Accidents: July 2014

01-Jul-14 N225TV Robinson R44 Olathe, US-Kansas


Tail strike on landing... Read more

02-Jul-14 Failaka Island, Kuwait


Damaged in emergency landing... Read more

03-Jul-14 N684PC Bell 47G3B2 Gaston, US-Oregon


Rigging for lifting work caught on skid on take-off and helicopter fell to the ground hard.  Pilot reported here as 31-year-old Warren Larson... Read more

03-Jul-14 N832PA Airbus AS350B3 Winnemucca, US-Nevada


Heavy landing during sling-load operations for Bureau of Land Management.  Level of damage not known.... Read more

04-Jul-14 Sikorsky S61 Halat, Lebanon


Emergency landing for a firefighting helicopter – Lebanon has three ex Bristow S61s registered AD-1601 through 1603... Read more

04-Jul-14 RF-31351 Mil Mi-26 Khabarovsk, Russia


Caught fire during refuelling and completely burnt out (photo)... Read more

05-Jul-14 RA-04288 Robinson R44 Novosheshminskij, Russia


Substantially damaged in hard landing due to poor weather – fast approaching thunderstorm with associated winds.  Pilot Vadim Gilmanov was seriously injured, but his life is not in danger according to reports... Read more

06-Jul-14 ZK-HON Schweizer 300C Ward, New Zealand


Crashed on hunting expedition.  Both occupants airlifted – pilot Grant McCallum with a broken leg and passenger Sam Kersten with serious back injuries... Read more

07-Jul-14 Mil Mi-171 Hanoi, Vietnam (18F)


Military helicotpter on parachute training flight came down killing 16 and injuring a further 5.  2 of the 5 succumbed to their injuries in hospital within 48 hours, taking the toll up to 18... Read more

10-Jul-14 RA-23721 Mil Mi-2 Varyeganskiy, Russia (1F)


Tail boom (or rotor?) hit wires on take-off, causing crash.  Tail some metres from rest of wreckage, but unclear if that was contributory or result of accident.  Aircraft had been leased by Lukoil and had just dropped off oil workers. Pilot Nicholas Vandakurov killed.... Read more

10-Jul-14 MAP-7712 Mil Mi-17V-5 Strumica, Macedonia (4F)


Police helicopter on night mission hit 140m high antenna, and crashed to the ground killing all four on board.  Cabin burnt out in post-crash fire... Read more

12-Jul-14 N88771 Bell 47K Kingston, US-Washington


Ditched in shallow water.  3 POB got out OK, one named by local press as Tatyana Kutsenko... Read more

12-Jul-14 VH-ZZM Robinson R22 Dingo, Australia


While conducting a practice autorotation, the helicopter collided with terrain. The helicopter was substantially damaged and a pilot sustained serious injuries.  As part of the investigation, the ATSB will interview the pilot and gather additional information.... Read more

12-Jul-14 N9061R Hughes 269A Howe, US-Texas


Crashed in unknown circumstances... Read more

13-Jul-14 N230DM Robinson R44 Colfax, US-Iowa


Force landed in field  ... Read more

14-Jul-14 SE-JKJ MD Helicopters MD600N Lennartsnäs, Sweden


Substantially damaged when it turned over on landing.  Pilot got out OK.... Read more

14-Jul-14 Harbin Z-9 Dangkor, Cambodia (5F)


Five military trainees killed and one seriously injured.  The helicopter was one of 12 helicopters Cambodia bought from China last year to boost its military capacity.... Read more

16-Jul-14 G-PACL Robinson R22 Liverpool, UK


While practising a simulated engine failure in the hover, the helicopter rolled about its left skid and came to rest on its side.... Read more

17-Jul-14 N507CF AgustaWestland AW109E Newkirk, US-New Mexico (3F)


Night EMS flight flying from Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe to Tucumcari.  All three on board killed.  No patient being carried at the time... Read more

17-Jul-14 HL9461 Eurocopter AS365N3 Gwangju, Korea (5F)


Firefighting helicopter crashed in built-up area killing all five on board – video online shows helicopter descending at high speed in 70 degree nose-down attitude.  Aircraft identified from this photo showing a Dauphin tail with GW001 code and this photo tracking it to HL9461... Read more

18-Jul-14 RA-70902 Mil Mi-8MTV Kujus, Russia


Emergency landing, no damage, no injuries... Read more

17-Jul-14 XS568 Westland Wasp Gosport, UK


Damaged when fell off the back of a lorry near the gate of HMS Sultan, Gosport... Read more

18-Jul-14 N197BH Eurocopter AS350B2 Kapalua, US-Hawaii


Emergency landing after loss of hydraulics... Read more

18-Jul-14 Mil Mi-8MTV Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan


Crashed into snowy mountains of Issyk-Kul region during evacuation of a mountain climber, who broke his leg.  The crew and the climber were not injured.  Photo here... Read more

