Accidents: June 2015

01-Jun-15 C-GRJI Safari 400 Conception Bay South, Canada


The Safari 400 homebuilt helicopter was being operated on the owner’s property. The engine was being tested to ensure the governor was correctly installed. The helicopter became airborne by 2-3 feet and the operator lost control. The helicopter went sideways and struck the ground rolling on its side. The helicopter was destroyed but the pilot... Read more

05-Jun-15 Enstrom F280FX Harrison River, Canada


The privately owned Enstrom 280FX helicopter, was being flown from Bralorne to Langley. The pilot/owner ditched the aircraft in the Harrison River. The pilot was not injured but the aircraft was significantly damaged. CADORS 2015P0926... Read more

06-Jun-15 G-RAMY Bell 206B Baldwin Valley, Isle of Man (1F)


Crashed in open field close to the Isle of Man TT motorbike race course.  Racing had been suspended for the whole day due to weather – quoted wind gusts of up to 60 mph.  1 fatality confirmed by Isle of Man Police in this statement.  Photos show wreckage confined to a small area, later named... Read more

08-Jun-15 ZD981 Boeing Chinook HC.2 Manchester, UK


Emergency landing at Manchester Airport and engineer called.... Read more

08-Jun-15 DQ-IHI Airbus AS350B2 Beqa Island, Fiji


Helicopter crashed into shrubs after reportedly some debris struck the main rotor.  Helicopter was reported hired by Vodafone Fiji and had taken the company’s maintenance staff to a tower there.  3 POB... Read more

08-Jun-15 N911NV Bell UH-1H Washoe Valley, US-Nevada


Main blades clipped trees.  Landed without further incident... Read more

08-Jun-15 N501PH Bell 407 Fresh Water City, US-Louisiana


Emergency landing in marsh area.  Boom damaged... Read more

09-Jun-15 Schweizer 300 Lac Central, Canada


A private Schweitzer 269C helicopter took off from a sandy beach at Lac Central for Lac Kénogami with a pilot and a passenger on board. During the initial climb, the aircraft (Lycoming HIO-360-D1A engine) experienced a loss of lift for an undetermined reason and crashed in the lake. The occupants were not injured in the... Read more

11-Jun-15 HB-ZOA Guimbal G2 Cabri Gruyère, Switzerland


During autorotation practice,  the main rotor blades contacted the tail boom after the helicopter bounced off the ground in a heavy landing... Read more

12-Jun-15 CC-PTR Robinson R44 El Rosario, Chile


Crashed into a tree on approach to airport.  The pilot, Juan Manuel Urrutia was slightly injured, while his passenger was uninjured.... Read more

14-Jun-15 VH-KJJ Robinson R44 Timber Creek, Australia (1F)


The aircraft collided with terrain while conducting aerial agriculture operations. The pilot, the only person on board, died as a result of the accident – named here as Dougal Brett... Read more

20-Jun-15 N4427F Bell 47G5 Salinas, US-California (1F)


Crashed in low level agricultural work after impacting a fence, killing pilot Frank Gomes Jnr.  Ground crewmen who worked for the operator had just refilled the fertilizer tank on the helicopter prior to its last departure. When the helicopter did not return for its scheduled rinse load the crewmen drove out to the field to... Read more

21-Jun-15 N305CG Robinson R44 Danville, US-Arkansas


Force landing in field, aircraft destroyed... Read more

21-Jun-15 G-TFHW Bell 206B Pembrey, UK


Due to weather conditions on Saturday 20th, the helicopter was unable to fly and remained grounded at the site.  While parked and unattended on Sunday 21st, the helicopter was damaged by cattle which managed to break through fence from adjacent field. Nose area damaged.   Fly Heli Wales had provided the helicopter for the Welsh... Read more

21-Jun-15 C-FQGY Enstrom 280C Sidney, Canada


The helicopter was landing on an unprepared, deeply cultivated field. During the vertical landing, the left skid settled into the soft ground and the helicopter entered into a dynamic rollover. There was substantial damage to the helicopter. There were no injuries to the pilot or passenger. CADORS 2015C2439... Read more

