Accidents: May 2014

01-May-14 F-GVFE Eurocopter AS365N Maripasoula, French Guiana


Starboard gear damaged in heavy landing at night... Read more

01-May-14 N119HF AgustaWestland AW119 Lumberton, US-New Jersey


Emergency services responding.  Crash timed at 11.07am Eastern.  Helicopter ended upright with tail boom chopped off by one of the main blades and the rest of the tail – including the tail rotor gear box and blades – lying nearby... Read more

01-May-14 SP-SFC Mil Mi-2 Czesty, Poland

1-May-2014Source: SP-SFC

Privately owned Mi-2 fell onto its side in accident in open field.  Main blades contacted tail boom.  7 POB, of which five to hospital.  Registration confirmed by this tweet... Read more

01-May-14 N802CP Robinson R22 Frederick, US-Maryland


During low level hover while training, helicopter fell to the ground and onto its starboard side... Read more

01-May-14 TF-HDW Eurocopter AS350B2 Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland


Flew  into the side of the Eyjafjallajökull Glacier in low visibility, 4 POB not seriously injured.... Read more

01-May-14 Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK


Bristow EC225 en route to Talisman’s Clyde platform returned to base after a warning light came on... Read more

01-May-14 OK-SPW Robinson R44 Solice, Czech Republic


Impacted terrain from a low altitude near Sollice, Prague-East District in Central Bohemia. The helicopter came to rest inverted, sustaining apparent substantial damage and the four occupants onboard (2 adults, 2 small children) were not injured.... Read more

02-May-14 PR-FPL Eurocopter EC120 Luiziania, Brazil


During the approach for landing as part of a hydraulic failure training, with the aircraft already sustaining “ground effect”, a high level of vibration occurred . In the sequence, the aircraft skidded to the left and rolled, colliding with the ground. The aircraft sustained breakage of the main rotor blades and tail boom. It also sustained substantial... Read more

03-May-14 N7895B Bell 47G Whittier, US-California


Partial engine failure and hard landing and roll-over onto port side.  Minor injuries to 2 POB.  100 gallons of fuel spilt, but no fire.... Read more

03-May-14 PT-HTQ Bell 206L3 LongRanger Aquiraz, Brazil


Reports of a “bang” and loss of control and pilot Arcelino Matos Brito put the helicopter down into the water close to the short.  6 POB including the deputy mayor of Aquiraz Callou Marcos Barros, and two aged 11 and 14, all got out safely, helped to the shore by beachgoers.  Video of recovery of... Read more

03-May-14 N407MH Bell 407 Telluride, US-Colorado


Emergency landing onto snow at 10,000 ft altitude, damaging blades, after reported engine problem.... Read more

03-May-14 5Y-EVU Eurocopter AS350 Tipilikwani, Kenya


Helicopter damaged by passenger who “ran amok” with blade tie-down bar.  Damage included windscreen, fuselage and doors... Read more

04-May-14 MD Helicopters MD500 West Nicholson, Zimbabwe


Helicopter crashed and owner Frikkie Lutzkie arranged for wreckage to be buried.  Certain aspects of press reports (including date) do not tie up – but read reports of this accident in conjunction with another incident from May 2012 relating to another helicopter and the same owner... Read more

05-May-14 ZK-HJC Kawasaki BK117B1 Springston, New Zealand


Emergency field landing when transferring a patient from Ashburton Hospital to Christchurch Hospital when an indication warning light turned on.  Representative from operator referred to it as a “heavy landing”. No injuries to 5 POB... Read more

08-May-14 TU-HAA Eurocopter AS365N Takoradi, Ghana (4F)


Offshore rig support helicopter operated by Volta River Aviation, working for Lukoil.  8 POB.  Four deceased (one named as Samuel Sambo and another as Walter Agbetimevor), and four rescued.  Helicopter appears to have broken up, given image in this story.  Helicopter was en route from Takoradi to the Jack Ryan drillship.  Registration confirmed as TU-HAA in... Read more

12-May-14 VH-SWQ Cicare CH-7B Barcaldine, Australia (1F)


During cattle spotting operations, the helicopter impacted trees and collided with terrain, coming to rest inverted. The helicopter was substantially damaged and the pilot was fatally injured – named here as Michael Wills... Read more

12-May-14 Mil Mi-24 Elwak, Kenya (1F)


1 fatality of 12 POB. Helicopter came down shortly after take off from Elwak in Mandera County, heading to Garissa County... Read more

13-May-14 C-FHPC Eurocopter AS350BA Sept-Iles, Canada


Helicopter hit wire in flight followed by a hard landing, which activated the ELT. Both persons on board were reported as being okay (pilot with no injuries and passenger with only sore ribs). CADORS 2014Q0857... Read more

13-May-14 VH-HEP Robinson R22 Hughenden, Australia


Helicopter was conducting aerial mustering operations. It was reported that the helicopter’s main rotor clipped a tree and that the aircraft landed in long grass where it was destroyed by fire. The pilot was uninjured.... Read more

17-May-14 VH-OSQ Bell OH-58A Coffs Harbour, Australia


During the initial climb, passing about 100 ft above ground level, the engine lost power. The pilot conducted a forced landing and the helicopter landed heavily, resulting in substantial damage to the landing skid and tail boom.... Read more

18-May-14 VH-HAY Robinson R22 Fitzroy Crossing, Australia


R22  conducting mustering operations near Fitzroy Crossing WA, collided with terrain. The pilot sustained minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

18-May-14 N16414 Bell 47G Bakersfield, US-California


Skid caught on ground handling trailer on take-off and rolled onto its side... Read more

18-May-14 N840PA Eurocopter AS350B3 Peach Springs, US-Arizona (1F)


