Accidents: May 2015

02-May-15 Mil Mi-17 Kohat, Pakistan


Damaged after hitting container (some reports say “hit barrier”) during landing phase.  2 POB injured, not seriously... Read more

04-May-15 N504WD Airbus AS350BA Hamilton, US-Montana


On shutting down after practice autorotations, a wrinkle was discovered in the tail boom... Read more

04-May-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada


While in the hover and conducting preflight checks, Cougar flight CGR181 experienced a #2 engine power loss. The aircraft was in a 10 foot hover when the incident occurred. With the remaining engine the aircraft landed safely without further incident. All 8 passengers were briefed by the two crew members onboard the helicopter as well... Read more

04-May-15 C-GOHT Robinson R22 Salmon Arm, Canada


R22 piloted by a student on a solo flight from Kelowna (CYLW) to Salmon Arm (CZAM) crashed beside the runway at CZAM. The pilot first approached the airport and crossed mid-field to assess the wind direction; however, it was determined that the aircraft was not into wind. On the second approach from the opposite direction,... Read more

11-May-15 Bell AH-1W South Gate, US-California


Emergency landing Monday in the bed of the Los Angeles River near South Gate due to electrical problem.  No injuries to 2 POB or damage to the helicopter.  Military registration not known, but carries squadron code 423 by the nose... Read more

12-May-15 EI-SAI Airbus SA330J Pristina, Kosovo


The aircraft was on a training flight and the pilots were simulating engine failure after the “Landing Decision Point (LDP)”. After the firm touchdown the helicopter bounced and when it touched down again it veered off and tipped over on its right side and caused substantial damage to the Helicopter.... Read more

13-May-15 Airbus H155 Norwich, UK


Near miss between two (Eurofighter) Typhoon jets and an EC155... Read more

18-May-15 OH-HNR MD Helicopters MD500D Bocognano, Corsica


During a low level flight prior to attending to vegetation near powerlines, pilot noticed a decrease in engine power.  The subsequent autorotation avoiding powerlines and buildings led to a hard landing and completely burnt out in post crash fire in the garden of a house.  2 POB seriously injured... Read more

19-May-15 MSP-012 MD Helicopters MD500E Talamanca, Costa Rica


Emergency landing due to poor weather ended up in minor damage for the helicopter after pilot Sebastián Gadea Castro put the helicopter down into vegetation during an anti-drug flight.  Photos show all five blades intact, but cabin and tail in direct contact with vegetation and boom slightly bent near gearbox.  5 POB safely exited the... Read more

20-May-15 PR-POL Airbus AS350B2 Ibateguara, Brazil


During a go-around manoeuvre, the helicopter cut a low voltage power cable and landed a few metres ahead of the intended spot.   After removing a piece of cable from the rotorhead, and inspecting the aircraft, it was flown 70km back to base .... Read more

22-May-15 Robinson R44 Bumbu River, Papua New Guinea


Crashed into a shallow river, possibly after hitting wires.  4 POB rescued OK.  Even if the helicopter survived in a rebuildable state, the locals manage to pull it apart sufficiently in this video that it is most unlikely to be rebuilt.  This tweet claims it was unregistered.  The occupants were all from Frabelle Fishing, a... Read more

27-May-15 N138HA Hiller UH-12E Wasco, US-California


Crashed from low level into an onion field during agricultural operations.  Pilot seriously injured, including both legs broken and 80% burns in the post-crash fire... Read more

28-May-15 C-GJID Bell 206 Cochrane, Canada


The Expedition Helicopters Bell 206B (C-GJID) was flying with a pilot and three passengers. The passengers were checking land claims and were dropped off before the helicopter proceeded to an area where it landed and waited for the passengers. The ground was soft and the pilot landed with caution to ensure the skid gear would... Read more

28-May-15 9M-LLM Bell 206B Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Solo student pilot lost control on landing and helicopter ended up on its starboard side.  Pilot named here as Fatin Nadeera Mohamad Jeffrey.  Post crash fire extinquished by airport fire crew... Read more

28-May-15 Airbus EC225 North Sea, UK


Emergency landing at Aberdeen with 19 POB plus 2 crew after alarm sounded – later reported as false... Read more

28-May-15 VH-HRW Robinson R22 Mitchell, Australia (1F)


It has been reported that the helicopter’s tail rotor clipped a tree resulting in a loss of control and subsequent collision with terrain.  The pilot was fatally injured – and named here as Jeff Dean... Read more

29-May-15 N206ED Bell 206B Caledonia, US-Michegan


Emergency situation led pilot Ken Wilson to put the helicopter down into trees – and it came to rest in the branches 40 feet from the ground.  Wilson and passenger Raymond Osan III – working on low level powerlines – were able to get out of the helicopter into the trees, from which they were... Read more

29-May-15 MOH-2 Bell 430 Abdali, Kuwait


Date assumed from Facebook posting.  Stone strike shattered co-pilot wind shield.  Inside layer of the laminated glass prevented it falling through into the cockpit.... Read more

29-May-15 PR-ADA Airbus AS355N Atalaia do Norte, Brazil (5F)


The helicopter took off to perform a patient removal flight to Tabatinga. At approximately 19 NM from Tabatinga, the aircraft collided with treetops and, as a result of this shock came to impact against the ground and caught fire.... Read more

30-May-15 5Y-GYM Airbus EC130 Kinangop, Kenya


Emergency landing in potato field due to weather.  Passengers included Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi, nominated Senator Beatrice Elachi and Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa. Pilot named as Evans Sigilai... Read more

30-May-15 Delareyville, South Africa (1F)


Pilot Apie Reyneke died in a helicopter crash in unknown circumstances, while his passengers – wife Yolande and son Abraham were taken to hospital with serious injuries.... Read more

31-May-15 OE-XJK Robinson R22 Kasten bei Böheimkirchen, Austria


Substantially damaged after hitting roof of a house and crashing in the front garden.  House unoccupied at the time.   Both occupants seriously injure.... Read more

31-May-15 N462CC Bell UH-1B Minam Lodge Cove, US-Oregon


Substantially damaged in heavy landing... Read more

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