Accidents: September 2015

01-Sep-15 Sikorsky S92 St John’s, Canada


while approximately 100 nm from St. John’s and en route to the GSF Grand Banks drilling rig, Cougar Flight CGR151 experienced an intermittent Fire Warning Light on the #2 engine. There were no secondary indications of fire... Read more

01-Sep-15 C-GFCH Sikorsky S92 St Johns, Canada


Press report of Cougar Helicopters flight CGR151 outbound to a rig when it turned back to base as a result of an “intermittent fire warning,” the operator was quoted as saying.  Uneventful and safe landing back at St John’s, it’s departure point.  According to a company spokeswoman, Cougar Helicopters maintenance staff have since inspected the... Read more

02-Sep-15 Sikorsky CH-53E Camp Lejeune, US-North Carolina (1F)


Hard landing while conducting Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques (HRST) training in a landing zone at Stone Bay, a satellite training area aboard Camp Lejeune.  About 20 Marines from Virginia and North Carolina were participating  in night training that requires them to exit through the back of a helicopter using suspended ropes. The rappelling and fast-rope... Read more

02-Sep-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Rampart Range, US-Colorado


Crashed into trees during a training exercise.  Two severely injured, two minor.... Read more

02-Sep-15 N146AE Airbus AS350B2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Helicopter crashed into the roof of a house, injuring a female asleep in the house as well as sole-occupant pilot Oliver Gutiérrez... Read more

02-Sep-15 N9068F Hughes 500C Pago Pago, American Samoa (1F)


Few details available, but helicopter crashed into the sea killing one and seriously injuring another.... Read more

02-Sep-15 C-GYBK Bell 206B Sept Iles, Canada (2F)


Heilcopter with 5 POB went down on a wide rock adjacent to a river, with the tail boom detached. Two fatalities, three seriously injured Blandine Pinette-Fontaine and Pierre-Michel Fontaine have been identified by the Quebec coroner as the two fatalities.  The pilot was reported as Gabriel Turbide CADORS 2015Q1696... Read more

03-Sep-15 N16056 MD Helicopters MD500E New Smyrna Beach, US-Florida


Brian Hayes, Volusia County Mosquito Control’s chief pilot, was flying a routine larvae-cide mission when the helicopter crashed.... Read more

04-Sep-15 Sikorsky UH-60 Sanford, US-Florida


Light aircraft ground taxying ran into parked and unattended US Army Blackhawk... Read more

06-Sep-15 N914SM Airbus AS350B3 Ironton, US-Colorado


Tail rotor struck vegetation landing.  No injuries, damage unknown... Read more

06-Sep-15 I-CFAC Agusta-Bell 412EP Montecristo, Italy


Helicopter crashed heavily onto a sloping rock face, seriously injuring the pilot.  The other two POB only had minor injuries... Read more

07-Sep-15 RA-04151 Robinson R44 Baltasinsky, Russia


During a hard landing in a field with low-level crop (presumably an emergency landing?), the helicopter rocked back onto its tail, resulting in the tail rotor gearbox and tail shearing off.   Rest of helicopter appears unscathed, apart from the skids being splayed out as a result of the heavy landing.... Read more

08-Sep-15 SP-NHE Guimbal G2 Sielicach, Poland


Practising autorotation when it hit the ground tail first at very low rotor RPM and one blade struck the tail boom. The helicopter came to rest on its skids and there were no injuries to the instructor or student.  BEA data refers to ” A broken cam of the throttle was found.”  That report also... Read more

09-Sep-15 YV-2349 Bell 206B Curiapo, Venezuela


Pilot encountered some sort of issue and reportedly landed away from a built-up area by crashing into the Orinoco River.  That said, there apepars to have been more than that as the main blades and rotorhead are ripped off.  The 2 POB named as Ceylan Orestes Requena Piña and Rafael José Aguirre Aguilera were safe... Read more

09-Sep-15 N253HP Airbus AS350B3 Draper, US-Utah


Rope became entangled in main rotor during a manoevre with one skid on a rock ledge while hovering,  Pilot Kent Harrison made some aggressive manoevres to avoid ground crews nearby, during which the tail hit a nearby cliff face.  Helicopter continued spinning, but pilot regained some control and continued to a safer landing zone and... Read more

09-Sep-15 G-IGHH Enstrom 280 Aldbury, UK


Helicopter struck and cut powercables on take-off, crashing in the field below shortly after, minor injuries to the pilot.  Helicopter rolled over and ended up on its rotorhead... Read more

09-Sep-15 C-GZFX Robinson R44 Foleyet, Canada (2F)


Helicopter crashed into trees, dropping vertically nose-first between the trees down to the ground, killing both on board – named as 24-year-old Jeremie Belanger and 41-year-old Ken Mielke – both were pilots were pilots for Apex Helicopters, which was performing aerial spraying for a forestry company in the area. CADORS 2015O2625... Read more

10-Sep-15 HU.27-02 Airbus AS532UL Requena, Spain


Training flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side with main blades and tail boom ripped off.  Three POB all safe with minimal injuries.... Read more

12-Sep-15 D-HHLB Schweizer S300C Delitzsch, Germany


Reported engine failure with a total loss of engine power whilst on aerial photography, and helicopter rolled onto starboard side and suffered significant damage.  The 39-year-old pilot and his 65 years old co-pilot were slightly injured... Read more

