Accidents: March 2014

02-Mar-14 VH-YYS Robinson R44 Mareeba, Australia


During take-off on translation from hover to forward flight, the rotor blades started slapping and flapping, resulting in a loss of control. The helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

02-Mar-14 Eurocopter MH-65C Washington Island, US-Wisconsin


Emergency landing made after crew experienced “flight control malfunctions”... Read more

03-Mar-14 TG-AAA Robinson R44 El Pajal, Guatemala (3F)


Impact with terrain.  Accident killed pilot Ramón Rodríguez Toledo, copilot Andrés Berger, and Luis Paiz.... Read more

04-Mar-14 AVIC WZ-10 Weinan, China


Attack helicopter crashed into farm field.  Debris field very confined, suggesting lack of forward speed at time of accident and close proximity of pylon (photo) suggests wire strike... Read more

04-Mar-14 F-OPCD Eurocopter AS350B3 St Elie, French Guyana


Tail rotor strike on landing... Read more

06-Mar-14 N330RE Robinson R44 Dupage, US-Illinois


Field landing, no other details supplied in FAA preliminary... Read more

07-Mar-14 N761P Sikorsky S76C+ Bucyrus, US-Ohio


Engine fire forced Cleveland Clinic helicopter to make emergency landing.... Read more

09-Mar-14 Mil Mi-24 Zarzaitine, Algeria


In flight problem, emergency landing onto tarmac and heavily damaged.  Crew unhurt... Read more

10-Mar-14 CC-PXE Robinson R44 OHiggins Region, Chile


All four POB injured, and rescued by Chilean Air Force UH-1... Read more

12-Mar-14 C-GALR Bell 206B Mount Chapman, Canada


The helicopter set down right side low on the chosen sloping landing site and remained partially supported by the rotor. The pilot attempted to move to a different site nearby, but a skid dug into the snow and the helicopter entered a dynamic rollover condition and fell to the ground on its right-hand side. There... Read more

13-Mar-14 Robinson R22B Salina, US-Kansas


Emergency landing in field after mechanical issue.  Operating for K-State Salinas... Read more

13-Mar-14 PH-OKE Hughes 300C Hilversum, Netherlands


Three injured (one seriously) in low level accident at base airfield... Read more

13-Mar-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK


Helicopter turned round on flight to ENSCO 100 offshore rig following a technical warning and made a successful precautionary landing back at Aberdeen... Read more

13-Mar-14 Robinson R44 San Marcos, El Salvador (1F)


Came down into trees shortly after take off, remaining impaled ten feet up a mango treee and killing radio announcer David Diaz.  The other three occupants were all injured –  pilot Raúl Arévalo Contreras, Swiss journalist Dominic Niels and cameraman from Channel 12, Jonathan Perdomo.  The four were involved in filming and following a cycle race.  See... Read more

13-Mar-14 G-LBAL AgustaWestland AW139 Beccles, UK (4F)


4 fatalities reported in a helicopter crash at Gillingham near Beccles, Suffolk UK around 7.30pm.  Low visibility due to fog reported.  Helicopter had just taken off from Gillingham Hall bound for Northern Ireland.  Press report indicates that the fatalities included owner Edward Haughey... Read more

17-Mar-14 N229LA Eurocopter AS350B2 Los Angeles, US-California


Emergency night landing around 1.30am in stadium parking lot.  Engineer called... Read more

18-Mar-14 N250FB Eurocopter AS350B2 Seattle, US-Washington (2F)


KOMO News helicopter down in Broad Street in Seattle, more updates shortly.  Seattle Police confirm at least two fatalities – named in this article as  pilot Gary Pfitzner and KOMO photographer Bill Strothman.  The helicopter was being used in a joint partnership between KOMO and KING 5 according to this KING 5 report... Read more

19-Mar-14 HD.21-10 Eurocopter AS332B Morro Jable, Spain (4F)


