Accidents: January 2014

01-Jan-14 N133GC Eurocopter EC130 Boulder City, US-Nevada


Heavy landing and rolled over after losing power on a post-maintenance test flight.  Pilot was only person on board... Read more

02-Jan-14 N400XL Bell 206B Temple, US-Texas


Helicopter crashed and ended up on its side... Read more

03-Jan-14 N585TJ Eurocopter Bo105 Pembroke, US-New York


Badly damaged when fell off the trailer it was being transported on Interstate 90.  Road conditions were snowy.  Helicopter was withdrawn in 2011 and has been sold to a new owner in Australia.  It still appears to be carrying old registration N505TJ (since taken up by a new Bell 429) and not its reassigned reg N585TJ.... Read more

03-Jan-14 AgustaWestland AW139 Haliburton, Canada


Lost window in flight, diverted to Muskoka airport... Read more

04-Jan-14 ZS-HOS Eurocopter AS365 Cape Town, South Africa

4-Jan-2014Source: Eurocopter

The helicopter lifted an external load of 485 kg from the deck of a vessel at sea to transport it to land. After lifting the load, the helicopter gained climbing speed and began to climb to 300 ft AMSL for the cruise. Once at 300 ft the load was reported to be stable, the PIC... Read more

07-Jan-14 ZS-RIU Eurocopter AS350B3 Grand Central, South Africa


This was a training flight and the crew was practising a simulated governor/FADEC failure when the helicopter landed hard short of the helipad, resulting in substantial damage to the skid gear, which broke off. The pilot flying closed the throttle at a height of 30 ft AGL, which resulted in a sudden decay in main... Read more

07-Jan-14 Glen Aplin, Australia


Air Ambulance helicopter went AOG at accident scene... Read more

07-Jan-14 88-26109 Sikorsky HH-60G Cley, UK (4F)


Lakenheath-based Pave Hawk helicopter crashed during a night low-level training exercise due to a multiple bird strike, killing all four on board – named as Capt Christopher S. Stover, Capt Sean M. Ruane, Technical Sergeant Dale E. Mathews and Staff Sergeant Afton M. Ponce.. The helicopter went down between a beach car park at Cley... Read more

08-Jan-14 Sikorsky MH-53E Virginia Beach, US-Virginia (3F)


Crashed into the ocean.  Four of five POB rescued, but two of the four later died, named as pilot Lt. Wesley Van Dorn and Naval Aircrewman 3rd Class Brian Collins.  Search for fifth person – pilot  Lt. Sean Christopher Snyder – was later abandoned... Read more

09-Jan-14 SE-JKP Bell 206B Rögla, Sweden


Powerline patrol – encountered wind change at low level and was unable to recover.  Main blades chopped boom... Read more

09-Jan-14 Boeing CH-47 Laurel, US-Mississippi


Safe emergency landing made with no damage to aircraft.  Helicopter AOG awaiting engineer... Read more

09-Jan-14 Eurocopter AS350 Richardson Glacier, New Zealand


Fell onto its side in landing on snow... Read more

09-Jan-14 HK-4462 Bell 206L3 Anori, Colombia (5F)


Crashed killing all five occupants – military personnel flying in a civilian helicopter.  Former president quoted here said that crash caused by FARC terrorists... Read more

10-Jan-14 F-GIZR Enstrom F28A Saint-Amans-des-Cots, France


Pilot observed a significant reduction in engine noise and a different regime. The helicopter slowly loses the height. The pilot decided to land in the countryside. A 2 meters on the ground, the device drops abruptly. One of the main rotor blades struck the ground in front of the camera then severed the tail boom.... Read more

10-Jan-14 West Palm Beach, US-Florida


Helicopter clipped wing of parked fixed wing.  Unclear whether helicopter was taking off, landing or being repositioned at the time... Read more

10-Jan-14 N3948A Eurocopter AS350B3 Falfurrias, US-Texas


Emergency landing after pilot suspected (wrongly as it happens) an engine fire.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  3 POB all injured and to hospital.  US Customs & Border Patrol helicopter was reportedly on low level work... Read more

