Accidents: July 2015

01-Jul-15 N824DK Robinson R44 Gettysburg, US-South Dakota


Clipped a power line on climb-out at 9.30pm, landed and skidded on a highway and came to a stop in a ditch... Read more

01-Jul-15 N2096W Schweizer 300C Chehalem Airpark, US-Oregon (2F)


Crashed on routine night training flight, killing instructor and student.  A later report named the instructor as Anthony Gallerai and the student as Kristian Blackwell... Read more

01-Jul-15 N9490F Hughes 300C Asotin, US-Washington (2F)


Two fatalities – later named as Hudson Simmons and Hayden Simmons. Unknown circumstances Location is very close to state line. Incident location reported relative to both Lewiston ID and Asotin WA which are opposite sides of the river forming the state line at this point.... Read more

02-Jul-15 D2-EWA Airbus AS365N3 Nhime, Angola (6F)


Crashed and burnt out.  Wreckage not found for six days.  Helicopter was being operated for National Institute of Medical Emergencies... Read more

03-Jul-15 N974BR Airbus EC130 Somerset, US-Colorado


Clipped powerline and damaged blades.  Landed with no injuries to those on board... Read more

03-Jul-15 N390LG Airbus AS350B3e Frisco, US-Colorado (1F)


With pilot and two paramedics on board, the helicopter started spinning shortly after take off and crashed about 20 seconds later, causing fatal injuries to pilot Patrick Mahany.The helicopter hit a parked pickup truck and travel camper and the helicopter was consumed by the ensuing fire. Flight paramedic Dave Repsher was burned in the crash... Read more

05-Jul-15 F-PAKZ Aerokopter AK1-3 Mülheim, Germany


Crashed into the Moselle river.  Two occupants jumped clear and swam to safety... Read more

05-Jul-15 Elisport CH-7 Gruffy, France


Crashed into field and burned out.  Pilot seriously injured. Helicopter type to be confirmed... Read more

05-Jul-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Tamaulipas, Mexico


Came under fire from the ground in an area regarded as the centre of a turf war between rival drugs cartels... Read more

05-Jul-15 RP-C2726 AgustaWestland AW109E Mt. Maculot, Philippines (2F)


8 POB and photos show helicopter crashed in mountainous area and completely destroyed – some reports such as this one state the weather was “heavy rain and thick fog”.  This news item has a video report from the crash scene Pilot Felicisimo Taborlupa was killed in the accident, and Archimedes “Archie” King, founder and owner... Read more

06-Jul-15 YU-HET Airbus SA342J Stapleford, UK


During ground run post-maintenance, the SA342J Gazelle took off to 10ft and then dropped to the ground.  MW Helicopters engineer on board was reportedly not a qualified pilot – and was not injured in the accident.  Starboard skid ripped off, tail boom badly creased.... Read more

07-Jul-15 Leguruki, Tanzania


4 POB injured and to hospital after helicopter crashes shortly after take off in poor weather.  Helicopter was transporting MP Joshua Nassari who was speaking on an election event.... Read more

07-Jul-15 12414 Sikorsky S61 Lawrencetown, Canada


helicopter was on a routine flight when the crew noticed a drop in hydraulic pressure and were forced to land... Read more

08-Jul-15 N3QY Bell 206L4 Sacramento, US-California


Force landed on school property.  FAA has no other details, but industry forum suggesting engine failure.  Helicopter is operated by TV station KCRA... Read more

09-Jul-15 Bell 407 Jiangde, China (2F)


2 fatal and 5 injured when helicopter of State Grid General Aviation Company crashed at Tongyong Airport.  Photo shows helicopter missing one blade – another photo here... Read more

10-Jul-15 Mil Mi-171 Apatrampa, Ghana


Flight with Ghana’s President John Mahama and First lady Lordina Maham on board.  Landed due to severe weather.  No mention in local press as to whether pilot obtained a forecast before take-off... Read more

10-Jul-15 N572AM Airbus AS350B2 Tallahassee, US-Florida


Emergency field landing.  Pilot was only one on board Date could be 09-Jul-15 (press report was very early morning on 10-Jul-15)... Read more

10-Jul-15 C-FTJG Robinson R44 Canmore, Canada


There were no reported injuries among the 4 souls on board. Search and rescue located the site via emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal and extracted the occupants. Unknown damage to the aircraft. CADORS 2015C2524... Read more

