilot was Margarita Afanaskina, champion of various helicopter flying competitions (see tribute from Russian Ministry of Sport).  Passenger was senior forestry official named Sergei Medvedev... Read more

16-Sep-13 F-GXRF Robinson R44 Font-Romeu, France


Pilot allowed rotor speed to decay too low on final approach – hit ground hard and rolled onto its starboard side... Read more

16-Sep-13 N204UH Bell UH-1B Idanha, US-Oregon (1F)


Logging operations – it appears the pilot released the logs, indicating he knew of a problem prior to the crash. Witnesses then saw a rotor separate from the helicopter followed by it turning upside down and falling to the ground. Pilot was named as William Bart Colantuono, 54, of Indialantic, FL... Read more

16-Sep-13 UAE (1F)


The military in the United Arab Emirates says a helicopter has crashed during a training mission, killing one crew member.  Tuesday’s statement from the UAE Armed Forces Command gave no further details.... Read more

18-Sep-13 01 Mil Mi-24P Sevastopol, Ukraine


Started to spin uncontrollably at 10m altitude.  Landed heavily, and 2 of 3 POB to hospital.... Read more

19-Sep-13 N810LE Eurocopter AS350B2 Canton, US-Mississippi


Force landing in field with patient on board – photos show tail boom separated, starboard skid collapsed.  Pilot injured his back.  Helicopter was en route to Baptist Medical Center in Jackson from Pioneer Community Hospital in Ackerman.... Read more

19-Sep-13 Sikorsky UH-60 La Pintada, Mexico (5F)


A federal police helicopter crashed into the mountain range inthe southern state of Guerrero, killing all three crew members and two passengers onboard... Read more

20-Sep-13 Westland Sea King Nigg Hill, UK


Precautionary landing after bird strike with a goose.  16 hours later it was flown to Lossiemouth for more detailed examination... Read more

21-Sep-13 PR-MOB Robinson R44 Planaltina, Brazil


Heavy landing, Skid collapsed... Read more

21-Sep-13 N22490 Bell UH-1 Black Canyon City, US-Arizona (2F)


Heavy impact, post crash fire, no survivors.  Two POB were pilot/owner Chad Nelson and passenger Brynne Smith.  This report quotes Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office saying the debris field is a radius of half a mile.... Read more

22-Sep-13 Sikorsky MH-60S Red Sea, Bahrain (2F)


An MH-60S assigned to HSC-6 crashed in the central Red Sea Sept. 22, while operating with the guided-missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110).  Three personnel are accounted for and stable but two perished – named as Lt. Cmdr. Landon L. Jones and CW3 Jonathon Shelby Gibson.  The crash was not due to any sort... Read more

25-Sep-13 N190SH Robinson R44 Flagstaff, US-Arizona


Helicopter contacted a mound of earth on landing, causing it to end up on its side. Some reports suggest the wind was gusty and may have been contributory. Two of the four POB injured and airlifted to hospital... Read more

25-Sep-13 Mil Mi-17 Chennai, India


Technical issue on Presidential helicopter prevented take-off... Read more

25-Sep-13 N95MD Eurocopter AS365N3 Leonardtown, US-Maryland


State Police helicopter made wheels-up landing and remained upright on the fuselage... Read more

26-Sep-13 SE-JHH Eurocopter EC120B Kiruna, Sweden


The occupants survived without serious injuries, but the helicopter was badly damaged. The commercial helicopter was engaged in a lifting task south of the lake Rostujaure when something went wrong... Read more

26-Sep-13 9N-AEX Eurocopter AS350B Lukla, Nepal


Skids caught on fence on final approach to land. Helicopter ended up on its starboard side, injuring all four on board, one seriously.  Occupants named here as DG Sherpa, Anita Sherpa, Lakpa Sonam Sherpa, and helicopter pilot Captain Arun Malla.... Read more

26-Sep-13 HB-ZIX Eurocopter EC120 Schwyz, Switzerland


Helicopter landed close to building, and two passengers alighted.  On take-off, the main blades hit the building, causing both of the recently alighted passengers and the pilot to be injured.  The pilot’s 12 year old son on board was unharmed.... Read more

27-Sep-13 N631DP Enstrom F28C Bloomsburg, US-Pennsylvania (1F)


69-year old pilot Carl Enlow had stopped flying tours at a fair for a refuel and to allow a relief pilot to take over.  Enlow went back to speak to the pilot who relieved him when his hat blew off his head and he was struck by the rotor when he reached for it.... Read more

29-Sep-13 Mil Mi-8 Zalingei, Sudan


UN helicopter developed a technical fault en route Zalingei to Nertiti, in Central Darfur.  Pilot turned back to Zalingei helipad and during the emergency landing the aircraft crashed and was badly damaged. All 19 passengers and 4 crew were safely evacuated, of which three passengers suffered minor injuries... Read more

29-Sep-13 Bell 47G Guadalupe, US-California


Struck powerlines on agricultural operations, cutting power to around 500 homes.  In ensuing manoeuvre, main blades cut tail boom.  Pilot not injured... Read more

29-Sep-13 Lehigh Acres, US-Florida


Crashed and subsequently completely burnt out.  Pilot Donald Purden conscious and alert... Read more

29-Sep-13 VT-HGC Bell 212 Thane, India (5F)


Helicopter en route from Juhu aerodrome in Mumbai to Aurangabad descended due to bad weather, hit high tension cables and crashed killing all five on board – named here as pilot Capt. SS Bhaduria, co-pilot Captain Allen Martin, Capt. Anshu Matta, Engg Yatin Wakade and Technician Dean D’Souza.... Read more

30-Sep-13 HAL SA316 Chetak Maktanpar, India


Indian Air Force helicopter made an emergency landing in Maktanpar town near Wankaner taluka of Morbi district today due to a technical snag, officials from the force said... Read more

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