Accidents: August 2015

01-Aug-15 OO-KMN Robinson R44 Belgium


Date is estimated, and may be any time in the range 23-Jun (last known flight) to 05-Aug, when the helicopter was seen damaged on a trailer in the insurance compound at Fairoaks Airport in the UK. Helicopter looks mostly complete, but tail boom a little bent and the lower part of the tail is bent... Read more

02-Aug-15 RF-95316 Mil Mi-28N Dubrovichi, Russia (1F)


During a display of the “Golden Eagles” display team, one of the helicopters started to spin on its axis and gradually descend until it hit the ground hard, killing the pilot and seriously injuring the co-pilot.  Post crash fire Full video of the accident here and here (second one shows co-pilot emerging from the helicopter)... Read more

03-Aug-15 N4002G Bell 47G3B1 Camden, US-Alabama


The pilot reported that when he was at 300 feet altitude and half a mile out on approach, the hydraulics to the controls went out and they became very stiff. He elected to continue the approach into the landing zone. During the landing touchdown, the heel of the left skid struck a berm, rocking the... Read more

04-Aug-15 D-HBRM Hughes 500C Ramatuelle, France


Substantially damaged in autorotation landing after pilot noticed a decrease in engine power... Read more

04-Aug-15 VT-PHK Airbus AS365N3 Khonsa, India (3F)


Went missing over dense jungle. Foggy weather during flight.  Wreckage not located until 10-Aug-15... Read more

04-Aug-15 PNC-0608 Sikorsky UH-60L Carepa, Colombia (16F)


Helicopter on low-level anti-drug operation crashed, reportedly having been shot at from the ground by an improvised mortar device.  Initial reports said 15 fatal and 2 survivors, later raised to 16+2 List deceased includes – Assistant Superintendent Gualdrón Diego Rodriguez. Patrolman Jesus Antonio Polo.  Patrullero Enrique Escobar.  Patrolman Wilson Reyes Martinez.  Patrullero Norberto Cáceres Baptist. ... Read more

05-Aug-15 N9427F Hughes 300B Atkinson, US-Illinois


Agricultural Pilot Marion Turpin was seriously injured when his helicopter crashed into soybean crop after hitting powerlines at low level. Post crash fire... Read more

05-Aug-15 N43792 MD Helicopters 500E Whitefish, US-Montana


Crashed into Beaver Lake while picking up water to fight a fire... Read more

06-Aug-15 N800BP Robinson R22 Hollywood, US-Florida


Precautionary landing on golf course. Later cleared for onward flight... Read more

06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Khot, Pakistan


Pakistan Air Force helicopter, engaged in relief and rescue efforts, crashed in the Khot area of upper Chitral, injuring several people. Media reports say the blades hit a tree, un-stablilising the helicopter on take=off, and it subsequently hit a house and crashed.... Read more

06-Aug-15 EP-662 Mil Mi-17 Piura, Peru (1F)


Student Dioselinda Zapata Feijó was walking near the helicopter shortly after it landed was struck fatally by the tail rotor, after reportedly ignoring the security cordon. Municipal official Kathia Izquierdo said the woman’s brother reported she was trying to deliver a letter to the Cabinet chief asking that a relative be freed from prison.... Read more

06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Lassan Nawab, Pakistan (12F)


The helicopter, involved in medical evacuation work after recent floods, was en route from Rawalpindi to Gilgit when it crashed near Lassan Nawab. Local media reported that weather was a contributory factor, and noted that there was a post-crash fire. The deceased were named as Major Humayun (Pilot), Major Muzammil (Pilot), Major Shahzad (Doctor), Major... Read more

06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Zabul province, Afghanistan (17F)


Crashed in unknown circumstances.  Helicopter was flying between Zabul’s capital of Qalat and the town of Shinkay, 20 kilometers (12 miles) away. Accident killed all on board –  12 soldiers and five crew members. The Taliban claimed they had shot down the aircraft... Read more

07-Aug-15 N20KD Robinson R44 Dover, US-Wisconsin


Agricultural helicopter hit wire and crashed into cornfield.  Pilot injured and to hospital... Read more

08-Aug-15 CS-HIA Airbus AS350B3 Lapa, Portugal


Positioning flight back to base at low level when it crashed and was written off... Read more

08-Aug-15 RA-04383 Robinson R44 Alehnovo, Russia (4F)


Mid-air with Cessna U206F Floatplane RA-67523 killing all four in the R44 and five in the Cessna.  Initial reports say the Cessna pilot was taking off in the evening into the sun and likely did not see the helicopter... Read more

12-Aug-15 5N-BGD Sikorsky S76C Oworonshoki, Nigeria (6F)


Crashed into Lagos Lagoon, on approach to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport at Lagos.Names were released by the AIB and published by Vanguard:- 6 recovered,named as Joshua Emekeme, Dolu Ebiejuara, Onoriode Onojete, Solomon Udeh, Iniala Opaimi, Chukwudi Onah 6 fatalities, named as pilot Peter Bello co-pilot Jay Wyatt, Chukwuma Erise, Chidi Ukwunta, Ita Ekpeyong, and... Read more