11-Jul-15 C-FWTK Bell 412 Slave Lake, Canada


Crashed on firefighting ops, pilot to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries... Read more

12-Jul-15 N577AT Robinson R44 Viola, US-Tennessee


Substantially damaged after hitting wires during agricultural operations... Read more

12-Jul-15 Mosquito XE Town of Norway, US-Wisconsin


Eyewitnesses report helicopter fell to the ground suddenly from a 15ft hover.  Pilot to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries... Read more

12-Jul-15 N441MM Robinson R22 Panguitch, US-Utah


Pilot Duane Fielding, of St. George, and his 14-year-old son/passenger were not seriously injured.  Gust of wind while in a low hover led tail to touch the ground, causing the helicopter to become unstable and crash... Read more

12-Jul-15 N498PT Airbus AS350B Bridgeport, US-California


On landing, object flew out and struck blades... Read more

13-Jul-15 N184SH Robinson R22 Caldwell, US-Idaho


Main blade struck tail boom on landing... Read more

14-Jul-15 Mil MI-172 Gohpur, India


Pawan Hans helicopter with 19 passengers and three crew members on board made emergency landing after sudden change in weather... Read more

14-Jul-15 VH-VOH Robinson R44 Alice Springs, Australia


During mustering operations, the helicopter collided with terrain, resulting in substantial damage (photo). The pilot, who was the sole occupant of the helicopter, sustained minor injuries. Final report says “According to the Carburettor Icing Probability chart, the conditions indicated a high probability of serious carburettor icing at descent power.”... Read more

14-Jul-15 HB-ZIS Airbus AS350B3 Guggigletscher, Switzerland (1F)


Pilot, the only occupant, killed in crash of Air Glaciers helicopter at Guggigletscher nr Lauterbrunnen.   Helicopter came down vertically and the cabin area burnt out.  Tail boom, tail , stabiliser and tail rotors all remain attached.... Read more

14-Jul-15 Sikorsky UH-60 El Bejuco, Colombia (4F)


Helicopter on anti-drug operation landed in a clearing which was mined – the mine exploded, killing four, seriously injuring two and minor injuries to another four.  Full infra-red video released from second helicopter providing top cover above.... Read more

15-Jul-15 N8337Z Robinson R44 Sandusky, US-Michigan


Helicopter landed at a manufacturing business, severing powerline.  After brief stop on the ground – and “the authorities had arrived at the scene“, the helicopter took off again and departed the area... Read more

15-Jul-15 G-BXTH Airbus SA341G Abbeyshrule, Ireland


Helicopter ended up on its side on a narrow strip of grass between hotel and canal after main blades struck building.  Unclear from early press reports whether it was an intentional or emergency landing.  Pilot “detained on suspicion of endangerment”... Read more

16-Jul-15 D-HCOL Airbus AS350B2 Portugal


Aerial electrical cable collision following water discharge during fire-fighting operation. The pilot managed to immediately land the helicopter. Initial assessment reveals bucket, helicopter tail and one main rotor blade damage.... Read more

16-Jul-15 N804DF Robinson R44 Fentress, US-Texas


Force landing in field.  3 POB.  Minor damage... Read more

17-Jul-15 OM-ATB Agusta 109K2 Hrabusice, Slovakia (4F)


EMS helicopter hit wires at 50ft agl on approach to scene landing – crashed into a deep gulley in the valley of the Hornád River killing all four on board... Read more

18-Jul-15 1209 TP-1 Oryx Goma, DRCongo


Nosewheel collapsed during ground taxi after hitting 5cm edge of newly laid tarmac.  operating for UN... Read more

19-Jul-15 N280CH Enstrom 280FX Carlingford, Ireland


Heavy landing, and likely “unscheduled”.  Main blades damaged and available photo shows some damage on starboard side.  Skids not visible in long grass and nose of helicopter almost hit dry stone wall.... Read more

19-Jul-15 D-HAID Airbus BK117B2 Mannheim, Germany


Static and unattended EMS helicopter was blown partly off its mobile helipad in severe weather, leaving it with its tail resting on the ground.  Known as Christoph 53.  See Photo... Read more