12-Sep-15 ZK-ICS Guimbal G2 Rolleston, New Zealand


Landing accident and helicopter ended up on its side.  Note that from the two links provided, the TVNZ link shows the helicopter at the accident location and The Press link shows it after being removed from there to a grassy area for recovery away from the site... Read more

12-Sep-15 G-LROK Robinson R66 Denham, UK


Take-off accident, ended on its starboard side with creased tail boom, destroyed rotor mast and blades.  One of the two occupants needed first aid only.... Read more

13-Sep-15 N135PA CHR Safari Stuart, US-Iowa


Crashed into corn field, minor injuries to pilot.  Helicopter is registered to Gary G Guisinger from the town where the accident happened... Read more

13-Sep-15 Taif, Saudi Arabia (1F)


Pilot killed in accident on “routing training flight”... Read more

13-Sep-15 Bell 407GX Hucao, China (4F)


helicopter went down in the Chinese city of Chongqing on Sunday, killing all four on board, including two cameramen Jiang Ya and Song Hao’en from Chongqing Broadcasting Group, a local satellite TV station.... Read more

14-Sep-15 Agusta-Bell 205 Sinazongwe, Zambia


Helicopter ended on its port side.  5 POB, three with minor injuries and the other two to hospital. Note, accident date was 14th not 15th (as reported elsewhere) – reports did not emerge until 15th as this flight was reportedly a private flight for the Defence Minister and not officially sanctioned.... Read more

14-Sep-15 N442CF Robinson R44 Kingsville, US-Texas


Force landing in field... Read more

14-Sep-15 LN-OFC Airbus AS350 Narvik, Norway


A total of five helicopters were damaged by rocks while parked due to an uncontrolled blast 100m away from the pad. Two needed roading to Helitrans main base in Værnes including LN-OFC Can anyone help us with the registrations of the other four helicopters? If so, email us at Read more

15-Sep-15 Airbus EC155 Norwich, UK


Oil rig support helicopter had malfunction leading to one engine being shut down and immediate return to base... Read more

15-Sep-15 Mil Mi-8 Ramit, Tajikistan


Tail rotor damaged in emergency landing after reportedly being hit by an armed group led by former deputy defence minister Abdukhalim Nazarzoda... Read more

16-Sep-15 F-HCSC Airbus AS350B3 Boisses, France


Two of Tignes ski patrol were seriously injured in the crash at 8.15am.   There were four trackers on board, in addition to the pilot and a mechanic, to be dropped to reactivate the remote avalanche triggering devices after maintenance period occurred this summer.... Read more

21-Sep-15 HB-ZGP Airbus SA315B Wolfenschiessen, Switzerland


During an aerial transport, the crew wanted to land near the station of the Bannalp cableway to pick up a container deposited there. During the approach, the helicopter’s tail rotor came in contact with a cable of a small transport cableway. The pilot was able to land the helicopter.... Read more

21-Sep-15 B-7445 Airbus AS350B3 Gullin, China (2F)


Helicopter took off at 00h15, the last radio communication with ATC was at 00h30, the flight crew reported to the ATC operation normal. At about 02h00, ATC unable to contact with the helicopter, the dispatcher reported that the helicopter was operating normal. At about 04h32, the CAAC regional office received a report by the local... Read more

22-Sep-15 UR-UMSR Aerokopter AK1-3 Kremenchug, Ukraine


“Lost power on a training flight” says the news reports.  What the photos show is the helicopter ended up in a private garden with the port skid collapsed and the tail boom sliced by the main rotor close to the tail rotor gearbox.... Read more

22-Sep-15 C-GNET Schweizer S300C Dawson City, Canada


Helicopter was hovering approximately 40 feet AGL to assess the landing area. The helicopter moved laterally to the right in order to increase the visibility of the landing area. During this time, the helicopter rotated to the right and started to spin about the vertical axis. An attempt to control the rotational spin was made,... Read more

22-Sep-15 OB-1941-P Airbus AS350B3 Ollantaytambo, Peru (5F)


During a transferring flight of “Odebrecht” Co. personnel, from Quillabamba to Cusco, crossing the Andes Mountains, the Helicopter crashed on a slope surrounding the “Veronica” snowy, destroying it completely. The wreckage was found at an altitude of over 4000m All five on board died, identified here as Miguel Angel Pinto Panta (pilot), Felix Cardenas Gonzales... Read more

24-Sep-15 ZS-OCB Airbus AS350B2 South Africa


The pilot was engaged in a private flight, and was accompanied by his wife. After activating the air-conditioning unit during their return flight to FAGC smoke started entering the cockpit/cabin area. The pilot, who had identified an open area below entered into auto-rotational flight in order to land as soon as possible. As they neared... Read more

25-Sep-15 G-DEFY Robinson R22 Elstree, UK


Student pilot (reportedly on first solo), and helicopter ended on its side... Read more

25-Sep-15 C-FTJU Bell 407 Goose Bay, Canada


Helicopter was landing at a gravel pit near a hunting camp. While manoeuvring to land to refuel the helicopter, the tail rotor struck a fuel drum. The rotor blade was destroyed, the tail rotor drive train was damaged and one main rotor blade was damaged by debris. The helicopter landed safely and the pilot, the... Read more

27-Sep-15 SP-SOO MD Helicopters MD500E Burkatów, Poland


Encountered problem (variously reported, but likely a tail rotor problem) at low level while on powerline work.  Crashed into residential area.  Pilot injured, passenger seriously injured.  Helicopter was intentionally equipped for powerline work (see this video)... Read more

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