Accidents: February 2015

01-Feb-15 VH-YYF Robinson R44 Hughenden, Australia


After take-off, the helicopter lost lift and collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The pilot was uninjured.... Read more

01-Feb-15 N510KJ Robinson R44 Calexico, US-California


Pilot experienced a loss of engine power during turn on approach – autorotation unsuccessful due to low altitude. The helicopter landed hard and rolled onto its right side, resulting in substantial damage to the forward fuselage and tailboom.... Read more

01-Feb-15 N20059 Schweizer 300CBi Carthage, US-New York


Emergency landing on snow was heavy and helicopter turned over... Read more

01-Feb-15 Robinson R22 Nova Lima, Brazil


Very heavy landing on training flight on steeply sloping ground.  skids splayed out and cabin touched ground but main blades apparently undamaged.  Both flight instructor Diego Ramos, 35, and student Eduardo Dias, 41, were taken to hospital... Read more

02-Feb-15 Airbus AS350B3 Popham, UK


Airframe vibration and control problems.... Read more

02-Feb-15 Z3155 HAL Chetak Rangapahar, India


Crashed from 10-12 ft shortly after take off, 4 POB.  Pilots Colonel B K Singh and Major Kshitij not injured... Read more

03-Feb-15 N105VU Eurocopter EC135T2+ Nashville, US-Tennessee


Vanderbilt LifeFlight aircraft suffered bird strike, minor damage to windshield and safe emergency landing... Read more

04-Feb-15 C-FTGK Bell 205A-1 Springbank, Canada


2 POB both injured, one seriously.  Heavy vertical landing with skids splayed out.  Main rotor had chopped tail boom but main blades still attached to rotor head CADORS 2015C0395... Read more

04-Feb-15 518 Bell UH-1H Camp Evangelista, Philippines


Two POB not seriously injuried in UH-1H crash in which helicopter ended up on its roof in open grass area... Read more

05-Feb-15 C-FAHI Bell 407 Revelstoke, Canada


conducting heliski operations with one pilot and five passengers aboard. During a run-on downwind landing, the main rotor contacted the helicopters tail boom. The tail rotor driveshaft cover was damaged and the tail rotor driveshaft was creased. The aircraft’s vertical winglets were also struck by the main rotor blades. The helicopter’s occupants were not injured.... Read more

05-Feb-15 ZK-IQQ MD Helicopters MD500D Marlborough, New Zealand


Firefighting helicopter crashed while filling bucket in very shallow river. pilot Neal Andrews walked away unscathed... Read more

08-Feb-15 Eurocopter EC145 Toubkal, Morocco

8-Feb-2015Source: Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie

Crashed on snowy mountainside.  Some reports say EC135, but the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie have both EC135 and EC145 and analysis of the accident photo confirms EC145.  Thus the subject aircraft is one of their two EC145s, CN-BZE (9344) or CN-BZF (9369).  Reports also differ between the accident being on Saturday 07-Feb-15 and Sunday 08-Feb-15.  This... Read more

08-Feb-15 I-AWCD AgustaWestland AW119 Valgriesenche, Italy


Caught by gust of wind on mountain landing – leading to loss of control and impacting terrain and injuring the pilot and two heliskiers... Read more

10-Feb-15 ZK-HXJ CHR Safari Te Awamutu, New Zealand


Loss of power on climb out – cleared powerlines and put helicopter down heavily in a paddock.  Helicopter had completed three short flights in the previous hour without incident.  Pilot Bruce Belfield not injured, but passenger was hospitalized.... Read more

10-Feb-15 VH-YLP Robinson R22 Orange, Australia


During flight training, the helicopter collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage. The instructor and student pilot sustained minor injuries.... Read more

11-Feb-15 HB-ZIG Airbus AS350B3 Guttannen, Switzerland


Rotorstrike during landing phase, helicopter ended up on its side.  No serious injuries to 4 POB... Read more

11-Feb-15 VH-APP Robinson R22 Kalbarri, Australia


After landing, the pilot and passenger disembarked from the helicopter and left the engine running. The helicopter subsequently lifted off with nobody at the controls, and collided with terrain. The pilot and passenger were uninjured.... Read more

11-Feb-15 C-FBCW Bell 206 Sprout Mountain, Canada


Heliski operation landing atop Sprout Mountain with 2 pax in an area cleared of snow accumulation, when the main rotor struck a nearby cabin. The helicopter tail section was severed but the helicopter remained upright and all occupants exited uninjured. The area which had been prepared for the arrival of the helicopter was located beside... Read more

11-Feb-15 HAL Dhruv Ganderbal, India (2F)


Instructor and student killed on night training flight.  Crashed in rocky mountainous area and burnt out... Read more

12-Feb-15 Sikorsky MH-53E Norfolk, US-Virginia


Precautionary landing shortly after take off – MH-53E is currently focus of safety inspections regarding wiring and fuel lines... Read more

12-Feb-15 Bell TH-57 Spencer Field, US-Florida


Training accident of a SeaRanger out of Whiting Field NAS, rolling over onto its side while landing... Read more

12-Feb-15 G-ECMC Robinson R22 Goodwood, UK


Dynamic roll over onto port side on training flight... Read more

12-Feb-15 H-67 Eurocopter SA315B Punta de Vacas, Argentina


Emergency landing onto a mountain pass road and rolled over on landing... Read more

12-Feb-15 N111ZP Rotorway A600 Bohusovice nad Ohri, Czech Republic (1F)


Test flight of newly imported helicopter.  Pilot killed... Read more

12-Feb-15 8781 MD Helicopters MD500E Ebino, Japan (3F)