20-Jul-15 N121PT Bell UH-1H Walla Walla, US-Washington


Press “pilot walked away from an emergency landing”.  FAA “Aircraft destroyed”.  Firefighting ops.... Read more

20-Jul-15 VH-YHF AgustaWestland AW139 Litchfield National Park, Australia


EMS Aircraft went AOG on scene and could not take off.... Read more

21-Jul-15 81-23609 Sikorsky UH-60 McPherson, US-Kansas


Main blades contacted tail boom in night training landing... Read more

21-Jul-15 Eurocopter Tiger Darwin, Australia


Precautionary landing by a road after warning light illuminated – later cleared for direct flight back to base... Read more

22-Jul-15 G-BYKF Enstrom 28F Dunkeswell, UK


Details to be confirmed, but reported “in a nose down attitude in the business park”... Read more

22-Jul-15 JA6777 Airbus AS332L1 Akita Prefecture, Japan


Took off from a temporary helipad in Akita prefecture, Japan at about 11:31 Japan Standard Time. While carrying a hut, at an altitude of about 300 ft, three of the doors of the hut were dropped. Each of them was about 5 kg and 180 cm by 90 cm. No one was injured. The helicopter... Read more

23-Jul-15 N520NS Robinson R22 Corona, US-California


Substantially damaged after “force landing in the dirt” (FAA)... Read more

24-Jul-15 N1396X Bell 47G.4A Gilbert, US-Iowa


Substantially damaged after force landing in a field during aerial application work... Read more

24-Jul-15 C-FRAP Robinson R44 Strathroy, Canada


Helicopter was being used to spray fungicide on fields of corn. The pilot approached and overflew one field checking for hazards and wind conditions, and then began a spray swath across the field. Midway through the first swath, the pilot heard the low rotor horn sound. Manually rolling the throttle up did not prevent the... Read more

24-Jul-15 C-FNOB Bell 407 Bugaboo Provincial Park, Canada


Transporting 6 workers from the Bobbie Burns lodge when the engine lost power. The pilot carried out an emergency landing to an area of new growth trees. The landing with low rotor rpm was hard, but the helicopter stayed upright. The tail section of the helicopter was struck by a main rotor blade and severed.... Read more

25-Jul-15 D-HDIM Robinson R22 Davis Strait, Canada


Helicopter was operating VFR from CYFB Iqaluit, NU to BGGH Nuuk, Greenland as part of a solo circumnavigation attempt. The pilot (Sergey Ananov from Russia) autorotated and ditched the aircraft in the Davis Strait, 204 nm east of CYFB, reportedly due to a broken drive belt. He was wearing an immersion suit and managed to... Read more

27-Jul-15 5Y-HCC Robinson R44 Karuga, Kenya


Landing accident with helicopter ending on its starboard side.  3 POB not serious injured... Read more

27-Jul-15 RDPL-34062 Mil Mi-17 Longcheng, Laos (23F)


Weather played a significant part in this accident, and helicopter wreckage was found on the slopes of a mountain.  Helicopter had made three attempts to take off from the capital Vientiane due to the weather.... Read more

28-Jul-15 VH-JEW Cicare CH-7B Roy Hill Station, Australia (1F)


Initial ATSB report says “collided with terrain”.... Read more

28-Jul-15 Mil Mi-17 Hradisko, Slovakia (1F)


The helicopter crashed during a routine training exercise and the helicopter burnt out in the post-crash fire.  One fatal, two seriously injured... Read more

29-Jul-15 I-GASF Schweizer 300C Gratosoglio, Italy


Helicopter written off in agricultural accident... Read more

29-Jul-15 N6095U Airbus AS350B2 Tucson, US-Arizona


The Customs and Border Patrol Instructor Pilot demonstrated an autorotation, yet misjudged the flare. Helicopter destroyed... Read more

30-Jul-15 C-GBPS Airbus AS350BA Rigolet, Canada (1F)


While operating in the vicinity of Rigolet, Newfoundland & Labrador, the helicopter contacted wires and crashed. CADORS 2015A0667... Read more

31-Jul-15 I-CMCM Airbus AS350B3 Alpe Zocca, Italy (3F)


Hit mountain, and subsequent crash killed all three on board – pilot Folini Augustine, engineer Stefano Olcelli, and flight engineer Marco Gianatti... Read more

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