Accidents: January 2015

02-Jan-15 N3183T Robinson R44 San Juan, Puerto Rico (1F)


Fatal accident, no further details yet... Read more

04-Jan-15 G-EMAA Eurocopter EC135T2 Biddulph, UK


Precautionary landing due to fog and ended up parked overnight.  No damage... Read more

06-Jan-15 I-LASW Airbus AS350B3 Pertica Bassa, Italy


During fire fighting operation, pilot experienced problems on the tail rotor and landed safely – another report suggests the cable holding the water bucket (empty at the time) contacted the tail rotor. Damages found on tail rotor and tail boom.... Read more

06-Jan-15 N7030J Robinson R44 Woburn, US-Massachusetts


Emergency landing in parking lot while on low level traffic patrol over Route 128.  No damage, no injuries... Read more

08-Jan-15 ZK067 Bell 212 Nyeri, Kenya


British Army Air Corps helicopter slightly damaged in emergency landing in forest clearing on a training flight.  One report states they lost a tail rotor blade but this video clearly shows both still in place post incident... Read more

08-Jan-15 XA-SMG Airbus EC130B4 Juarez, Mexico (2F)


Crashed at night killing owner Mauro Garza Fernandez, and passenger Alejandro Lopez Lopez.  Pilot Ciro Huerta Martinez and the other two passengers named as Balden Lorenzo González and Jorge Armando Gonzalez Bustos were injured.  Some reports say that the helicopter was not equipped for night flights.  Video of the crash site here.... Read more

09-Jan-15 VH-YMD Robinson R44 Alice Springs, Australia


After taking off and clearing some trees, the helicopter began to lose rotor RPM and the pilot elected to land nearby. During the landing, the helicopter sustained some damage, but the helicopter remained upright and the pilot and passengers were uninjured.  Helicopter was being used for a police search for a missing 23-year old who... Read more

10-Jan-15 PR-HPR Robinson R44 Santa Monica, Brazil (1F)


The pilot was killed and an occupant was seriously injured after a helicopter crashed in the PR-576 highway, in Santa Monica, Paraná.  Post crash fire.  Helicopter reportedly hit a large bird, and wires during emergency landing... Read more

10-Jan-15 N348VH Robinson R22 Catano Bay, Puerto Rico


Crashed into water killing the sole occupant pilot... Read more

13-Jan-15 FAE-603 HAL Dhruv Chongon, Ecuador


Ditched for unknown reason in the Chongón dam reservoir, all POB in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  Video of the last stages of the recovery effort can be seen here  A later press report blamed a tail rotor drive shaft problem... Read more

16-Jan-15 VH-SSD Robinson R22 Roma, Australia


While conducting aerial mustering at about 100 ft above ground level, the helicopter encountered a tailwind resulting in a high rate of descent. The helicopter collided with the ground resulting in substantial damage. The pilot was uninjured.... Read more

16-Jan-15 N416JB CHR Safari The Woodlands, US-Texas (1F)


Helicopter crashed killing the 51-year old pilot at 2510 Northline Road, nr  College Park Drive, later named as Michael Mims.... Read more

17-Jan-15 N407CR Bell 407 Greenville, US-South Carolina


Aircraft on approach to landing was flown to the right of centerline for landing at the base helipad.  Fuel tank is installed right of the helipad.  At approximately 10ft AGL, main rotor blades contacted fuel tank obstruction light.  Pilot maneuvered aircrat to the left, landing on the center of the helipad.  No injuries to 3... Read more

19-Jan-15 N3202Q Bell 206 Calabasas, US-California


Emergency landing in baseball field.  Engineer called.  No damage.... Read more

20-Jan-15 RA-06205 Robinson R66 Tobeler, Russia


Heavy landing, reportedly after engine problems.  4 POB got out with minor or no injuries.  Post-crash fire... Read more

20-Jan-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Ramona, US-California


Routine night training mission.  Helicopter ended up on its side.  2 injured... Read more

21-Jan-15 Eurocopter SA316 Saurimo, Angola


During an air display, the helicopter was approaching a hover but porpoised – during this the main blades contacted and cut the boom, causing the helicopter to crash from low level.  Video of incident on YouTube here.  Pilot and co pilot seriously injured... Read more