After landing, the pilot exited the running helicopter; shortly thereafter the helicopter became airborne without the pilot at the flight controls. The helicopter subsequently impacted the ground and rolled over. The pilot was struck by one or more of the main rotor blades and was fatally injured.... Read more

19-May-14 Robinson R22 Tomaszów Bolesławiecki, Poland


Crashed heavily in open ploughed field and remained upright. Reported engine issues.  Blades still attached at root, skid splayed out NOTE – this is wrongly reported elsewhere as G-OLRT.  The boom from the real G-OLRT (which is still in UK) was sold to a Polish buyer, who fitted it on another R22 without correcting the... Read more

19-May-14 RA-07232 Eurocopter EC120B Lepsari, Russia (2F)


Crashed into wooded area killing both on board... Read more

21-May-14 C-GLHZ Eurocopter AS350B3 Conklin, Canada


The helicopter was performing some sling operations and the load became unstable which caused the loss of control. CADORS 2014C1821... Read more

21-May-14 Eurocopter EC225 Aberdeen, UK


Emergency landing... Read more

21-May-14 N55SL Bell 206L Beverly, US-Massachusetts


Heavy landing with tail missing – boom potentially sliced by main blades... Read more

21-May-14 Abalo-kodi, Uganda


Pilot lost control after bird strike reported as “an eagle”... Read more

23-May-14 N260TA Bell UH-1H Waitsburg, US-Washington


Owner Tom Archer was taking off from his own property after not flying the helicopter in about a month.  Rotorhead and main blades ended up 10-15m from the fuselage... Read more

23-May-14 VH-WDB Robinson R22 Congararra Station, Australia


During approach to land, the tail boom detached from the helicopter. The helicopter touched down then rolled over. The pilot sustained no injuries but the helicopter was destroyed.... Read more

23-May-14 C-GVTM Bell 206 Chamiss Bay, Canada


Dynamic roll over on take-off after catching a fuel drum with a skid. The pilot, the sole occupant, sustained minor injuries. The 406 ELT activated and was shut off immediately. CADORS 2014P0717... Read more

23-May-14 N4081H Robinson R22 Santa Paula, US-California (1F)


County fire spokesman said the helicopter apparently clipped and downed power lines before crashing. A brush fire broke out that burned less than an acre before it was put out.  Fatal injuries to sole occupant pilot – named here as Philip Margolis... Read more

24-May-14 Robinson R44 Casares, Spain (1F)


Contacted powerlines and crashed, killing sole occupant pilot.  Post crash fire.  Helicopter apparently Swiss registered judging by flag on tail in this image   Based on the colour scheme it could be one of HB-ZJK (12182), HB-ZPE (12862), HB-ZSA (10365), HB-ZSC (13426) – although it is also possible that an R44 previously flown in Switzerland (and... Read more

25-May-14 N9023Z Brantly B2B Hart-Miller Island, US-Maryland


Helicopter was reported “in difficulties” and had reported tail rotor control issues.  Hard landing, helicopter fell over onto its port side on landing.  Pilot and Passenger walked away... Read more

26-May-14 Weaverville, US-California


Homebuild helicopter, according to press story.  Pilot to hospital... Read more

26-May-14 N365WM Eurocopter AS365N2 Constantine, US-Michigan


Hand landing causing damage to nose wheel and starboard landing wheels.  Helicopter came to rest on an angle without the blades striking the ground... Read more

28-May-14 M20-17 Eurocopter SA316 Pokok Sena, Malaysia


Emergency landing in school field.  Press refers to “trainee pilot” so we assume on a training flight.  Later flown to base for closer inspection... Read more

28-May-14 Sikorsky S92 North Sea, UK


Temporarily grounded after fuel leakage on offshore “floating storage unit”... Read more

28-May-14 Boeing CH-47 Maruf District, Afghanistan (1F)


An ISAF service member died as a result of a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan.  One report states the Chinook contacted a telecoms tower when taking off at night.... Read more

28-May-14 Bell 47G Ripley Township, US-Minnesota (1F)


Crahed into roof of barn.  Pilot named in news reports as Gary Oleen, aged 71, critically injured.  AirCare helicopter attended per this YouTube clip On 05-Jun-14 this became a fatal accident following the pilot’s death from his injuries as reported here... Read more

28-May-14 N392GP Robinson R44 Chugiak, US-Alaska (1F)


Pilot killed during loadlifting training operations – named here as Thomas Moore.  Post crash fire.  Ground crew seriously burned in attempts to rescue pilot... Read more

29-May-14 N66CN Robinson R66 Woodhead Pass, UK


Emergency landing due to weather with three on board going to a rugby match at Huddersfield... Read more

29-May-14 Mil Mi-8 Slavyansk, Ukraine (14F)


Ukraine AF helicopter shot down by rebel forces... Read more

11-Jun-14 Bell 407 US-Gulf of Mexico


Contolled landing close to rig.  Floats deployed and helicopter remained upright on floats on calm seas, 6 POB safely evacuated by liferaft... Read more

30-May-14 N650MH Bell OH-58 Whitefield, US-Maine


Helicopter came down into woods one mile from home base.  Helicopter remained upright with heavy landin... Read more

31-May-14 N902CP Schweizer 300C Temple, US-Texas


Rotor separated on landing... Read more

31-May-14 N7122E Robinson R22 San Manuel, US-Arizona


Struck powerline and impacted the ground... Read more

31-May-14 AgustaWestland AW139 Balsam Lake, Canada


Door came open in flight. en route to Haliburton from Toronto... Read more

31-May-14 Mil Mi-8 Munozero Lake, Russia (16F)


At least 16 people were missing after a helicopter believed to be carrying top regional officials and businessmen crashed into a lake in northwestern Russia, police and the emergencies ministry said... Read more

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