Two instructors and one student died on a training accident.  Weather was a factor and cause them to change their planned route after take-off.... Read more

13-Feb-15 G-THLA Robinson R22 Brenzett, UK


Crashed in ploughed field on training flight.  Instructor and student suffered minor injuries... Read more

13-Feb-15 N279AE Bell 206L-1 White House, US-Tennessee


Emergency landing after vibration experienced. No patient on board... Read more

13-Feb-15 CC-PHY Robinson R44 San Lorenzo, Chile (3F)


Helicopter with four on board crashed in forest area.  One passenger (named as Miguel Zunino Valenzuela) jumped clear just before the helicopter crashed and the other three died in the accident, including Ítalo Zunino Muratori, Nicolás Fossatti and pilot Luis Alvarado.... Read more

15-Feb-15 461 MD Helicopters MD530 Al-Barka, Philippines


Philippine military press office stated “We also commend the heroic pilots of MG MD-520 attack helicopter that was hit by enemy fire while providing close air support to the ground troops which were swarmed by the bandits,”.  Safe emergency landing made in confined area with no further damage apparent from photo... Read more

15-Feb-15 P2-HFZ Bell 206L4 Wabo, Papua New Guinea


Sole occupant pilot safe but was immediately flown back to Port Moresby for transfer to hospital for X-ray and medical observation.  Unknown circumstances or level of damage to helicopter... Read more

15-Feb-15 N7181S Robinson R22 Asherton, US-Texas


Crashed after tail rotor struck bush... Read more

16-Feb-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Hafar al-Batin, Saudi Arabia (4F)


Crashed on night training flight, killing four – The ministry identified the dead crew members as Lt. Col. Ali al-Arfaj, 1st Lt. Majid al-Fifeefi, 1st Lt. Jadie Qablan and technician Raed al-Jahni.... Read more

17-Feb-15 32634 Kawasaki OH-1 Shirahama, Japan


Ditched into the sea after engine problem.  2 POB rescued safely... Read more

18-Feb-15 Sikorsky S92 Hibernia rig, Canada


 Cougar Flight 231 was shut down on arrival at the Hibernia Gravity Based Structure (GBS) on February 18 due to an issue related to anti-vibration control and a chip light indication. Two Aircraft Maintenance Engineers deployed by Cougar to investigate determined that replacement parts are necessary. The parts are being shipped to Hibernia by vessel... Read more

19-Feb-15 N166DR Bell UH-1H Shelton, US-Washington


Fell onto its side on take-off... Read more

19-Feb-15 ZK-IPY Robinson R44 Queenstown, New Zealand (2F)


Fatalities named in the press as Stephen Anthony Nicholson Combe, aged 42, of Wanaka, and James Louis Patterson Gardner, aged 18, of Queenstown... Read more

20-Feb-15 N802SM AgustaWestland AW119Ke Houma, US-Louisiana


Uncommanded left yaw, diverted and landed at Dulac Heliport... Read more

23-Feb-15 Westland Lynx Cape Town, South Africa


Emergency landing on golf course... Read more

23-Feb-15 CC-AFR Airbus AS350B3 Yungay, Chile


Tail rotor hit rock during firefighting work on approach to land to pick up a forest fire brigade team... Read more

24-Feb-15 Mil Mi-171 Gudauri, Georgia


Damaged in hard landing at mountain resort.  No injuries to pilot or four passengers.  Helicopter was either 4L-TBS (103M12) or 4L-TLS (95588)... Read more

25-Feb-15 G-CEDG Robinson R44 Aspley Guise, UK


3 POB not seriously injured after emergency landing in farmland and helicopter ended upside down.  Was en route to Sussex Appears from BBC story that pilot had problem with tail rotor control and executed a run on landing on a level but soft field, and then one skid dug into the mud and flipped the... Read more

26-Feb-15 Robinson R22 Akitio, New Zealand


“Landed in a tree”.   Pilot was able to climb out of the helicopter and down from the tree to phone for help.... Read more

26-Feb-15 N834CS Airbus EC13P2e Vacaville, US-California


Precautionary landing shortly after take-off... Read more

26-Feb-15 HB-ZRV AgustaWestland AW109SP Erstfeld, Switzerland


Heavy landing on return to base, remained upright but wheels collapsed.  All 4 POB to hospital, although one released soon after.... Read more

26-Feb-15 Imamzadeh Ebrahim, Iran (3F)


No details released apart from fatality numbers.  One unconfirmed report quotes the type as AB212... Read more

27-Feb-15 N4774S Bell 47G2A Ivanhoe, US-California


Agricultural aircraft hit powerlines and came down in orange orchard.  Pilot seriously injured and airlifted to hospital... Read more

27-Feb-15 UP-EC010 Eurocopter EC130 Karatau, Kazakhstan


According to preliminary information, after take-off from the helipad on a helicopter has failed directional control system, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing to determine the circumstances and causes of the failure. During landing the helicopter rolled over on its right side and collapsed.  Reportedly destroyed.  Location was a helipad located at the... Read more

28-Feb-15 VH-YHD Enstrom 280C Deception Bay, Australia


Crashed into mudflats.  Pilot out and OK.... Read more

28-Feb-15 VH-CMK Robinson R22 Archerfield, Australia


During training operations, the helicopter rolled onto its side. The helicopter was substantially damaged, however both pilots were uninjured.... Read more

28-Feb-15 N7425T Robinson R44 Lexington, US-Oregon


Force landing on a road intersection... Read more

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