21-Jan-15 C-GJPW Airbus AS350B2 Key Lake, Canada


The flight was operating a hydro line patrol and suffered “collision with terrain”. Sole occupant pilot airlifted to hospital. CADORS 2015C0207... Read more

21-Jan-15 C-GJPW Airbus AS350B2 Key Lake, Canada


Helicopter was involved with long line operations on a power-line construction project 11 nm SE of Key Lake, SK. After a power-line cable was moved, the long line did not release. The helicopter descended and struck the ground. The pilot was injured and was transferred to La Ronge Hospital for medical attention. The helicopter sustained... Read more

22-Jan-15 G-GALC Sikorsky S92 nr Sumburgh, UK


Bristow flight BHL60A has declared an emergency just NE of Shetland and returned to Sumburgh.  Press article refers to an unspecified cockpit warning light.... Read more

22-Jan-15 6559 Eurocopter MH-65D Kemah, US-Texas


Emergency landing in retail parking lot after bird strike... Read more

23-Jan-15 MD Helicopters MD500E Frosinone, Italy


Training flight, accident while hover taxying... Read more

23-Jan-15 VH-ZBH Robinson R22 Herbertvale Cattleyard, Australia


After take-off, the engine lost power and the pilot conducted a forced landing. The helicopter collided with the ground resulting in substantial damage. The pilot and passenger were uninjured.... Read more

23-Jan-15 Bell UH-1Y Twentynine Palms, US-California (2F)


Marines helicopter out of MCAS Miramar crashed on a training flight at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms.  Both on board died in the accident, named later as Capt. Elizabeth Kealey and 1st Lt. Adam Satterfield... Read more

26-Jan-15 RA-22781 Mil Mi-8 Valyek, Russia


Bird strike after landing, but caused damage to blades while they were still turning... Read more

26-Jan-15 Mil Mi-8 South Kordofan, Sudan


Helicopter came under fire from members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North and were forced to make an emergency landing in a remote area of Sudan’s South Kordofan state.... Read more

26-Jan-15 N86235 Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado (2F)


Crashed adjacent to the threshold of runway 15 and burnt out.  Mountain View Fire & Rescue issued a statement saying there were two fatalities.  This short video interview suggests that part of the helicopter separated in mid air.  Operator Mountain One Helicopters announced on their Facebook page that the victims were instructor Alex Viola and... Read more

27-Jan-15 PR-BGA Airbus EC225 Campos dos Goytacazes , Brazil


The engine number 2 caught fire as the aircraft was taxying in. Substantial damage restricted to the right hand side engine... Read more

27-Jan-15 FAE-605 HAL Dhruv Tena, Ecuador


Crashed shortly after take off from Army operations centre at Tena.  All four survived despite helicopter ending upside down and on fire – named as captains Soberon Hernán Alberto Davalos Villacrés and Andrew Ismael Carrillo, Second Sergeant Henry Toapanta Ona and Sergeant Humberto Moreno.  A later press report blamed this accident on a fault with... Read more

28-Jan-15 Eurocopter Bo105 Cortes de la Frontera, Spain (2F)


Crashed killing both on board after hitting powerlines at night.  Helicopter was carrying 800-900 kg of hashish and on an illegal (unbooked with air traffic) flight.  One of those on board was from the Albanian Air Force. Photos show a Bo105 in dark camouflage colours... Read more

28-Jan-15 N475AT Robinson R22 West Palm Beach, US-Florida


Mid air collision with fixed wing Piper Pa28 N54380... Read more

28-Jan-15 7912 Bell UH-1H Binh Chanh, Vietnam (4F)


Crashed on training flight killing all four on board... Read more

29-Jan-15 N43762 Bell 47G North Little Rock, US-Arkansas


Substantially damaged after main blades hit tail boom during landing... Read more

29-Jan-15 N43762 Bell 47 White Rock, US-Arkansas


Impacted terrain during autorotation demonstration... Read more

31-Jan-15 N162RB Rotorway Exec 162F Seadrift, US-Texas


Hard landing after engine failure.  Photos suggest tail hit ground in field with metre high grass. Two people were on board, the pilot William Butler of Port Lavaca and Victoria Schultz of Needville – both walked away uninjured... Read more

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