12-Jan-14 Robinson R22 Santa Maria Madalena, Brazil


Both occupants injured on training flight after landing on top of trees.  Occupants named as Alcemir Campos Pereira, 39, and Gabriel Silva Mataruna Asuncion, 23... Read more

12-Jan-14 PP-ABW Robinson R22B Santa Maria Madalena, Brazil


Training accident – landed in the tops of the trees in a mountainous area.  Both occupants injured – named as Alcemir Campos Pereira, 39, and  Gabriel Silva Mataruna Assunção, 23.... Read more

12-Jan-14 Robinson R44 Gwanda, Zimbabwe (1F)


Helicopter crashed and burnt out.  It appears that owner/pilot Christian Malila Ndou jumped out prior to impact as his body was found 30m away from the crash site.  South African registered R44 may have been ZS-RYB (10918) but this is not yet proven... Read more

14-Jan-14 LN-OOI Eurocopter EC135P2+ Solihøgda, Norway (2F)


Air Ambulance helicopter struck powerlines (video) on final approach to road traffic accident landing site.  Norsk Luftambulanse has confirmed two of its employees have died in the accident.  Fatalities confirmed here as pilot Bjorn Nergård and doctor Anders Nakstad with the paramedic Sondre Bjartland seriously injured... Read more

15-Jan-14 Sikorsky UH-60 Savannah, US-Georgia (1F)


One killed, two injured in training accident.  Helicopter operated by Special ops 160SOAR unit.  Fatality named here as Capt. Clayton O. Carpenter... Read more

17-Jan-14 XC-BBF Bell UH-1H Tancitaro, Mexico


Hit cable at low level and crashed into wooded area.  Some reports suggest the cable was intentionally put there by the dissident groups, and that this helicopter was one of 11 put into the region to restore order after the dissident group took control. Helicopter fitted with cable cutters. 5 pOB received minor injuries, and... Read more

17-Jan-14 N578AE Eurocopter AS350B3 Houlton, US-Maine


Emergency landing followed by uncontained engine failure and fire.  2 POB safely exited helicopter... Read more

17-Jan-14 ZA130 Westland Sea King HAR.5 Androssan, UK


Emergency field landing.  Engineer called.  Flew out later same day... Read more

18-Jan-14 VT-ELD Eurocopter AS365N Birbhum, India


Helicopter wheels stuck in concrete – helipad had been hastily built for new Santiniketan-Calcutta service  and had not fully set!... Read more

20-Jan-14 N916PD Bell OH-58A Sacramento, US-California


Precautionary landing in public park.  Engineer called... Read more

21-Jan-14 VH-JYV Eurocopter EC120 Port Headland, Australia


During a practice autorotation from 1 500 ft, the engine failed and the crew completed an autorotation landing. An engineering inspection did not reveal the reason for the failure... Read more

21-Jan-14 6578 Eurocopter HH-65C New Haven Township, US-Michigan


Flying from Traverse City to Lansing for maintenance of a compass malfunction when it developed mechanical problems requiring the emergency landing.  Roaded out.... Read more

21-Jan-14 N2110J Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida


Landing accident, helicopter on its side... Read more

21-Jan-14 N51683 Enstrom 280C Showlow, US-Arizona


Substantially damaged in landing accident... Read more

21-Jan-14 N93067 Bell 47D1 Pell City, US-Alabama


Landing accident after reported transmission issue.  Skids collapsed, main blades chopped tail boom... Read more

22-Jan-14 A6-DYR Eurocopter EC130 Dubai, UAE


The helicopter impacted the helipad surface shortly after lift-off. It was airborne for less  than a minute and had climbed to approx. 20 meters. After impact, the helicopter continued to spin counter clockwise about its landing gears, on the tarmac for approximately 149 meters destroying the surrounding trees/markers before coming to rest at the end of the tarmac.... Read more

