Accidents: April 2014

04-Apr-14 N43MA Bell 206B Missoula, US-Montana


Rolled over onto its side in an open field on a training flight.  Minor injuries to the two POB.  NTSB report here... Read more

04-Apr-14 N361CR AgustaWestland AW109SP Astoria, US-Oregon


A ship pilot was seriously injured when he was being transferred via external sling from the helicopter to a container ship at night.  No damage to helicopter... Read more

05-Apr-14 G-OJMF Enstrom 280FX Kirchham, Austria (1F)


Crashed into a heavily forested area on a night flight.  Pilot killed, and the two other occupants seriously injured... Read more

06-Apr-14 N441JL Robinson R44 Las Vegas, US-Nevada


Emergency field landing with time given by FAA as 00:11 local.  No injuries to the 4 POB... Read more

06-Apr-14 N13HG Robinson R22 Range Creek, US-Utah (2F)


Pilot Robin Venuti, 38 and passenger Albert Rubio killed when helicopter crashed in “treacherous terrain” on elk-hunting flight... Read more

07-Apr-14 Mil MI-17 Kalat, Pakistan


Helicopter down – unclear from press reports if damaged or not.  All crew and passengers reported safe... Read more

07-Apr-14 ZJ187 Boeing AH-64D Maryculter, UK


Emergency field landing due to mechanical issue, no apparent damage.... Read more

08-Apr-14 VT-MAB Eurocopter AS350BA Chakvali, India


Experienced severe vibrations and made an emergency/forced landing at an agricultural field 12 NM short of the destination.... Read more

09-Apr-14 N395P Eurocopter AS350B3 Albuquerque, US-New Mexico


Crashed on hospital roof just off the helipad.  3 POB with pilot reported injured by local press.  No patient on board.  UNM later issued this video of the accident from CCTV cameras... Read more

09-Apr-14 C-FCSV Eurocopter AS350B2 Fermont, Canada


AS350-B2 with a pilot and three passengers on board, took off while it was near a communication tower. During takeoff, the pilot wanted to bypass the tower and conduct a takeoff facing the wind away from the guy wires. Nevertheless, the main rotor came into contact with a guy wire and the aircraft crashed into... Read more

09-Apr-14 Sikorsky UH-60 Wisemans Ferry, Australia


Immediate landing after unspecified cockpit warning light.  No reported damage... Read more

10-Apr-14 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK


S92 helicopter returned to North Sea rig Brent Delta on flight to Scatsa after experiencing significant airframe vibration... Read more

10-Apr-14 Bell 407 Mujiayu, China (1F)


Training accident, one pilot with very minor injuries but the other with head injuries which proved fatal... Read more

11-Apr-14 Sydney, Australia


EMS helicopter went AOG on scene on M7 motorway... Read more

11-Apr-14 ZK-ING Hughes 269B Haast, New Zealand (2F)


Darryl Condon, 51, and Neale Gray, 54 killed on flight returning back to base at Bruce Bay after maintenance at Wanaka... Read more

11-Apr-14 Harbin H425 Grootfontein, Namibia (5F)


Failed to gain height on flight to Windhoek.  Four killed in accident of 10 POB, fifth died shortly after in hospital according to Facebook page of local press Informanté... Read more

13-Apr-14 JW-9505 Agusta-Bell 412 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Crashed on take-off, ending up on its side with rotorhead against the hangar wall, injuring Tanzania’s vice president Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal and some of the others on board – total 11 POB... Read more

13-Apr-14 N78CS Helicycle Reno, US-Nevada (1F)


Single-seat recently-completed amateur-build helicopter crashed fatally shortly after take-off from Reno Stead Airport.  See also NTSB report... Read more

19-Apr-14 ZK-HZL Eurocopter AS350BA Taupo, New Zealand


Heavy landing, 2 POB, one with slight injuries.  Reported that it clipped a tree on final approach... Read more

20-Apr-14 BPS-02 Eurocopter AS350B3 Xaraga, Botswana (3F)