14-Aug-15 N15HX Bell 205A-1 La Verne, US-California


Struck powerlines and made a controlled landing in Angeles National Forest.  Substantially damaged... Read more

14-Aug-15 N485AE Bell 407 San Antonio, US-Texas


Struck lower tail fin on concrete curb while repositioning after refuelling... Read more

15-Aug-15 N120LA Bell 412EP Whittier, US-California


Emergency landing in a cemetery, during which the main blades sliced the tail boom off.  Helicopter substantially damaged but remained on its skids... Read more

15-Aug-15 XC-VVE Bell 429 Balleza, Mexico


Crashed from a reported 5m altitude and subsequenty consumed by fire.  VVIP on board – Chihuahua State Governor Cesar Duarte; his wife, Lady Bertha Gómez Duarte; journalist Lolita Ayala; two of his aides and a security element. The passengers and crew were taken to the General Hospital of Parral for evaluation – and early reports... Read more

15-Aug-15 SE-JJM Airbus H120 Reisadalen, Norway


Ferry flight at approximately 2-300 ft (AGL). Turbulence experienced. Due to an observation on ground, pilot initiated a 360 degree turn with 15 degree bank to the right. Airspeed varied between 80 to 45 kt during the turn due to wind conditions. In the last part of the turn, the pilot experienced a loss of... Read more

17-Aug-15 G-LHXL Robinson R44 Goodwood, UK


Large taildragger fixed wing (Boeing Stearman N56200) taxied directly into the parked and unattended R44, causing extensive damage to cabin, avionics etc.... Read more

18-Aug-15 CHR Safari Nanaimo, Canada


The helicopter landed on a gravel bar about 15 nm west of Nanaimo Airport, BC (CYCD). Shortly after landing the pilot engaged the cyclic control lock and exited the helicopter to take a photograph with the engine running and rotors turning. After re-entering the helicopter, it was lifted off into a hover with the cyclic... Read more

18-Aug-15 N5VH Robinson R22 Prescott, US-Arizona


Training accident.  Recording of ATC transmissions on this YouTube video.... Read more

18-Aug-15 N17YS Schweizer 300C Las Vegas, US-Nevada


hard landing off field.  Substantially damaged... Read more

18-Aug-15 N5743W Bell 206 Cresco, US-Iowa


According to the pilot, he departed with 25 gallons of fuel and 80 gallons of chemical to spray a bean field near Cresco. About 5 minutes into the application, the engine lost power and the pilot initiated an autorotation to a water way on the side of a hill. Upon touchdown on the uneven terrain,... Read more

19-Aug-15 N1043T Sikorsky S61 Ironside, US-Oregon


The commercial pilot reported that shortly after picking up a bucket of water from a pond he gained airspeed and initiated a climbing left turn back towards the fire. As the helicopter started to climb, he heard a drop in RPM and the helicopter lost power. He attempted to continue the climb; however, the helicopter... Read more

21-Aug-15 I-GBVD Airbus AS350B3 Arzana, Italy


During fire fighting activities, the helicopter, equipped with bambi bucket, immediately after the first water drop experienced control problems. Trying an emergency landing in a nearby area 1 km away, the helicopter in the final phase of the flight, started an abrupt spin and crashed.  Helicopter was on contract to Forest Service of Sardinia. Only... Read more

22-Aug-15 Robinson R44 College Station, US-Texas


Clipped tree and crashed to the ground during filming operations.  Wayne Bomstad received minor injuries.  Pilot Jacob Oliver was still in hospital four days later according to this report.... Read more

23-Aug-15 N315TV Schweizer 300C Mesa, US-Arizona


The pilot reported that during the approach, he noticed erratic cyclic control movements and subsequently landed hard.  Postaccident examination of the helicopter by an Federal Aviation Administration inspector revealed that the main rotor blades and tail boom were substantially damaged.... Read more

25-Aug-15 N444KD Robinson R44 Ketchum, US-Oklahoma


Pilot John Marcotte suffered minor injuries. Tail boom sliced in two places, helicopter ended on its starboard side in a hay field – approx one mile out after departing local airfield... Read more

26-Aug-15 I-COLK AgustaWestland AW139 Sassofortino, Italy


Winch cable broke after hitting a powerline during a HEMS winching operation; doctor Riccardo Bolognini and paramedic Roberto Marconiwere dropped from about 5 meters, and were taken to a hospital with multiple injuries. There was no damage to the helicopter itself... Read more

28-Aug-15 N440SA Robinson R44 Cheyenne, US-Wyoming


The helicopter landed hard from an altitude of about 15 feet and slid about 8 to 10 feet. Both skids were spread apart and broken and the helicopter came to rest on its fuselage. Both tail rotor blades separated and the vertical stabilizer was damaged. There was some buckling of the fuselage. The tail boom... Read more

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