22-Jan-14 HA-5166 Bell 412EP Long Tulip, Indonesia


Precautionary landing in jungle due to weather.  Location meant that helicopter crew was out of contact for 15+ hours, causing SAR response etc.  10 POB all safe... Read more

23-Jan-14 C-GNMU Bell 206B Haines Junction, Canada


The helicopter had just been started with an ground power unit (GPU). The pilot exited the aircraft in order to disconnect the GPU, when a gust of wind pushed the helicopter into the trees next to the helipad. The pilot was not injured.  CADORS 2014C0375... Read more

23-Jan-14 N72AP Robinson R22 North Palm Beach, US-Florida


Training accident, helicopter ended up on its starboard side... Read more

23-Jan-14 MM80888 Agusta-Bell 206B Viterbo, Italy (2F)


Training flight, killing student Lieutenant Paolo Tozzi and General Feltrinelli Calligaris, head of Italian Army Aviation [named here].  Powerline reported down and press suggesting that was the cause.... Read more

24-Jan-14 HB-ZHZ Eurocopter SA315B Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Crew injured alighting from helicopter in snowy conditions... Read more

25-Jan-14 el-Kharouba, Egypt (5F)


Militants claim that an Egyptian Air Force helicopter has crashed with five fatalities.  The nearest we have managed to get to photo evidence of this accident is this press photo which claims to be a funeral of one of those in the helicopter... Read more

26-Jan-14 D-HDRL Eurocopter EC135P2 Oberwiesenthal, Germany


Landed at a ski resort.  With the rotors still turning and the crew still in the aircraft, it slid 30m down a slight (but snowy) slope until it hit a snowmobile and a sign, damaging a main rotor blade and the rear cabin area (see video of accident)... Read more

27-Jan-14 G-CCUO Hughes 500D Droitwich, UK


Shortly after takeoff the pilot experienced yaw control difficulties, resulting in the loss of control of the helicopter and a subsequent crash landing. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. In the absence of any mechanical abnormalities, the most likely cause of the accident is a loss of tail rotor effectiveness.... Read more

27-Jan-14 N207DS Bell 206L3 Silt, US-Colorado (3F)


Crashed from low level during powerline survey work for Holy Cross Energy.  All 3 POB fatally injured, including Doug Sheffer, owner and chief pilot of DBS Helicopters (from this page).  The others were named here as Larry Shaffer and Christopher Gaskill... Read more

28-Jan-14 C-GMCI Schweizer 300CBi Pitt Lake, Canada


2POB escaped unharmed.  helicopter rolled off bank into the waters of Pitt Lake, British Columbia CADORS 2014P0128... Read more

29-Jan-14 Eurocopter AS332L2 Sumburgh, UK


Pilot of offshore helicopter issued distress call 45 miles from Sumburgh and was escorted to a safe landing by Coast Guard helicopter.   Report suggests pilot had indication of a “pump failure” without providing more details.  Aircraft grounded awaiting engineering support... Read more

29-Jan-14 Mil Mi-8 Oselan, Yemen


Military helicopter (apparently carrying oil workers) crashed (5 injured)... Read more

29-Jan-14 Boeing AH-64 Richland, US-Pennsylvania


Helicopter calling emergency with one engine shut down and 2 POB.  Cambria County Airport area.  Safe night landing... Read more

30-Jan-14 Agusta 109LUH Segamat, Malaysia


Crashed in to jungle on night training flight.  Tail and main blades heavily damaged.  Described in the non-aviation press as a write-off.  4 POB injured and in hospital... Read more

31-Jan-14 N85SK Eurocopter EC130 Westminster, US-Maryland


Force landed in field near Clearview Airport... Read more

31-Jan-14 N80GH Sikorsky S76A Fort Lauderdale, US-Florida


Main rotor blades struck hangar while taxying... Read more

31-Jan-14 1417 Bell 212 Reynosa, Mexico (1F)


Unspecifiedl accident inside military base, killing one and injuring the other two occupants... Read more

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