23-Jun-15 VH-RBT Robinson R22 Boyup Brook, Australia


After lift-off, about 30 ft above the ground the pilot reported that the canopy became shrouded in condensation. With a loss of visual reference, the pilot attempted to manoeuvre the helicopter to an area suitable for landing. During the attempt to land, the helicopter struck the ground and rolled on its side. The passenger has... Read more

24-Jun-15 VT-ENY Airbus AS365N Haldia, India


Red carpet and various other items laid out for the greeting of a visiting VIP (senior Union Minister Nitin Gadkari) were blown up by rotor downdraft and reportedly struck fenestron... Read more

25-Jun-15 N842SH Robinson R22 Eagle Lake, US-Texas


Crashed from low level during agricultural ops. Aircraft destroyed... Read more

25-Jun-15 G-CDXX Robinson R44 II Leicester, UK


The pilot was intending to make a local flight and having completed his pre-flight checks, gradually increased the rotor rpm to about 80%. From the CCTV it can be observed that at about this time, the helicopter rapidly yawed to the left and rotated through about 290° before tipping over onto its right side. The... Read more

25-Jun-15 G-CDXX Robinson R44 Leicester, UK


Take off accident, helicopter fell onto its side.  One minor injury... Read more

26-Jun-15 Aberdeen, UK


Bristow aircraft returned to base after caution light illuminated – reportedly in error... Read more

27-Jun-15 F-PPCO Rotorway 162F Montséret, France


Engine failed, and  helicopter fell onto its side during autorotation landing. Pilot and his passenger/wife got out OK... Read more

27-Jun-15 MD Helicopters MD500 Poerua Glacier, New Zealand


Crashed on take off, injuring the pilot Brad Maclachlan and two hunters he had just picked up... Read more

27-Jun-15 RA-05765 Robinson R44 Tisulskom, Russia (3F)


After striking a low level wire, the pilot elected to land on the shoreline (or sandbank?) of a river.  On subsequent take-off the pilot lost control and crashed – photo shows it on a rocky shoreline.... Read more

28-Jun-15 N311RL Bell 407 Platform 127, US-Gulf of Mexico


“Blown off the side of the platform” during run-up on offshore rig. 1 minor injury... Read more

28-Jun-15 VH-RBO Robinson R22 Daly Waters, Australia


When at about 100 ft above ground level and an airspeed of 40 knots, the pilot conducted a turn into wind. As the helicopter turned, the pilot received a low rotor rpm warning. The helicopter collided with terrain and rolled onto its side, resulting in substantial damage (photo). The pilot sustained minor injuries. Final report... Read more

29-Jun-15 CS-HMH Airbus AS350B3 Lamoso, Portugal


Crashed into water during firefighting operations and sank... Read more

29-Jun-15 HB-ZRY AgustaWestland AW109SP Amden, Switzerland


Blades broke telephone line.  Pilot named in report as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

29-Jun-15 Airbus MH-65 San Francisco, US-California


Landing accident on post maintenance test flight.  ended up on its side... Read more

29-Jun-15 HAL Chetak Ramachandrapuram, India


Precautionary landing due to suspected engine problem.  Engineers checked it over and it returned to base at INS Dega the same evening... Read more

30-Jun-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada


Turned back to base due to low oil pressure warning.   The culprit of the oil leak, according to Statoil, was likely a wrong-sized O-ring installed during maintenance.... Read more

30-Jun-15 N7150J Robinson R22 Houston, US-Texas


Force landed in field.  Damage level unknown... Read more

30-Jun-15 C-GXLD Airbus AS350B2 Fort Simpson, Canada


conducting forest fire fighting operations in the area of Fort Simpson, NT. Prior to landing in CYFS, the pilot maneuvered to set down the water bucket. While preparing to set down on the landing pad beside the bucket, the tail rotor blades contacted a fuel drum. The helicopter touched down shortly thereafter and remained upright.... Read more

30-Jun-15 St John’s, Canada


 helicopter en route to the West Hercules drilling rig returned to base due to a low oil pressure indication in one of its two engines. The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 30 when the helicopter was 20 km outside St. John’s. The helicopter returned to St. John’s without incident and the seven passengers on board... Read more

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