18-Jul-14 N47DT Bell 47G2A Merced, US-California


Agricultural ops – crashed in field after hitting powerline... Read more

20-Jul-14 D-HSTH Robinson R22 Melle-Grönegau, Germany


Crashed shortly after take-off and rolled onto its side.  Passenger badly injured, pilot uninjured... Read more

21-Jul-14 Mil Mi-35P Bama, Nigeria (1F)


A Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter on a training mission crashed, reportedly due to a technical fault – although some reports suggest the involvement of insurgents in Borno State. Initial reports stated one dead, one survived, one missing presumed dead – but the latter trekked through the bush and back to base... Read more

22-Jul-14 N5225C Hughes 500D Oso, US-Washington


Crashed during logging operations after tail hit a logging cable.... Read more

23-Jul-14 C-GTEQ Airbus AS350B3 Points North Landing, Canada


In the initial climb at less than 20ft agl and engine lost power and the pilot observed illumination of the overtorque warning light and heard the low rotor RPM warning tone. A forced landing was completed. There were no injuries to the pilot or passenger; the helicopter sustained substantial damage to the tail boom. After... Read more

23-Jul-14 Oquawka, US-Illinois


helicopter crash injured a 68-year-old Oquawka man... Read more

23-Jul-14 N949FM Bell 206B Wenatchee, US-Washington (1F)


Crashed from low level killing the sole occupant pilot, while flying agricultural ops drying orchards... Read more

23-Jul-14 RA-1975G Robinson R44 Ivashka, Russia (2F)


Crashed killing both on board... Read more

24-Jul-14 C-GMJQ Schweizer 300C Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse, Canada


Struck cables while crop spraying, extensively damaged. CADORS 2014Q1500... Read more

25-Jul-14 F-GMHZ Eurocopter EC120B Chateaublanc, France


Very heavy landing – remained upright but skids splayed out and main rotors chopped tail boom.  Photos here and here... Read more

25-Jul-14 N154GC Eurocopter EC130 Boulder City, US-Colorado


During hover taxi to land, made contact with fixed wing DHC-6 N190GC taxiing on taxiway for departure.  Extensively damaged... Read more

25-Jul-14 PR-HSC Eurocopter AS350B2 Novo Progresso, Brazil


Hit wires on final approach, leading to emergency landing in an area to the side of a highway. The aircraft sustained substantial damage to the windshield, upper cowling and tail boom.... Read more

25-Jul-14 HAL Dhruv Ataria, India (7F)


Emergency declared shortly after take-off, then crashed killing all seven on board.  Copilot named here as Sqn. Ldr. R. Manu... Read more

26-Jul-14 N107HA Hiller UH-12E Anson County, US-North Carolina


“Lost power and flipped over” per FAA... Read more

26-Jul-14 I-CUDP Eurocopter SA318 El Camero, Peru


before the third take off, the pilot increasing the power and feel vibrations and become no stabilize. The tail rise and the main blades hit the ground and the helicopter wasw serious damaged. No fatalities. After the accident the helicopter spread 300 kgs of agricultural insecticide.... Read more

26-Jul-14 N240SJ Bell 206B Lincoln, US-Nebraska


Emergency field landing, during which main rotors chopped tail boom – Pilot listed in press as Al Curnan... Read more

27-Jul-14 C-FGSG Bell 206L Ekati Diamond Mines, Canada


In visibility of 1 mile in smoke, the helicopter overflew a lake with a glassy surface. The pilot lost visual reference and the helicopter collided with the water surface, pitched inverted, and sank. The pilot and both passengers egressed from the helicopter with only minor injuries. CADORS 2014C2858... Read more

27-Jul-14 I-LUPU Eurocopter AS350B3 Varco Sabino, Italy (2F)


Firefighting reconnaissance flight from Fassinoro.  Helicopter encountered difficulties and emergency landing procedure made – but hit a low level cable  shortly prior to intended landing point.  One killed in crash, second died during recovery operation.  Third and last occupant flown to hospital.... Read more

29-Jul-14 N89ZC Hughes 500D Bellefontaine, US-Ohio


Helicopter involved in underslung chainsaw operations, cutting back trees for a new bike track.  Helicopter crashed into the trees.  No immediate indication of cause.  Pilot Leo Boucher seriously injured... Read more

30-Jul-14 N866H Bell 206 Houston, US-Texas


Take off accident at David Wayne Hooks Airport... Read more

30-Jul-14 C-GTSU Robinson R44 Saint-Damasse, Canada


During the run-up before takeoff at night, the aircraft rapidly rotated about 180 degrees to the left. The pilot initiated a takeoff and the helicopter rolled onto its left side. The pilot and passenger suffered minor injuries and the aircraft sustained substantial damage. CADORS 2014Q1491... Read more

31-Jul-14 N7194H Robinson R44 Allen, US-Nebraska


Cropspraying helicopter caught powerlines. Pilot reported here as Dennis Monday, 56, of Weyers Cave, Virginia... Read more

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