Accidents: April 2015

01-Apr-15 G-CGUB Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK


Aircraft turned back to Aberdeen before reaching destination.  7 POB.  Reported as a Cowling Open warning light... Read more

02-Apr-15 N5204G Airbus AS350B2 Tomball, US-Texas


Struck birds and windscreen cracked. Emergency landing made at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport with no further problem... Read more

02-Apr-15 PP-LLS Airbus EC155B1 Carapicuiba, Brazil (5F)


Crashed onto the roof of a house during a post-maintenance test flight. Video footage indicates items fell from the helicopter in flight prior to impact. Pilot was named as Thomaz Rodrigues Alckmin, son of Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin, and three of the other four fatalities were engineers working for Helipark.... Read more

03-Apr-15 N8363D Robinson R22 Fort Davis, US-Texas


Rolled over on landing... Read more

03-Apr-15 ZS-HFO Robinson R44 Coniston, South Africa


Very heavy autorotation landing resulted in skids being ripped off and helicopter coming to rest on its starboard side. Owner reported in his own Facebook post that this was after the “newly fitted Lycoming Engine had just 15 minutes of flight time and lost power on its second flight approx 10 minutes after take off”,... Read more

04-Apr-15 EC-KIR PZL W3 Fernán Pérez, Spain


Date refers to the date that the wreck of this helicopter was found abandoned, and thus the accident could have happened earlier.  Helicopter found having crashed onto its starboard side with tail rotor separated. No marks on the ground around, and relatively light damage to cabin and cockpit area suggests either take-0ff or landing issue. ... Read more

04-Apr-15 9M-IGB Airbus AS365N2 Semenyih, Malaysia (6F)


Helicopter enroute from Kuantan to Subang when it crashed and caught fire. All occupants were guests at the wedding luncheon of the daughter of the Prime Minister in his hometown of Pekan, Kuantan earlier, and were named as – Rompin Member of Parliament and PR1MA Malaysia Corporation (PR1MA) chairman Tan Sri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis –... Read more

05-Apr-15 RA-06382 Robinson R66 Gorodki, Russia


Fell onto its side during take-off in snowy conditions... Read more

06-Apr-15 31249 Hughes OH-6D Okada, Japan


Substantially damaged in force landing in an open field... Read more

06-Apr-15 C-GSIT Bell 205A.1 Key Lake, Canada


After landing, the pilot exited the helicopter with the engine running to attach a longline. The force trim was not set, and the aircraft started to spin and rotated off the helipad with nobody onboard. The aircraft collided with a metal container that was located by the helipad causing substantial damage to the boom, left... Read more

06-Apr-15 N555JC MD500D Cherokee, US-Alabama (1F)


Crashed into Tennessee River and sank without trace. Pilot was only one on board and is missing presumed drowned. Haverfield Aviation confirmed it to be one of their helicopters and some debris from it found further downstream was labelled with the company name. Nearby angler witnessed the helicopter crashing into the water around 1pm. The... Read more

09-Apr-15 ZS-HTS Airbus AS350B3 Mazabuka, Zambia (1F)


Pilot Mike O’Donnell, was flying the helicopter from Angola to Zambia (and onwards to South Africa per some reports) when it crashed. Post crash fire, although some reports quote helicopter being on fire in the air... Read more

10-Apr-15 5N-GEJ Bell 412EP Lagos, Nigeria


Nigerian Police helicopter crashed at the main Lagos Airport close to the VIP area. Helicopter may be used for presidential work and has been referred to in some reports as a “presidential helicopter”. 4 POB – pilot, copilot and two NAF employees – all injured but not seriously... Read more

11-Apr-15 Pinnarendi, Australia


Pilot suffered shoulder and pelvis injuries in helicopter accident... Read more

13-Apr-15 Bell 206B Lezhi, China (1F)


Crashed, killing the pilot, after hitting powerlines while spraying at low level.  Part of the boom, including the stabilizer and tail, remained attached to the powerline... Read more

15-Apr-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Solana Beach, US-California


Emergency landing on public beach after reported oil leak... Read more

16-Apr-15 N111FN Airbus AS350B2 Van Nuys, US-California


Unattended and parked helicopter struck by taxying fixed wing Aero Commander aircraft... Read more

17-Apr-15 N103CG MD Helicopters MD520 Burbank, US-California


Bird strike, breaking an antenna. Safe emergency landing made... Read more

19-Apr-15 Boeing CH-47 Lisvane, UK


Chinook dropped part of its underslung load in farm field.  Chinook was flying as part of the Joint Warrior exercise... Read more

19-Apr-15 Mil Mi-24 Illizi, Algeria (2F)


Further Details not reported... Read more

21-Apr-15 HA-5066 Bell 205A1 Ahmad Yani, Indonesia


Photos show UH-1 after very heavy landing, upright but skids partially collapsed. Main blades appear complete and still attached to rotorhead.... Read more

22-Apr-15 F-HLOU Robinson R44 Lyon, France


Date assumed given posting date of the incident on Facebook.  Helicopter had been peppered with over 100 lead shots from close range, causing damage the tail boom close to the root... Read more

22-Apr-15 HS-PLL Robinson R44 Koh Kret, Thailand


Crashed and ended on its port side in farm field. Female passenger slightly wounded, while the two men were transported by a local rescue team to Chonpratan Hospital... Read more

22-Apr-15 ZU-UHI Bell UH-1 Bainskloof, South Africa (2F)


Firefighting helicopter crashes with two fatalities – named later as pilot Darrell Rea and crew Jastin Visagie.  Further details to follow and registration awaiting final confirmation – another source is quoting ZS-HBU (4491)... Read more

23-Apr-15 Harbin Z-9AE Douala, Cameroon


Photos show tail missing and helicopter partly on its side with starboard gear collapsed and main blades broken.  Aircraft was involved in practice flights for Cameroon’s National Day on 20th May.  2 POB to hospital but released within 2 days.... Read more

24-Apr-15 N7371T Robinson R44 Lakeland, US-Florida


Blade damaged while helicopter being fueled.  The location and date suggest that this was at the Sun’N’Fun event... Read more

25-Apr-15 Mil Mi-35 Sriganganagar, India


on Army training exercise.  3 POB evacuated safely... Read more

27-Apr-15 Eurocopter EC145 Austin, US-Texas (1F)


Flight nurse fell from helicopter to her death during hoist operations.  Named as Kristin McLain... Read more

29-Apr-15 Airbus AS350B Langtang Valley, Nepal (1F)


Accident happened in the rescue operations following a major earthquake which hit Nepal on 25-Apr-15.  Nepalese villagers had demanded to be rescued before the tourists and in the ensuing confusion, a villager was killed by the rotor blades – likely that means “walked into the tail rotor”... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E Hilliard, US-Ohio


Emergency landing a night in a vacated car park of a retail store, shortly after midnight.  First of two incidents to same aircraft on same day. Photo here... Read more

30-Apr-15 N558CP MD Helicopters MD500E New Albany, US-Ohio


Emergency field landing during missing person search due to warning light illumination.  Second of two incidents to same aircraft on same day.  Photo here... Read more

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