Military SAR helicopter crashed into the water off the Canary Islands at 2155 CET on night training flight.  One rescued, four later confirmed dead when the helicopter was located under water.... Read more

20-Mar-14 5N-BNC Eurocopter AS332L2 Port Hardcourt, Nigeria


Substantially damaged in hangar fire.  A second Super Puma was destroyed in the same fire... Read more

20-Mar-14 5N-BGP Eurocopter AS332L1 Port Hardcourt, Nigeria


Heavily damaged in hangar fire.  A second Super Puma was also damaged in the same fire... Read more

20-Mar-14 Sikorsky S92 Aberdeen, UK


Engine warning – All 16 passengers and two crew landed in safely at Aberdeen Airport and the helicopter is being inspected by engineers.... Read more

20-Mar-14 Wharerata, New Zealand (1F)


Passenger killed in accident at forestry site with helicopter being used for delivering supplies and equipment from one site to another.  Pilot has minor injuries.  Fatality named as Donald Carlton Kain, 53, a forestry supervisor... Read more

21-Mar-14 G-OLCP Airbus AS355N Peterborough, UK


The helicopter was hover taxiing from its parking position towards the runway. As it did so, the tail of a Cessna 152 parked at a nearby refuelling point lifted and, under the influence of the rotor wash and a relatively strong surface wind, the aircraft came to rest inverted.... Read more

22-Mar-14 VH-YPS Robinson R22 Fitzroy Crossing, Australia


During the cruise, an object which had been secured with a seat belt, became loose and jammed the cyclic control, resulting in the helicopter nose pitching down. The helicopter collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage.... Read more

22-Mar-14 N44MD Robinson R44 Menard, US-Texas


Tail strike on landing... Read more

22-Mar-14 SE-JRB Eurocopter AS365N3 Gallivare, Sweden


Tail boom stabiliser fin lost inflight.  Minor damage to belly of aircraft... Read more

22-Mar-14 N44MD Robinson R44 Menard, US-Texas


Tail strike on landing at 20.05 local... Read more

22-Mar-14 VH-WSR Bell 412EP Newcastle, Australia


During the cruise, the crew observed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at about 1,000 ft above ground level. The UAV turned and tracked towards the helicopter and the helicopter crew took evasive action to avoid a collision.... Read more

23-Mar-14 PP-SSP Robinson R22B Ribeirão Preto, Brazil (2F)


Crashed in corn field with two fatalities... Read more

25-Mar-14 Sikorsky UH-60 Hebron, Israel


Force landing due to technical difficulties... Read more

26-Mar-14 G-ODAZ Robinson R44 Wittering, UK


While flying at 1,000 ft in VMC conditions, the helicopter struck a bird which the pilot identified as a buzzard. The pilot carried out a precautionary landing to inspect the helicopter, which suffered a broken windscreen transparency. After the inspection, the pilot continued the flight to his destination at White Waltham. He reported that he... Read more

27-Mar-14 N497E Bell OH-58A Tehachapi, US-California


Helicopter was damaged in hard landing around 1.48am, but the pilot was able to regain control and fly it back to the Tehachapi Airport.... Read more

27-Mar-14 VH-HRX Robinson R22 Borroloola, Australia


During aerial mustering operations, the helicopter collided with terrain resulting in substantial damage. The pilot sustained serious injuries.... Read more

29-Mar-14 Boeing CH-47D Akamas, Cyprus


Emergency field landing... Read more

29-Mar-14 G-BYCF Robinson R22 Elstree, UK


The student pilot was attempting a solo lift from a grass surface. Whilst applying left cyclic input to correct a right side low condition, the helicopter rolled rapidly to the left in what was reported as a dynamic rollover incident.... Read more

30-Mar-14 N147WT Bell 47G3B1 Oglesby, US-Texas


Engine malfunction at low level while hog hunting.  Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

31-Mar-14 Eurocopter EC130 Chillicothe, US-Ohio


EMS helicopter AOG on scene at night, blocking highway... Read more

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