Accidents: June 2014

02-Jun-14 XZ936 Eurocopter SA341 Boscombe Down, UK


On touchdown the aircraft ‘porpoised’, initially nose down, due to contact with the heels of the skids followed almost immediately by the cyclic being displaced fully aft and a progressive left (lateral) cyclic displacement. The cyclic was then centralised longitudinally as the aircraft pitched up before it was again displaced fully aft, on this occasion... Read more

03-Jun-14 N78291 Rotorway Exec 162F Merced, US-California


Crashed into field and landed on its side in crop over 1m tall.  Only skids visible in photos... Read more

03-Jun-14 XB-IYO Robinson R44 Veracruz, Mexico


Force landing in water about 1 metre deep.  Minor damage to fuselage plus obvious water damage throughout.  Pilot named in press report as Fausto Calderón with his brother as passenger... Read more

03-Jun-14 G-IDUP Enstrom F280C Sywell, UK


Main blades hit hangar while manoevering close to the fuel pumps... Read more

04-Jun-14 N223G Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona


Force landing in a field one mile from destination airport... Read more

05-Jun-14 Bell TH-57 Whiting Field, US-Florida


Both instructor and student injured in training flight accident at NAS Whiting Field... Read more

07-Jun-14 PT-YJJ Helibras AS350B Rio Araguaia, Brazil (5F)


The aircraft departed from a camping area on an island of the Araguaia River  at 1.30am, destined for a helipad in the town of Aruanã. Soon after getting airborne, at a distance of approximately 700m from the point of origin, while still on the departure axis, the aircraft crashed into the ground, killing all five on... Read more

08-Jun-14 N504MP MD Helicopters MD500E Gilbert, US-Arizona


Reported engine failure during night patrol – in ensuing hard landing the tail boom was broken.  2 POB not injured.  Accident was around 1am... Read more

11-Jun-14 N356EV Eurocopter AS350B3 Anchorage, US-Alaska


Engine and main rotor over-speed event during engine start, resulting in ground resonance and substantial damage to the helicopter’s fuselage, and main rotor drive system.... Read more

11-Jun-14 N207MY Bell 206L4 Terrebonne Bay, US-Gulf of Mexico (2F)


Helicopter ditched in Gulf of Mexico.  US Coast Guard found two bodies and helicopter appears to have sunk.  The two victims were identified as George Leloup, the pilot of the helicopter, and Rory Bourgeois, a technician with BNA Marine Services.... Read more

12-Jun-14 G-BWAV Schweizer S300C Dunsfold, UK


The pilot was attempting a practice autorotation when the accident occurred. He did not realise that he had failed to achieve a split between engine and rotor rpm, with the result that the rotor rpm reduced to below the normal operating range. The pilot was unable to prevent the helicopter striking the ground hard. It... Read more

13-Jun-14 Rishikesh, India


Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawa fractured a bone in his neck after the helicopter “suffered three consecutive jolts” within a couple of minutes after its take-off.  Emergency landing made shortly after.  The CM was only wearing a seatbelt loosely... Read more

13-Jun-14 N555YE Eurocopter EC135P2+ Lanai, US-Hawaii


Safe emergency landing after engine failure... Read more

13-Jun-14 OO-JCS Schweizer S300C Cerfontaine, Belgium (1F)


Annual licence renewal flight.  Instructor Louis Janssens (69) from Theux died in the accident... Read more

15-Jun-14 Bell 206B Rowlett, US-Texas


Emergency landing in park, possibly due to mechanical issue... Read more

16-Jun-14 EP-665 Mil MI-171Sh Ayacucho, Peru


Four of five POB injured.  Crashed into trees on take off from the grounds of the barracks No. 42 of counterinsurgency battalion Vraem (who do counter narcotics work)... Read more

17-Jun-14 N536T Bell 206B Decatur, US-Texas


Substantially damaged during autorotation landing... Read more

17-Jun-14 N6094H Eurocopter AS350BA Waihee, US-Hawaii


Precautionary field landing, no injuries, after reported mechanical issues.  All six passengers were guests of the Make-A-Wish charity.... Read more

17-Jun-14 N152CC Schweizer 300CBi Allentown, US-Pennsylvania


Substantially damaged, injuring female pilot.  High vertical force impact, remained on skids... Read more

17-Jun-14 3C-OG Bell OH-58B Wattener Lizum, Austria (1F)


Crashed in mountainous area at 2000m agl, landing very heavily and killing one of the 3 on board.  Taking part in the exercise “Schutz 2014” NOTE – this is wrongly quoted elsewhere as 3C-OD but has been confirmed to by Austrian military authorities that the subject helicopter was 3C-OG... Read more

18-Jun-14 N74713 Robinson R44 Coldfoot, US-Alaska


Uncommanded descent and crashed on landing.  Helicopter was carrying a team from the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys... Read more

