Accidents: November 2014

01-Nov-14 N710DP Bell 407 Denver, US-Colorado


Night emergency landing into public park after bird strike broke chin window... Read more

02-Nov-14 Mil Mi-2 Yamal, Russia (2F)


Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has confirmed the death of two persons in the crash of a private Mi-2 helicopter in Yamal, northwest Siberia.  Heliccopter crashed into a lake and only the tail visible above the water... Read more

06-Nov-14 Boeing AH-64 Boise, US-Idaho (2F)


Crashed on night training mission.  The two pilos were named as Chief Warrant Officers Stien P. Gearhart, 50, of Meridian and Jon L. Hartway, 43, of Kun... Read more

08-Nov-14 ZK-HOL Composite Helicopters KC518 Silverdale, New Zealand


Emergency field landing on a test flight, ending up with helicopter lying on its side.  Pilot Peter Maloney was attended to on site, while co-pilot Herbert Idelon was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.  Location was two miles north-east of their intended destination – their home base North Shore Airfield.  See also interview... Read more

11-Nov-14 N414AE Bell 206L4 Merkel, US-Texas


Emergency night landing between two buildings after bird strike while ferrying a patient from Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene to Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock.  A nurse was reported injured by the bird entering the helicopter... Read more

13-Nov-14 F-PGVH FAMA K209 Aubenas, France


The pilot landed on runway 36. During translation to reach the taxiway, the helicopter tilts right and a main rotor blade struck the ground. The helicopter is destabilized and collides with the ground. The two people on board were evacuated by a witness and the helicopter caught fire.... Read more

13-Nov-14 N425U Eurocopter AS350BA Panguitch, US-Utah


Rolled onto its side on landing, 2 POB, one slight injured, other not injured.... Read more

15-Nov-14 N23VH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona


Rolled over on landing... Read more

18-Nov-14 VH-HPH Roibinson R22 Lavelle Station, Australia


The ATSB has commenced an investigation into a Collision with terrain involving a Robinson R22, registration VH-HPH, at Lavelle Station, Northern Territory on 18 November 2014. During air work at 1,000 feet, the tail rotor drive system failed. The helicopter commenced an uncommanded spiral and landed heavily. The pilot and passenger were not injured and... Read more

20-Nov-14 RA-04032 Airbus AS350B3 Mikhalchikovo, Russia (5F)


Crashed in foggy conditions en route from Moscow to Kstovo (Nizhny Novgorod region) between the villages of Mihalchikovo and Korabotovo. Killing the pilot and four passengers, including an 8-year-old girl.... Read more

21-Nov IAR330 Puma Malancrav, Romania (9F)


Eight of 10 POB killed in accident during military training exercise after helicopter crashed from low level and caught fire. Ninth victim died later 9on 8th December) in hospital... Read more

23-Nov-14 VH-YYS Robinson R44 Archer River, Australia


The ATSB has commenced an investigation into a Forced landing and ground fire involving a Robinson R44, VH-YYS, 56 km E of Archer River, Queensland on 23 November 2014 During cruise, the pilot detected abnormal engine indications and received a low rotor RPM warning. He conducted a forced landing into long grass which was then... Read more

27-Nov-14 Archerfield, Australia


Tail boom damaged when parked inside hangar during a hail storm which ripped off the hangar doors... Read more

27-Nov-14 VH-WSN Robinson R44 Archerfield, Australia


Blown onto side in hail storm when parked on grass... Read more

28-Nov-14 H-3215 Eurocopter AS332L1 Kiwirok, Indonesia


No immediate details of the accident, but some of the 14 POB were injured.  [MSN needs verification]... Read more

29-Nov-14 5H-TWA Robinson R44 Kipunguni, Tanzania (4F)


Helicopter crashed killing all 4 POB – Two pilots from the police force, a civilian pilot and a police officer were killed.  On final approach to Dar es Salaam’s Julius Nyerere International Airport.  Potential wake vortex issue from recently landed airliner?  Anti Poaching flight... Read more

30-Nov-14 C-26 Eurocopter EC135T2 San Miguel, Chile


The helicopter landed on scene at a road accident involving an intoxicated driver whose car hit a Carabineros vehicle.  With rotors turning, a fire department vehicle got too close and clipped the blades.  Initially the helicopter spun 90 degrees on the ground before the damage caused the tail boom to break off a few seconds... Read more

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