Accidents: December 2019

05-Dec-19 N797NA Guimbal G2 Washington, US-Missouri


Aircraft suffered a tail strike whilst maneuvering to avoid a bird on takeoff.... Read more

09-Dec-19 N74564 Robinson R22 Chino, US-California


Aircraft struck a bird.... Read more

09-Dec-19 N79LP Bell 407 Grand Isle, US-Louisiana (2F)


Aircraft crashed in the Gulf of Mexico under unknown circumstances. The last known position was 13 nm W of Southwest Pass, Louisiana as they transiting from one off-shore platform to another.... Read more

09-Dec-19 ZK-HPB Airbus AS350B2 White Island, New Zealand


Aircraft badly damaged by ash while parked on volcanic island during eruption.  Main blades snapped under the weight of ash – photo... Read more

11-Dec-19 N65RS Enstrom F28 Bluffdale, US-Utah


Aircraft crashed under into a field near Redwood road, after the pilot lost the tail rotor and started spinning.... Read more

13-Dec-19 G-WNSV Sikorsky S92 Sumburgh, UK


Aircraft was en-route to a North Sea oil field, East of Shetland, it declared an emergency following a lightning strike and returned to land safely at Sumburgh.... Read more

13-Dec-19 N440AH Robinson R44 San Antonio, US-Texas


The aircraft lost power and struck power lines while apparently making an emergency landing near to the intersection of South Presa and East Southcross street, San Antonio, US-Texas. The aircraft received substantial damage. There were no reports of serious injuries to the occupants. – Photo... Read more

19-Dec-19 N695AP Robinson R22 Beeville, US-Texas


During take off the student pilot experienced dynamic rollover.... Read more

25-Dec-19 N663SF Bell 407 Headland, US-Alabama (1F)


A Survival Flight aircraft rolled onto its side on landing, after the pilot, Douglas Davis had an unconfirmed heart attack. There was no patient on-board at the time, the two crew members were uninjured, the pilot was later pronounced dead at the hospital.... Read more

26-Dec-19 N985SA Airbus AS350 Lihue, US-Hawaii (7F)


During a sightseeing flight the helicopter crashed into terrain under unknown circumstances, resulting in a post crash fire. The pilot and six passengers perished.... Read more

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