19-Jun-14 N784SH Robinson R22 Greensfield, US-Missouri


Helicopter fell onto its starboard side during a training flight... Read more

19-Jun-14 Boeing AH-64 Leray, US-New York


Tenth Combat Aviation officials say the pilots were conducting a maintenance test flight over Jefferson County  when an emergency light came on in the cockpit.... Read more

19-Jun-14 NH Industries NH90 Termez, Uzbekistan


Helicopter damaged after engine failure on medical flight.  Helicopter reportedly still in place four months later and cannot be flown... Read more

20-Jun-14 N681SH Robinson R22 Long Beach, US-California


Rolled onto its side on landing... Read more

20-Jun-14 CC-PXA Robinson R44 La Parva, Chile


Written off.  4 POB – two adults, two children – got out OK... Read more

20-Jun-14 VH-NKW Bell 206L3 Taroom, Australia


While conducting sling load operations, the load at the end of the long line became tangled. The pilot attempted to land the helicopter, however when at about 10 ft above ground level, the line pulled tight. The pilot was unable to release the line, and the helicopter collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The... Read more

20-Jun-14 OK-LPS Robinson R22 Prague, Czech Republic


Emergency field landing with high vertical force impact.  Skids splayed out... Read more

21-Jun-14 RA-3121K Mil Mi-2 Staromavrinskoe, Russia


Both pilots seriously injured in low level accident involving powerlines during agricultural operations – named as Anatoly Kurilov and Alexander Fumchenko... Read more

21-Jun-14 N6828D Rotorway Exec 162F Mount Comfort, US-Indiana


Landed in a field of crop and fell onto its side.  2 POB walk away... Read more

23-Jun-14 N407EM Eurocopter AS350B2 Leary, US-Texas


Substantially damaged in field landing... Read more

24-Jun-14 Komu, Kenya


Crashed on routine training flight... Read more

24-Jun-14 N544BS Robinson R44 Nashville, US-Tennessee


Loss of power on climb-out from John C Tune Airport  after refuelling there, emergency landing made on highway, damaging tail boom.  2 POB unhurt – reported here as registered owner Lenny Sikora and his girlfriend – and they got out, put the ground handling wheels on and moved the helicopter to the side of the... Read more

24-Jun-14 LN-OSY Airbus AS350B3e Hjerkinn, Norway


Helicopter lost height and crashed within 30 seconds of take off – video of incident here. Helicopter was operating for the military and ended up on its side, heavily damaged.  5 POB all got out OK.  Helicopter was delivered new less than six weeks prior to accident.... Read more

24-Jun-14 Mil Mi-8 Slaviansk, Ukraine (9F)


All nine on board killed when Ukrainian Army helicopter shot down by rebel forces... Read more

25-Jun-14 Robinson R44 Bagotville, Canada


During the descent for landing, the pilot was not able to stop the descent and yaw. The pilot pushed the cyclic to exit the vortex and pick up speed, but the main rotor collided with the ground and the aircraft rolled to a stop on the ground. CADORS 2014Q1246... Read more

25-Jun-14 Bell AH-1F Multan, Pakistan (2F)


Crashed on a night flying training mission.  2 POB Killed, and they were named here as Major Yasir and Captain Murtaza... Read more

26-Jun-14 Boeing AH-64 Molinelli, US-Alabama


Night training flight... Read more

26-Jun-14 Mil MI-35 Tikrit, Iraq (5F)


Shot down by insurgents.  All 5 POB killed.  The link given is reported to be the subject helicopter, but we have not been able to corroborate that.  Similarly one source quotes registration YI-352 but no supporting evidence... Read more

27-Jun-14 N560LH Robinson R44 Quincy, US-Washington


Crashed after striking a pole during agricultural work... Read more

27-Jun-14 N69PJ Eurocopter AS350 Mayhill, US-New Mexico


Landed heavily causing damage.  2 of 4 POB to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries... Read more

28-Jun-14 RA-1588G Robinson R66 Temnolesskaya, Russia (4F)


Details not yet known, but helicopter crashed killing all four POB including pilot A.I. Goncharenko, businessman Samvel Elugyan plus his 22-year-old daughter Alina Elugyan and 13-year-old son Eugene Elugyan.  Post crash fire... Read more

29-Jun-14 N350CR Eurocopter AS350B2 Dietrich, US-Idaho


Helicopter completely demolished in crash in hay field.  All three occupants airlifted to hospital... Read more

30-Jun-14 RA-24541 Mil Mi-8 Chekunda, Russia


15 POB (including 12 firefighters) survived the crash of this Mi-8.  Post crash fire.  Registration validated by this local language report... Read more

21-Jun-14 Mil Mi-8 Lyzohubivka, Ukraine (3F)


Crashed en route from Nezhin air base to Chuhuiv air base.  Quoted by one source as “21 yellow” msn 9788612 but with no evidence provided to validate... Read more

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