Accidents: June 2021

02-Jun-21 PR-OTF Leonardo AW139 Ocean Courage rig, Brazil


Helicopter ended on its side after a landing on an offshore rig during a night training flight.  The crew suffered light injuries and evacuated the aircraft.   The offshore deck fire crew were on hand and extinguished a small fire which was causing smoke, but no flames. Helios photo... Read more

03-Jun-21 N41G Hughes TH-55A Monroe, US-Louisiana


FAA “Helicopter went into a tail spin on landing and hit hard on the grass”... Read more

06-Jun-21 VH-HMQ Leonardo AW139 Mangalore, Australia


The AW139 was flying southbound toward Mangalore at 3,100 feet above mean sea level. At the same time, the PA-44 was conducting a practice instrument approach to Mangalore. The PA-44 commenced a missed approach from below 3,000 feet in a northerly direction toward Mangalore and the pilot broadcast that the aircraft would climb to 3,900... Read more

07-Jun-21 N4162M Robinson R44 Boise, US-Idaho


FAA “Aircraft landed in a field”... Read more

10-Jun-21 N857TL Robinson R66 Destin, US-Florida


FAA report “hard landing”... Read more

14-Jun-21 N443SH Robinson R44 Sylva, US-North Carolina


FAA report “Aircraft nose and rotor struck the ground” and no reported injuries to 3 POB  ... Read more

15-Jun-21 N398M Bell UH-1 Townsend, US-Montana


Firefighting helicopter made heavy landing under adverse wind conditions.  The aircraft spun right about 120 degrees on landing, and rolled to the left, caught fire and burned out.  Before catching fire, all 5 POB were safety evacuated from the aircraft. Helicopter was working the Deep Creek fire.... Read more

28-Jun-21 M502-3 Airbus AS555SN Lumut, Malaysia


Heavy vertical landing, with skids splayed out, base of fuselage touching the ground and tail boom twisted.  Main blades untouched, pictures suggest.  4 POB to the medical unit on the naval base where the accident occurred.... Read more

28-Jun-21 N147AH Bell 47G.2A.1 Brasstown, US-North Carolina


FAA report that helicopter crashed at a private airstrip and that the helicopter was destroyed... Read more

28-Jun-21 PT-SUS Airbus H125 Jequitai, Brazil


The aircraft took off for a medical flight at around 12:35 UTC from Mario Ribeiro (SBMK) aerodrome, Montes Claros – MG, in order to land outside a helipad, in the municipality of Jequitaí – MG. A pilot, a technical crew member, a doctor and a nurse are on board. During the final approach, an obscuring dust cloud... Read more

30-Jun-21 N1225D Enstrom 280FX Sherman, US-Texas


FAA report “forced landing in a field”... Read more

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