Crashed on route from Gumare to Maun, killing all 3 POB.  Named by the Botswana Government here as Superintendent Keokeditswe Sobatha of Molepolole, Assistant Superintendent Shepherd Ntobedzi of Kalakamati and Inspector Ricardo Mabotho of Lekgolobotlo... Read more

23-Apr-14 C-FHSJ Robinson R44 Cooks Bay, Canada


departed from a private residence in Queensville, Ontario for a local flight with the pilot and two passengers on board. During a landing in a marshy area of the Holland Marsh near Cooks Bay, a skid cut in the soft earth and the helicopter dynamically rolled over. There were no injuries and the helicopter was... Read more

23-Apr-14 C-FHSJ Robinson R44 Holland Marsh, Canada


Departed from a private residence in Queensville, Ontario for a local flight with the pilot and two passengers on board. During a landing in a marshy area of the Holland Marsh near Cooks Bay, a skid cut in the soft earth and the helicopter dynamically rolled over. There were no injuries and the helicopter was... Read more

23-Apr-14 OK-VAC Robinson R44 Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic


Blade hit tail cone during training autorotation.... Read more

24-Apr-14 N43691 Rotorway Exec 162F Magnetic Springs, US-Ohio


Emergency landing in cornfield, which got set alight and several acres were burned.  Both occupants airlifted to hospital – owner 81-year-old Henry Brecher of Columbus and 50-year-old Todd Cramer of Dublin.... Read more

25-Apr-14 N90636 Hughes 269A Cleburne, US-Texas


Both occupants injured – the owner’s son on a training flight with an instructor.  Heavily damaged... Read more

25-Apr-14 N32VB Robinson R44 Liberty, US-Missouri


Crashed from the hover, fell onto its side... Read more

25-Apr-14 808 Boeing AH-64E Taoyuan County, Taiwan


Crashed into residential area on a training flight.  Very heavily damaged – images... Read more

26-Apr-14 PR-HFC Eurocopter AS355 Oroco, Brazil


The helicopter yawed to the left moments before landing, and the tail rotor ended up hitting some bushes. There was substantial damage to the tail rotor blades... Read more

26-Apr-14 ZF540 Westland Lynx Mk.9A Kandahar, Afghanistan (5F)


Lynx was one of two taking part in air-to-ground gunnery training when it was lost with all on board – named (eg. here) as Capt Thomas Clarke, WO2 Spencer Faulkner and Cpl James Walters of the Army Air Corps died alongside Flt Lt Rakesh Chauhan of the Royal Air Force and L/Cpl Oliver Thomas of... Read more

27-Mar-14 Lucknow, India


Bird strike with large bird, possibly an eagle.  Uneventful emergency landing.  VVIP on board – Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and his MP wife Dimple escaped unhurt... Read more

27-Apr-14 N606BP MD Helicopters MD600N Adelanto, US-California


Crashed on take-off, hit ground hard and rolled over.  THe helicopter appears to have lost its anti-torque system, causing it to start to spin as it lifted off.  Significantly damaged.  One of three POB airflifted to hospital... Read more

29-Apr-14 C-GREU Bell 205A.1 Vernon, Canada


Tail rotor clipped windsock on take-off for training flight.  Minor damage, landed safety. CADORS 2014P0551... Read more

29-Apr-14 N37929 Hughes OH-6 Boulder, US-Utah


FAA: “Went into an embankment and rolled onto its side”. One TV station reported it as a hard landing during a mission aimed at livestock predator control.... Read more

29-Apr-14 Eurocopter EC225 Shetland, UK


Offshore helicopter diverted to Sumburgh Airport due to warning light.  Airport was on full emergency alert.  Safe landing.  18 pax and 2 crew... Read more

30-Apr-14 Bell 206B Gold River, Canada


Problem on take off from logging site, emergency landing during which main blades chopped tail boom.  Operator has two Bell 206s – C-GSEE (451) and C-GLOG (3186).  Minor injuries to 4 POB... Read more

30-Apr-14 RA-06217 Robinson R44 Inta, Russia (1F)


Sole occupant pilot killed in accident – later named as Дмитрий Комиссаров (Dmitry Komissarov), 49-year old general director of  Завод железобетонных изделий (Concrete Products Plant).  Completely destroyed – See photo... Read more

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